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 G & H Porter

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   Drummoyne Red Word
   8 August 2007

   Drummoyne vs. Mosman at Rawson Park, Saturday 28th July 2007

   A mixed round for Drummoyne as they split the results with Mosman. The two clubs are now
   equal third on the Division one competition ladder.

   Drummoyne First Grade ran into the wind in the first half and were able to score three tries to
   one for a first half 15-14 lead. Fly half Matt “Pie Man” Pride’s strong running awarded him with
   two tries where he broke multiple tackles close to the line. The second half saw Mosman draw
   level at 22-22 but a phenomenal run from fullback Soane Sinisa where he carved his way
   through the heart of the defence to score under the posts gave the reigning Kentwell Cup
   Premiers a well deserved 29-22 victory to keep them well clear on top of the ladder. Special
   mention should go to Tim “hit-man” Cruikshank whose appearance as a replacement was as
   eventful as it was short, getting sinbinned for a reckless tackle within 2 minutes of getting on the

   In a spirited encounter, the Veterans match was drawn 5-5, allowing Drummoyne to retain the
   cup for another year.

   Drummoyne Second Grade started the game on fire with a try to winger Dan Hall within the five
   minutes of the match commencing. However, poor communication in defence allowed Mosman to
   score four tries before lock David Mew stemmed the flow with another try. Drummoyne failed to
   use the wind to their advantage in the second half and despite a try down the sideline to flanker
   Chris Apasali, Drummoyne’s defensive errors continued. Hooker Tim Cruikshank and flanker
   Carlo Jonker’s strong efforts were not rewarded as Mosman won 39-15.

   Third Grade were over come 20-0 despite strong performances from Alex Cruikshank, Peter
   Oitmaa and Steve Ashton. Forth Grade and Fifth Grade won 15-5 and 22-5 respectively, with
   both teams consolidating their positions in the top four. Colts lost 31-0.

   Drummoyne takes on University of NSW on Saturday the 11th of August after all the teams in
   Division One enjoy a bye this weekend.

   Dear Fellow Dirty Reds

   As a former member of your great club.

   I Byron Deithrick former 2nd - 3rd grade prop and member of the front row union,

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   I am heading to Capetown in November to build houses for the poor people living in shacks on
   the hillsides around cape town.

   I am giving up 1 week from my time to help The Niall Mellon Township Trust bring 1000
   volunteers to Capetown to build 150 houses in 1 week on theTownship Blitz.

   Please can you help me by digging deep with you visa / MasterCard's and donating as much as
   you can to help these poor parents and children live a better life.

   please donate here : http://www.irishtownship.com/htm/sponsor_form.php?id=872

   please see site and video at http://www.irishtownship.com/index.html

   I was in Austrailia in 2003 joining Drummoyne rugby from Greystones rugby in Ireland, I loved
   every minute of my time and the rugby was fantastic, Ilived with Jonny Kane and lads that year
   from Ireland where, Andy Johnson, Rob Byrne, Aaron Higgs, Cormac Mac Naughton, Barry

   P.S. Im running the Dublin Marathon in October so get out your wallets and give me money for
   that, if you dont like South Africians   All rite mates !

   Yours in Rugby.

   Byron Deithrick

   Hey im going to Capetown with www.irishtownship.com

   I need sponsorship for this great cause.

   You can do your bit. www.irishtownship.com/htm/sponsor_form.php?id=872Visa/ Master Card

   Social Events

   Ladies Day

   Saturday 18 August 2007
   Free Champagne, cheese and biscuits, push up boys and a number of great raffle prizes to be
   Get your girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers and workmates down to the Oval by the Bay to be

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   The Dirty Red Ball

   Saturday 25th August
   Drummoyne Rowers
   4 Course Dinner, Drinks Package & all night Entertainment

   Please see Livo or Nathan to reserve your spot now.

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   Drummoyne Rugby Club would like to thank the following for their continuing support
   of the Dirty Reds:

   Company: H & H Accredited Training Pty Ltd
   Phone: 1300 655 905
   Web: www.hnh.org.au

   Company: Pav Plumbing
   Contact: Tony
   Phone: 0418 268 092
   Web: www.pavplumbing.com.au

   Company: Whitfords Electrical
   Contact: Andrew Whitford
   Phone: 9713 5529 Web: www.whitfords.net

   Company: Matt Dalley Demolitions
   Contact: Matt Dalley
   Phone: 1300 30 66 88

   Company: Quiet Drive
   Contact: Darren Shields
   Phone: 9666 8794
   Web: www.quietadrive.com

   Company: Coopers Brewery
   Contact: John Siney
   Phone: 9643-7100
   Web: www.coopers.com.au

   Company: SASLIMOS - Luxury Limosines
   Contact: Peter Sassine
   Phone: 0413 333 663

   Company: Rostone Print Pty Ltd
   Contact: David Newall
   Phone: 9661 3299
   Web: www.rostoneprint.com.au

   Company: Wharehouse Training & H
   Phone: 9897 9633
   Web: http://www.wth.net.au

   Company: P J Gallagher Irish Pub
   Phone: 9181 1229
   Web: www.pjgallaghers.com.au

   Company: Just Bins Waste Services
   Contact: Rob Collins
   Phone: 1800 626 388

   Company: O'Gorman & Mahon Real Estate
   Contact: David O'Gorman
   Phone: 9968 4444
   Web: www.ogormanandmahon.com.au

   Company: Exceland
   Contact: Alex
   Phone: 9550 9010
   Web: www.exceland.com.au

   Company: Drummoyne Sports Club

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