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					                             Did you know…
   -      There are more than 1,800 loyalty businesses which, when combined, are producing
          more than 200,000 loyalty programs all over Australia
   -      Loyalty Programs save you more money than Reward Programs
   -      Reverse Loyalty Programs provide the BIGGEST savings for you each time you use it

             Rewards                          Loyalty                       Reverse Loyalty

The Plan     One method to acquire points Usually in-store programs         Many places to shop and save

             Example: If Virgin has the       Example: Most café coffee     Savings are up-front and
             cheapest listed airfare and      cards -Buy 10 Get 1 Free      immediate.
             you can only earn points by
             flying Qantas, you must pay
             the higher Qantas fare if you
             want the points.

Savings      Low point values - 1 point for   Normally savings are          Minimum savings at 25% each
             1 dollar                         about 10%                     time you shop.

             Example: You need 66,000       (The above example shows        Or Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers
             points to claim a Nintendo Wii a 10% savings)
             system which normally sells
             for $350.

             This equates to ½ of 1% of the
             total $66,000 dollars you’ve

Usage        You must continue to use         You must continue to buy      -   Use over and over
             ONLY that method in order to     until you complete the
             accumulate your points and       program then you can          -   Easy to use and carry
             get the “free” gift.             collect your “free” coffee.   -   No coupons to clip
                                              Extra paper to carry for          and/or carry
                                              each loyalty program you      -   No points to tally
                                              use now.
                                                                            -   Environmentally friendly
                                                                                (no paper wastage)

Costs        Annual fee                       No fee                        Low annual fee

                                                                            (fee can be recouped after
                                                                            only a few uses)

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