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					                             Harvey World Travel
                             Harvey World Travel is one of the longest established retail travel agency networks in Australia,
                             with the first Harvey World Travel outlet opened in May 1951. Harvey World Travel is a multiple
                             Travel Agency of the Year Winner in Australia and has expanded to more than 550 travel agency
                             outlets throughout Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
With MessageLabs, our
downloads have dropped       Expansion in the past three years saw the group take over Thomas Cook Travel's 90-plus retail
                             shops in Australia and New Zealand and under a progressive franchising model, the chain now
by approximately 33%         comprises a mix of predominantly franchise and a limited number of owned outlets.
because the spam is
                             Network turnover exceeded $1.4 billion in 2003 and the company's share price has more than
trapped in the Internet.     tripled in the past 24 months.
We don't have to buy
hardware or software, we     The Thomas Cook acquisition led to the achievement of the company's prospectus strategy 3
                             years ahead of schedule. Advancements in Internet technology, systems and training coupled
don't have to change the     with rapid expansion of new income streams have positioned the group for profit growth.
way we do business and
we don't have any            At the time of signing the MessageLabs agreement in October 2003, Harvey World Travel was
                             the largest retail travel chain world-wide using the MessageLabs service.
signature updates. I also
like the fact that if our    Qantas partnership
servers go offline for any   Harvey World Travel also has a well-established travel wholesale operation (in partnership with
                             Qantas Airways) and a travel insurance division, both of which are cornerstone assets for HWT
reason, MessageLabs backs    Limited.
up our mail for up to
seven days free as part of   "Our strategy is to outsource non-core IT activities wherever possible," said Harvey World Travel
                             IT Manager Matthew Harris.
the service.
Matthew Harris               "This includes email and server management. We've been aware of MessageLabs’ services for
IT Manager                   some time, but it really was growth in spam and server load due to the volumes of junk mail
Harvey World Travel          that prompted us to adopt MessageLabs’ Anti-Spam and Anti -Virus services. We noticed a drop
                             in the loads almost overnight".

                             "We also expect to see some added efficiency benefits over time.”

                             "One of the benefits of having filtering done at the Internet layer is that we don't have to take
                             the bandwidth hit. We don't pay for that wasted bandwidth either. We simply set our spam
                             blacklists and whitelists to only permit approved business mail and then if our franchisees want
                             specific pieces of email that are being held at the MessageLabs’ servers, they can log on to the
                             ‘net and download them."
                          Adds franchisees automatically

Our franchisees           Matthew says that the scalability of the service is very helpful. "When we add franchisees to
                          the chain, they are automatically covered as soon as we set them up with
are now able to           addresses.”

concentrate on valid      “We only pay for valid, live addresses, so regardless of the emails coming to 'dead' addresses or
                          aliases, we only pay for those who are active."
customer emails
                          The chain uses a blend of defences at the server and desktop of each and every HWT franchise
rather than sorting       consultant.

through spam to           Up-to-date defences
find genuine inquiries.   "We recommend that each franchisee ensures they keep their defences up to date to protect
                          against viruses introduced through web downloads or viruses on media such as floppy disks,"
We therefore are          says Matthew, "and we also deliver regular security prompts and advices through monthly
                          system updates and via the Intranet. As such, MessageLabs is just one additional layer of
able to respond to        defence against virus and spam.”

customer emails           “We also have been impressed with the quick responses to our technical questions either direct
                          or through our email outsourcer. The entire team at MessageLabs is very service focused."
faster; and if a new
email virus outbreak
hits, we don't have to
devote resources to
protecting the
network. We just get
on with our core

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