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Google Chrome Business Edition- David Novak (


Product review of Google Chrome Business Edition

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									                              Google Chrome Business Edition

David Novak (The GadgetGUY) is a syndicated columnist who reviews and features the latest in
consumer technology. For cutting-edge information on what’s hot and what’s new in gadgets and
gizmos , The GadgetGUY has his pulse on everything related to computers, camcorders, car tech,
cameras, gaming, GPS devices, networking, TVs, software, wireless devices, media players, hi-fi, wi-
fi, cell phones, home appliances, sports science, power tools and more.

Version one of Google Chrome OS isn’t even officially out yet, but the word from the RSA Conference
held recently points to Google developing a Business Edition of Google Chrome, which will be in
addition to their “Home Edition”.
The Business Edition is not expected to launch any earlier then 2011 and will be for netbooks only, at
least at the time of launch. Few details are available about the new Google OS other then the presence
of additional security features and “more management muscle”, which are features one would expect in
a professional operating system.
Google Chrome Business Edition has a long way to go before it poses a serious challenge to Windows
7 Professional, but this is the starting point from which to build and

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