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					           LEAF cell                                                            skin                             ORGANS
                                                    Cell division                        Collect together
                         Root hair cell                                        e.g.          to make                      e.g.
                                                        by                                                                  Heart
    Onion cell
                                                                                                                           Sperm cell
                  Jobs                         Help things                  collect together                                    Hairy
                                                                                to make                                           cell
                                                                                                  ANIMAL cells
                  Have different shape                                                                                      nerve cell
                  to suit                                                               can be seen
                                                             Usually made up of 3         using a                         blood cell
    Can contain 3 extra
                                    cells                                                  microscope
                 parts                                              PARTS
                                                                                                                    Used to view
                                                                                      nucleus                        cells by
chloroplasts              vacuole
                                            cell wall           cytoplasm                                          Robert Hooke
       Cell                                 which               which are              the brain of the cell

    which                           Surrounds the cell         the dots in the cell
    Protects the cell
7A CELLS topic

You have been given a CONCEPT MAP which has been made by a Year 7 group to help them to
remember the main facts about cells.

Unfortunately, they have NOT included all the information they need AND some of the
information is NOT correct.

   Try to IMPROVE and CORRECT the concept map. Make sure that you indicate with a TICK
    those parts that you think are CORRECT and a CROSS beside any part that you think is
    INCORRECT. You may ADD as much detail as you like in the form of words or drawings.

   Develop your OWN concept map including as much information as you can in words and/or
LEVEL DESCRIPTION              (complex for cells as higher level concept however can make judgment on ability to
extract information, recognise words and add information)

Level 3     Will not recognise that some parts are incorrect and will try to correct information that is already
correct, will tick most parts, will add little extra information but may add diagrams of cells or simple descriptions
e.g. Sperm cell for making babies.
 Own concept map will be a COPY of the one given with some drawings.

Level 4     Will use more scientific words in added details eg. Sperms used for reproduction, should spot that
“hairy” cell is not scientific but may not know correct term, will identify most correct parts, will not identify cell
wall/membrane as incorrect or skin. Should recognise that “dots in cell” is not scientific enough but may not
correct appropriately.
Own map will contain all keywords with an attempt at description.

Level 5     Will recognise that cell wall and cell membrane are in wrong areas and may include fairly accurate
drawings of plant and animal cells.
Must add that tissues are a collection of similar/same cells. Should recognise skin as incorrect and add suitable
tissue eg. Muscle, nerve
Add simple detail about function of cell parts e.g. chloroplasts used to produce food, vacuole full of cell sap etc

Level 6     Add more detail about parts of cell re. Nucleus..Controls the cell (not brain), chloroplast is green used in
photosynthesis, cell membrane controls what enters and leaves etc.
Add ciliated cell and detail about functions of cells eg. Used to filter the air, carries oxygen around the body (red
blood cell etc)
Most of drawings more accurate showing structure
Level 7 Add more explanation re. HOW cells are adapted for function.          Add detail re. cell division or Hooke
using evidence of cork to name “cells” etc
All drawings accurate detail. All incorrect parts identified and corrected.

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