17 November 2009 Dear ParentsGuardians, The end of the year is by alendar


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									17 November 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The end of the year is rapidly approaching for Year 10 and there are a number of
important activities and dates to take note of. We are very much looking forward to
celebrating the completion of Year 10, a very significant educational milestone,
with you and your daughter.

You will understand that there are many procedures to follow and details to
organise to ensure a smooth and positive finish for Year 10. We appreciate you
taking the time to note these important dates and arrangements and ask for your
support in reminding your daughter of her commitments.

As students approach the end of the year parents and students are reminded that
defacing the school uniform by obtaining signatures or tearing the uniform is
strictly against school policy. Should your daughter no longer require her uniform
for a younger sibling, or to on sell to another student, she is asked to donate it to
the African charity we support. The college year book is the appropriate medium
for your daughter to obtain signatures from her friends.

All families are warmly invited to attend the Year 10 end of year Formal Mass and
Awards ceremony on Thursday December 3rd from 10.00am- 12.00pm with
morning tea afterwards.

Students will arrive at school at the normal time. After Pastoral Care they will
assemble in House areas to prepare for entrance to their Mass and Year 10
Certificates/Awards Ceremony, which will begin at 10.00am.

After morning tea, students may collect their college yearbook from the Information
Centre, provided their clearance forms have been completed. Students are then
permitted to leave the College.

As I will discuss with the students, it is our practice that the students attend the
ceremony in smart attire which is appropriate for a Formal School Mass and we
would appreciate your support in ensuring your daughters are dressed accordingly
for this special occasion (ie: no bare shoulders, low cut necklines, tottering high
heels or very short skirts.)

Parking is available in the Auditorium car park between the school building and the
oval and also on the basketball courts. There is overflow car parking in the fenced
car park next to the O’Donnell Youth Centre. The ceremony will be in the

You are kindly requested to sign the form below and return it to your daughter’s
House Co-ordinator by the 27th November to confirm that you are aware of these
arrangements and that you will be attending the Mass and Certificates/Awards
Ceremony. Please also indicate the number of guests attending to facilitate
catering and seating requirements. If you have any questions please do not
hesitate to contact your daughter’s House Co-ordinator.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you some early news that will apply to For all
returning students in 2010. We are delighted to announce that all Year 11
students in 2010 will be issued with a laptop. This will be provided at no cost to
families through a combination of the Federal Government’s Digital Education
Revolution funding and Merici College funds as part of our ongoing commitment to
enhancing learning through technology. It will be the beginning of a roll out that
will see all senior students issued with a laptop by the beginning of 2011. Full
details will be provided at the beginning of the year.

In the meantime, we look forward to celebrating with you the completion of this
important and memorable stage of your daughter’s life.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Rey

Acknowledgment Slip: Year 10 End of Year Arrangements

To:                                                                    (House Co-ordinator)


I have received and read the letter concerning the arrangements for the end of
year for Year 10 students.

I will/will not be attend the Year 10 Mass Certificates/Awards Ceremony on
Thursday 3rd December,
10 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Number of guests attending:

Signed:                                                                (Parent/Guardian)
End of year dates for year 10.

Year 10 students are expected to attend classes following
the Year 10 exams and through to Thursday 3rd
December.- all students can wear non uniform from the
commencement of the exam period
Monday 30 November to Thursday 3 December: Last week for Year 10.

Friday 27 November to Monday 30 November


Tuesday 1 December
All students are to meet in the auditorium at the beginning of each session

Period1 and 2: Students come to the auditorium for Mass Practice
Period 3: Checking of provisional Semester 2 grades
Periods 4 and 5: Mass Preparation

Wednesday 2 December

Periods 1and 2: Administration (locker clean out etc) and Mass Set Up
Period 3: Mass Rehearsal
Periods 4 and 5: Clearance forms will be signed in this period ONLY. All text and
library books must be returned by this time.

Thursday 3 December

Mass and awards ceremony 10.00am-12.00pm (including morning tea)

Friday 4 December: No Classes for Year 10

Only students who have not completed assessment or clearance procedures need
attend on this day.

Tuesday 15 December

Reports to be mailed.

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