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The New South Wales Newsletter

March 2008

Welcome from the Chair

                   would like to           Highlights for APS psychology in        put forward for Ministerial approval
                   welcome you back        NSW in 2006-07.                         as members of the Board of the NSW
                   for 2008 after what                                             Institute of Psychiatry.
                                           • Finalised report on Brochure
                I hope was a restful
                                           Project for NSW Psychologists           • Past Acting Riverina Branch
                and enjoyable summer
                                           Registration Board.                     Chair and APS State Legislative and
                break. This is the first
                                                                                   Strategic Alliance Portfolio holder,
                NSW State Newsletter       • Western Branch made an animated
                                                                                   Justin Harrison, has released a paper
                for 2008 and I             DVD promoting the value of
                                                                                   entitled ‘Proposal for Constitutional
would like to take the opportunity         psychologists to the community.
                                                                                   Reform concerning the ability of
to farewell and offer my thanks on
                                           • The NSW Psychologists’                Associate Members to hold executive
behalf of the NSW Committee to
                                           Registration Board held its regional    office’.
outgoing State Executive members
                                           meeting in Ballina on 5th September
Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg                                               • The APS Executive Director,
                                           and invited local psychologists & APS
(APS Director for NSW), Ms Roslyn                                                  Professor Lyn Littlefield, spoke to
McIntosh (Central Coast), Mr Justin                                                psychologists about the Medicare
Harrison (Riverina), Ms Diane Nikro        • Mid North Coast Branch hosted         changes at Sydney and Parramatta
and Ms Leanne Mayell and Dr John           Psychology Week Breakfasts in           meetings in December 2006. Apart
Brown (ACT).                               each of regional centres Taree,         from overwhelming numbers, which
                                           Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour        were approximately 150 and 180
I would like to acknowledge the
                                           attended by members and Psychology      respectively, Professor Littlefield
significant contribution they have not
                                           Week article in Port Macquarie local    thought the meetings were very
only made for psychologists in NSW
                                           newspaper                               successful with a lot of questions
but the APS in general. A number of
                                                                                   tending to be more procedural.
the NSW Executive have also held           • Western Branch held a Careers
                                                                                   Professor Littlefield has been able
the position of Branch Chair of APS        evening with Charles Sturt University
                                                                                   to build on each talk that she
Committees and have completed their        psychology students Year 3 & 4 and
                                                                                   provides which has been useful for
terms in office and I would like to        mounted a display about psychology
                                                                                   presentations she has made elsewhere
take the opportunity to thank them,        at the Bathurst library for National
                                                                                   in Australia.
on behalf of the APS, for their highly     Psychology Week Western Branch
productive contribution to their           made an animated DVD promoting
respective branches.                       the value of psychologists to the
My thanks also go to APS Manager of
Units, Mr Gary Khoo, for his amazing
support of NSW Branch Chairs and
                                           • During National Psychology Week
                                           Central Cost Branch arranged an
                                                                                    IN THIS ISSUE
the NSW Executive during 2007 and I        interview on local ABC radio with two
look forward to working with Gary in       committee members, where they had        2  hair’sreportcont.
2008.                                      the opportunity to raise awareness
I would like to extend a warm
                                           regarding what Psychologists do          3  ranches&Divisions
                                           and update listeners on access to
welcome to the new members of the
                                           Psychologists via Medicare.
NSW State Executive – Dr Vivienne                                                   0 HealthCollege
Lewis (ACT), Dr Andrea Reupert             • Establishment of Far South Coast
(Riverina), Mr Will Pitty (Far South       Branch
Coast) and Ms Anne Lipzker (APS                                                     5 APSconference
                                           • NSW Department of Health has
Director for NSW).
                                           requested two APS nominees to be

NEWS                                                                                     The New South Wales Newsletter

Branch and College meetings
NSW State Executive Committee            Some suggestions instead of cash was       NSW State Committee Contacts
face-to-face meeting November 26,        for a subsidised APS membership or
2007                                     registration to the APS Conference.        Jonathon Munro
                                         The Chair said he would take this to       ChairNSWStateCommittee,
The Chair extended a warm welcome
                                         the next State Chairs meeting.             Chair,NorthCoastBranch
to all present but especially Dr                                                    jmunro@scu.edu.au
Vivienne Lewis, the new ACT Branch       4. Professional Development (PD)
Chair replacing Dr John Brown who                                                   Don Munro
                                         • It was stated that there is increased    DeputyChairNSWStateCommittee,
is now ACT State Chair, and Mr
                                         pressure on Branches to provide PD         Chair,NewcastleBranch
Stephan Knowles representing New
                                         because of the PD requirements. The        Don.Munro@newcastle.edu.au
England Branch Chair Mr Warwick
                                         main issue discussed was the need
Olphert.                                                                            Agnes Levine
                                         to coordinate National and Branch
Outcomes of the meeting included:        PD and the request was for the PD          Chair,SydneyBranch,
                                         Manager to get themes of topics for        Agnes.Levine@aca.gov.au
1. Convention
                                         2008 to Branch Chairs.                     Ros McIntosh
There was discussion about the ACT/                                                 Chair,CentralCoastBranch
NSW Convention to be held in 2009        APS Branch Chairs gear up                  kirmac@bigpond.com
with the following points made:          for the New Year
                                                                                    Anne Young
• Dates: 15–17 May 2009,                 The annual APS Branch Chairs               Chair,NSWWesternBranch
commencing on Friday at lunchtime        Forum was held in Melbourne on 4           anne.young@dcs.nsw.gov.au
and concluding at lunchtime on           and 5 February. The annual APS
                                         Branch Chairs Forum brings together        Judy Pickard
Sunday with a social dinner on
                                         the Chairs from 40 APS Branches            Chair,IllawarraBranch
Saturday evening
                                         around Australia.                          pickardj@iahs.nsw.gov.au
• Proposed outline: Friday afternoon
                                         This two-day event enables the elected     Paul Casey
workshop (to be repeated on Sunday
                                         Chairs to come together to network         Chair,ShoalhavenBranch
morning). Saturday to be a full day of                                              mca63291@bigpond.net.au
seminars and forums                      and support each other, to find out
                                         more about APS activities from the         Will Pitty
• To be held in Sydney but the CBD       Board and National Office managers,        Chair,FarSouthCoast
• Convention will be practitioner-       and to discuss ‘hot’ issues facing the     willpittyppc@southernphone.com.au
focused with any academic sessions       Society.
                                                                                    Andrea Reupert
via poster presentations                 The Forum provides an important            Chair,RiverinaBranch
• Possibly venues discussed included     opportunity for member input into the      areupert@csu.edu.au
Macquarie University’s Graduate          APS from right across Australia, in
                                                                                    Wendy Oxley
School of Management; University of      addition to enabling Chairs to report
Western Sydney , Novotel Brighton        first-hand information back to Branch
Beach or Crowne Plaza Coogee             members.
                                                                                    Eddy Fracarossi
• Theme of convention, ‘Focus on         The NSW Branch Chairs took the             ActingChairSydneySouthWestBranch
practice’                                opportunity to meet on the Sunday          eddyfracarossi@lycos.com
                                         afternoon to discuss some state issues.
• Two committees needed:                 Overall the two and a half days            Warwick Olphert
Convention Organising Committee          continues to be an invaluable learning     Chair,NewEnglandBranch
and Scientific Committee                 experience for new as well as seasoned     wolphert@une.edu.au
2. State Newsletter                      Branch Chairs.                             Vivienne Lewis
                                         Dr Jonathan Munro MAPS                     ChairACTBranch
• Brief discussion about the added
                                         NSW State Chair                            vivienne.lewis@canberra.edu.au
value of State Newsletter and whether
it should be available via email                                                    Ms Anne Lipske
instead of hard-copy.                                                               NSWDirector
3. Volunteerism
                                                                                    Claire Weightman
• There was discussion about an
honorarium for office bearers and at
what level should this be applied to.

2                                                                        News and views for New South Wales psychologists
March 2008

Branch and Division news
                 Central Coast Branch Report                     general committee. Kristen Scott-Nielsen is the student
                 Ros McIntosh, Chair                             representative, from CSU, co-opted by the committee. After
                                                                 the formal business of the AGM the committee plus other
                 The most recent meeting of the Central          members held an informal planning meeting. We decided
                 Coast Branch was our AGM on 30                  to send out a survey to local members to ascertain their
                 October 2007 at Erina Fair. We combined         professional development needs and other requirements.
                 this meeting with a dinner at a nearby          We look forward to an active and interesting year ahead.
                 restaurant immediately afterwards. I
have remained as Chairperson of our Branch until another                         Western Region Branch
member is able to take this role later this year. I would like                   Anne Young, Branch Chair
to congratulate members of our new committee – Louise                             We held a very successful AGM and
Spittles (Secretary) Marianne Macphail (Treasurer),                               dinner in November 2007 with Dr.
Roslyn Whalan, Reg Davis, Virginia Chambers, Warwick                              Stephanie Quinton as our guest speaker.
Irvine and Paula Hogan.                                                           Dr. Quinton, who is a Chartered Health
Our Professional Development sub-committee met early                              Psychologist with the British Psychological
this year to plan a program for 2008. We are excited             Society, gave a very interesting presentation on Psychology
about the National Office initiative of videoconferencing        in the United Kingdom. It was interesting to note that
PD events and we eagerly await updated details of these          there is much overlap between the UK and Australian
courses.                                                         practice of psychology. She also gave an informative
                                                                 and interesting presentation on her research titled:
Our first meeting for 2008 was held on February 26th             Relationships Between Body Shape Discrepancies with
and was followed by a co-presentation by Reg Davis and           Admired Celebrities and Disordered Eating in Young
Ros McIntosh on Mental Health First Aid. This course             Women.
teaches people how to recognise symptoms of mental health
problems, how to provide initial help and how to guide a         At the AGM we had some new committee members elected
person towards appropriate professional help. The course         and some members re-elected for 2nd terms. Our current
teaches five basic steps as an action plan for responding
to mental health problems in the areas of depression,
anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.
Reg and Ros are qualified trainers of this course. Many
private and public organisations on the Central Coast have
trained their key staff in this area. It is anticipated that
psychologists who attended this session on the 26th will
now be able to recommend the course to other relevant
Our next committee meeting will be held on 26th May :
6.30-8.30 p.m. in Erina Meeting rooms adjacent to Erina
Fair library. This meeting will be followed by a speaker to
be announced. We look forward to seeing you there and all
new members are welcome.
For further information about activities, please refer to our
Branch website at www.psychology.org.au/units/branches/
nswcentral coast/events or email kirmac@bigpond.com
Riverina Branch Report
Andrea Reupert, Chair
2007 finished with a well attended Christmas dinner
event. This present year we held an early AGM as Justin
Harrison, our treasurer, resigned. He has done a thorough
and conscientious job as treasurer and will be missed in
this role. As branch chair I would like to especially thank
him for his support and dedication. The AGM was held
on the 31st of January and attended by over 12 local
members. Dr. Aine McGovern was elected into the role
of treasurer, while Justin Harrison was elected to the

www.groups.psychology.org.au/                                                                                              3
NEWS                                                                                   The New South Wales Newsletter

Branch and Division news continued...
committee is myself as Chair, Judy Gullifer as Secretary,    during prime time. It was seen during the news, during
Lia Blaikie as Treasurer and on-going committee members      Oprah and it was seen in remote locations as well as the
Peter Rohr, Libbie Douglas, Gary Black (Dubbo satellite      bigger centres. I received an email from an APS member
group), and Jim Sheedy. I would like to welcome our          in Wilcannia to say she’d seen it out there on two stations.
new committee members Craig Hart, Liz Murrell, Alicia        I understand that the ‘gumby ad’ also lead to an increased
Dawson and Theresa Sharp (student representative). The       number of enquiries to the APS referral service.
committee has representatives from a number of towns
                                                             I would like to formally thank all those involved in the
in the region (Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee and Dubbo) and
                                                             production of the DVD at its many stages. In particular I
psychologists both in the public and private sector.
                                                             would like to thank Lia Blaikie and Lia’s son Douglas who
A number of Branches have had difficulty filling positions   have spent countless hours on the making, editing, music
so I am thrilled that we have so many psychologists within   and finally getting the finished product in a form that the
the region who are prepared to take on this important        TV networks could use.
work. I look forward to working with the new committee
                                                             The committee is very committed to promoting
and our first committee meeting is Friday 8th February.
                                                             opportunities for access to PD for psychologists in our
Our animated DVD which promotes the range of services        region. We will soon be sending out a brief survey of needs
offered by APS psychologists was launched in National        and we are also considering forming partnerships with
Psychology Week after final approval by National Office.     local training providers to increase training opportunities.
Affectionately known as the ‘gumby ad’, it ran nationally    During 2008 we are hoping to have more seminars run by
on three TV stations (channels 7, 10 and SBS) and would      psychologists from within the region as we have a wealth of
have been seen by a large number of people.                  expertise in a wide range of areas. Two psychologists who
                                                             have already agreed to run a workshop within the region
A number of psychologists across Australia have also
commented that they have seen the ad and how pleased
they were to have APS psychologists promoted on National     • Debby Krahe (co-presenting with Sally Holmes from
TV. The TV stations ran it several times a day including     Newcastle) – two-day emotion focused therapy workshop

4                                                                       News and views for New South Wales psychologists
March 2008

(tentative dates April 4 and 5).                                with 20 psychologists attending one or more meetings.
                                                                Three intern psychologists who commenced positions with
• Liz Murrell – half-day workshop on psychopathology
                                                                Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Service joined the
I will send out information on these workshops very soon.       group during the year. He reports that it is great to have
I recently sent out an email canvassing interest in the         younger psychologists in their group and they have tapped
Branch organising a two-day ACT workshop in Orange              into the local psychologists’ network through this group.
with an external provider. If you didn’t receive the email or   Monthly attendances ranged between five and 13, with
haven’t responded yet could you let me know your interest?      an average of 7.5. In November the meeting discussed
                                                                feedback from the Black Dog Institute Mood Disorders
The Dubbo satellite group has proved to be a very
                                                                workshop and in December held a Christmas Dinner
effective way of providing networking and professional
development to psychologists in a more remote part of our
very large region. The group has been very active under         The journal club in Bathurst and Orange has been poorly
the capable guidance of committee member Gary Black.            attended. The committee has decided to change the format
The Dubbo group continued their monthly meetings on the         and the time of the meeting based on the positive Dubbo
third Thursday each month during the past year at the           experience. We are planning to have regular networking
Psychsense office.                                              meetings after work with a PD component. I will send some
                                                                information out about this soon.
The meetings commence at 5.30pm with a food platter /
wine / coffee to give time for networking and the PD topic      The NSW State Executive is currently in the planning
commences about 6.00pm, finishing at 7.30pm. Strong             process for a State convention in Sydney which will focus
support from a core group of members continued, with            on psychological practice issues. The date to put in your
seven presenting a PD session during the year on a diverse      diary is May 15-17th 2009. Judy Gullifer and myself are on
range of topics.                                                the planning committee so raise any ideas you would like to
                                                                see with us. Our Branch committee is keen to have content
Gary reports that the local network has continued to grow,
                                                                relevant to rural and remote psychologists.

www.groups.psychology.org.au/                                                                                            5
NEWS                                                                                    The New South Wales Newsletter

Branch and Division news continued...
                Illawarra Branch Report                       Shoalhaven Branch Report
                Judy Pickard, Chair                           Paul Casey, Chair
                 The Illawarra Branch celebrated              The Shoalhaven Branch extends some considerable
                 Psychology Week in November with their       distance along the south coast of NSW. Because meetings
                 AGM and a social event at the Wollongong     have tended to be held in the Nowra-Milton areas, APS
                 Golf Club. There were several changes in     members from the Eurobodalla area further south formed
                 the committee with Marion Bloom and          a sub-branch. Below is a report from Kathy Godwin on the
Margaret Chittick not standing for positions. On behalf       formation of the branch and some of their activities. In
of the committee I would like to thank both Marion and        regards to Shoalhaven’s activities, out most recent event
Margaret for all their work, which was greatly appreciated.   was our Christmas social, with a very competent Kim
I would also like to welcome Cinzia Gagliardi to the          Larsen being our Santa.
committee as Deputy Chair and Mitch Byrne in his return.
                                                              In June 2006, at the instigation of Belinda Thewes, the
We look very much forward to your input. And more
                                                              then Clinical Psychologist with Ontological Unit of Greater
importantly, congratulations to you two newly weds!
                                                              Southern Area Health Service, several psychologists
Later in November a workshop was held on Relationship         from the Eurobodalla Shire met and decided to form
Therapy. This was facilitated by Brian O’Neill, manager at    the ‘Eurobodalla Psychologists Forum incorporating the
Relationships Australia and was very well received.           Eurobodalla Sub-Branch of the APS’. Meetings were
                                                              planned to be held every two months. The first ‘official’
The Branch has been quiet over the Christmas/ January
                                                              meeting was held in one of the members’ homes in August
break. Our first branch meeting for the year will be held
                                                              2006, where the direction of the group was discussed.
on March 19. Venue TBA. Our attendance at meetings
                                                              Members also introduced themselves, outlining their
doubled in 2007 and we are very keen to ensure this
                                                              backgrounds, experiences and special interests – a truly
continues so any suggestions for guest speakers or venues
                                                              talented group!
would be really appreciated.
                                                              Since that time, the group has met regularly, with only
                                                              the September 2007 meeting being cancelled due to the
                                                              members’ work loads. Initially, discussion about the
                                                              implications of Medicare was of most concern. One of the
                                                              local GPs attended the February 2007 meeting, where
                                                              the roles of both psychologists and GPs were discussed.
                                                              Karen Sorrenson, the Project Officer for Eurobodalla
                                                              NALAG spoke to the April 2007 meeting, outlining the
                                                              support systems she has in place and planned. There was
                                                              considerable discussion as to how local psychologists could
                                                              collaborate with this innovative service in the Eurobodalla
                                                              At our August 2007 meeting, after discussion about the
                                                              shortage of psychologists in the local area, Loyd Murray,
                                                              one of the local psychologists, presented his evolving
                                                              conceptualisation of his therapeutic practice: ‘Psychology
                                                              of the Heart’. Unfortunately, we did not have time enough
                                                              to completely explore this model, and so it is hoped that
                                                              Loyd will continue his presentation in 2008. We have
                                                              enjoyed two Christmas meetings at local restaurants, met
                                                              in members’ homes and availed ourselves of the hospitality
                                                              of the meeting rooms at Moruya Public School.
                                                              This forum has proven to be a valuable opportunity for
                                                              psychologists not only to share information, but also to
                                                              discuss the many and varied ethical issues that arise in
                                                              practise in a small rural area.

6                                                                       News and views for New South Wales psychologists
NEWS                                                                                     The New South Wales Newsletter

Three APS Health College member profiles
Health psychologists specialise in understanding the effects   He had a year off uni and worked in case management
of psychological factors related to health and illness. The    as a Rehabilitation Consultant. He worked with clients
two main areas in which Health psychologists practice are      who had suffered work-related injuries and motor vehicle
health promotion and clinical health <www.psychology.org.      accidents and so this sparked his interest in the field
au/community/specialist/health>.                               of health psychology. He is currently doing Master of
                                                               Psychology (Health) part-time through Monash University
Whilst many Members of the College of Health
                                                               in Melbourne, as well as working full-time for the
Psychologists hold a two-year postgraduate qualification in
                                                               Commonwealth Government Department of Health and
Health Psychology as well as further supervised practice,
                                                               Ageing in Canberra.
there are other avenues to Membership.
                                                               On the topic of his future career plans, Daniel had the
Have you thought about joining the College of Health
                                                               following to say: “I would like to gain some experience in
Psychologists, but worried that you don’t have the required
                                                               the clinical health field such as working in a hospital on
academic degree, such as a Masters in Health Psychology?
                                                               pain management issues but I’m also really interested in
Here are the summaries of the motivations for                  the health promotion field and the difference that this can
membership, the experiences in securing membership, and        make to a large number of people. I like the idea of working
the academic and career histories of three very different      in, or with Government to achieve some of these positive
people who have only recently entered the College.             changes because I think they are in a really important
                                                               position to work on a population level. I’m also attracted
                Daniel Mogg
                                                               to working in a research setting where I could help to
                Daniel Mogg completed a Bachelor of            investigate, develop and evaluate more effective health
                Science (Psychology) at the University         change programs.”
                of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba
                                                               Daniel wanted to join the College of Health Psychologists
                in 2003. He then moved to Canberra to
                                                               as a student member for a number of reasons. He liked
                complete Honours in Psychology at the
                                                               the networking advantages of belonging to a professional
                Australian National University in 2004.

0                                                                       News and views for New South Wales psychologists
March 2008

group and particularly hoped this would help him find a         when you live outside the major cities).”
supervisor for placements. He also liked the idea of gaining
                                                                “I just got online, printed off a membership form and
access to the resources which are restricted to College
                                                                faxed it through – very simple! It was very easy – I just
members, such as the tip sheets and PD updates. Once he
                                                                had to fill out the form, send it through and then wait for
has completed Masters he plans to undertake the extra
                                                                confirmation that I was a member.” Daniel Mogg, new
work required to qualify for full membership.
                                                                Student Member.
As part of the Masters, Daniel has to attend a one-week
residential college in Melbourne each semester. At the                           Linley Denson
first one of these, a speaker from the College of Health                         Dr Linley Denson applied for membership
Psychologists came along to discuss the College and the                          to the College of Health Psychologists
benefits of membership. After one of Daniel’s friends joined                     shortly after completion of her PhD, which
the College of Clinical Psychologists, Daniel decided to join                    was a study of the health outcomes and
the Health College.                                                              service usage of a group of frail elderly
In conclusion, Daniel says: “I think the College of Health                       medical inpatients. She held a Master
Psychs is an important group of professionals who can           of Psychology degree from Flinders University and had
make a positive contribution to important health issues         been registered as a psychologist in South Australia
such as diabetes, obesity and Indigenous health as well         continuously since June 1988.
as the structure and function of the health-care system         At the time she applied for Health College membership,
in general. As the College is relatively new and still          Linley was already a member of three of the
small, it would be great to see an active policy of helping     specialist Colleges of the APS: the College of Clinical
Student/Associate members get more experience – maybe           Neuropsychologists, the College of Clinical Psychologists,
by encouraging Full members to act as supervisors in the        and the College of Forensic Psychologists, as well as the
local area or providing assistance for students to find Full    Psychology and Ageing Interest group. In addition she
members to act as a supervisor (not always an easy task         was a member of the British Psychological Society and

NEWS                                                                                    The New South Wales Newsletter

Health College profiles continued...
the International Neuropsychological Society. She had, at     well as providing support and consultation to welfare
the time of application, six publications in peer-reviewed    workers and an aboriginal health worker, with the aim of
journals.                                                     improving children’s and families’ health outcomes.
Before pursuing an academic career Linley spent over          Linley has been involved in teaching other health
19 years in the South Australian public sector practising     professionals – most often psychology and medical
psychology in acute health, community health, mental          students – throughout her working life. She taught
health, disability and rehabilitation settings.               for some years in the Health Psychology topic of the
                                                              Master of Psychology degree at Flinders University. At
Working in the Royal Adelaide Hospital, her major focus
                                                              the time of her application to the College she was also
was on clinical aspects of health and psychological care,
                                                              teaching undergraduate and post graduate students at
the promotion of both mental and physical health, and
                                                              the University of Adelaide, with topics including Mental
motivating patients’ adherence to treatment and reducing
                                                              Health (Psychology II), Predicting Older People’s Health
their risk of relapse and of adverse health events.
                                                              Outcomes (Master of Psychology) and Professional
At Noarlunga Health Services (a large community health        Interactions (Master of Psychology). As a member of the
centre in the outer southern suburbs of Adelaide) Linley      Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide,
took part in planning community activities aimed at           she took part in the annual selection interview process for
promoting healthy lifestyles. When she moved to the           medical students.
nearby Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service she
                                                              In June 2005 she was invited by the SA Section of the
continued to be involved in preventive activities, such as
                                                              College of Health Psychologists to present a workshop
involvement with nearby community and women’s health
                                                              entitled Assessing and treating older adults: A holistic
centres and attendance at the Aldinga Community Forum,
                                                              approach. She presented jointly with another psychologist
which planned and negotiated the provision of health
                                                              (who specialises in treatment of anxiety and depression).
services in the new outer suburbs. She also visited country
                                                              Based on her PhD research, she proposed a simple but
centres (Mt Gambier and McLaren Vale) and involved
                                                              practical model for assessing elderly people’s health status
herself in parent groups and neighbourhood centres, as

2                                                                       News and views for New South Wales psychologists
March 2008

and predicting their health outcomes. This workshop         to Queensland with her family. There she was offered a
received positive feedback from attendees.                  position as a Clinical Psychologist, in a general hospital
                                                            psychiatric unit, with responsibilities to pain patients in
Linley decided to join because she wanted an opportunity
                                                            the general wards.
to network and collaborate with other Health
psychologists. Her mentor, Professor Helen Winefield, who   For the remainder of her career she has worked in private
had supervised Linley’s PhD, encouraged her to join, and    practice. She has been a Member of the Clinical College
therefore, she decided to do so.                            for over 20 years, but recently she began to ponder over
                                                            the fact that she has always been interested in health, and
                Amanda Gordon                               has many clients in her clinical practice with diabetes.
                                                            She also thought about the fact that she has published on
                Amanda Gordon, pictured above at
                                                            health-related issues including pain, obesity and diabetes,
                the dawn of her career, working in the
                                                            and she has spoken to the media about health psychology
                Discipline of Psychiatry at the Royal
                                                            and health in general. Recently she was asked to represent
                Adelaide Hospital, is now President of
                                                            the APS on a government committee, the “Detainee Health
                the Australian Psychological Society.
                                                            Advisory Group”, where she meets with physicians, general
                She has recently joined the College of
                                                            practitioners, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists and
Health Psychologists, and with a “non-standard” path
                                                            others whose efforts revolve around making a difference to
to membership, her story is instructive to those readers
                                                            the health of some of the most vulnerable members of our
wondering if they should apply.
Amanda began her studies doing the BSc in Clinical
                                                            Thus, with a history of working in the area, Amanda
Psychology at the University of New South Wales, then
                                                            wanted College membership because it reflected an
moved to the University of Adelaide, where she completed
                                                            important part of her professional identity. She also felt
her BA in Psychology and wrote an Honours thesis in
                                                            that it was important for clients in her private practice to
Psychology, on childhood obesity and diabetes, which
                                                            be confident that she was a member of the Health College
she published in the Australian Journal of Paediatrics.
                                                            and finally, she wanted it “as part of my bow”.
She then secured a position at the University of Adelaide
Discipline of Psychiatry working with the psychiatrist      Amanda had little difficulty securing membership, even
Professor Issy Pilowsky. Professor Pilowsky actively        though she did not have a Masters in Health Psychology.
encouraged Amanda to attend lectures with the medical       She found that people in the College were generous
students across the six years of their training, and to     and supportive of her joining, and helped her with
follow them on ward rounds in the hospital, and thus, her   her application, including approaching her for further
interests in psychiatry, medical psychology and health      information if she had not supplied sufficient material. She
were fostered. Professor Pilowsy’s work at that time        noted that it was “clear that I was wanted”, and feels that
centred on chronic pain, and Amanda worked in that area     her successful membership is “a good part of my identity”.
with him.
                                                            So, if you would like to consider joining the APS College
She left Adelaide to follow her husband to the United       of Health Psychologists please go to the website <www.
Kingdom, where she was offered a PhD Scholarship in         groups.psychology.org.au/chp/join/>.
the Discipline of Neurosurgery, to continue her work
                                                            Compiled by Associate Professor Anna Chur-Hansen, Chair,
on chronic pain. Unfortunately Amanda was unable to
                                                            College of Health Psychologists (South Australian Branch)
complete her doctorate for personal reasons, and returned
                                                            and Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide.

www.groups.psychology.org.au/                                                                                             3
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     Hotel Grand Chancellor
     23 – 27 September 2008
                                                                  43rd APS Annual Conference
                                                                         Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

     Set in scenic Hobart, the 43rd APS Conference will deliver a world-class program
     incorporating local and international keynote speakers, interactive workshops,
     cutting-edge research papers, rapid communication posters, symposia and fora.

     Professor Kim Halford PhD
     Director Griffith Institute of Health and Medical Research
     Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
     Winner, APS President’s Award for Distinguished
     Contribution to Psychology In Australia
     Professor George Paxinos AO
     NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow and
     Professor of Psychology and Medical Sciences
     Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, NSW, Australia
     Winner, APS Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
     Professor Lea Pulkkinen PhD
     Professor of Psychology
     University of Jyväskylä, Finland                             Further information: For submissions, program and
     Professor David Uzzell PhD FBPsS FRSA                        registration information, please visit the conference website:
     Professor of Environmental Psychology
     University of Surrey, United Kingdom                         www.apsconference.com.au

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Interest Group News
NSW DIPP Peer Support                                                                    In May we are planning a joint event with the Org Psych
                                                                                         College with a masterclass for experienced coaches- where
Eastern Suburbs Peer Support Group: those interested in                                  participants will bring along a 3 minute presentation
becoming part of the next peer support group in Sydney                                   on a variety of topics. This may evolve into an ongoing
please contact Beth Stone on <bethstone@aapt.net.au>.                                    masterclass series.
3rd Friday of March: 54 Mountain St, Broadway facilitated                                August is the National IGCP Symposium to be held at
by Francesco LoPizzo. 7pm start. Please RSVP Luciana at                                  Dockside in Darling Harbour for 2 days Friday, August
<cruzlucianaa@hotmail.com> or Nesli at 0414 461427.                                      22 and Saturday, August 23. The IGCP Symposium
3rd Thursday of March: 72 Evan St, Penrith facilitated                                   Committee welcomes additional volunteers to help with the
by Peter Logue- 6.30pm start. Please rsvp Merilyn at                                     Symposium. Contact David Heap or Henry McNichol for
<rtherapy@bigpond.net.au> or Nesli on 0414 461427.                                       more information.
3rd Friday of April: 400 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville                                   Our AGM will be held at the end of November as well as a
facilitated by Judy Bokor. 7pm start. Please RSVP Luciana                                merry Christmas function as usual.
at <cruzlucianaa@hotmail.com> or Nesli on 0414 461427.                                   We continue to welcome overseas speakers who happen
NSW Coaching Interest Group 2008                                                         to be in Australia and will endeavour to invite them to
                                                                                         participate in our events. Please let us know. We also
This year we have a focus on peer sharing and peer support                               welcome any ideas from members of the interest group.
and will be hosting our events at the Royal Automobile
Club in Sydney city.                                                                     We would like to welcome two new committee members to
                                                                                         the NSW IGCPJan Skov and John McCann.
In March we are planning a Peer to Peer Sharing Event
‘Walking the Talk’ which Involves Values Clarification-                                  2007 was a great professional development year and we are
Looking at our personal values as psychologists and how we                               looking forward to more in 2008!
embody them in our coaching. We will also incorporate best                               Bonnie McKenzie
practice principles in small group discussions.                                          NSW IGCP

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