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Various ppt files on ASP.NET understanding and VB.Net . Idea about IIS , EXCEPTION HANDLING , MULTI THREADING , CRYSTAL reports,xml

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									Crystal report Designer
 Report  it is presentation of data in formatted
 Report will arrange data in different sections.
Report Header section  it will contain main title to be
presented in the first page.
Page Header section  it contains columns names
Group Header section  it will group columns names
Details  it will display columns data.
Group Footer section  it will display group details
(displays sub totals)
Page Footer section  to display page numbers or turn
page(displays complete totals)
Report Footer section  Any additional details
VB6.0 supports data report designer and crystal report designer

  Data Report Designer              Crystal Report Designer
  It is the product of Microsoft    It is a product of Seagate
  comes as a built in with          software which has to be
  VB6.0                             installed explicitly
  It supports Dynamic SQL(          It does not support this
  select statement can be           feature
  changed for the report
  through programming)
  It can be used for basic          It supports very complex
  reports generation                report generation.
In  .net framework supports crystal report
designer.This comes as the built in with .net framework
The crystal report designer provided with .net
framework is called as 8.5 version.
In .net framework crystal report can be used with
desktop application and web based application.

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