Fish Where Best Time Recommended Bait East Gipps & Rivers Far East by alendar


Fish Where Best Time Recommended Bait East Gipps & Rivers Far East

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									Fish          W h e re    Be st Tim e      Re com m en ded Bait              Ea st Gipps & Rive r s      Fa r Ea st Gipps
Bream         Rivers      Year Round       Sandw orm , praw n, crab          Mit chell River,        Wallagaraugh River, Snowy
                          Peak Jun - Oct                                     Nicholson River, Tam bo River
Bream         Est uary,   Year Round       Praw n, bass yabbies,             Lakes Ent rance, Lake       Mallacoot a, Bem m River,
              Surf        Peak Jun - Oct   sandw orm , shrim p,              Tyers                       Marlo, Gipsy Point
                                           shell, lure spinning
Flat head     Est uary,   Nov - May        Live m ullet , prawn,             Lakes Ent rance             Mallacoot a, Tam boon I nlet ,
              Ocean                        w hit ebait , lure spinning       ( offshore)                 Cape Conran, Bem m River,
                                                                             Lake Tyers                  Gipsy Point , Wallagaraugh
Flat head     Rivers      Mar - Sept       Praw n, bass yabbies,                                         As above
                                           lure spinning
Flounder      Est uary    Dec - Feb        Hand spearing on flat s           Barrier Landing,
                                                                             Raym ond I sland, Rigby
                                                                             I sland, Wat t le Point ,
                                                                             Ocean Grange
Garfish       Rivers,     Aug - May        Sandw orm , dough,                Lakes Ent rance, Lake       Mallacoot a
              Lakes                        praw n, sand fleas                Tyers, Mit chell River,
                                                                             Nowa Now a
Gum m y       Ocean,      Oct - April      Squid, blue bait ,                Lakes Ent rance –          Mallacoot a, Bem m River,
Shark         Surf                         pilchards, oct opus               Ninet y Mile Beach          Cape Conran, Marlo,
                                                                                                         Tam boon I nlet
Luderick      Est uary,   Dec - June       Sandw orm , bass                  Lakes Ent rance, Lake       Marlo, Mallacoot a,
              Lakes                        yabbies, green weed               Tyers                       Tam boon I nlet
Mullet -      Rivers,     June - Jan       Sandw orm , praw n,               Mit chell River,            Bem m River, Marlo
Yellow Eye    Lakes                        pippies                           Paynesville, Lakes
                                                                             Ent rance
Mulloway      Lakes       Nov - Mar        Live m ullet , t ailor fillet ,   Met ung                     Gipsy Point , Mallacoot a
                                           oct opus, squid
Est uary      Est uary,   Feb - May        Live praw n, shrim p, lure                                    Bem m River, Marlo,
Perch         Rivers                       spinning                                                      Wallagaraugh River,
                                                                                                         Mallacoot a
Praw ns       Lakes,      Nov - May        Dip net , scoop net &             Lake Tyers, Barrier         Mallacoot a, Bem m River,
              Est uary                     light                             Landing                     Tam boon I nlet
Salm on -     Surf,       Year Round       Bluebait , whit ebait ,           All Ocean beaches           All Ocean beaches
Aust ralian   Ocean                        pippies, red, bluew hit e
Snapper       Lakes,      Jan - June       Bluebait , pilchards,             Lakes Ent rance             Cape Conran
              Ocean                        squid                             ( offshore)
Tailor        Est uary,   Nov - May        Whit ebait , bluebait , lure      Tam bo Est uary, Lake       Mallacoot a, Bem m River,
              Lakes,                       spinning                          King                        Gipsy Point , Marlo
Trevally -    Est uary,   Sept - May       Whit ebait , prawn,               Lake Tyers, Met ung,        Mallacoot a, Bem m River,
Silver        Lakes                        pippies, squid                    Lakes Ent rance             Marlo
Trout         I nland     Sept - Jun       Worm s, fly- fishing, lure                                    Bem m River
              Rivers                       spinning
Grass         Surf,       Nov - May        Sandw orm , m ussel,              Kalim na, Met ung
Whit ing      Lakes                        praw n
King          Est uary,   Nov - May        Sandw orm , bass                  Kalim na, Met ung           Mallacoot a
George        Lakes                        yabbies, pippies, praw n
Whit ing

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