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					What are Descriptive Adjectives?
Adjectives are words that function to describe nouns. Specifically, adjectives describe
the action, state, or quality that nouns refer to. Descriptive adjectives are the largest
class of the four types of adjectives, the others being adjectives of quantity,
demonstrative adjectives, and pronominal adjectives.

An Organized List of Descriptive Adjectives
A list of descriptive adjectives can be organized into three categories to help writers and
speakers better manage and understand this large class of words.

Simple Adjectives
Simple adjectives, as their name suggests, are the most basic type of descriptive
adjectives. They function to express quality. Aspects such as feelings, time, sound,
quantity, taste, appearance, size, age, color, shape, and material are expressed through
simple adjectives. The following table highlights some common examples:

Swift, ancient, modern, bitter, sweet, tan, beige, attractive, sticky, fuzzy, giant, massive,
careful, cheap, expensive, good, bad, dangerous, superior, lazy, excited, hungry, crazy.

Compound Adjectives
Compound adjectives are created when two words are combined to create a descriptive
adjective. The two words are typically connected with a hyphen. The following table
provides some common examples of compound adjectives:

self-centeredice, coldnext, doorlife, givingbow, leggedlong.

Proper Adjectives
The following table lists a number of these descriptive adjectives that are derived from
proper nouns. Nations, regions, and religions are common qualities described by proper
adjectives. Because they are derived from proper nouns, proper adjectives are always
capitalized. For example:

Italian, French, English, Indonesian, Mayan, Mexican, Canadian, Roman, Christian,
Chinese, German, American, Buddhist, Hindu, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Romanian,
Californian, Cuban, Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, Ecuadorian, Peruvian.

Using Descriptive Adjectives
When using multiple descriptive adjectives in a sentence, there is an order in which they
should be arranged. Adjectives that describe opinion typically preceded adjectives that
describe color, size, shape, etc. For example, the sentence The ugly red chair sat in the
corner is preferable to The red ugly chair sat in the corner.
In addition, adjectives are usually arranged in a sentence from those that are more
general in scope to those that are more specific. For example, The big Egyptian mask
hanging on the wall is preferable to The Egyptian big mask hanging on the wall and The
blue silken curtains hanging in the bedroom is preferable to The silken blue curtains
hanging in the bedroom.

Writers and speakers can refer to a list of descriptive adjectives for ideas on how to
better explain the action, state, or quality that a noun in a sentence refers to.
Understanding that there are three main types of descriptive adjectives can provide
further insight on how these important words can be used. With a good descriptive
adjective resource and a little creativity, you can begin to add more flavor to your ideas
when speaking or writing in English.

                                    List of Adjectives

Appearance      Condition        Feelings     Feelings           Shape           Size
                                  (Bad)       (Good)

adorable       alive           angry          agreeable       broad          big
adventurous    annoying        annoyed        amused          chubby         colossal
aggressive     bad             anxious        brave           crooked        fat
alert          better          arrogant       calm            curved         gigantic
attractive     beautiful       ashamed        charming        deep           great
average        brainy          awful          cheerful        flat           huge
beautiful      breakable       bad            comfortable     high           immense
blue-eyed      busy            bewildered     cooperative     hollow         large
bloody         careful         black          courageous      low            little
blushing       cautious        blue           delightful      narrow         mammoth
bright         clever          bored          determined      round          massive
clean          clumsy          clumsy         eager           shallow        miniature
clear          concerned       combative      elated          skinny         petite
cloudy         crazy           condemned      enchanting      square         puny
colorful       curious         confused       encouraging     steep          scrawny
crowded        dead            crazy,         energetic       straight       short
cute           different       flipped-out    enthusiastic    wide           small
dark           difficult       creepy         excited                        tall
drab           doubtful        cruel          exuberant                      teeny
distinct       easy            dangerous      fair                           teeny-tiny
dull           expensive       defeated       faithful                       tiny
elegant        famous          defiant        fantastic
excited        fragile         depressed      fine
fancy          frail           disgusted      friendly
filthy         gifted          disturbed      funny
glamorous      helpful         dizzy          gentle
gleaming       helpless        dull           glorious
gorgeous       horrible        embarrassed    good
graceful       important       envious        happy
grotesque       impossible     evil           healthy
handsome       inexpensive     fierce         helpful
homely         innocent        foolish        hilarious
light         inquisitive    frantic       jolly
long          modern         frightened    joyous
magnificent   mushy          grieving      kind
misty         odd            grumpy        lively
motionless    open           helpless      lovely
muddy         outstanding    homeless      lucky
old-          poor           hungry        nice
fashioned     powerful       hurt          obedient
plain         prickly        ill           perfect
poised        puzzled        itchy         pleasant
precious      real           jealous       proud
quaint        rich           jittery       relieved
shiny         shy            lazy          silly
smoggy        sleepy         lonely        smiling
sparkling     stupid         mysterious    splendid
spotless      super          nasty         successful
stormy        talented       naughty       thankful
strange       tame           nervous       thoughtful
ugly          tender         nutty         victorious
ugliest       tough          obnoxious     vivacious
unsightly     uninterested   outrageous    witty
unusual       vast           panicky       wonderful
wide-eyed     wandering      repulsive     zealous
              wild           scary         zany
              wrong          selfish

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