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					Impalas Netball Club Inc

Registration information for 2010 senior and Cadet

1. Registration requirements

2. Application for senior/Cadet registration

3. BHSNA netball registration form

4. Expression of interest in coaching

5. Expression of interest in coaching

NOTE: In 2010, all BHSNA games will be
UMPIRE YOUR OWN. See notes on
providing an umpire on page 2.
30 January 2010 - 11.00am – 3.00pm
Coolong Courts, Coolong Street, Castle Hill
Registration enquiries: Rick Jones 8850 2490           e-mail:
Please complete both the Impalas Netball and BHSNA application forms
New players
    •   Photograph (colour, passport size)
    •   Identification (photocopy of either birth certificate, driver’s licence or passport)
Senior teams:
    •   Players forming their own team will not be able to register unless they provide the
        Registrar with the registration forms and fees of at least seven (7) players.
    •   A team nominated umpire with at least a Green Badge must also be provided *.
    •   Cadet and Reserve Grade teams must supply birth certificates as proof of age between
        14 and 21.
Conditions of registration
All teams will abide by the Rules and Regulations of Impalas Netball and BHSNA, including the
codes of conduct.
Senior teams
•   You will ensure that your team is represented at every club meeting (penalty applies).
•   You will meet all canteen and other duties assigned to your team (penalty: $50 + game
•   You will ensure your team meets every umpiring duty allocated (penalty: $80 + game forfeit)
2010 fees
Reserve and Open teams must register and pay fees in full by 30 January 2010.
Cadet (14-17) and Senior player (18 and under): $165.00             Senior player (over 18): $175.00
Cheque or cash accepted (cheque preferred). Please make cheque payable to Impalas Netball
Club. No credit card or EFTPOS facilities.
PLEASE NOTE: Fees include compulsory sporting injuries cover. This is NOT a
full medical cover and applies only to a portion of the balance outstanding after
Medicare and/or private health insurance claims have been paid.
Any player who decides to deregister must notify the club Registrar in writing as soon as possible.
A penalty fee will be incurred.
Players must wear the club’s registered uniform consisting of:
•   Green bodysuit
•   White ankle socks or Impalas socks which must cover the ankle bone
The uniform can be bought only from the club’s Uniform Officer
Games are played at the BHSNA Netball Complex, Wellgate Avenue, Kellyville
* In 2010, all BHSNA games will be Umpire Your Own. Therefore, all Cadet and Senior
teams MUST nominate at least one person to umpire for the team. The nominated person
must hold a Green Badge or higher.
This form is not an automatic registration for the
2010 Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association
(BHSNA) winter netball competition. Acceptance by
Impalas Executive applies.
Senior teams must have a minimum of seven (7)
players, provide a manager/contact person, and a nominated umpire.

Surname:                          First name:                                Date of birth:

Player’s address:                                                            Postcode:

Contact phone no’s:
Home:                                        Mobile:
Email (for club newsletter and other announcements):

Member:                                         Grade preferred
New                   Existing
Nominated contact person:                       Name and badge of nominated umpire:

Home phone:                                     Home phone:
Mobile:                                         Mobile:
Email:                                          Email:

I agree to abide by all the Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct as set down by Impalas
Netball Club and Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association, including my team's obligations
for umpiring, club meetings and canteen duties.
Under 18 player:
I                                   .. the parent/guardian of                                   ..
• Give consent for my child/children to train at Coolong Reserve courts or any other specified
• Release Impalas Netball Club Incorporated or any agents/coaches from all liability and
  responsibility for damages arising through accident, illness or injury to my child.
• If in times of accident or illness I cannot be contacted, give permission for a representative of
  Impalas Netball Club Incorporated to seek qualified medical attention as may be required for
  my child on my behalf.
• Give permission for photos to be published in the weekly newsletter and on the club’s


Over 18 player: Signature                                       Date:

Fee: $         Receipt no.          Book no.           Form checked by:
3. BHSNA registration form
4. COACHING - expression of interest

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Contact number: _____________________ E-mail: _________________________________

Please tick whichever is applicable:
   •   I would like to coach a team
   o   Age/grade preference                          ___________

   •   I would like to be an assistant coach

   •   I would like to mentor an assistant coach

   •   I am interested in coaching clinics/courses
           o   Foundation Course
           o   Development Course
           o   Other

Please complete this form and hand it to the Registrar when registering your team.
5. UMPIRING – expression of interest

Name: ________________________________________________________

•   I currently hold a ________________________ badge
    and would like to continue umpiring in 2009.

•   I would like to do my RED AWARD

•   I would like to do my BLUE AWARD

•   I am interested in more information on umpiring

Contact number: _____________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________

Please complete this form and hand it to the Registrar when registering your team.

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