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									                                                               about Centrecare

                                                        Centrecare is a not-for-profit organisation
                                                        delivering quality professional counselling,
                                                         support, mediation and training services.

                                                             456 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000
                                                                      (08) 9325 6644

                                                                                                                                                   you and your family
                                                          22 Pattie Street, Cannington WA 6107
      making contact                                                  (08) 9451 1100
                                                                                                                                                   have nowhere to live
      For more information telephone                                    Gosnells
      Centrecare on the telephone number                      2302-2308 Albany Highway                                                             a Centrecare service for families
      below and ask to speak to the Client                       Gosnells WA Australia
                                                                     (08) 9498 9200                                                                who require medium-term,
      Liaison Officer (CLO) who will take your                 gosnells@centrecare.com.au                                                           non-emergency, supported
                                                                     Victoria Square                                                               accommodation
                                                         23 - 27 Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000
      A Centrecare Family Accommodation                               (08) 9288 2233
      Service Case Worker will contact you                 victoriasquare@centrecare.com.au
      to assess if your circumstances meet                             Esperance
      the selection criteria and arrange for an                 Suite 1 & 3 Radio House
      interview.                                        8-10 William Street, Esperance WA 6450
                                                                     (08) 9083 2600
      Perth    (08) 9325 6644
                                                          7-9 Dugan Street, Kalgoorlie WA 6430
                                                                     (08) 9091 1833

                                                                       First floor
                                                          85 Boas Avenue, Joondalup WA 6027
                                                                    (08) 9300 7300

                                                           36 Arbon Way, Lockridge WA 6054
                                                                    (08) 9378 2522

                                                  U15, 53 The Crescent (Cnr Sayer St), Midland WA 6056
                                                                      (08) 9325 6644

                                                         12 Brewer Place, Mirrabooka WA 6061
                                                                    (08) 9440 0400

                                                          103 Clarke Street, Bunbury WA 6230
                                                                    (08) 9721 5177

“People Making Time for People”

                                                                ABN 98 651 609 161                                            CENTRECARE
                                                                                                       Mencorp 4309Cn   “People Making Time for People”
                                                                ...when you want to return to independent housing

                                                       Centrecare’s Family Accommodation                    Is this service private and confidential?
                                                       Service provides medium-term housing (12             Counselling is confidential and all counsellors
                        This service provides safe                                                          are bound by our Commitment to Confidentiality
                                                       months) and can support you to overcome the
                        accommodation and                                                                   and Oath or Affirmation of Secrecy for Family
                                                       difficulties you may have had before in keeping a
                         support for families who                                                           and Child Counsellor. However, confidentiality
                                                       home. We will work with you, your family and
                          are homeless or about                                                             will be waived where there may be a threat to an
                                                       extended family to develop a support plan that
                         to become homeless.                                                                individual’s safety or if a serious crime or threat
                                                       works for you. Ongoing support and                   against another person is disclosed.
                                                       accommodation however, will be conditional on
                                                       meeting the terms of the support plan and            Centrecare is committed to ensuring that your
                                                       tenancy agreement. On successful completion          information is protected and managed in
                                                       within this program, Centrecare will assist you to   accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 which
                     If you are:                       access long term stable accommodation.               sets out the standards for the way in which
                                                                                                            personal information must be handled. If you
                                                       If accepted into this program you will receive:      wish to access the information on your file,
•   seeking support and accommodation;
                                                                                                            please ask the receptionist for the necessary
•   a parent or adult with children in your care;                                                           form.
                                                       • accommodation with a tenancy agreement
•   looking for accommodation other than                                                                    Are the counsellors qualified?
                                                       • assistance in dealing with issues as               All our counsellors are professionally qualified
    emergency or short-term housing;
                                                         identified in your support plan and your            and meet the requirements of the Family Law
•   facing eviction and at risk of losing your home;     tenancy agreement                                  Act. They receive ongoing professional
                                                                                                                development and supervision.
•   homeless and staying with family/friends or        • home visits every week, or more
    wherever you can;                                    often if required to assist with                             How do I provide feedback?
                                                         your support plan                                             Centrecare prides itself on providing
•   having difficulty finding a home because of                                                                           high     quality   services.   Your
    previous tenancy problems;                                                                                           comments assist us in maintaining
                                                       • counselling for yourself
                                                                                                                          or improving that level of quality
•   unable to access or afford private rental            and      other   family
                                                                                                                          and fully meeting the needs of our
    accommodation;                                       members                                                         clients. Recording your feedback is
                                                                                                                         one of the best ways to help us
•   struggling with your tenancy responsibilities;     • assistance with                                                 understand what we do well and
                                                         budgeting                                                      where we can improve.
•   presently ineligible to be on the Department of
    Housing waiting lists.
                                                       • referral to or help with                                     If you have a suggestion, compliment
                                                         accessing other agencies                                   or complaint, please complete the
                                                         where required                                            Feedback form which is available at the
If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions,
                                                                                                               reception desk.
then this service may be of help to you.
                                                       This service is funded under the joint               Alternatively, you may also wish to write or
                                                       Commonwealth/State funded National                   speak to the Manager at your branch.
                                                       Affordable Housing Agreement.

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