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					H        ave you ever wondered what
         kind of learner Pat Parelli had to
have been to do what he has done? Have
                                                 selves! We can take heart that there was a
                                                 day when our Savvy String got knotted
                                                 around the Carrot Stick and we most
                                                                                                   Clearly some people have a range of
                                                                                              learning behavior that takes them way
                                                                                              beyond simply what is known, or what
you noticed that from year to year he            deservedly achieved the label “incompe-      can be done! The right side is a whole
demonstrates new knowledge and skills            tent” in Level 1.                            different kettle of fish.
when you think there just can’t be more?              The outcome when we learn, be that           Brilliant is the label given to people
Have you ever observed students in a             through school or the Savvy System, is an    who have studied in depth as bright peo-
Parelli course and noticed that there are        intention to move away from “stupid!”        ple do and then experiment wantonly.
students who learn much more than the            We strive to achieve a label in the smart    When Pat encourages us to be creative
others even though they have had the             category. If we do this we “fit in” and      about how and where and in what cir-
exact same experience? Of course, there          “look good.” To be deemed smart is           cumstance we play the Seven Games, this
are many factors involved, but on my             about knowing just exactly what you          is the door he is inviting you to walk
recent visit to the ISC in Colorado, one         need to know or do in order to pass.         through. In doing this we learn how to
factor stood out above the others.               Smart people can do all the tasks at the     use the basic knowledge and skills in
     My aim in this article is to share a        Level they are studying.                     many different and sometimes in new
model that will help you understand that              Other people have a set of learning     ways. This, to me is where you will dis-
factor. The lessons found in this model          behaviors that take them past the point      cover savvy in the Parelli program.
may greatly influence the speed and              of being smart. They are perceived as             Genius is the label given to a person
quality of your future learning.                 being bright. You know, those students
                                                                                              who will invest in learning all that is to
                                                 who have “a lot of potential.” This is       be known about something and then rip
     I will build the model first and then       “looking really good.” Bright people can     it apart in the hope of discovering ways
from it we will draw some ideas impor-           do all of the tasks in their Level AND       of seeing it in a brand new way. What
tant to us as Parelli students. It starts with   have well studied the Theory Book AND        these people do can change how we
three common labels.                             did all the extra challenges in the          think and what we believe to be true. Not
                   Stupid                        PocketGuides. I would wager a bet that       everyone wants to go where you would

                                                 they have read all of the answers that       have to go nor invest what is necessary to
                   Smart                         Linda wrote to the questions for the         achieve genius. Yet, how many of you

                                                 Virtual Instructor in DB’s Cabin!            have had a fundamental change in how
                                                      So, there you go. Stupid, smart and     you think about horses since becoming a
    Like it or not we do label people.
                                                 bright.                                      Parelli student? This was possible because
Some labels relate to the behavior of
                                                      To the right of those labels we have    at least one person was willing to go
people as learners. Some people have
                                                 three new ones.                              there. Thank you Pat.
behaviors that earn them the label “stu-
pid” or “lazy” and “incompetent.” These                                                            Simple is the label given to those

labels might be applied to a person who                            Genius                     people who take very great risks. They do
doesn’t know how to do or what they                                                           everything required of the genius but

need to do, in order to pass a test or get                          Brilliant                 then strive to make a new way of think-
a job done. These are not particularly               People who achieve the labels on the     ing available to all of us. To do this they
nice labels, but are widely used. People         right side of the model do so in sequence    go through complexity first, then look
even use these labels to define them-            from bottom to top.                                           CONTINUED    ON   PAGE 28
                                                                                                                              January 2004   11
     for simple ways to help others see and do
     these new things. These are people who              To those who know her and her
     make a fundamental change in our                 work, Stephanie Burns is something of
     nature. This can lead to controversy and         an icon. Devoting her life to achieving
     ridicule for a very large part of any indi-      a greater understanding of the learning
                                                      process and what constitutes influential
     vidual life. For us to now be able to learn      communication.
     from Pat Parelli, not simply watch him              Originally trained as a computer
     perform, required that he take this step.        engineer in the US Army, she started
     T HE BIG Q UESTION                               her career as an educator designing
         The question now begs to be asked:           and teaching programs on the practical
                                                      use of computers.
     What is the difference between those                Stephanie’s work in the fields of
     who play on the left side of the model           learning and communication led her to
     from those who achieve the labels of the         Australia. Her work has provided an
     right?                                           unprecedented insight into why so
         Larry Wilson, the originator of this         many otherwise successful adults fail to
                                                      sustain action when it comes to impor-
     model, would say that those on the right         tant goals – goals related to health and
     have crossed a bridge. The name of this          fitness, education, relationships etc.
     bridge is The Silly Bridge.                         Stephanie Burns remains unique in
                 Stupid Simple                        her field due to her unquenchable
                                                      thirst for understanding the how and


                   Smart   Genius                     why of learning. Her energy levels,
                                                      combined with her knowledge of, and

                  Bright Brilliant                    commitment to the learning and com-
                                                      munication process, are extraordinary
       ====>SILLY BRIDGE ====>                        and clearly distinguish her from others
         What is the Silly Bridge? The Silly          in the education arena.
     Bridge is the decision to NOT care about
     what other people think during the time
     when you are learning!                        achieving this glowing label from par-        offered. Others just had never had the
                                                   ents and teachers. How compelled would        opportunity to learn the lesson that car-
                                                   you be to risk looking “silly” then? Not      ing about what other people think pre-
                                                   very! This is one danger with the current     vents them from learning as fast and as
          Unfortunately, most of us are edu-
                                                   labels of bright, gifted and high poten-      much as they can.
     cated away from crossing the Silly Bridge.
                                                   tial. The message can be: Do whatever it           When you next sign on to be a learn-
     It is not a good idea to look stupid in
                                                   takes to “look good” which is very differ-    er think about how important the issue
     school or in the workplace. That message
                                                   ent from what you have to do to “be           of “appearance” is to you. If it matters a
     is made very clear from a very young age.
                                                   good.”                                        lot then you might think about this as an
     We quickly get the game of “looking
     smart” to avoid the consequences that               Learning benefits from a willingness    adult with an important goal that mat-
     fall on those who “look stupid.”              to risk your self-image. People who play      ters to you. You have the best models in
                                                   on the right side of the bridge are willing   learning through Parelli. Pat, Linda and
          Of course, this is a good motive for
                                                   to look “not cool” while in the process of    many students truly cross the Silly
     doing what you have to do to be smart,
                                                   learning. I had a student once who            Bridge. They are the ones you see with
     but it causes a fear of doing what is nec-
                                                   would not practice the piano when any-        savvy.
     essary to be more than smart. It causes us
     to not ask questions, to not practice with    one was home. She was concerned that               Savvy lives on the other side of the
     others around who might help, to not          she was not very good and that embar-         Silly Bridge.
     volunteer and to not experiment. We just      rassed her. Of course, this behavior was
     don’t want to look “silly.” It keeps us       not going to help her get good either.             Linda Parelli discovered the fascinating
     from achieving savvy!                         And the really silly thing was that NO        world of “accelerated learning” while attend-
          Be very clear that if you make the       ONE expected or needed her to be good!        ing a multitude of courses and seminars with
     choice to learn, then looking silly, stu-     She’s a learner! The Silly Bridge Model       Dr. Stephanie Burns in Australia in the 80’s.
     pid, uncoordinated and slow is going to       helped her become a satisfied student         Stephanie’s development of the “On Line
     happen. It is trying to avoid this that       and very good pianist!
                                                   I N C LOSING
                                                                                                 Support” website (aka DB’s cabin) at parel-
     causes you to limit yourself to “smart.” It                                        has been a major influence in cata-
     also causes learning to be frustrating,           During my visit to the ISC this sum-      pulting Parelli students to new levels of self-
     anxiety provoking and unsatisfying. You       mer the lessons of the Silly Bridge Model     awareness and goal achievement. For more
     may stop learning from occurring at all!      were vibrantly apparent. Some students        information on Stephanie, her published
          So, smart people are stuck. Bright       had learning behaviors that allowed           works and interactive tools you can visit
     people have it even worse! Imagine            them to take full advantage of what was

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