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The Update

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									                                                                                                   Volume 10, Issue 18

                           Cedar Springs Waldorf School
                                         The Update                                                    Inside This Issue
                                                   July 14, 2009
                                                                                                       (CSWS Dress Code)
Extreme Makeover Office Project is complete!!                                                                 Page 2, 3

          The adage “Many hands make light work” was never truer than here. From beginning to
                                                                                                       Development News
end, community members, alumni students and friends of friends came out to give new life to the
scene of vital workings at our school. On June 18th, Dakota Richardson (brother of Jessie in the              Page 4
Eighth Grade) and coworker, Brian, from Bestway Movers in Diamond Springs moved all of the
contents of the office out and stacked them under the back deck. Next, Dudley Land removed all         AWSNA News
the old carpet and vacuumed the floor in preparation for the new carpeting. Todd Truka arrived to             Page 4, 5
disconnect all of the electronic devices and store them. And Curtis Hoyt made some repairs to the
subfloor, including laying an underlayment in the copy room.                                           Volunteer Appreciation
          The painting crew took over during the course of the next week, painting in shifts and       Corner
sometimes late into the night. The crew consisted of Jake, Nikki and Sarah Leveroni, Carley and               Page 6
Michaela Roach, Alyssa Mastropieri, Ashley Spiegelberg, Charlene and Heather White, Lynnette
Long, Anne Truka, Laura Hauge, and Cindy Finney. With a fresh coat of paint, the new carpet            Student News
was installed by Bill Vannoy (uncle of Kristen Niebauer in Fifth Grade). Bill also installed some
great tile (donated by Cindy Finney) in the copy room. Finally, on June 30th, Ricky Richardson                Page 7
and Vic of Bestway Movers and Jared Swarbrick (father of Cadence in 3K) came to move all the
furniture back into the office. Monica Ness directed the move and continues to work hard at reor-      Nana’s Literary Corner
ganizing the entire office to maximize comfort and efficiency. And Jim Curtis provided technical               Page 8
support as the computers and internet were reinstalled.
          My deepest gratitude to all of the helpers in this endeavor, those mentioned here and        Mark Your Calendars!
those I may have missed. What a gift you all have given to our school! I also want to thank the
                                                                                                              Page 9, 10
office staff, especially Scott, Paula, Lynn, Joan and Naomi, for their patience and cooperation dur-
ing this makeover. You didn’t miss a beat and kept everything running in spite of the chaos sur-
                                                                                                       Community Events
rounding you. Enjoy your new space!!
                                                                                                              Page 11
Heidi Leveroni
                                                                                                       CSWS Fundraising
Note: Thanks to generous donations, ranging from time, materials, skilled labor and extreme bar-              Page 12
gain hunting, this project only cost the school a few hundred dollars. We are extremely grateful
for our fresh new paint, carpeting and organization in the office. Thanks to Heidi, Monica and         Paid Advertising
Crew for making it happen!                                                                                    Page 13, 14

                                                                                                       Publication Information
Welcome New Strings Teacher                                                                                   Page 14

                                                                                                       Calendar of Events
We are delighted to introduce Barbara Preciado as our new strings teacher for the fall.
Barbara has had many years experience in cello performance and teaching, as well as                           Page 15
choir directing. She comes to us highly recommended by several cello students in our
community. We are thrilled to have someone of such high caliber to build upon the ground-
work that was so lovingly laid by Nathan Sutter. Welcome, Barbara to the Cedar Springs
community! We look forward to making music with you this fall!

Jennifer Jackson

                         Administrative Announcements

                             Cedar Springs Waldorf School
                     Dress Code: Grades One Through Eight
             Parents, please note the new clarifications this year which are highlighted below.
                 Contact your teacher or the College of Teachers if you have questions.

The following dress code specifies appropriate school attire for Grades One through Eight.
The Kindergarten dress code is similar in philosophy to the Grades and is specified in the Kindergarten
Parent Handbook.
We ask you to support the Faculty of Cedar Springs Waldorf School in their desire to create a healthy
learning environment by sending your children to school in appropriate school attire. Your support is
needed, expected and appreciated in the following areas:
I. To ensure a safe environment for our students, we ask that they:
   Leave dangling jewelry and earrings at home. (Personal, religious medallions must be modest in na-
      ture and worn securely tucked inside top at all times.)
   Come well dressed for the weather. (Layers are essential most of the year with our cool mornings and
     sometimes hot afternoons.)
   Have appropriate outerwear. Rain Policy: Your child will not be allowed outside on rainy days without
      appropriate rain gear.
   Come wearing comfortable, practical, well-treaded, flat-soled shoes that are firmly attached to the feet
     (shoelaces must be functional). No open-toed shoes, sandals or backless shoes. No shoes with
     lights or wheels. No heels, no platforms. All games/movement activities require flexible, firm-
     fitting running shoes worn with socks.
       ***Students in Grades Seven and Eight have received the privilege of wearing slip-on shoes but
       must be prepared for morning warm-up and games/movement activities on a daily basis.
II. To create an environment focused on learning while providing a wholesome social atmos-
    phere, students should follow these dress requirements:
   Clothing, hats, backpacks, homework bags, lunchboxes, etc., are to be free of printed messages, pic-
       tures or images. The total amount of words or images on any clothing should be no larger than
       can be covered by two of the student’s fingers.
   Simple prints (small flowers, etc.) plaids, stripes or solid colored clothing are acceptable. No military
      camouflage, regardless of the color. No sparkles, sequins, or other “gimmicks” on clothing unless
      falling within the “two finger test”. NOTE: Small sequins, beads or embroidery on lower pant legs
      of pants and skirts is acceptable so long as it meets the “two finger test”.
   Exceptions to the requirements above are any school related apparel such as: Waldorf sponsored T-
      shirts, Pentathlon or Medieval games T-shirts, etc. In addition, students in Grades Seven and
      Eight may wear shirts and sweatshirts with a nature theme.
   Hats, in general, are for outdoors and are taken off indoors. NEW THIS YEAR (2009-10): Please
      note that hats with any logo should be left at home. (This includes Little League team caps).
                                                                                       ...continued on page 3

   Students are to wear well-fitting, non-revealing, non-distracting clothing (tops, pants, dresses) where
      unrestricted movement is possible and underwear is not visible. Specific examples of clothing re-
      quirements are:
       Tops that cover the midriff reaching two to three inches below the waistband–even when arms
          are extended overhead. Tops should not fall past fingertips extended to the sides.
       Tops that stay on the shoulders. Tops with necklines and sleeve-holes that keep the
          chest covered - no large, open armholes or low necklines. NEW THIS YEAR
          (2009-10): Base of necklines may not be lower than three inches below
          shoulder seam when worn by the student (see diagram). →
       Tank top straps should be at least two fingers wide. No spaghetti straps.
       Pants that cover the hipbones at all times and are neither so tight that they cling to the body nor
          so baggy that they require “hiking up into place” when running.
       Skirts that are knee length (touch the top of the knee). Bicycle shorts are recommended under
       Shorts/skorts that are as long as the fingertips extended to the sides.
       Clothing free of purposeful cutting, slashing, or ripping.
       Sleeveless shirts that have modest armholes.
       Flannel or pajama pants are not appropriate school attire and are not acceptable.
III. Grooming:
   No make-up. This includes nail polish, body art or tattoos. (Students in Grades Six through Eight may
      wear finger nail polish, at the discretion of the class teacher. Students in Grades Seven and Eight
      may, at the class teacher’s discretion, be allowed to wear make-up.)
   Dyed, bleached, tinted, highlighted, or extreme, distracting hairdos such as Mohawks or spikes are not
      permitted at school. NEW THIS YEAR (2009-10): Uniform application of a natural hair color is
      allowed for the Seventh and Eighth Grade students. Class teachers will monitor and have final de-
      termination of acceptability.
   No watches are allowed until the subject of time is taught in the Third Grade, then only analog watches
      may be worn. Watches with alarms, etc., will be confiscated if the alarm becomes a distraction in
      the classroom.
   The only pierced jewelry allowed is earrings. In those classes where teachers permit other jewelry,
      only ONE bracelet and ONE necklace are allowed. Removal of jewelry may be requested for
      safety reasons, depending on the activity.
   NEW THIS YEAR (2009-10): No gum allowed on campus. This includes chewing gum on campus
     before and after school dismissal.
As the parent, you are responsible for what your child wears to school. If you have any questions about a
certain item of clothing, a hairstyle, etc., please contact your child’s teacher before sending your child to
school in questionable attire. Each teacher has the final say in what is appropriate or inappropriate for his/
her classroom and may, on occasion, have a need to address particular attire.

Dress Code Violation Procedure
Children sent to school inappropriately attired will be given appropriate clothing (sweatpants and/or T-shirt)
to wear for the day. The class teacher will notify the student’s parents of the occurrence at the end of the
day. The clothes are to be returned to the class teacher after being laundered. Habitual dress code viola-
tions may lead to a requested pick-up of the student during the school day and a parent/teacher confer-

                                   Development News

CSWS continues to attract and retain families who value our well-rounded and inspired curriculum
brought to us by our loving and talented Faculty. We have healthy enrollment, with new families
continuing to contact our school about starting this September. Current enrollment is 178.

The Kindergarten Puppet Shows from Miss Alyssa and friends have been a real hit with Parent-Tot
and Kindergarten aged families – both current and prospective. We’ve had 20-30 children and
their parents at each show! Because of this positive response, Alyssa will be adding two encore
performances in July. (See page 11.) There are still some openings in our 5-Day Kindergarten
and Parent-Tot/Infant programs, so please spread the word to your friends with young children
who might be interested.

Our Auction Committee Chairs are already generating ideas for a fantastic auction again this
March, which is our single biggest moneymaker next to tuition income. We are currently seeking
more committee leads to help plan this effort. If you are good with managing projects to comple-
tion and would like to support your school in this way, we need your skills and can-do spirit. Active
parent participation and fundraising will continue to be big efforts this upcoming school year. Each
family’s participation in ways that they can support our school makes a difference. Please contact
Lynn Morgan for more information.

(New students and their families will be published in our August issue, as further announcements
will be available at that time.)

Lynn Morgan, Director of Community Development

                                      AWSNA News
Teachers Attend AWSNA Conference in Portland

       Shortly after our week of year-end Faculty Meetings, Matt Taylor and I, as the school’s dele-
gates to AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America), drove to the Portland Waldorf
School (PWS) in Milwaukee, Oregon. PWS is a successful school set in a quiet residential
neighborhood serving students Pre-K through Twelfth Grade. They call home a renovated and
beautifully ensouled two story former public school building. They have a large grassy field with a
creek running beside it. They have a wondrous gymnasium! They have a thriving school store.
They have an envious woodworking shop and an inspiring blacksmithing workspace. (Matt and I
had a chance to work in these, as I created my first wooden spoon and he forged a beautiful iron
coat hook.) They also have a welcoming sign that invites their neighbors to use their playing field
and climbing equipment after school hours. And my personal favorite, they have a school bus! (A
long nurtured, personal dream: our school having a medium-sized bus for field trips and more --

                                                                                   ...continued on page 5

                                                                               ...continued from page 4

painted beautifully, of course.)
        Acknowledging these differences, as I moved through the classrooms I saw all the same
signs of the lively education that makes our school so special. Matt and I were warmly greeted
by a past parent of our school, Kelly Chappie. Kelly’s day job is in Development and Enrollment
and her conference job was handling the catering of meals for over 300 people! While Matt and I
did not take our meals there, we were well nourished by the tasty organic snacks…and coffee!
        AWSNA holds one national meeting each year in June and our region meets three addi-
tional times throughout the year. Our school is part of the Northern California Region and our
group is quite different from many other regions across the country. We are a region of well-
established schools. All but three of our schools are fully accredited – the Davis, Camellia and
Sierra Waldorf Schools.
        Our region has no new initiative schools at this time. This is due primarily to the active
Charter School movement in California. Elsewhere across the country, small initiative schools
are popping up everywhere! This national meeting is a time when AWSNA reports back to its
member schools on the work accomplished and the priorities for the future year. Accreditation is
ongoing and remains an important aspect of AWSNA’s work. Helping schools maintain a high
standard of education and an ongoing commitment to Waldorf principles is important work. In
addition, they are working to forge healthy communication with the charter school movement and
have responsibility for maintaining the Waldorf service mark (think trademark and you’ll be close).
        Being able to speak face to face with our association representatives is an important op-
portunity at these meetings. If I have a question or concern, I continue to find these people open
to hearing my position and considering its impact on the work of the association. Matt and I have
been attending these meetings for a number of years and always find the networking among
schools to be invaluable. There are many opportunities over the week to compare notes with
teachers and administrators at other schools, ask for advice and share resources. We continue
to find that compared with many others, Cedar Springs is an exemplary Waldorf school. Time
and again, our colleagues come to us to ask about how Cedar Springs has dealt with issues they
are facing. Time and again we receive feedback that we are a strong, creative and well organ-
ized school.
        Matt and I continue to feel blessed to be part of our school. We have healthy communica-
tion and clear processes to help us deal with the issues that arise as a normal part of teachers
and parents working closely together to bring this rich education to the children. I am sorry to re-
port; this is not true for too many schools. Fractionalized Faculty, poor communication between
Board, Faculty or Parents, enrollment woes, unaddressed personal issues…the list goes on and
on. We have our struggles, of course, but the commitment to strive together makes both Matt
and I sure that we can’t imagine teaching anywhere else!

Thank you all for being willing to work hard, address concerns with an open heart and respect
and for bringing the children to make our work worthwhile.

Paula ThompSon
Pedagogical Chair

                       Volunteer Appreciation Corner
Our volunteer workforce keeps things running smoothly and saves our school loads of money
every year. A special thanks to these volunteers for stepping up to these projects and leader-
ship positions at our school.

Welcome Dudley Land as Our New Maintenance Chair!
Dudley Land (dad to Nory and Nolan and husband to Christine, our math specialty teacher) has
already proven his dedication and affinity for helping maintain our campus over the last few
years by tirelessly assisting Scott Krieger and Jim Curtis (prior Maintenance Chair) on various
school projects. Thank you, Dudley, for taking on this coordination position and to Jim for your
support and dedication to our school in this position over the last few years. Anyone willing to
help with school maintenance and improvement projects on occasion over the summer, please
contact Dudley or Scott.

Beautiful New Front Deck and Stairs to Our School Office!
A special thanks to the team of CSWS dads and their children who tore down and replaced the
front deck and stairs to our office over one long hot weekend. Railings and the lattice storage
underneath the deck are still to be completed, but it already looks and feels 100% improved.
Thanks to the many hands that pitched in and for your generous donations.

New CSWS Website Coming!
Thanks to Eric Baumgartner (dad of Ryan and Alana and husband of Stephanie, our Scrip Co-
ordinator and past Auction Chair) of Baumgartner Consulting, we are re-designing our website
this summer. Anyone who has quality school photos (of students, teachers, events, field trips,
class projects or curriculum) to share, please send them to Eric ( or
Lynn Morgan ( no later than July 31st.

New Hospitality Director Graces CSWS!
Miss Alyssa Hellesvig, our Lily Kindergarten Assistant, not only volunteered to offer Kindergar-
ten puppet shows this summer, she continued to thrill our Director of Community Development
by volunteering to direct hospitality at our school. If any of you attended the parent reception
on the last day of school with its beautiful, plentiful spread of refreshments and goodies, you’ve
already benefited from Alyssa’s talents and past experience in catering. Alyssa will be seeking
some hospitality helpers for various events during the school year, so please let her or Lynn
Morgan know if you’d be willing to assist.

Parent-Tot/Infant Coordinator
Thanks to Annette MacBean (mom to Finnley and Malone) who is graciously continuing on to
support our new Early Childhood Teacher, Lea Nelson, with the Parent-Tot/Infant Program. It
looks like we have a few openings left in our classes this September, so please contact Annette
if you or a family you know would like to attend this wonderful two hour a week program that
you attend with your child. Annette can be reached at or (530) 622-

Families who are returning or enrolling to this program will be receiving further information and
the class schedule in the mail.

                                 Student News
Come See Our NEW Tree House in the Back Meadow!!
Bravo to Mrs. Jackson’s Class of 2014, construction mastermind Cameron Poer, and other
parents who designed and built this new addition to our campus. Beautiful job!

                            Nana’s Literary Corner

                              Recommendations #3
We started reading short board books (those books for young children
that have thick, cardboard pages) to Ryder when he was three months
old. The classic Goodnight Moon is an example. I always encourage par-
ents, when reading to young children, to take care and pronounce words
accurately as they read. Since 65% of our written language is phonetic
(spelled like it sounds), there is no better opportunity to lay down a solid
foundation for spelling than when you are in close proximity to your child’s
ear and speaking. When I started paying attention to this, I was surprised
how often I didn’t pronounce the final consonants in words. This month’s
gems are:

1. Mia’s Apple Tree by Nancy Jewel Poer - “Once upon a time there was a shiny red apple,
and inside the apple was a star…” With this beautifully illustrated book, Cedar Springs’ very
own Nana tells a story of the birth and growth of an apple tree and a little girl named Mia.
Each page is so beautifully painted it could be taken out and framed; even the text is in blue
ink, rather than black!

2. Oh, What a Busy Day! by Gyo Fujikawa - An artistic answer to Richard Scarry’s books,
this was one of my daughter’s favorites and is now one of Ryder’s. Starting with the most
delectable breakfast you can imagine, the book takes children through the myriad of possi-
bilities that could happen in any given day. Over time, you will spend hours enjoying and
discussing Fujikawa’s beautiful illustrations. It’s worth every penny.

3. Sing a Song of Popcorn, Every Child’s Book of Poems selected by de Regniers, Moore,
White and Carr - This collection of poems, brilliantly illustrated by nine Caldecott Medal art-
ists, reaches through the span of time from young childhood to the grades. There are
poems for every occasion - some are just fun, some make you think. Many a Waldorf
teacher (including this one!) has used this book to find poems to share in class.

4. Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger - There is not much action in this sweet little
story about how the moon gets up into the sky…so it is perfect for bedtime! However, this
book is worth having if only for the incredibly beautiful illustrations - the painting of Grandfa-
ther Twilight streaming the sunset behind him as he walks through the forest is just magical.

5. Hand Rhymes by Marc Brown - Ryder loves it when I open this book - we do the finger/
hand rhymes together - often several times and then he goes off and spends time looking at
Marc Brown’s playful illustrations of the story or scene described in the rhymes. “One little
baby rocking in a tree. Two little babies splashing in the sea. Three little babies crawling on
the floor. Four little babies banging on the door. Five little babies playing hide and seek.
Keep your eyes closed tight until I say… PEEK!”

                              Mark Your Calendars!

                                        All Community Work Party
                                                & Potluck
                                           Saturday, August 29th
                                   8:00am – 1:00pm (or whenever you can
                                Come help our teachers work on preparing our school
                                grounds for the first day of school. Weed eaters, rakes, shov-
                                els, wheelbarrows, power washers and handy people needed.
                                Please bring your own tools, water and a potluck dish to
                                share. Childcare will be provided.

                                 Contact Scott Krieger if you would be willing to pick up a load
of gravel/sand prior to the work party (642-9903). Contact Lynn Morgan if you or your Upper
Grades student would be willing to help with childcare or potluck set up/clean up

Want to weed eat now, rather than in August? If so, the campus could use some trimming
now, especially in our front meadow and along Gold Meadows as you enter the campus.
Drop by any early morning or cool evening that you can. Contact Scott or Dudley Land (621-
3976) if you have questions.

Paint available for pick up: Over the years various projects have left us with odd colors and
amounts of paint. If you have a project that is not color specific and you would like to have
some FREE paint, please call Scott in the office to peruse and choose.

Summer watering: We are enjoying the benefits of automated watering this summer in most
of the areas on campus. There are areas, however, that need attention. Around the Kinder-
gartens there will need to be an occasional soaking if you are on campus. Additionally, if you
are on campus and see areas that are dry, please do not hesitate to give them a drink.
Thank you for your support.

Campus Wish list
½ yard of Decomposed Granite.
½ yard of gravel for pathways.
Redwood/cedar chip for ground cover (4 yards).
Picnic tables.
Lumber for front deck.

New Parent Orientation
Saturday, August 8th
10:00am – 12:00pm
This is a required informational meeting for all new parents. Come learn more about our school’s
history, philosophy, governance, fundraising, parent participation, parent handbook and commu-
nication, media and photography policies, dress code and more. At least one parent from each
family should attend. Please bring a photo of your child(ren) so we can get to know you better.

For more information contact Lynn Morgan, Director of Community Development
( or 642-9903).

The Class of 2010 is having another tie-dye fundraiser here at Cedar Springs on Saturday, August 15th,
from 9:00am-12:00pm. We will have "how to" demonstrations at 9, 10 and 11:00am. Bring your own
100% cotton, average-sized clothing item and for $5 per item we have everything needed to transform it
into a wearable work of art (discounts available for multiple items). Also, by request we will have delicious
lattes, other beverages, yummy snacks, some gently used cotton clothing, and beautiful handcrafted tie-
dye clothes for sale. This is an Eighth Grade FUNdraiser open to family, friends and the community.

Please call to reserve a spot. You are welcome to simply show up, but we would appreciate an RSVP to
Lisa Richardson @ (530) 417-7520.

Saturday, August 22nd
      Parent-Tot/Infant Orientation - 9:00am-10:30am
      3-Day and 5-Day Kindergarten Orientation – 11:00am-12:30pm
The orientations are for parents/caregivers only and will be held in the Kindergarten classrooms.

       Morning Glory Work Parties: August 19th & 31st from 9:00am – 12:00pm
       Rose and Lily Work Parties: August 31st & September 1st from 9:00am – 12:00pm
These are for parents/caregivers and their children to attend. This is a great opportunity to come
help your teachers clean and set up their classrooms and for your child to become more familiar
with the teacher and environment before school starts.

Families will be receiving more information about these events and their child’s placement in
classes in the mail.

Save your treasures! The Eighth Grade is hosting a rummage sale on Sunday, August
30th, and we'll take just about anything to sell. Just kidding - but we will take any clean
items, in good repair, that have suggested prices already attached. We are not accepting
any clothes, linens, or similar items. Bring them to the Eighth Grade classroom and we'll
store them over the summer. (Please note the date change—Sunday, August 30th, not
the 22nd as previously announced.)

                                           Community Events
         Puppet Show Encore - July 21st & 28th!
 I will be adding two encore performances to the Kindergarten Puppet Show series on July 21st &
 28th. The stories are to be announced. Thank you so much for the great turnout to the shows!
 Warm regards,
 Miss Alyssa
 Kindergarten Assistant

                           Thoroughly Soaking Thursdays!
                                                  SUMMER 2009

                                       ** Summer Fun for All Ages! **
To help stay connected over the summer and enjoy some popular local swimming holes, please join us at any of the
Thoroughly Soaking Thursdays below. All CSWS continuing and new families, and friends, are welcome. Playtimes
begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted. Note: It is highly recommended that your child, even if a good swimmer,
wears a life jacket when going to the river venues since the current may be fast. Remember to pack a lunch and bring
your sunscreen!

If you have any questions about directions or locations, please do not hesitate to contact Christine Land at (530) 621-
3976. For each T.S.T., we’ll try to have a host at the venue to greet you and, if you’re new to our school, introduce you
to everyone!

July 16: Dave Moore Park, Coloma
Entrance located about ½ mile past Coloma Club in Coloma, on Hwy 49, on the west side of road. There is a large rock
wall at the entryway of the road. Very nice, easy hike about ¼ mile long down to a small, sandy beach. Current here.
Bring life jackets. Nice shade. Good to bring along a wagon or jogging stroller to carry all beach items. No cost. No
facilities at river.

July 23: Cameron Park Lake, Cameron Park
Appropriate for all ages and swimming levels. A completely fenced, man-made swimming pond with sand, gradual
beach entry, lifeguards and some shade. Bring your sand/blow-up beach water toys. Entrance fee of $3 per person for
Cameron Park residents, $5 per person for all others. Children 6 years and younger are free. Meet at the “beach” at 11
am. Snack bar available.

July 30: Jenkinson Lake (Sly Park Lake), Pollock Pines
Beautiful high elevation lake. Meeting place TBD (call Christine). Vehicle fee of $10.

August 6: Promontory Park Spray Park, El Dorado Hills
This park is scheduled to open mid-June, so we don’t have many details, but we do know the location… from Green Val-
ley Rd., turn onto Sophia Parkway. Turn left on Alexandra. Promontory Community Park is on the right. The new spray
park will be right next to Promontory Community Park.

August 13: Lotus-Henningson Park, 950 Lotus Road, Lotus
Meet at the river side of the park. Entrance fee of $3 per car. Although calm, there is current at this spot of the river.
Bring life jackets. Nice paved walkway for bikes and skates. Bring sun umbrella, lawn chair and/or blanket.

August 20: Bridal Veil Falls Park, Pollock Pines
Directly past Bridal Veil Falls (about 20 minutes east of Placerville on Hwy 50) is a sign indicating a picnic area located
on the north side of Hwy 50. This beautiful shady area of the river with a nice sandy beach is located above the dam, so
the river is narrower and much warmer than in Coloma. Parking fee. Toilets, barbeques, slow current. Bring life jackets,
flotation devices, facemasks, snorkels, sand buckets, etc. Vehicle fee of $5.

August 27: Cameron Park Lake (see above): End of Summer picnic and swim.

                                  CSWS Fundraising
10% Back To Schools Promotion at Safeway!
Look for specially marked products with the school bus tags between August 12 - September 15
and Safeway will donate an additional 10% to CSWS! In order for CSWS to receive credit, your
Safeway club card must be registered on You can register up to four different
club cards so ask relatives and friends if you can register their cards and a percentage of their
Safeway purchases will go to CSWS. For more information, please contact Scrip Coordinator,
Stephanie Baumgartner, at

Wondering what to do for dinner? Try one of the following restaurants and support CSWS at
the same time. Pay for your dinner with your registered credit or debit card and
these restaurants will donate 2.5% of your dinner bill to CSWS!

                                         El Dorado Hills
Ginza Sushi, Francisco Drive; Sky Sushi, Park Drive; Chantara Thai Cuisine, Town Center;
I Love Teriyaki & Sushi.
Ruby Tuesday, East Bidwell; Sol Azteca, Natoma St.; T2 Yan Chinese Cuisine, Riley St. #1; Sushi
Unlimited, Folsom Auburn Rd.; Abs Bar, Blue Ravine Rd.

For restaurants in other cities (there were none in Placerville or Cameron Park at last check),
please go to and click on eScrip Dining.

                                                   Paid Advertising

    Rudolf Steiner College
Summer Events                    NOW ENROLLING
                                 Fall & Spring Programs!
July 25-26
Colors Alive!                    Waldorf Teacher Education
Plant Dyeing Workshop            • Early Childhood, Grades,
                                   High School
& Studio Dye Day
                                 • Full-time, Part-time,
July 26-31                         Weekend, Summer
Making A Difference              • Consciousness Studies
Remedial Conference III          • LifeWays
                                 • Administration
July 31-Aug 1
Balancing the Economic           Visit our campus!
Teeter-Totter                    Call: 916-961-8727 ext 0
A Threefold Approach
August 3-7                        THE BOOKSTORE
Veil Painting Week                AT RUDOLF STEINER COLLEGE

September 19                       Toys, Gifts, & Waldorf
Natural Beekeeping                  Education Resources
The Harvest
                                  SHOP ONLINE!                      NESS BOOKS (530) 363-5631
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                     RUDOLF STEINER COLLEGE
             9200 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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                                                                                   • Budget Preparation
                                                                                   • 1-5 Year Financial Plans
                                                                     SERVICES      • Profitability Analysis

                                                                                   • QuickBooks Setup
                                                                                   • Payroll, AP & AR
                                                                      SERVICES     • Customer Invoicing

                                                                            James Ness, CSWS Parent
                                                                     20 yrs Financial Management Expertise
                                                                        QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

                                                            Paid Advertising

                                                  P U B L I C AT I O N I NF O R M A T I O N
      CEDAR SPRINGS WALDORF SCHOOL                                                 F A N C Y F O N T S , I N D E N T S , E T C . ), P A S T E D D I R E C T L Y I N T O T H E
              6029 GOLD MEADOWS ROAD                                               E -M A I L O R A T T A C H E D I N M S W O R D ( G R A P H I C S I N J P E G
                PLACERVILLE, CA 95667                                              O R . T I F F O R M A T S O N L Y TO A V O I D B L U R R Y G R A P H -
                 P H O N E : (5 3 0 ) 6 4 2 - 9 9 0 3
                                                                                   I C S ) , A N D E -M A I L E D T O : U P D A T E C S W S @ C O M C A S T . N E T .
                   F A X : (5 3 0 ) 6 4 2 - 1 9 0 4
                                                                                        SUBMISSIONS MUST HAVE CONTACT NAME AND PHONE
                                                                                   NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT LINE FOR CLARIFICATION PUR-
                                                                                   POSES. ANY SUBMISSIONS THAT DIRECTLY LEAD TO IN-
                                                                                   COME, OR ARE OTHERWISE RELATED TO BUSINESSES, WILL
                    THE UPDATE TEAM
                                                                                   BE CONSIDERED AS PAID ADVERTISEMENTS. ADS MUST
                                                                                   S P E C I F Y R E Q U I R E D D A T E (S ) O F I N S E R T I O N ; O T H E R W I S E
                                                                                   THEY WILL BE PRINTED ONCE ONLY. THERE IS LIMITED
                                                                                   SPACE F OR ADVERTISING. ADS WILL BE HONORED ON A
                                                                                   F I R S T -C O M E , F I R S T - S E R V E B A S I S . P A Y M E N T S M U S T B E R E -
                          SUBMISSION POLICIES
                                                                                   CEIVED IN THE CSWS OFFICE BY ISSUE DEADLINE F OR ADS
   C E D A R S P R I N G S W A L D O R F S C H O O L (C S W S ) I S N O T A F -
                                                                                   TO RUN.
                                                                                   $ 5 . 0 0 F O R 2 5 - 5 0 W O R D S O R B U S I N E S S C A R D S I ZE A D
                                                                                   $10.00 FOR 3X5 AD
                                                                                   $12.00 FOR HALF PAGE AD
REFUSE ARTICLES AND ADS.                                                                       NEXT SUBMISSION DEADLINE:
                                                                                               THURSDAY, 8/13 FOR 8/18 ISSUE
  T H E U P D A T E I S T H E C S W S ’ B I -M O N T H L Y N E W S L E T T E R .
ADVERTISEMENT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES AND PRICING                                                           FUTURE PUBLICATION DATES
ARE AS FOLLOWS:                                                                                 (S U B J E C T T O C H A N G E W I T H O U T N O T I C E ) :
    THE DEADLINE F OR SUBMISSIONS IS LISTED IN THE PUB-                                                         TO BE ANNOUNCED...
D A T E . T E X T S U B M I S S I O N S A R E T O B E I N P L A I N T E X T (N O

                      Calendar of Events
      July 12th - August 15th     2009-2010 School Calendar
              At-a-Glance Reference Calendar
                                                                    Please mark your home calendars with these
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat                                         dates. This calendar will be updated through-
                                                                    out the summer as additional dates are con-
12       13        14        15         16         17       18

19       20        21        22         23         24       25      9/7    Labor Day

                                                                    9/9    First Day of Grades; Assembly 8:30am
26       27        28        29         30         31       Aug 1

                                                                    9/10   First Day of 5-Day Kindergarten
2        3         4         5          6          7        8
                                                                    9/14   First Day of 3-Day Kindergarten

9        10        11        12         13         14       15      10/3   Michaelmas Festival
                                                                           & CSWS 20th Anniversary

                                                                    10/12 Founders’ Day—NO SCHOOL

              Summer Events                                         10/30 Faculty In-service—NO SCHOOL;
                                                                          Pumpkin Path Festival
7/16    TST! - Dave Moore Park, Coloma, 10:30 am
                                                                    11/13 Veterans’ Day Observed—NO SCHOOL
7/21    Kindergarten Puppet Show, 11:00 am

7/23    TST! - Cameron Park Lake, 11:00 am
                                                                    11/23-27 Parent-Teacher Conference Week—
                                                                             NO SCHOOL
7/28    Kindergarten Puppet Show, 11:00 am

7/30    TST! - Jenkinson Lake (Sly Park Lake), Pollock Pines,       12/21-1/1Winter Break—NO SCHOOL
        10:30 am. Meeting place TBD (call Christine Land)
                                                                    1/18   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — NO SCHOOL
7/31    Deadline for new CSWS website submissions

8/6     TST! - Promontory Park Spray Park, El Dorado Hills,         2/15-19 Teachers’ Conference Week—NO
        10:30 am
8/8     New Parent Orientation, 10:00am - 12:00 pm
                                                                    3/6    CSWS Annual Auction & Dinner
8/13    TST! - Lotus-Henningson Park, Lotus, 10:30 am

8/15    Tie-Dye FUNdraiser, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm                      3/8    Faculty In-service—NO SCHOOL
8/20    TST! - Bridal Veil Falls Park, Pollock Pines, 10:30 am
                                                                    3/29-4/9 Spring Break—NO SCHOOL
8/22    Parent-Tot/Infant Orientation, 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
        All Kindergarten Orientation, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
                                                                    5/15   Mayfaire Festival
8/27    TST! - Cameron Park Lake, 11:00 am
          (Last of the Summer TSTs.)                                5/31   Memorial Day—NO SCHOOL
8/29    All Community Work Party & Potluck,
        8:00 am - 1:00 pm                                           6/9    Last Day of Kindergarten
8/30    Rummage Sale
                                                                    6/10   Last Day of Grades


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