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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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									                                                                               More than INK ON PAPER

                        CHRISTMAS VERSES 2007

                                          All of us                      At the close of                    At the Holiday Season,

                                       join in saying                                                 our thoughts turn gratefully to those
                                                                           another year              who have made our progress possible.
                                        “Thank You”
                                     and Wishing you                    we gratefully pause                It is in this spirit we say...

                                     a Happy Holiday                       to wish you               THANK YOU AND BEST WISHES
                                                                                                            FOR THE HOLIDAYS
                                      and Successful                    a warm and happy                AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
                                         New Year                         holiday season
                                           upX001                              upX002                                upX003

                             IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SUCCESS,
                                                                    Best Wishes Bestholiday seasonhappy
                                                                                     wishes for a
                                                                     FOR A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON
                                      IT’S A REAL PLEASURE
                                                                       AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR          and a prosperous New Year
                          AT THIS HOLIDAY TIME TO SAY “THANK YOU”

                                        AS WE WISH YOU

                            A FULL YEAR OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS

                                           upX004                              upX005                                upX006

                                  Celebrate...                      Greetings of the Season                IN WARM APPRECIATION OF
                                                                                                     OUR ASSOCIATION DURING THE PAST YEAR
                          the tradition of Friendship,
                                                                       and Best Wishes
                                                                                                       WE EXTEND OUR VERY BEST WISHES
                                                                                                          FOR A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON
                           the beauty of the Season,
                                and a New Year                         for the New Year
                           of Peace and Happiness.

                                           upX007                              upX008                                upX009

                               May the peace and                    May the Spirit of the Holidays
                                                                     remind you of the strength
                                                                                                       Merry Christmas
                            joy of the holiday season                    and perseverance of                and a
                             be with you throughout                   our nation and its people.
                                                                                                       Happy New Year
                                the coming year.
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Building 19

P 08 8946 6304
                                       Please quote verse code when completing Christmas card quick order
F 08 8946 6302

E   xmas07 1/2                                            
                                                                            More than INK ON PAPER

             CHRISTMAS VERSES 2007

                  ONE OF THE REAL JOYS
                                                   OUR ENTIRE ORGANISATION
                                                       JOINS IN SENDING
                                                                                            Wishing you a
             OPPORTUNITY TO SAY THANK YOU             Holiday                          Beautiful Holiday Season
                   AND TO WISH YOU THE

              VERY BEST FOR THE    NEW YEAR.                                              and a New Year of
                                                     WITH EVERY GOOD WISH
                                                       FOR THE NEW YEAR                 Peace and Happiness
                          upX013                              upX014                               upX015

                                                        THE YEAR END BRINGS                There is no better time
                                                    NO GREATER PLEASURE THAN THE
                                                   OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS TO YOU
                                                                                               than the Holidays
                                                 SEASON’S GREETINGS AND GOOD WISHES.   to express our appreciation for
              Season’s Greetings                   May your holidays                     your business and friendship.
              and Best Wishes for the New Year
                                                     and New Year                               May all the joys
                                                                                           of the season be yours.
                                                 be filled with happiness

                          upX016                              upX017                               upX018

                       To our                             To wish you                       Warmest Thoughts
               Customers and Friends                    the gift of faith,
                     we extend                     the blessing of hope and                  and Best Wishes
                our Best Wishes for a                the peace of His love              for a Wonderful Holiday
               Joyous Holiday Season                     at Christmas
                   and Successful                         and always                           and a Very
                     New Year                                                               Happy New Year
                          upX019                              upX020                               upX021

             Wishing you a Christmas                  Wishing You                         WISHING YOU THE MOST
                                                                                         JOYOUS HOLIDAY SEASON
                                                    every Happiness
                      filled                       this Holiday Season
                                                                                              AND HAPPINESS
                                                                                             IN THE NEW YEAR

             with beautiful moments                 and Throughout
                                                    the Coming Year

                          upX022                              upX023                               upX024

                        Please quote verse code when completing Christmas card quick order

xmas07 2/2                                                   

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