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                                                                           MARCH / APRIL, 2009
Meet Everette
Everette Herndon, the Building Construction Management                                                     Prior to joining the City, Everette served a twenty-year
Engineer, heads up the Facilities Design and Construction                                                  career with the Civil Engineer Corps of the U.S. Navy
Division of the Engineering Group and has been with the                                                    where he served at ten different duty stations, concluding
City for 14 years.                                                                                         with his retirement as a Commander from the U.S. Navy
Everette spent his                                                                                         Public Works Center Guam where he was the Executive
first three years as a                                                                                     Officer. From the perspective of professional satisfac-
Project Manager in                                                                                         tion, his favorite tour was with the Office in Charge of
the Roadway Section                                                                                        Construction for the Marine Corps Air Station, in Cherry
where he completed                                                                                         Point, N.C. “We were building the new facilities for the
the last phase of the                                                                                      second generation of the vertical take-off fighter aircraft,
Resort Streetscape                                                                                         the Harriers. That is when and where I knew I wanted to
Project at 42nd                                                                                            focus on building construction project management for
Street, the extension                                                                                      my career.” His favorite tour, in terms of location, was
of London Bridge                                                                                           the three years he spent as Public Works Officer on the
Road, the replace-                                                                                         island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.
ment of the Bow
Creek Bridge, and                                                                                          Everette is a tenth generation native-born Virginian in the
the Harbour Road                                                                                           Herndon family tree. He was born and raised in Orange
improvements south of the new Rudee Inlet Bridge. In                                                       County and graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree
1998, he was promoted as a supervisor of the Buildings                                                     in Building Construction in 1974. In 1981 he earned a
Section of the Project Management Bureau, which is now                                                     Master Degree in Financial Management at the Naval
the Facilities Division.                                                                                   Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Additionally, he is
                                                                                                           a registered professional engineer.
Everette’s time in the Facilities Division has been quite
exciting as he has worked on some of the City largest
projects. “At just over $200 million, the new convention
center will most likely be the largest project in my career
and I am quite proud of what we accomplished.” Other
significant projects include: the Sandler Center for the Per-
forming Arts, the new addition to the correction center, the
new Juvenile Detention Center, six library projects, four
fire stations, two police precincts, and the 911 center. In
addition to those new construction projects, the Facilities
Division is con-
stantly managing 40
to 50 maintenance
and repair projects.
Under his leader-                                                                                          For fun, Everette can be found at Gold’s Gym, on the
ship, the Facilities                                                                                       golf course, at Finn McCool’s, shopping at the Home
Division has imple-                                                                                        Depot, watching a NASCAR race, relaxing on a cruise
                                                                Next Submission Deadline: April 11, 2009

mented some new                                                                                            ship or watching football in Lane Stadium in Blacksburg
initiatives in con-                                                                                        (Go Hokies!). Everette’s wife, Robin, is a second grade
struction contracting                                                                                      teacher at Corporate Landing Elementary and they have
for the City: the first                                                                                    two married sons, Adam and Evan.
use of construction
management at-risk for the convention center and the first
use of design build for the Sandler Center.

Meet Everette Herndon             Classes and Training
Director’s Corner                 History & Diversity
Hats Off To...                    March Calendar                                                                                                                          1
Employee Spotlight                April Calendar                                                           Susan Perry, Ph.D.   Monica Stone, B.A.   Nyesha Shaw

                                                                                                           Editor               Creative Designer    Journalist
Healthy Living                    Women In The Works
                                                   STANDARD OPERATING
                                                   In previous newsletters, I have highlighted the various task-
                                                   forces that have been designed to put together critical Stan-
                                                   dard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our department. As
                                                   these SOPs are formalized, we will post them on the intranet
                                                   site of the Public Works page and highlight them in our
                                                   newsletter in order to communicate them to all employees.

                                                   Last year, our Light Duty Work taskforce put together a
                                                   policy for job-related and non-job related injuries for Public
                                                   Works employees. If an employee is injured and unable to
                                                   perform their normal work duties, the SOP for Light Duty
                                                   Work will be used to determine the steps necessary to return
                                                   the employee to regularly assigned duties. Major highlights
                                                   of this policy include:

 Process for Temporary Light Duty (due to on-the-job injury)
 Once the injury is reported to the appropriate city offices and diagnosed by a doctor, meaningful work will be
 identified for the employee. Written notice will be provided to the
 employee about their new work assignment and their condition will
 be tracked during the period on light duty.

 Process for Temporary Light Duty (due to
 non-job related injury)
 Once the injury is reported to the appropriate city offices and diag-
 nosed by a doctor, the employee must take annual or sick leave to
 cover the time they are out of work unless the division has identi-
 fied available meaningful work. This is up to the discretion of the
 manager. Written notice will be provided to the employee and their
 condition will be tracked during the period on light duty.

 The entire policy is posted on the Public Works intranet site. Please
 be sure that you read and understand the policy. If you have any
 questions concerning this policy, please discuss with your supervisor. As always, thank you for your continued
 dedication to our department.

 Jason E. Cosby, P.E.
 Director of Public Works

                                                      Mr. Cosby will have an informal quarterly meeting
 COMING SOON.....                                     with random members in the department.
 “Directors Diologue / Jam Session”                   Details to follow.                                                1
Stephen Cross, from WMO II to WMO III
Esther Dornin, from Engineer I to Engineer II
Heather Ham, from Engineer III to Engineer IV
Larry Jordan, from Planner Estimator I to Planner Estimator II
Edward King, from WMO I to WMO II
Phil Pullen, from Engineer IV to Engineer V
Jackie L. Wilson, from Mechanic II to Mechanic III
Alicia Mitchell, from Maintenance Worker to MEO I
Matthew Conboy, from Maintenance Worker to MEO I

Jason Blowe, John Bradley, Rickey Butler, Dion Cooke, Junius
Gregory, Jermaine Jackson, Rory Jinar, Nathan Johnson, Edward
                                                                            New Members:
King, Brian Langley, Aaron Miller, Derrick Redding, from WMO I to

Kenneth Abner, George Andrades, Randy Burnett, James Dancy, Wil-
liam Dozier, David Harris, Antonio Jones, Robert Straley, Randolph
Wilson, from WMO II to WMO III                                              Larry Barnes,          Henry Beaudette,
                                                                           Mosquito Control        Waste Management
Alvin Ashburn, Michael Beckett, Jerry Brown, Sidney Dowdy, Alfred
McClenny, Samuel Reid, David Tennant, Wynell Whitehurst, from

Albert Savage and Walter Dozier, from WMO I to WMO IV

Class Acts:                                                                 Larry Crisp,
Bobby Allen, Walter Bright, William Carney, Edwin Clore, Rob-                                       Terrance Davis,
in Cousins, Maurice Duck, Mark Elwell, Kevin Everton, Roger               Waste Management
                                                                                                   Street Maintenance
Farrell,Randy Flora, Matthew Forehand, Matt Friesz, Vernon Gregory,
Wanda Hill, Derrick Holley,Timothy James, Jerry Knight, Swayne
Lamb, Michael MacDonald, Johnny McDonald, Michael Mills, Robert
Mitzel, Thomas Moore, Kevin Morgan, Sammy Morris, Paul Mosely,
Gail Oberlander, Jimmie Perry, Barry Scott, Fred Simmons Kevin
Skinner, Arthur Lee Smith, James Snowden, Joey Sutherland , Grant
Waterfield, Morice Wellington, Derrick Wilson, Tim Williams, Ethan
Wilson, and Joshua Zwirn                                                     Earl Elliot,          Kevin Everton,
                                                                           Beach Operations      Building Maintenance

 Lori Frost,          Derrick Holley,          Detron Land,
System Support       Street Maintenance       Mosquito Control          Dorna Mitchell,
   Services                                                         Engineering Administration   Christopher Reid,
                                                                                                 Street Maintenance

David Reveley,          Jaclyn Roles,         Jeremy Shifflett,         Jamarr Waples,
 SWU, Project                                                             Engineering            Darrin Woodhouse,
                          Real Estate     Infrast. Maint. & Contracts
 Management                                                              Administration           Mosquito Control

                                                                    Wellness Ambassador
The Holy Land
                               Joyce Leotta, Engineering,
                               made one of her life long
                               dreams come true by taking
                               a pilgrimage to the holy land
                               of Israel. “As I stepped off
                               the plane in Tel-Aviv it hit me
                                                                           Sandra K. Morse, “Sandi,” of Public
                               - I’m really here sharing an
                                                                           Works Operations has gone above and
                               experience.” Joyce and her
                                                                           beyond her role as a Wellness Ambassador
                               fellow church members from
                                                                           by keeping up-to-date bulletin boards for
                               St. John’s Catholic Church
                                                                           her worksite and coordinating Wellness &
                               went on this pilgrimage in
                                                                           Prevention Health Education classes at her
                               November, staying near Old
                                                                           worksite. Way to go Sandi!!
                               Jerusalem and several other
                               historic sites. The group took
a bus tour and visited many important places including the
Sea of Galilee where Jesus performed many of his miracles,
to Capernaum - home to five of the disciples, to Bethlehem,
the birth place of Jesus Christ and to Nazareth, the place of
                                                                 Real Estate
his childhood. Joyce was asked what she came away with
on this trip and said “Now the scriptures from the bible will
be more real to me.” Joyce and her fellow church mem-
bers renewed their baptismal vows in the River Jordan and
took mass in the many churches and temples on their tour.
Joyce tells us her most memorable experience was visiting
the nativity of Jesus Christ and says “I would like to return
someday and I would recommend the trip to anyone.”                 On January 23rd, Patrick Annas, Chris Ca-
                                                                   hoon and Louise Hayes traveled to Charlot-
                                                                   tesville to attend the first International Right
                                                                   of Way Association meeting for 2009. Many
                                                                   employees within the Real Estate Office have
                                  EIT Certification

                                                                   recently progressed from Patron (non-voting)
                                                                   status to full membership and this meeting
                                                                   gave our regional organization, Chapter 52,
                                                                   the opportunity to recognize Chris and Louise
                                                                   and present them with their membership pin
                                                                   and certificate. Patrick, Chris, Louise and
                                                                   others from the Real Estate Office will be
                                                                   attending courses through this professional
                                                                   organization towards the goal of achiev-
Esther Dornin of Water Resources                                   ing the professional designation of SR/WA
Project Management received her En-                                (Senior Member-International Right of Way
gineer In Training (EIT) Certification                             Association).                                        1
in January. Congratulations Esther!!                                                                               4
EMPLOYEE                                       Commitment to Excellence
                                               Rick Martinec, a rising star in the engineering community, has dem-
SPOTLIGHT                                      onstrated his commitment to excellence through his involvement in
                                               several engineering organizations. Rick, an Engineer III for Public
                                               Works Engineering, participates in the APWA (American Public
Landfill Convenience                           Works Association), ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering)
                                               is the President of ECHR (Engineering Club of Hampton Roads) and
Center Upgrades                                previously held positions as the Treasurer
                                               and Vice-President. As President of the
                                               ECHR, Rick recognizes innovation and in-
                                               genuity in the engineering community and
                                               highlights significant engineering activity
                                               by Hampton Roads Engineers. Through
                                               his involvement, Rick also supports young
                                               talent within the community by support-
                                               ing local events like the Math Counts and
                                               Future City Competitions. Rick holds a B.S. and a Masters degree
                                               in Engineering from ODU and is a registered professional engineer.
                                               Rick and his wife, Kelly, have been married for 8 ½ years and have
The Virginia Beach Landfill staff complet-     three children. Public Works is proud of Rick’s involvement in the
ed upgrades to the drop off convenience        engineering community and encourages others to get involved in local
center at the landfill site in September and   and national organizations in their field.
a total of fourteen containers are available
for landfill customers to dispose of their
household items. The containers are eas-       Real Estate
ily accessed in an area constructed entirely   During the next few months, Public Works right-of-way agents will be
of recycled materials. Previously, resi-       attending and/or challenging the core classes being offered in Virginia
dents brought items directly to the landfill   through the International Right of Way Association. The purpose for the
workface for disposal and on certain days,     four (4) core classes is to be able to sit for the SR/WA test in the fall. Once
particularly on Saturdays, the workface        the core classes are complete and the test is taken, the agents will be re-
became overcrowded. Safety concerns re-        quired to take additional classes, as offered, to receive their designation.
quired heavy equipment operators to delay
pushing, compacting and covering trash,        Public Works Real Estate right-of-way agents are being encouraged to be
thus compromising efficiency. The con-         Designated through the IRWA and also obtain Certification in two areas
tainers now allow the trash to be brought      of their line of work. The designation is SR/WA - Senior Member, Inter-
to the workface in bulk. Benefits realized     national Right of Way Association - is the most prestigious professional
as a result of the upgrades are enhanced       designation granted by IRWA to members who have achieved professional
safety for employees and citizens, less        status through experience, education and examination.
congestion and more efficient placement
and processing of waste.                       “Principles of Real Estate Negotiations” will be offered in Virginia Beach
                                               in May and will be hosted by Public Works Real Estate.
Thanks to all who participated in the
development and operation of the con-          Internet Safety Poster
venience center: Phil Davenport, John
Barnes, Steve Uperti, Joey Baggett, Cliff
                                               Contest Winner--for the
Tate, Pam Kiff, Tonie Holloman, Jane           Whole City!!
Albertson, Valeni Felton, Jerrod Waters,       Tyler Yost, son of Jim Yost, Automotive Ser-
Eugene King, Dexter Henderson, Angelo
Washington, Karen Jaramillo, Gary Mc-          vices, was chosen as the high school winner
Coy, Doug Lawrence, Varnell Williams,          in the Internet Safety Poster Contest spon-
James Williams, Greg Smith, Willie Bow-        sored by the Department of Technology. The
ens, Myron Barnes, Reggie Whitehurst,          poster had to show originality and present the
Robert Allen, Vince Smith, Gary Huffman,       idea of cybersafety. Tyler won at the school
Reggie Padgett, James Barham and Bar-
bara Hall.                                     level, and then went on to win top honors out of all the high school
                                               submissions in the entire city. Tyler’s win will be featured in the               1
                                               Beacon soon.
        LIVING                                                   Wellness & Prevention
HEALTHY                                                           The City of Virginia Beach offers many pro-
                                                                  grams through the wellness and prevention
                                                                  program to get people off the couch and in
                                                                  shape. Here is just one of them:

                                                                  Walk About with Healthy Edge
                                                                  Ever wonder how many miles you walk when
                                                                  you’re out in the field, walking the halls of
                                                                  your office or how many steps you take dur-
                                                                  ing the course of a day? The Walk About with
                                                                  Healthy Edge is a six month program that
Get Moving!                                                       provides you with a pedometer and log book
                                                                  to track your steps and periodic information
Those of us who are balancing multiple roles as
                                                                  on the benefits of adding walking into your
parent, worker, spouse, school volunteer, house-
                                                                  life. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes and
hold manager, and responsible citizen -- often
                                                                  the time.
find that 24 hours per day simply aren’t enough.
Fitness gets put on the back burner. You may
                                                                                               For more information
not have time to go to the gym, but you can still
                                                                                               on this program and
be physically active and boost your metabolism
                                                                                               others, please contact
by using a bit of creativity in planning your day.
                                                                                               your Wellness Am-
Over the next few newsletters, I’ll throw out
                                                                                               bassador or visit the
some ideas for getting that much needed exer-
                                                                                               Wellness and Preven-
cise during your busy day.
                                                                                               tion website located on
 For those of you with young ones at home:

  If you’ve got a young sports enthusiast in the
family, play along. Shooting baskets and kick-
ing a soccer ball around the yard are great ways
to get your heart pumping. Thirty minutes of
cardio training are recommended, but even five
to ten minutes will elevate your energy and          JOIN US AT
speed your metabolism.
  Take the kids for a walk. If their pace is too     There are many who can deliver a powerful speech; one that will awe
slow, add some lunges, jumping jacks, or run-        the audiences. Then, there are a few who, after sweating over prepar-
                                                     ing a speech for weeks, totally flop! What makes the difference?
ning in place every few minutes to make your-
                                                     It’s not that one is a born speaker. Anyone can become a powerful
self work harder.                                    speaker if you have the right tools. I can tell you where and how to
                                                     find them if you feel you are a little weak in that department. JOIN
  Pull young children in a wagon through the         TOASTMASTERS! We have a terrific organization for learning how
neighborhood or give them a ride in a jogging        to give those great presentations or a speech that will win your audi-
                                                     ence over.
                                                     Come join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 12:00.
 Let little children ride bicycles or tricycles
while you jog behind.                                I will be happy to furnish any additional information upon request.

                                                     Thanks and see you at Toastmasters!                                       1
                                                     Virginia Nalepinski
                                    2009 Picnic
                                    The theme for this year’s National Public Works week is:
                                    Revitalize, Reinvest, and Renew. Using that theme, the Public Works
                     Abigail        picnic committee has been working hard to make a fun and exciting event
                                    for all of our Public Works employees, past and present, to enjoy. This
                                    year’s picnic will be about food, fun and reinvesting in the Public Works
                                    family. The committee has revitalized the annual picnic with new events
                                    and activities including a bake-off, various games, equipment displays,
                                    music and food, food and more food! Join your fellow co-workers and
Susan L.Perry, Administrative       welcome back old friends on May 21st at Red Wing Park and celebrate the
Services, and husband Leigh,        City of Virginia Beach Public Works Department’s renewed commitment
welcomed baby girl Abigail Eve      to public service.
Perry on February 7th 2009.
Abigail weighed 6lbs. 6oz. and      If you have questions or would like to help, please contact you division
was 19 ¼ inches in length.          representative:
                                    Building Maintenance: Michelle Parker
                                    Director’s Office: Kim Putman
                                    Engineering: Nyesha Shaw and Sandy Leonhardt
                                    Operations Management: Lori Cooke, Carlos Cruz and Sherry Iles
                                    Technical Services: Rebecca Lear and Kim Waggoner
                                    Waste Management: Juanita Simpson and Robert Skraley

                                    Special Recognition

                                    In the January 26th edition of the Daily Break section of the Vir-
                                    ginia Pilot, under “how nice!” a public works employee was recog-
                                    nized for the following good deed:
Rebecca Lear, Coastal Engi-
neering, is the proud grand-        “(Perry) Caudill made a trip to the municipal landfill but found
mother of baby boy Carson           it difficult to remove a large, heavy item from the car. Luckily, a
Bloom, born January 28th            city worker saw the problem and drove over in his pickup to help.
2009. Carson weighed 9lbs.          Caudill wrote, It’s nice to see that our municipal dollars are going
15oz. and was 21 ½ inches in
length.                             to city employees who make an otherwise dreaded task so much
                                    nicer!” Great job landfill crew!

                                    45 Year Veteran of Public Works ran
                                                                Mr. Linwood Williams, Jr., a 45 year veteran

                                                                of the Public Works Department, will be retir-
                                                                ing April 1, 2009. Mr. Williams has been an
                                                                exceedingly dedicated employee, spending
                                                                most of his career operating various types of
                                                                heavy equipment for the Stormwater Bureau.
                                                                His specialty was grading roadside ditches
Julie Hannah, Project Manage-                                   with a rubber tire excavator, but he is also
ment, and husband Bill, wel-                                    highly skilled in the operation of many other
comed baby girl Victoria Anne                                   types of equipment and has played an impor-
Hannah on February 9th 2009.        tant role in response to various emergency storm events.
Victoria weighed 8lbs. 6oz. and
was 21 ½ inches in length.          Mr. Williams rarely took leave time, logging no sick leave since 2001
                                    and only taking annual leave when necessary. He truly loved his job -
                                    his dependability, pleasant demeanor and team-player attitude made him         1
                                    an extraordinary employee and he will be greatly missed!
Classes &Training
March 2009                                                  April 2009
NMO Part 1: 3/2/2009 & 3/16/2009                            NMO Part 1: 4/1/2009 & 4/16/2009
NMO Part 2: 3/3/2009 & 3/17/2009                            NMO Part 2: 4/2/2009 & 4/17/2009
LDT008: Integrity Connection for Leaders – 3/4/2009 &       NMO Part 3 for members: 4/14/2009
3/18/2009                                                   NMO Part 3 for leaders: 4/28/2009
FDT001: Managing your Responses to Anger- 3/4/2009          FDT002: Information Security and Privacy: 4/22/2009
FDT004: Integrity Connection Ethics Training for Members:   FDT004: Integrity Connection Ethics Training for Members:
3/5/2009, 3/10/2009, & 3/25/2009                            4/9/2009 & 4/22/2009
FDT104: Understanding the Dynamics of                       FDT012: Communicating with Dignity and Respect: 4/23/2009
Domestic Violence: Home and the Workplace: 3/11/2009        FDT701: Information Self Serve: An Overview of Online Resourc-
FDT301: Powerful Listening: 3/10/2009                       es: 4/30/2009
FDT669: How to Market Yourself in a Resume and Interview:   FDT903: Deferred Compensation: Ready To Retire? Understand-
3/25/2009                                                   ing Your Retirement Plan: 4/30/2009
FDT702: Web Searching and Beyond: 3/9/2009                  FDT908: Deferred Compensation: Making Sense of Market Vola-
FDT906: Deferred Compensation: Exploring Investment         tility: 4/14/2009
Fundamentals: 3/5/2009                                      FDT951: Pre-Retirement Planning: 4/23/2009
FDT907: Deferred Compensation: The Advantages of Bud-       LDT008: Integrity Connection Ethics Training for Leaders:
geting: 3/17/2009                                           4/15/2009
LDT008: Integrity Connection Ethics Training for Leaders:   LDT010: Americans with Disabilities Act for Leaders: 4/8/2009
3/4/2009 & 3/18/2009                                        LDT103: Principles of Genuine Leadership: 4/8/2009
LDT009: Equal Employment Opportunity, Workplace Harass-     LDT104: Situational Leadership: 4/7/2009
ment & Diversity for Leaders: 3/4/2009                      LDT114: Learning Exchanges for Facilitators: 4/3/2009
LDT101: Foundations for New Supervisors: 3/5/2009,          LDT601: Performance Management for Supervisors: 4/29/2009
3/11/2009, 3/25/2009, & 3/31/2009                           LDT621: Giving Recognition: 4/15/2009
LDT102: Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow: Navigating Your          P20201: The Lost Dutchman – Teamwork & Collaboration:
Changing Role:3/26/2009                                     4/30/2009
LDT105: Lessons for Leaders: 3/20/2009                      P80101: Time Management: 4/7/2009
LDT604: Providing Constructive Feedback: 3/24/2009          PDT051: Emotional Intelligence: 4/21/2009
P51101: Relationships & Communication 411:3/10/2009         PDT103: Professional Support Day Conference – 2009: 4/22/2009
PDT009: Effective Writing: 3/24/2009                        PDT701: Media Relations and Interviewing: 4/22/2009
PDT510: Building Effective Relationships: 3/18/2009
PDT702: News Release Writing and Publicity: 3/10/2009

March 2009
OST100: Defensive Driving-3/5/2009
OST102: Saturday Defensive Driving- 3/7/2009 & 3/21/2009
OST125: Fire Extinguisher- 3/25/2009
OST105: First Aid/CPR -3/17/2009
OST250: Hearing Conservation- 3/4/2009
OST135: Heavy Equipment Operator-3/30/2009 & 3/31/2009            *Reading and Math Skills Enhancement: 01/05/09 –
                                                                  05/13/09 Monday & Wednesday
April 2009                                                        3:00PM – 5:00PM

OST110: Chainsaw safety- 4/8/2009                                 * Toastmasters: City Of Virginia Beach Club 5099: Each
OST111: Chainsaw safety refresher – 4/23/2009                     Month
OST100: Defensive Driving-4/2/2009                                2nd Thursday Noon – 1:00PM
OST102: Saturday Defensive Driving-4/4/2009 & 4/18/2009           4th Thursday Noon – 1:00PM
OST105: First Aid/CPR-4/21/2009
OST220: Hazard communication- 4/14/2009                           * Toastmasters: Human Services Club 2674: Each Month
OST135: Heavy Equipment Operator-4/1/2009 & 4/2/2009              1st Wednesday 12:30PM – 1:30PM                               1
OST280: Respiratory Protection- 4/8/2009                          3rd Wednesday 12:30PM –
                                                                        March is Women’s
                                                                        History Month
                                                                        Women of all races and cultures, like
                                                                        many other minority groups, have
                                                                        often been overlooked in their con-
                                                                        tributions to society. This fact led to
                                                                        the dedication of an entire month to
                                                                        recognizing the many contributions of
                                                                        women. March became Women’s His-
                                                                        tory month because historically, March
                                                                        8th has been designated as Internation-
                                                                        al Women’s Day. In 1987, Congress
Trashmore’s Green History                                               made “a biennial Joint Resolution”
                                                                        proclaiming March as Women’s His-
Mount Trashmore is one of Virginia Beach’s most beloved parks.          tory Month.
Locals and tourists alike can now enjoy biking, walking, running and
even sledding during the occasional snowfall, however, Mount Trash-     Did You Know?
more was not always so park friendly. Mount Trashmore was noth-
ing more than a heap of garbage until 1967 when Roland E. Dorer,        • The first woman allowed to practice
Director of the state’s Insect and Vector Control department, came up   law before the Supreme Court was
with a revolutionary idea to turn a 165 acre and a 60 foot high mound   Belva Ann Lockwood. She spent three
of waste into a park. By using clean soil to compact waste, Mount       years pushing through legislation that
Trashmore was the first park of its kind in the world and soon other    enabled women to practice before the
municipalities and cities were turning their own refuge into parks.     Court and becomes the first woman to
The creation of Mount Trashmore was innovative and is now the           do so in 1879.
pride of Virginia Beach’s Public Works department and shows its
commitment to the environment and the community.                        • On August 26, 1920, the 19th
                                                                        Amendment was ratified giving
                                                                        women the right to vote.

April Fool’s Day                                                        • Phillis Wheatley was the first Afri-
                                                                        can-American woman to have a book
                                                                        of poetry published.
                               April Fool's Day or All Fool's
                               Day occurs annually on April             • Elizabeth Blackwell was the first
                               1st. The day is generally ob-            woman doctor in the
                               served by playing a practical            United States.
                               joke on a "victim" who soon
                               becomes known as an April                • Helen Keller was
                               Fool. This custom is thought to          the first deaf and blind
                               have started in France during            woman to graduate
                               the 16th century but the British         from Radcliffe College.
                               are credited with bringing it to                                                   1
                               the United States.
MARCH         Sunday            Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday        Thursday        Friday             Saturday
         1                 2                 3               4               5               6                   7
                                                                                             U.S. Field
                                             City                                            Tournament-
                                             Council                                         Resort Area
         8                 9                 10              11              12              13                  14
        Daylight Savings
        2:00 a.m.                                                                                                Get Fit
        International      Purim Begins at   City                                                                9-11 a.m.
        Womens Day         Sundown           Council                                                             Mt. Trashmore
         15                16                17              18              19              20                  21
                                                                                                                 -Baha’i New
                                             St. Patrick’s                                                       (Naw Ruz)

                                             City                                            Spring              -Shamrock
                                             Council                                         Equinox              Marathon
         22                23                24              25              26              27                  28
                                                                                             March Madness
                                                                                             Youth               Cherry Blossom
                                                                                             3 on 3 Basketball   Festival
                                                                                             Tournament          11 a.m. - 2:30
                                             City            Feast of                        P.A. Rec. Center    p.m.
                                             Council         Annunciation                    6:30 - 8:30 p.m.    Redwing Park

        29                 30                31

        March Service Anniversaries
        15 Years:                                20 Years:                   25 Years:                            35 Years:
        Cynthia Woodhouse                        Mike Shahsiah               Greg Smith                           Otis Cooper
                                                 Michael Ball

March Birthdays:
 LEE AGUILAR                    MICKEY F. EVANS                       BRIAN LANGLEY       RICHARD M. WESNER
 ROBERT A. ALLEN                ROY G. FEREBEE                        EDGARDO G. LAYAOG RODNEY L. WHITE
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Woman In The Works                                                                                                by Nyesha Shaw

                                      In honor of Women’s History Month, the Public Works Newsletter wanted to highlight the
                                      women of the department. While women working in engineering, highway maintenance, and
                                      construction is nothing new, the number of women working in these occupations is small and
                                      these are considered non-traditional occupations for women. According to the U.S. Department
                                      of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, a non-traditional occupation is one where women make up 25
                                      percent or less of the total employment. However, the ladies of Public Works have proven that 25
                                      percent or less is just a figure.

I asked some of the ladies, “what was it like when they first entered into
their line of work?”
Many of them admitted there were very few women in the fields of engineering,
highway maintenance, or dredging and it took a little getting use to; however, as
time went by and they proved they had just as much perseverance and willing-
ness to work just as hard as anyone else, they came to be respected not just as
women or men, but as professionals.

Julie Hannah, Engineering, said “There weren’t many women in the
engineering field when I started but the numbers are growing.”

Women now own engineering and construction firms, are heads of departments, and are supervisors, yet; according to the Department
of Labor in 2006, women made up 12% of civil engineers and 6% of the highway maintenance and dredging fields.

I also asked, “how did they get into their line of work?”
Some of the women from operations explained that during the late 1970s and early 1980s, the City of Virginia Beach called for the
hiring of more women and minorities and these women answered the call. The women in operations have 120 years of combined
experience and they have more than proved themselves to be strong and capable Public Works employees.

Dorothy Ebron, Operations, said “As a woman, you have got to be strong and knowledgeable out there in the field.”

I asked the women, “what is the best thing about their job?”

                        Esther Dornin, Engineering, said “Every day is different; no problem is the same, no job is the

                        Dorothy Ebron, Operations, said “I like to step back and admire the good job I’ve done.”

                        Pat Olds, Engineering, said “I’ve inspired my son and all of the young people in my life to go
                        to school.”

I asked, “has Public Works come far enough in bringing women into non-traditional roles?”
The women I interviewed have stated that Public Works is one of the best places to work when it comes to promoting women.

                        Pat Olds said “The best way to get more women into fields such as engineering and construc-
                        tion is to have support from co-workers, supervisors and women already in the field.”

                        “Is there still a glass ceiling?”
                        Heather Hartle, Engineering, stated: “Not for me.”
                        Heather Ham, Engineering, said “The only ceiling a women hits is the one she sets for herself.”

                        The ladies of Public Works have proven that glass ceilings are something that can be broken and they have
                        shattered those ceilings through determination and spirit.
                        A special thanks to all the women who participated in this article.

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