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									                                                             SCANNING - Information
Scanning orders must be numbered with a 4 character sitting/job number at the time of processing. Web sized files
are also suitable for web images or low res CDrom production (eg wedding proofs)

*Scan Sizes -         35mm/ 120 - (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)
Web Scan = approx .25mb                                                                        Level 1      = approx 4.5/5mb (Prints up to 6”x8”)
Level 2 = approx 18/20mb (Prints up to 11”x14”)                                                Level 3      = approx 65/80mb (Prints larger than 11”x14”)

**Digital ICE - Digital ICE technology is used on each image scanned to remove dust spots etc. Digital ICE technology will
automatically remove dust, scratches and blemishes from a scanned image to improve workflow productivity both in terms of
labour and time. Digital ICE does not soften, blur or in any way alter the detail or composition of the scanned images. This
technology works within the scanner, during the scanning process, to provide users with a clean, authentic base image that
may help to improve the original image.
Digital ICE is not available from true B&W films.
For scans from film at the time of processing see “Traditional Film Services Price Guide”

                Individual Scans                                              Service time - 2days

LEVEL 2 Up to 18Mb                                            $8.00           Suitable for print sizes 8”x12” up to 11”x14”

LEVEL 3 Above 18Mb up to 70Mb.                               $16.00           Suitable for print sizes 16”x24” and larger - some limitations apply.

                  Flat bed Scans                                              Service time - 2days                   $8.00        (From artwork, old photos etc up to A4)

                   Write to CD/Zip                                            $11.00 per Order Form                      (All images stored on CD as maximum jpg’s.)

                DIGITAL RETOUCHING                                                                                    Service time - 7 to 14 days

BASIC - $30.25 (Minimum charge)                                                                 MEDIUM - $55.00 (Minimum charge)
This fee applies to one of the below services. (Three or more heads, add $7.70 per head.)       This fee applies to one of the below services. (Three or more heads, add $11.00 per head.)

Removal of blemishes, facial lines (minor) & softening under eyes.                              Removal of blemishes, facial lines (extensive) & softening under eyes.
Contrast adjustments                           Basic sharpening.                                Removal of rash.                               Replace one head
Eye whitening.                                 Teeth whitening                                  Minor flare or fog (Camera related)            Hand colour (one colour)
Removal of glasses glare (minimum)             Removal of stray hair                            Change clothing colours (1 colour)             Covering of bald spots (minor)
Camera scratches (minor)                       Adding & removing catch lights.                  Eye manipulation                               Eyeglass reflections/shadows
Image cropping.                                Open eyes (per head)                             Removal of glass glare (normal)                Repair of torn neg.
Lightening of areas (“holding back”)                                                            Teeth insertion.                               Rebuild or extend neg.
Darkening of areas (“Burning in”) (only minor adjustments available)                            Removal of people or objects in background (medium)
Removal of people or objects in background (basic)                                              Removal of stray hair (normal)

HIGH - $99.00 (Minimum charge)                                                                   QUOTABLE

For each additional service, please add $27.50 per service
Addition or removal of one person (additional people $44.00 per person.)                        Replace or alter backgrounds with multiple people.
Replace or alter background with one person.                                                    Creative design work.
Hand Colour (Two or more colours)                                                               Montages.
Removal of people or objects in background (Major)
Removal of braces
Major flare

                     Note: Any jobs which do not fit easily into the above categories will be quoted at $110.00 per hour.
 For items such as swapping heads, opening eyes etc., you must supply another photo taken at the same angle and lighting with the part you
                                    want substituted intact, so we can clone from one image to another.

      Special Occasion Cards                                                                               Service time 5 days

                                                                                             Size              Setup Cost                  Min Qty                 Cost Each
                                                         Thank you cards                    2.5”x 4”                $13.75                      30                     $1.00
                                                                 Table Card                 3.5”x3.5”               $13.75                      30                     $1.50
                                                Christmas card (small)                      3.5”x5”                 $13.75                      30                     $1.50
                                                Christmas card (large)                      Fits DL                 $13.75                      15                     $2.50

 Samples of Thank You cards are available on web site ( ) under products. A 16”x20” Poster of
 Christmas Card Samples is available for $10.50

                         ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST                                                                         EFFECTIVE FROM 1st September 2005
                         Street’s Imaging Services Pty Ltd
                         34 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
                                                                                  Scan_Retouch                                                  Prices subject to change without notice.

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