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					                             Academic Affairs 2010
                                  An Academic Affairs weekly newsletter, co-sponsored by
                                  MU-ADVANCE, featuring updates on program events,
                                  projects, and faculty achievements.

                            W E E K L Y               U P D A T E
News: MU Professor Chairs Commission                            Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr. Kat Williams, an Associate Professor of History, was named Chair of the West Virginia’s
Women’s Commission in January 2010. Dr. Williams also serves as the Director of the Women’s
Studies Program at Marshall. More...

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Michael Norton

Dr. Michael Norton is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry.
Along with a team of students, Dr. Norton’s research explores new
methods for the self-assembly of large nanostructures, such as com-
puters, to develop more efficient techniques. In addition to his re-
search, he has co-founded two companies, Vandalia Research, Inc.
and Parabon NanoLabs, Inc.; and co-invented the technology central
to Ecer Technology, LLC. He currently teaches Advanced Inorganic
Chemistry and Advanced Microscopy. More...

Faculty Publications and Presentations: Works by Turkish Composers

                                          Dr. Şölen Dikener, an Associate Professor in the De-
                                          partment of Music, recently recorded his world pre-
                                          miere performance of the String Trio by Necil K. Ak-
                                          ses. He is currently preparing his third CD, which in-
                                          cludes the cello sonata by Saygun, and “Tracing,” by
                                          Ince. Dr. Dikener is a specialist in the discovery, per-
                                          formances, and recordings of cello and chamber music
                                          works by major Turkish composers. More...

 Resource: Marshall Receives Top 50 Nod for Game Design Program
 The Princeton Review placed Marshall in the top 50 institutions for game design. And, by Fall
 2010, students in the Integrated Science and Technology Department will have a computer lab
 fully dedicated to gaming research! The Marshall’s Advanced Gaming and Interactive Comput-
 ing Lab, MAGIC, will provide students with a space to play (for research) and discuss the latest
 computer games. The space will also allow students to design and develop their own com-
 puter games for course assignments and their senior projects. More...

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