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					12 February 2009                                                      I would like to express my thanks to the Australian Government
                                                                      for this initiative.
Dear St Teresa’s families,                                            I am sure that as a community you will join with me in praying
The College has had a great start to the 2009 school year. From       for the families who have lost so much in the bushfires in Victoria
talking to students it seems that they have settled well into         and NSW. The news stories over the last few days have shown
school routine. It is also wonderful to see the Year 8 students fit   us the power of the community to support each other in such
so well into our school community.                                    tragedy. I hope that the reflection below can help each of us at
                                                                      this time.
This week we have two major celebrations of the school year.
The first is our Opening Liturgy which begins at 6.30pm on            God bless
Wednesday 11th February. This celebration will launch our             Alain
Mission Statement which has been built around the seven
foundations of our school. These foundations which were
published in our last newsletter will become the focus of the
College as it develops and grows over the next five years of its                                 Reflection
history. I hope that all families will make it a priority to attend                       We do not understand.
this special celebration. We will also acknowledge the Year 8’s as                            We feel anxious.
they begin their secondary school life and our Year 12’s as they                             We feel helpless.
conclude their secondary education.                                            We do not have the words to express our pain,
                                                                                     But in this silence we cry to you.
Our second event is the annual swimming carnival to be held
                                                                                             Lord hear our cry.
at the Noosa Aquatic Centre on Thursday 12th February. This
                                                                                    May we find the resources we need
is a great community day where the four houses compete, and
                                                                                              In other people,
house spirit is developed. War cries have been prepared and
                                                                                                In ourselves,
our Sports Master, Mr Dan McShea, together with our House
                                                                                                    In You.
Leaders have prepared a fun day for all. Again this is a day that
                                                                                        May your spirit bring form
we ask each student to come and get involved.
                                                                                 and meaning out of the anguish we feel,
On Monday I attended an Ecumenical service with some of our                           so that in the midst of despair
students held at Immanuel Lutheran College. This was a joint                          we may find hope again. Amen
celebration of the common Christian faith shared by many of
the schools on the Sunshine Coast. This annual event brings
together our common purpose as Christian schools, which is
to make Christ known to all who are part of our communities.          Attention Parents: Survey - Who’s
This gathering also showed our students that we are part of the
wider Christian community who have similar values. Next year
                                                                      Coming to School Today?
this event will be held at Siena Catholic College.                    This major survey of Years 3, 6, 9 and 12 students in Brisbane
                                                                      Catholic Education schools across the Archdiocese, their parents
Last week Briony Currell our Campus Minister and three of our
                                                                      and all staff members in our schools will be conducted in the
student leaders attended a Leadership camp in Toowoomba with
                                                                      first week of March.
40 other students from Marist schools across Queensland. Again
this was an opportunity for students to realise that as a Marist      All schools are interested in the values and attitudes of their staff,
College we have much in common with other schools with a              students and parents and the reason they have chosen Catholic
similar charism. This was an opportunity to share ideas and           schools and what they consider to be important for them in this
develop a common understanding of our Marist tradition.               school. The data will not only assist Catholic schools across the
                                                                      Archdiocese but will be valuable to us as part of our five yearly
This week I also received a letter from the Australian Senate
                                                                      cycle of school renewal.
congratulating St Teresa’s as a successful applicant in Round
Two of the Australian Government’s National Secondary                 Alain
School Computer Fund. The college will receive funding for 50         Principal
computers. This funding will continue to enhance the College
ICT infrastructure and give students more access to technology.
                                                                       -   Jazz Band
                                                                       -   Orchestra
                                                                       -   Vocal Group
                                                                       -   Choir
                                                                       -   Junior and Senior Rock Band
                                                                       -   Percussion Ensemble (Begins Term 2)
                                                                       We welcome new students into the program at anytime, however
                                                                       it is easiest as the beginning of a term. Continuing students still
                                                                       need to fill and sign an Instrumental Agreement form.
                                                                       For any further information about our Instrumental program, to
Welcome to the Champagnat                                              collect forms or if students are experiencing difficulties please
                                                                       seem me as soon as possible.
Learning Centre - CLC
                                                                       Jenelle Davis
The CLC is available for borrowing books, audio books and other        Instrumental Coordinator
resources. We are open from 7.45am – 4.00pm every day, and
until 4.30pm on Wednesdays. Students are welcome to visit to                                       Music Tour
work, relax and play during their breaks as well as before and
after school. Classes will also visit during the day to research and            Our String Ensemble, Orchestra and Vocal group in
to read in our relaxing Lounge.                                              conjunction with Year 12 Hospitality students are going on
                                                                                          Tour on 11th 12th March 2009.
If you would like to see the CLC, come and meet our friendly staff,
Mrs Jo Harrington and Mrs Debra McGhee. We would love to show                Students will perform at a number of venues as well as see
you around.                                                                 a live show. All letters have been sent home. If you did not
                                                                             receive one please contact me as soon as possible as final
Debra McGhee                                                               numbers are required for booking buses and buying tickets for
Teacher Librarian                                                                                      the show.
                                                                                            Thank you for your support
Instrumental Music Program
                                                                           Jenelle Davis
At St Teresa’s all students study Music in Years 8 and 9. In Years         Instrumental Coordinator
10, 11 and 12 Music can be chosen by students as an elective
subject. For students wishing to partake in an in depth study of a
particular instrument we have a number of instrumental teachers                                      Wanted
available.                                                                   Student urgently requires loan of a flute for upcoming St
                                                                                      Teresas College Musical tour in March.
 Teacher               Instrument             Lesson Days
                                                                           Parents willing to pay for loan of item. Please contact Mrs
 Jenelle Davis         Orchestral             Tue, Wed                              Davis on 5474 0022 ASAP. Thank you
 Lindsay               Woodwind,              Mon
 McDonald-Clow         brass, keyboard,                                Senior School News
                                                                       RACQ free2go Year 11 School Visit - ‘Learn
 Andy Eastwood         Rock guitar,           Wed, Thurs, Fri
                       music technology
 Noel Bowden           Drum kit,              Wed                      Throughout Year 11 many students will be getting their learner
                       percussion                                      drivers licence and beginning to accrue their 100 hours of
                                                                       required driving experience. For most students this can be both
 Kerrie Eaton          Voice                  Fri                      exciting and daunting. The Year 11 free2go presentation by the
                                                                       RACQ will explain how the RACQ can assist them with obtaining
Please note: We are currently interviewing instrumental teachers
                                                                       their drivers licence, specifically concentrating on their Learn2go
for the position of classical guitar.
                                                                       website. They will also explain the many advantages of becoming
We offer group lessons (2 – 3 students) at a very reasonable           a free2go member.
cost. This gives students a chance to try instruments in a friendly
                                                                       All Year 11 students are invited to attend this presentation in
supportive atmosphere. Lesson times occur during school hours
                                                                       Week 4.
on a rotational basis so that students do not miss the same lesson
each week. Our lessons are 30 minutes long and classroom                   Date: Thursday 19th February 2009
lessons are 50 minutes in length. This allows students time to find        Time: 8.30am to 9.10am
out from their teacher or fellow classmates what they may have             Venue: Room G1 (STCC)
missed. Our teachers are very supportive of our instrumental               Materials: Bring a pen.
program and always assist us in this area.
We like our musicians to play in a school group where possible.        Michaela Roberton
This gives a further dimension to their playing and helps to           Senior Pastoral Coordinator
advance their playing skills. Currently on offer we have:
- String Quartet
- String Ensemble

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      W:                      P: 54 30 1234             W:
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St Teresa’s Catholic College Newsletter                                                                                                   2
Senior Thursday Program Term 1                                        English heritage as well as their own rich culture extending back
                                                                      thousands of years. The famous Chief Roimata brought the
2009                                                                  quarrelling tribes together in the 17th century and ruled the island
                                                                      group for many years before being murdered by his brother. The
Please find below Year 11 and 12 Study Program for Term 1,            story of Roimata passed down from generation to generation for
2009                                                                  over 400 years, gave details of the place and manner of his regal
                                                                      burial. Excavations made in the late twentieth century actually
 Week            Date             Yr 11            Yr 12              found the remains in the place that folklore had predicted.
 2               5th February     Optional         Optional
                                  Study Day        Study Day
 3               12th February    Swimming         Swimming
                                  Carnival         Carnival
 4               19th February    Optional         Optional
                                  Study Day        Study Day
                                  RACQ free2go
                                  8:30 - 9:10
 5               26th February    Optional         Maths A            This tour will be heading for adventure during the first 10 days
                                  Study Day        Excursion          of the mid year holidays - June/July 2009 and the College
                                                   Optional           would love 30 senior students to experience the time of their
                                                   Study Day          lives and collect unforgettable lifetime memories. Opportunities
 6               5th March        Optional         Marine/            will be available for students to scuba dive on amazing coral
                                  Study Day        Biol Camp          reefs in Vanuatu providing they have completed a course prior to
                                                   Optional           leaving Australia. All scuba diving will be under the supervision of
                                                   Study Day          qualified instructors. Students will be able to snorkel during the
                                                                      trip providing parental permission has been obtained.
 7               12th March       Music /          Music /
                                  Hosp Tour        Hosp Tour          An information night for parents and students will be held during
                                  Optional         Optional           this term (date to be advised) in order to provide opportunities for
                                  Study Day        Study Day          questions and to give a more comprehensive itinerary. However if
                                                                      parents would like to find out more about this amazing trip please
 8               19th March       Optional         Optional           feel free to ring myself at the College on 5474 0022.
                                  Study Day        Study Day
                                                                      Once again please note: Only Year 11 and 12 students are
 9               26th March       Optional         Optional
                                                                      eligible to attend the Vanuatu excursion.
                                  Study Day        Study Day
 10              2nd April        Exam Block       Exam Block
 11              9th April        MAD DAY          MAD DAY

Please Note:
- BOLD events indicate compulsory school attendance.
- Optional study is available in Rooms A5 and A6.
- Appropriate school uniform is expected for all school
attendances.                                                          Hoping to see your son or daughter in Vanuatu in June
- Students with work / school based traineeships or
apprenticeships must inform their employer of these school            Lukim yiu
commitments                                                           Rob Smith
Please see Mr Anderson for clarification if unsure of any             Senior Science Learning Coordinator
Mr Sam Anderson
                                                                      Sports News
Senior School Curriculum Coordinator

Another way to “Dare the Dream”…

                                                                      Dear Parents & Students
                                                                      BIG NEWS! St Teresa’s is starting an official Tennis Academy.
                                                                      Classes will be offered before and after school for all ages and

Imagine visiting a South Pacific paradise and visiting the place       Classes Commence: Week 4, Term 1
where the Tales of the South Pacific was written by James              7 week program finishing on the Friday 4th April 2009.
A Michener during World War 2. Perhaps you prefer a pristine
Melanesian beach with sand as white as snow, or maybe your             Cost: 7 week program is $100 per student.
preference is to dive on a warship that went down during World
                                                                      Students must collect an enrolment form from Mr McShea at the
War 2 after hitting a mine? You may even rather visit exotic island
                                                                      Sports Department and return by the end of Week 3.
villages set like jewels in the green landscape and surrounded by
pastel blue seas, and see first hand how the culture of another       If you have any questions or enquiries you may contact Mr McShea
nation compares to our own.                                           at the College or Mr Glenn Irwin on 0414494645.
Mid year, students from St Teresa’s College will be offered this      The coaching team would like to thank you in advance for your
unique opportunity. Our Year 11 and 12 students will be offered       support as we begin the St Teresa’s Tennis Academy. Stay tuned
a place on this unique tour being organised, where the lucky          for further updates.
participants will be touring the island archipelago of Vanuatu.
This group of 83 Melanesian islands speaking over 100 local
languages became a nation in 1980 and has both French and             Coaching Team
                                                                      Josh Eagle, Glenn Irwin, John Gould and Julian Pitt
                                                                                           St Teresa’s Catholic College Newsletter      3
Careers                                                              Terrace Cafe
               EF High School Year Overseas                          Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to assist in the
                                                                     Garden Terrace.
Education First High School Year Overseas has more than
42 years of experience in cultural exchange and language             Terrace Roster
study programs, and has a network of thousands of staff and
volunteers. EF offers 9 destinations to choose from with different    Monday      Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday     Friday
program lengths, and guarantees placement in the host country
of choice.                                                            9th Feb     10th Feb      11th Feb       12th Feb     13th Feb
                                                                      Pauline     Kerrie                                    Tamarine
Education First High School Year Overseas will boost a student’s
                                                                      Sheppard    Timbs                                     Tuesley
pocket money with $500 until 31 March 2009 or until funds are
                                                                      8 -9am      Alan                                      Jaimee
used. The offer is valid for new customers and students who
                                                                      Janelle     Tasker                                    Foster
travel on the year program. The EF High School Year Overseas
website is Interested students can
email or phone 1800 251 866.                 16th Feb    17th Feb      18th Feb       19th Feb     20th Feb
Attend a free Information Meeting and EF will waive the $50
                                                                      Michelle    Kerrie        Debi Mulley    Heather      Veness
application fee.
                                                                      Pass        Timbs 8       Mel Belton     Williams     Family
                                                                      Gina Mahe   -11am         9am            7.30 –
                MedEntry UMAT Preparation                                         Megan                        9am
                                                                                  Breid                        Connie
Students interested in pursuing medicine, and other health
                                                                                  Sharlene                     Carroll
science careers need to sit the UMAT on 29 July, 2009.
A government accredited Registered Training Organisation              23rd Feb    24th Feb      25th Feb       26th Feb     27th Feb
specialising in helping students perform their best is MedEntry
UMAT Prep. MedEntry offers discounts of 30% for groups of             Janelle     Kerrie        Debi Mulley    Heather/
three or more, and a discount of over 55% to students who are         Ahmajani    Timbs 8                      Ian
financially or socially disadvantaged. For more information visit     Sharon      -11am                        Williams
the website                                      Batch       Alan                         7.30 –
                                                                                  Tasker                       9am
Please see Ms Kraljevic if interested.                                                                         Michelle
PATS - Pilot Aptitude Training Systems                                                                         Cathy
PATS provide training to young people who are applying to join
the Defence Forces. Training courses prepare young people             2nd Mar     3rd Mar       4th Mar        5th          6th Mar
who are about to sit aptitude tests that are used by the ADF                                                   March
for selection. PATS have programs to prepare young people             Michelle    Kerrie        Debi Mulley    Heather/
for positions in the Australian Defence Force Academy, Royal          Pass        Timbs 8                      Ian
Military College – Duntroon, Aircrew (Pilot, Navigator, Air                       -11                          Williams
Combat Officer), General Entry and Technical Trades. PATS have                    Megan                        7.30 –
launched an online training program to prepare young people                       Breid                        9am
for the YOU Session, the first test sat by all ADF applicants.                                                 Connie
Visit or collect a flyer from the
careers display stand in Student Reception.

              Young Endeavour Youth Scheme                            9th Mar     10th Mar      11th Mar       12th Mar     13th Mar
                                                                      Janelle     Kerrie        Debi Mulley    Heather/     Wendy
A voyage on the tall ship, Young Endeavour, as a member
                                                                      Ahmajani    Timbs 8                      Ian          Hunt
of a youth crew is a unique challenge. It inspires teamwork,
                                                                                  -11am                        Williams
communication, leadership, and a sense of community
                                                                                  Alan                         7.30 –
responsibility. Over twenty 11 day voyages are conducted each
                                                                                  Tasker                       9am
year exploring the Australian coastline. Youth crew must be
aged 16-23, and are selected through a ballot held twice a year.      16th Mar    17th Mar      18th Mar       19th Mar     20th Mar
Applications for the ballot (for voyages in the second half of
                                                                                  Kerrie        Debi Mulley    Heather/     Rachael
2009) can be made by visiting
                                                                                  Timbs 8                      Ian          Thompson
                                                                                  -11am                        Williams
Applications close 1 March 2009. For further information                          Megan                        7.30 –
phone 1800 020 444.                                                               Breid                        9am

                                                                                           St Teresa’s Catholic College Newsletter     4
Term One Dates                                                        Noosa Eagles Soccer Sign on

Wednesday 11th February           St Teresa’s Opening Mass,           Interested in playing soccer with the Noosa Eagles Soccer
                                  Pinbarren Centre @ 6.30pm           Club? Boys and girls between 5 and 16 years are welcome
                                                                      to join a team. Training held on either Tuesday or Thursday
Thursday 12th February            Swimming Carnival,        Noosa     afternoons at the Good Shepherd Lutheran College.
                                  Aquatic Centre
                                                                      Come to our Registration Day
Wednesday 18th February           Year 8 and 10 Vaccinations
                                                                      When: Saturday 14th of February 2009
Thursday 19th February            RACQ free2go Year 11 School
                                                                      Time: 9am to 12pm
                                  Visit - ‘Learn 2go’
                                                                      Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran College Gymnasium
Friday 20th February              College Photo’s                     Complex
Monday 23rd February              North   Zone      Interschool       For more info our website is
                                  Swimming Carnival                   or call our club registrar, Jillian Kiefer on 54702317.
Tuesday 24th February             Year 11/12 Parent Information
                                  Night, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th Year 8 Camp, Doonan
                                                                      Student Exchange Australia
Thursday 25th February            Ash Wednesday                                     Bring Home a Brother or a Sister
Tuesday 3rd March                 Year 8 Parent Information              In July 2009, students, ages 15 – 18 Years, from over 15
                                  Night, 6.30pm – 7.30pm               countries will be arriving in Australia to study at local schools
Wednesday 4th March               Year 9 Parent Information               for 5 or 10 months. Opportunities exist to act as a host
                                  night , 6.30pm – 7.30                 family in a volunteer/unpaid capacity. Hosting can be on a
                                                                                    temporary, short or long term basis.
Wednesday 4th March – Friday Year 12 Biology Marine Studies
6th March                    Camp, Moreton Island                      Host families help provide students with the chance to study
                                                                        and experience life in Australia. This is a great way to learn
Monday 9th March                  North Zone Trials – Surfing/           about another country and culture, establish a lifelong line
                                  Rugby Union/Rugby League             to a family in another country and contribute to international
Wednesday 11th March              North Zone 15yrs and Open             goodwill. If your family can offer a friendly, supportive and
                                  Rugby League Trials                   caring home environment, contact Student Exchange today.
Wednesday 18th March              Year 12 Hospitality Restaurant      To learn more about this opportunity call Student Exchange
                                  Evening, 6.00pm – 9.00pm            Australia on 1300 135 331 or visit their website: www.
Thursday 9th April                Term One Concludes

Sunshine Coast Sports Club Sign On                                    Fusion Australia - Pilgrimage to
Days                                                                  Uluru
Noosa District Junior Rugby League Sign                               Every year for the past eight years, local youth organisation
                                                                      Fusion Australia has run a Pilgrimage to Uluru, an exciting
on                                                                    and educational 10 day bus trip for 12-17 year olds out to the
NEW U/15 – U/18 JUNIOR GIRLS RUGBY TEAM LEAGUE                        middle of Australia.
TEAM                                                                  The journey is about practical reconciliation and learning more
13 Year olds (before the 1st may 1995) and 14 Year olds               about this wonderful nation of ours in a community setting.
(1994)                                                                Pilgrims camp in tents each night, go down mines at Broken
7 Years – 16 Years (Birth Certificate required if new player)         Hill, look for opals at Coober Pedy, and walk around the Rock,
                                                                      learning about how our indigenous brothers and sisters live in
SIGN ON DAYS: Saturday 14 February 2009                               this land.
TIME: 10.00am – 2.00pm
                                                                      Pilgrims leave on Easter Monday (13th April) and return
All financial players receive club short, socks and training shirt.   on Wednesday 22nd April (students only miss two days of
                                                                      school). For further information and Pilgrimage brochure please
Football gear is available through Sportsco Rep on site on the        find attached Fusion Uluru pilgrimage PDF.
day. Sausage sizzle available on site.
For further information please contact Peta Bullen on 5455
                                                                      College Details
                                                                                       St Teresa’s Catholic College
Noosa Dolphins Rugby Club Sign on                                                          PO Box 1592
WHEN: Friday 13th February 2009                                                           Sea Eagle Drive
                                                                                        Noosaville QLD 4566
TIME: 4.30 - 6.30pm                                                                     Phone: 07 54740022
                                                                                         Fax: 07 54740266
WHERE: Just off Bicentennial Drive Sunshine Beach                              Email:
AGES: Under 7 (5 Yrs or older)                                                        www.stteresa/

Season kit ($185) includes rugby ball, shorts, training shirt,                          Absentee Line: 54305300
smart game day shirt, water bottle and poster. Second child
discounted and third child free! All accredited coaches.  For
more information ring Dave Jolly 0447 878 429.

                                                                                          St Teresa’s Catholic College Newsletter          5
Parish News                                                          Parish Details
                “Jesus Communion Mission”                                      NOOSA DISTRICT CATHOLIC PARISH
                    Deanery Gathering
                                                                       Embracing the communities of St Patricks Pomona, Sacred
Come and hear the Archbishop speak about what is dear to his          Heart Cooroy,Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Tewantin and St
heart, the compelling vision that is at the centre of our lives as                  Thomas More Sunshine Beach.
                   followers of Jesus Christ.
            Date: Thursday 19th February 2009                        Priest: Fr Mark Franklin
                                                                     Parish Manager: Mr Michael Finch
  Venue: St Catherine’s Catholic Church, Sippy Downs,                Sacramental Team Coordinator: Mrs Ann Maree Pitot
                    Sunshine Coast.                                  Liturgy & Music Coordinator: Mrs Maria Higginson
             Time: 7pm for 7.30pm till 9.15pm                        Administration Assistants: Mrs Glenice Porst, Mrs Elaine
       Transport: Bus departs Tewantin Church at                     Parish Pastoral and Administration Office
           6pm,returning by approx 10.15pm                           5 Moorindil St, Tewantin - Ph: 54471188 - Fax: 54424517
                                                                     Office Times: Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm; excluding public holidays.
   Limited seats still available on the bus which will pick up
                                                                     Email: Mass Times Line Phone:
   from Cooroy Church en route. Phone the Parish Office on
                                                                     5442 4518
                       54471188 to book.

Parish Day Trippers News for 2009
Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the previously
advertised trip for the 8th of February has been cancelled. All
those who had indicated their attendance have been notified
personally. Now for the good news!
Our first trip for 2009 will be on Wednesday 22nd of
April, departing Tewantin Church at 7.30am
We will be visiting Strathgordon Clydesdale Farm near
Woodford, where we will enjoy morning tea and then experience
the gentle giants of the horse world, including demonstrations of
the horses at work, a collection of Clydesdale memorabilia and
a presentation on the history of the heavy horse. A sumptuous
lunch will be enjoyed at the Woodford Golf Club followed by a
visit to the Durundur Alpaca Stud where we will learn about
Alpacas and be able to view or purchase Alpaca products and
Cost of the trip will be $40.00 per person and at such great
value you’ll need to ring the Parish office promptly on 5447
1188 to secure your seat.

 “Anyone who wishes to be a follower of mine must leave self
                   behind” (Mark 8:34)
   Jesus is unambiguous – each one of us must undergo a
transformatory process: of leaving the false “self” (or “ego” in
modern speech) behind and awakening to the true self and the
             reality of the Kingdom of God within.
     Come and hear how the Christian tradition of
  contemplative prayer or meditation can help in this
Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm - Cooroy Church:
Wednesday mornings at 10.30am - Chapel, Catholic
Church, Tewantin
Wednesday mornings at 9.00am - Private homes, Sunshine

                                                                                       St Teresa’s Catholic College Newsletter     6

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