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profile | hi mom!

Getting To Know You
10 questions for a valleyparent
Name: Marie-eve
Children: Maelayna 5, Kyana 3, Ayva 1
➊ How did you choose your                        pick one is hard. The one that
                                                 comes to my mind is, when my
      children’s names?
      My husband and I heard of some             husband and I were talking
      names that we liked and we just            about our neighbour, my oldest
      changed them a bit. We put two             daughter heard the conversa-
      names that we liked together.              tion and when she saw my
                                                 neighbour she told her what
➋ What’s your best money                         we had said. That was quite
      saving tip when it comes to                embarrassing but funny too
      raising children?                          because we didn’t know how to
      Is there such a thing? I would have to     say it, so she did it for us but in a
      say it’s the hand-me-downs. I do have      nicer way.
      three girls which helps.
                                               ➑ Most important resource
➌ What’s your best time                          (magazine, tv show, book,
      saving tip?                                website)?
      Trying to be organized.                    My most important resource has
➍ Who’s your most                                to be my friends. The reason why is
      supportive friend/family                   because if you have kids you prob-
      member/group?                              ably went through the same thing.
      My husband and my mom.                   ➒ What do you do just for
➎ What’s your favourite song?                    yourself?
      Amazed by Lonestar                         I love to scrapbook; that is my time
                                                 for myself
➏ What’s your favourite thing to
      do with your children?                   ➓ What’s your most rewarding
      Anything that makes them happy.            moment as a mother?
                                                 Everything. Knowing that your kids
➐ Most embarrassing/funniest                     are healthy, happy and they love you
      moment as a mother?                        no matter what, that is a reward in its
      My kids always give me a laugh, to         self.

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               with your answers and
                   we may feature you
                    in our next issue!

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                                              Email high resolution photos to:
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                                            Please include a self-addressed stamped
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product | baby slings

    Slings with zing
    Recently parents have been revisiting baby slings as an alternative to bulky child carriers. The sling-style carrier a healthy
    way to carry your baby, encouraging baby wearing and allowing babies and toddlers to be held in a variety of natural posi-
    tions. These z’fina slings ( are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada and are available at The Baby
    Giraffe Children’s Boutique in Abbotsford at Clayburn Centre, 520-3033 Immel St. 604.864.2233 or Teddy Bear Dreams in
    Chilliwack at 45903 Wellington Ave 604.792.3215.

                                      The cradle position is ideal                                         The z’fina 365 Trek and Sport
                                      for newborns and babies up                                           incorporates racing stripes,
                                      to 6 months. This position is                                        heavy duty outdoor style
                                      great for sleeping and nursing                                       pockets and great designs in
                                      babies.                                                              blue and brown fabrics.

The hip-baby position is
       the most popular
  position, allowing you
  hands-free movement.                                                 The piggy-back position gives
   The z’fina baby slings                                                 you maximum hands-free
can be used for newborn                                                movement while your child is
       babies to toddlers                                                  safely tucked behind you
   weighing 35 pounds /
               15.5 kilos.

    Read. Learn. Play.

    Clearbrook Library
    32320 George Ferguson Way 604-859-7814
    MSA Centennial Library
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    5875 Mt Lehman Road 604-856-4988
                                It’s never too                         (which is a part of The Mortgage Group)
                                early to start
                                reading with
                                 your child!

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health | dental care

Fun a factor for children’s dental care
Keeping up with a kid is no
easy feat. Most parents know
that a child is a bundle of en-
                                  study reports that almost
                                  a third of all kids between
                                  two and five have cavities
                                                                                                                                      or her lips once a month and
                                                                                                                                      check the teeth. Look for
                                                                                                                                      dull white spots or lines on
ergy with an attention span       in their baby teeth. Experts                                                                        the teeth. These may be on
that lasts mere minutes—if        attribute the trend to several                                                                      the necks of teeth next to the
you’re lucky! So when it          factors, including an upsurge                                                                       gums. Dark teeth are also a
comes to teaching children        in sugared snacks, juice and                                                                        sign of tooth decay. If you see
the lessons of being an in-       soda consumption, the rising                                                                        any signs, go to the dentist
dependent person—such as          use of bottled, non-fluori-
                                                                                         Other Dental Tips                            right away. Early childhood
personal grooming habits—         dated water, and the fact that                         • Children should also floss                  tooth decay must be treated
there are distinct challenges.    children simply don’t spend                              regularly—as early as                      quickly. If not, your child
But with a little patience        enough time brushing teeth.                              when they have two front                   may have pain and infection.
and a dash of fun, no task is      Many people are under the                                                                           A dentist’s visit should
                                                                                           teeth erupted.
insurmountable.                   assumption that oral hygiene                                                                        occur by age one. Brushing
                                                                                         • Everyone—adults and
 There is growing evidence        is not something that really                             children—should replace                    should begin at age two and
that children’s dental health     needs to be worried about                                a toothbrush after three                   be supervised until a child is
is an area on which most          in young kids. After all, baby                           months of use.                             seven.
families need to focus more       teeth will eventually fall out                                                                       The recommended brush-
                                                                                         • Fun flavor: There are a
attention. Dentists say they      and new teeth will grow in                                                                          ing time to get teeth clean is
                                                                                           variety of toothpaste
are treating more and more        their place. But this is far                                                                        a minute for the top arch of
                                                                                           flavors available to appeal
young patients who have           from the case. The Canadian                                                                         teeth and a minute for the
cavities in their primary         Dental Association (www.                                 to kids who don’t enjoy
                                                                                           the plain minty variety                    bottom. So how does a par-
teeth. A new Center for Dis- suggests once                                                                           ent get their child to cooper-
ease Control and Prevention       your child has teeth, lift his                           most adults use.
                                                                                                                                      ate? Make it fun. - Metro vp

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support | just for you

                           is here for
                         overwhelmed moms
                         When a woman becomes pregnant, she will soon
                         share in a miraculous event—bringing into the world
                         a loving child to care for and adore. There are many
                         things she gains upon becoming a mother, including
                         the devotion of her child. But during the journey of
                         motherhood a woman may actually lose something
                         inadvertently: her self-identity.
                          Through the years a woman shapes who she is and
                         her identity evolves. Even after she begins dating or
                         gets married her identity remains virtually intact— she
                         is still known as Susan, Beth, or Maria. However, once
                         baby arrives, she is known as “Mom” and sometimes
                         pieces of the woman she used to be get pushed aside
                         in order to fulfill a role as mother. Even the strongest of
                         women stress over living up to the ideals placed on a
                         mom, balancing the mundane chores of life, and trying
                         to eke out some “me” time in the mix.
                          The Book of Mom, by Taylor G. Wilshire, addresses
                         just these issues, posing the question, “Is there room
                         for me in mommy?” With humour and raw honesty,
                         Wilshire uses the experiences of her main character
                         Tate, a stay-at-home-mom, to search for the answer to
                         this question in a story that is both entertaining and
                         enlightening. Women everywhere can use strategies
                         explored in the book to turn around their lives and
                         work through feelings in a productive way. Here are
                         some examples:
                         • Put yourself first: As a mother, aren’t you supposed
                         to step aside and make your child the top

                                                        childrens’ clothing
                                                          baby carriers
                                                          cloth diapers
                                                       ~ newborn to size 8 ~


                         33176 First Ave, Mission BC • 604.820.2585

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                                                                                 just for you | support
                                                                                                                            Cover to Cover
priority in life now? Not necessarily, espe-                  a therapist who helps find strategies for her
cially when doing just that can do more harm                  marriage, her children and herself, so she can                The family manager’s
than good. But by caring for yourself first,                   find balance, quiet and so much more.                          guide for working moms
and ensuring you’re in a healthy frame of                     • Learn to say no: There comes a time when                    by Kathy Peel
mind, you’ll be a much better parent to your                  you have to set limits. You simply cannot be
child. If you are stressed out every minute of                Superwoman, Supermom, or Superwife 24/7.                      Back on the career
the day because you don’t have any time for                   Pick your battles and set priorities that will                track: a guide for stay-
yourself, how will this affect your child? Take               provide the most benefit to your family—and                    at-home Moms who
a cue from Tate; set aside a special place just               most importantly, yourself.                                   want to return
for you or schedule time where you can be
alone and simply do the things you enjoy,                     • Listen to your intuition: There are plenty                  to work
such as curling up with a good book—and                       of guides out there telling you how to raise                  by Carol Fishman Cohen
don’t feel guilty about it, either.                           your child, what milestones the family should
                                                              be meeting and other such “helpful” infor-                    The Mom book : 4,278
• Hire a support staff: Not in the literal                    mation that can actually have a reverse effect                tips—for moms from
sense, of course, unless hiring outside child                 on you, making you feel more overwhelmed                      moms
care fits with your lifestyle and budget. We’re                than ever. Trust your gut in most situations,                 by Stacy M. DeBroff
talking about leaning on those people whom                    it tends to steer you in the right direction.
you trust, such as friends and family. Don’t be               Don’t let well-meaning family members or                      The don’t sweat guide
afraid to ask for help and seek out advice, es-               friends tell you how things “have” to be done.
pecially from mothers who have been there,
                                                                                                                            for moms : being more
                                                              And don’t feel compelled to compare your                      relaxed and peaceful so
done that. Or, you can turn to a professional                 situation or your child’s development to oth-
therapist to help you work through some of                                                                                  your kids are too!
                                                              ers. Things have a way of all evening out and
the more troublesome issues. Asking for help                  workintg out in the end.                                      by Kristine Carlson
will not make you less of a woman or mother.
In the book, Tate turns frequently to her best                                                                              These books can be found
friend who helps put out emotional fires and                    ◗ Learn more about the book and author at                    at the Fraser Valley Regional
set Tate back on course. She also speaks with        vp

                                                                                                        Jump into the adventure and let
                                                                                                     friendship fill each day! Awesome
                                                                                                     counselors,pure fun,a world of
                                                                                                     discovery...all in an amazing setting!
                                                                                                     Enjoy the best of a Canadian
                                                                                                     west-coast summer!
                                                                                         ACTIVITIES:    Qwanoes is a Christian camp
                                                                               FROM WAKEBOARDING and an ideal place for life-
                                                                                  AND BLOBBING TO changing,fun-filled adventure.
                                                                                MOUNTAIN BOARDING Summer camps for all ages!
                                                                                AND THE SCREAMER... For a free summer brochure:
                                                                                      CHOOSE FROM 888-99-QWANOES
                                                                                  OVER 40 OPTIONS! Website:

 31911 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford..........604-850-0080
 34596 Delair Rd, Abbotsford.................604-852-6733
 32754 Lougheed Hwy, Mission.............604-826-4200                                                                                   Located on
                                                                                                      LIFE LIKE NO OTHER!                     Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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health | pregnancy

                                 +                                            =
Most women know that as soon as they
get pregnant they should eat a healthy
balanced diet, quit smoking and drink-
ing alcohol, and supplement with folic
acid to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
But few of us look at that short period
                                            The women participating in the study
                                            ranged in age from 22 to 45 years old,
                                            while men ranged in age from 25 to 59
                                            years old.
                                             Prior to beginning the study, 41 per
                                            cent of the couples had no history of
                                                                                          At the end of 18 months the results of
                                                                                         the study were as follows:
                                                                                         • of those with no history of infertility,
                                                                                           96 per cent gave birth
                                                                                         • of those with a history of infertility, 81
                                                                                           per cent gave birth
of time prior to conception as having       infertility, miscarriage or birth mal-
any consequence on the health of our        formations, 37 per cent of the couples       • of those with a history of
pregnancy, labour, ability to breastfeed    had suffered infertility, 38 per cent had      miscarriage, 83 per cent gave birth
or the health of our child.                 suffered previous miscarriages, 11 per       • of those with a history of therapeutic
 In fact, many studies over the last few    cent had therapeutic abortions (due            abortion, 73 per cent gave birth
years have emerged to tell us that the      to detection of birth defects), three per    • of those with a history of stillbirth, 80
preconception period (three to four         cent had stillbirth, 15 per cent had given     per cent gave birth
months prior to even starting to try to     birth to low birth weight babies, and
conceive a child) is crucially important.   two per cent had given birth to babies       • of those with low birth weights or
                                            with a malformation.                           malformations, 100 per cent gave
 Foresight, the Association for the                                                        birth.
Promotion of Preconception Care, has         The couples were monitored over 18
been researching the value of precon-       months and followed a very basic four         Overall, 89 per cent of all the couples
ception care in the United Kingdom          month preconception care program in-         gave birth by the end of the study. The
since 1978. A 1995 study in conjunction     cluding a healthy, balanced diet free of     average age at birth was 38.5 weeks
with Surrey University, published in The    alcohol and smoking, regular exercise,       gestation and no baby was born before
Journal of Nutritional and Environmen-      proper nutritional supplementation,          36 weeks gestation.
tal Medicine, followed the progress of      and a screen for sexually transmitted         Furthermore, no miscarriages oc-
367 couples over a period of 18 months.     infections).                                 curred during the study, there were no

10   valleyparent
                                                                                                             pregnancy | health

perinatal deaths, no malformations, and no         conception and give up their evening beer.
baby was admitted to intensive care.                It takes approximately three months for
 Just to contrast, in a similar population         sperm to mature, so reason dictates that
sample of people who had not participated          three months prior to conception the
in any preconception care you would                sperm that eventually fuses with an egg to
expect about 70 women to experience a              make your baby has been exposed to all the
miscarriage and about 12 children to be            nutrients (or lack of nutrients) and the tox-
born with a malformation.                          ins that the male partner has been putting
                                                   in his body.
                                                    Men contribute 50 per cent of the ge-
     “Farmers and stock                            netic material to their children. It is just
    breeders have always                           as important that they are healthy in the
                                                   preconception period as women. After all,       Joanne Menard is a naturo-
      bred from healthy                                                                            pathic doctor at the Sardis
                                                   it appears that infertility cases are due to
    stock. Why should we                           male factor causes as much as 60 per cent       Naturopathic Medical Clinic. She
      be any different?”                           of the time.                                    has a special interest in women’s
                                                                                                   health and perinatal health. She
                                                    The months leading up to actively trying
                                                                                                   offers pre-conception counseling
                                                   to conceive can be time used to regulate
The results speak for themselves.                                                                  to couples planning to get preg-
                                                   ovulation, balance hormone levels, improve      nant as well as doula services
 What’s quite important in this study is that      the health of the ovaries, discover and treat   to her expecting patients. She is
both potential parents—the women and               hidden infections in the reproductive tract,    licensed to perform acupuncture
men followed the preconception plan.               soften scar tissue and adhesions, improve       and has done additional training
 Not surprisingly, most women are will-            sperm count, quality and motility, and test     in acupuncture in the areas of
ing to do anything including standing on           for and correct nutritional deficiencies.        fertility, pregnancy and labour.
their heads to get pregnant, let alone have         Farmers and stock breeders have always         Contact her at 604-858-7422 for
a healthy baby, while many men are still           bred from healthy stock. Why should we be       your personalized preconception
reluctant to acknowledge their role in             any different? vp                               care program.

                  A Perfectly
              Pampered Pregnancy                                                  A Boutique for Modern Kids
                  before, during and after pregnancy

                            Undine’s will leave you feeling
                            revived, rejuvenated & relaxed
                            Mommy To-Be             Anticipation
                          - Footbath & scrub    - 25 min Pregnancy
                         - 25 min Pregnancy            Massage
                                Massage              - Spa Facial
                            - Face massage         - Spa Pedicure

                       #101-45935 Airport Rd. Chilliwack, BC V2P 1A3           9369 Mill Street, Chilliwack
                             604.703.1344 | 1.888.700.1344                 604-795-7517

                                                                                                                         valleyparent 11
12   valleyparent
                                                                                                       pregnancy | memories

by Paul J. Henderson
                                           &                       ered in jelly and plaster, and to get it done the subject needs
                                                                   to stand the whole time, which can last between 30 minutes
                                                                   and two hours depending on how large and involved a cast is
When a woman is pregnant the physical changes she experi-          wanted.
ences can be exciting, scary and bewildering all at the same
                                                                    Osl can do just the belly, the whole torso, or anything really.
                                                                   The most popular pose is both hands on the pregnant belly.
 Capturing the beauty of a belly growing with a baby inside in     She hasn’t done it yet, but she thinks it would be neat to do
photos and video is one obvious way to remember the magic          more than one over the course of a pregnancy.
of being pregnant. But Chilliwack’s Kari Osl runs a business
                                                                    “You could even do one for each trimester and see yourself
to help women create a more tactile and three-dimensional
                                                                   grow,” she said.
                                                                    ◗ To get more information visit her website at bodybybaby-
 Belly casting is Osl’s way of capturing her clients’ pregnan-
                                                         , or call her at 604-795-5465 or
cies for them, and to create an art object out of it at the same
                                                                   Paul Henderson lives in the Fraser Valley where he is happily
 “I have a great spot above the fireplace,” said Monique
                                                                   married. While he doesn’t have any children yet, he is hoping to
Robertson during her belly casting. “I’ll definitely put it up
                                                                   be able to do a belly cast of his wife in the future. vp
somewhere. It is an art piece. You should be proud of your
body when you’re pregnant, it’s a great time.”
 Robertson knew that while her body may go back to normal

          “You could even do one for
            each trimester and see
               yourself grow.”

after her baby was born, she would always have a physical
reminder of what she looked like while pregnant.
 Osl hasn’t been doing belly casting long, but she thinks the
idea will really catch on in the Fraser Valley. Some women
who have found out about her new business and what belly
casting can do for the memory of a pregnancy are disappoint-
ed they didn’t do it themselves.
 “Some people are really, really upset they didn’t do it be-
cause they maybe are only pregnant once, and every preg-
nancy is different,” Osl said.
 To make her belly casts Osl uses the same material used to
make a cast if you break your arm or leg. It is medical grade
plaster infused into pre-cut gauze, so she simply dips it in
water and spreads it on the belly after applying a thin layer of
petroleum jelly.
 The process is a messy one as any clothing worn gets cov-

                                                                                                                         valleyparent 13
                                              Sleep training tips
 health | snoozing

Before electricity people would rise and
fall with the world’s natural light source,
which fit in with our natural biological
clock – back then many people got the         who already have associations or have                         and woke up on the front lawn?
sleep that they needed. Today in our          a multi-layered issue, sleep training is a                     Where does your baby sleep? Choose
fast paced 24-hour society our ability to     learning process and is done in stages                        one place where your baby can sleep—
maintain adequate quality sleep is suf-       to make the transition go smoothly for                        preferably a crib—this is where they
fering—ask yourself where is sleep on         everyone. It takes time, persistence                          should take the majority of all naps and
your list of priorities?                      and most importantly consistency.                             all nighttime sleep. Would you feel well
 This is true to for children and ba-         Imagine trying to learn how to play a                         rested if your place of sleep varied?
bies—with so many classes and activi-         game if somebody kept changing the
                                              rules—you would never learn to play                            What time does your child go to bed?
ties to participate in—many babies,                                                                         Missing your child’s natural lull is es-
toddlers and mums are over scheduled.         the game—right?
                                                                                                            sential if you want an easy transition.
Some of these classes clash with a             Here is a list of questions and tips to                      An overtired child often acts wired
child’s natural dip in alertness so regu-     consider before making changes to your                        and once wound up is very difficult to
lar naps become increasingly difficult to      family’s sleep.                                               settle. Do you feel drowsy after dinner
establish. More sleep is required in in-                                                                    and then get a second wind later in the
fancy than any other age group and lack                                                                     evening?
of healthy sleep for babies and children
is detrimental to physical and mental
                                                   “Imagine someone                                          Does your child nap on a daily basis?
                                                 trying to learn how to                                     Don’t underestimate the importance of
health; it should not be underestimated.
                                                                                                            daytime sleep. If your child is constantly
 The biggest challenge for most parents               play a game if                                        missing naps then their ability to cope
of course is how to obtain this qual-                somebody kept                                          in their surroundings decreases and
ity sleep for their children if habits are                                                                  they easily meltdown. How do you cope
already ingrained, the thought of mak-
                                                 changing the rules?”
                                                                                                            when you are tired after a long busy
ing changes can seem daunting with so                                                                       day, preparing dinner, with the phone
many current schools of thought, com-          Do you have a daily routine? Children                        ringing, the television on, organiz-
bine this with your own sleep depriva-        thrive on predictability. If you never                        ing tomorrow and trying to watch the
tion and the whole concept becomes            knew was going to happen or when you                          children? I am sure that you feel like
extremely overwhelming.                       would next eat or sleep —how would                            screaming, just like a child does.
 First of all you need to decide what         you feel?                                                      Making changes to your baby or child’s
you and your family perceive a healthy         How does you baby or child fall asleep?                      sleep should be done when there are no
sleep regime to encompass —what are           If you baby uses a crutch (rocking, mum                       other major life changes taking place so
you comfortable with and not comfort-         or dad’s chest, breast, bottle, etc.) once                    that you can concentrate and provide
able with. Don’t feel pressured to make       your baby is in a light sleep they will                       dedication.
changes because of external sources.          have brief awakenings and constantly                          Dawnn Whittaker is a Baby Contentment
Do what’s right for your family.              need the same conditions to get back                          & Sleep Consultant. Dawnn will be hold-
 It is possible to make changes with          to sleep and this results in no sleep for                     ing several seminars in 2008 in various
the appropriate knowledge and guid-           all parties involved. How would you feel                      locations throughout B.C. Contact her at
ance—but don’t expect fantastic results       if you went to sleep in your bed, warm               or by email: best-
immediately—be realistic. For children        and cozy with your duvet and pillow,                 vp

                                                                                         ing creative
                                                                    nery into so

                                                                                   dance drama music art and more

                                                                                                          A performing art studio offering an
                                                                                   nel             ever-expanding array of programs for kids, youth
                                                                                         c ha n     and adults…RAD ballet to belly dancing, fitness
                                                                                                  and yoga to musical theatre…with caring, qualified
                                                                                                   and imaginative instructors and affordable rates.

                                                                               45635 Lark Road, Chilliwack |
                                                                            T 604-858-0808 | E

14   valleyparent
                                                        pregnancy | health

Leader of 3D ultrasound
    Now Available:
    Free Live Web Broadcast
    Share your experience with anyone,
    anywhere in the world over the web!

    Loveable Heartbeat Bears
    Experience the joy of listening to your
    baby’s heartbeat anytime you wish.
    $25 with the purchase of a complete 3D/4D package
 Langley: 604-882-1515
Vancouver: 604-708-8853
                                                                 valleyparent 15
outdoors | take a hike

If you go out in the wo

                         by Maude Stephany
                         When nature is your backyard, and seems so
                         close, it is easy to believe that it is benign and to
                         forget that, like the wolf in Red Riding Hood, it
                         has a dangerous element. Taking a cue from fairy
                         tales and stories, we can remember the basics of
                         safe, fun outdoor adventure.
                          Stay on the path, Red Riding Hood! When we
                         first take to the trail, it’s easy to think that this is
                         just a short hike. We think, mistakenly, that we
                         can find the path again when we’re just twenty
                         feet away. The truth of the matter is it’s very easy
                         to lose your way when you don’t know where
                         you’re going. Stay on the path, follow the mark-
                         ers, study the map and use your compass and
                         you’ll do fine. You won’t take the wrong turn
                         and end up on a trail five miles from where you
                         parked your car. Have a plan and stick to it. Make
                         certain that someone knows where you are and
                         when to expect you home. If you don’t make it
                         home on time, they can call for emergency help
                         for you.
                          Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? A bit of fear is a
                         good thing when going into the wilderness. How-
                         ever, shouting, “What’s that?” every time a twig
                         snaps is going a bit too far. Wild animals are part
                         of your outdoor experience. Most are fairly safe
                         to view, and can be observed with the naked eye,
                         but be sure to keep your distance. Every animal
                         likes some breathing room, so bring binoculars
                         to help you get a better look and a guidebook to
                         help you identify them. Few back country ac-
                         cidents involve run-ins with “wildlife gone bad.”
                         By knowing the signs of natural predators, your
                         family can avoid shaking hands with a grizzly and
                         learn how to co-exist with nature.
                          Don’t touch that, Snow White! It’s tempting to
                         bend down and touch the unusual plants that
                         populate our forests. However, some of those
                         pretty red flowers are telling you something.
                         They’re shouting, “Don’t touch me! I’m poison-
                         ous!” Bring well illustrated guide books on your
                         trek so that you can identify and learn more
                         about the native species of plants, animals and
                         birds. Who knows, not only will you children
                         learn what plants are poisonous and which are
                         iffy, they might even dig up something good for
                          Whistle while you walk—it’s a good way to let
                         others know that you are there. This is mostly
                         important for predatory animals, who don’t like
                         noisy creatures like us. Carry and use a whistle

16   valleyparent
                                                                                                                               take a hike | outdoors

oods today . . .
  (such as a Fox 40) which does not                           and water; enough for everyone to
                                                                                                           Hiking Essentials
                                                                                                           Doug Fraser, a Team Leader of the Chilli-
                                                                                                           wack Search and Rescue, often refers to
                                                                                                           the BC SAR Association website (www.
  sound like any birds in the area. Not                       last at least 24 hours. Things like gorp as a source to find tips to
  only can it help you discourage bears                       and jerky go a long way to satisfy you       make hiking safe. Here are some essen-
  and cougars from hanging around, it                         when you’re hungry, and they are light       tials to make your trip uneventful as well
  could save your life if you get lost.                       to carry. Remember, also, to carry your      as pleasurable.
   The Three Little Pigs bear testament                       emergency supplies.                          • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes
  to the truth that there’s strength in                        The best part about hiking is that you      • Clothing (in layers)
  numbers. Never hike alone, and when                         could hike the same trail a dozen times      • Map and compass- you must know
  you go, stay with your group. Never                         in one year and it would never be the          how to use them both!
  leave anyone behind. Walk only as fast                      same. Make games with your children          • Comfortable back pack
  and as far as your weakest member.                          to help them notice the changes during       • Food for 24 hours (dried food is best)
  Take turns leading the way. This will                       the seasons. Stop and watch the beaver
                                                                                                           • Water for 24 hours and water
  strengthen everyone’s hiking skills and                     building a dam. Observe the blue
                                                                                                             purification tablets
  make it more enjoyable.                                     heron as it tends its young.
                                                                                                           • Emergency rain gear
   Be prepared when it comes to your                           Remembering these basic rules, you          • Mittens, hat and a change of socks
  outdoor experience. Weather is per-                         will be able to enjoy the outdoors with
                                                                                                           • Emergency flares • First aid kit
  haps the most underestimated part of                        your family. Just down the road, you’ll
  a hiking trek. Always carry emergency                       be sure to find a happy ending!               • Matches/lighter and candles/
  rain gear, a set of mittens, a change                                                                      firestarters
                                                              Maude Stephany put down her roots in
  of socks and a hat year round in your                                                                    • LED Flashlight
                                                              the Fraser Valley three years ago. She
  pack. You never know when you might                         divides her time between writing, read-      • Cell phone
  need them. Remember to bring or wear                        ing and spending time outdoors with her      • Utility knife, whistle, orange plastic bag
  layers. Remember, also to bring food                        husband and two children. vp

                                                    Register by phone or
                                                          online at
    Abbotsford Dance Center
      Specializing in Little Steps
         Primary Programs                 
         Classes for ages 2 to adult
   Preschooler Programs
   Little Steps Fine Arts Program
  2.5 hour classes, twice a week, students
  express themselves through words,
  movement, drawing, dancing, playing,
  singing, acting and other natural modes of
  expression. Fundamentals of Reggio Emilia
                                                                                                   r the
  technique used.                                                                           Good fo mily

                                                                                            whole fa
   Recreational & Competitive
   • Little Steps Jr., Sr., & Tumble • Jazz • Tap
   • Ballet • Pointe • Acrobatics • Rhythmic                                          A Great Year-Round Activity                                 off
   Gymnastics • Musical Theatre • Song n                                              • Flexible times to suit your schedule     2 MONTHS COURSES
   Dance • Hip Hop/Breakin • Contortion                                               • Self-discipline & confidence                   Ages 5+
   • All Boys Class Hiphop/Break • Jazz/Tap                                                                                        (new students only)
   Combo • Ballet/Acro • Modern • Lyrical
                                                      “The Affordable                 • Improves concentration
                                                                                      • Learn self defense
                                                    Alternative in Dance
                                                                                                                MASTER LEE’S
   • Contemporary • Tumbling • Spins n
   Leaps • Adult Hiphop, Tap, Jazz, Irish, Ballet        Education”
   • Irish *New Specials Needs Classes *New
   • Giggles n Glamour Parties *New                  Special Sprung Floors                                             TAE KWON DO
                                                    Air Conditioned Facilities                                  201-33386 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford
   8 Week Programs:                                                                                            
   • Once Upon a Dance Class                          Come for the Price...
   • Parent n Tot                                                                                                 604.852.8824
   • Teddy Bear n Me                                   Stay for the Quality             Celebrating 20 years of service in the Fraser Valley

                                                                                                                                                 valleyparent 17
Breastfeeding and loving it
     There is a reason behind                                                             The most common problem is sore
                                                                                         nipples. This often happens when the
       everything in nature.
                                                                                         baby is not positioned correctly and
                    - Aristotle                                                          does not have enough of the breast in

                                                                                         his/her mouth. Proper latching is usu-
 It truly is a wonderful gift, that you as a                                             ally established in the hospital. I would
mom are giving to your baby, when you                                                    like to encourage all moms to take every
choose to breastfeed.                                                                    effort to get help from experienced
 The more details that are discovered                                                    nurses on how to establish proper
about specific nutrients in human milk,                                                   latching. You can help sore nipples by
the clearer it becomes that human                                                        exposing them to air as much as pos-
milk is precisely engineered for human                                                   sible and gently rubbing a little breast
infants. Breast milk has been described                                                  milk at the end of each breastfeeding.
as a “dynamic living tissue”. Not only                                                   There are also creams available to apply
is mother’s milk nutritionally ideal but                                                 on the nipple after breastfeeding such
it also contains antibodies to protect                                                   as Lansinoh. Itchy, burning nipples
against infection and disease.                                                           may be caused by thrush which is a
                                                                                         yeast infection that often affects baby’s
 There are multiple benefits of breast-         are beginners at nursing you may feel a   mouth as well. If you suspect it, you
feeding: balanced nutrition, less risk of      bit awkward, sometimes overwhelmed        need to make a visit to your doctor and
infection and allergies, fewer late onset      and discouraged. This all is normal but   get treatment.
of chronic disease and optimal brain           with experience nursing will become
development. If both you and your baby         both easy and convenient.                 Engorgement is another common

                    R E A D. L E A R N. P L A Y.

     Are you looking for great reads, DVD’s, CD’s and programs for babies,
     toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children? Check out your local
     Fraser Valley Regional Library for:

          Your free library card
❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

          Exciting Summer Reading Club Programs for all ages-free of charge
          Drop-in and registered story times-free of charge
          Books for BC Babies Package for new parents-free of charge

     Langley Libraries:
     Aldergrove Library...................... 604-856-6415            Agassiz Library ....... 604-796-9510
     Brookswood Library................... 604-534-7055               Chilliwack Library ... 604-792-1941
     City of Langley Library .............. 604-514-2850
     Fort Langley Library ................... 604-888-0722            Mission Library........ 604-826-6610
     Muriel Arnason Library.............. 604-532-3590                Yarrow Library......... 604-823-4664
     Murrayville Library ...................... 604-533-0339

18   valleyparent
                                                                                                                                                       breastfeeding | newborns

complaint. Engorged breasts become                                  the baby should have around six wet
very full and painful to touch. This hap-                           diapers in 24 hours and usually at least                                 Where can you get
pens most commonly when the milk                                    two yellow bowel movements. Frequent                                     breast feeding help
first comes in and during the first few                               nursing is normal for young babies and                                   in the Fraser Valley?
days. Frequent nursing from birth helps                             it will help you establish an appropriate                                Public Health Unit
to reduce early engorgement. Ice packs                              milk supply. Let the baby nurse for as                                   Chilliwack 604-702-4900
may offer relief from swelling, while                               long and often as he/she wants.                                          Public Health Unit
warm wash clothes or a bath will help                               • Nurse early and often.                                                 Abbotsford 604-864-3400
the milk flow.
                                                                    • Be aware of the value of early skin to                                 Chilliwack General
 Plugged ducts and breast infections are                              skin contact with the baby (within the                                 Hospital 604-795-4107
another common concern. A plugged                                     first few hours).                                                       Mission Memorial
duct may feel like a tender lump in the                             • Practice proper latching. Nurse with                                   Hospital 604-826-6261
breast. Using a heating pad or hot wash                               nipple and areola in baby’s mouth.                                     MSA Hospital
clothes on the affected area will help as
                                                                    • Look after yourself, get proper rest                                   604-853-2201
well as encouraging the baby to nurse
                                                                      and reduce stress levels. This will                                    Breastfeeding Clinic
frequently on that side while massaging
                                                                      speed up your milk production and                                      604-702-4900
the lump. If there is an associated fever
                                                                      supply. vp
or redness in the area you may have a                                                                                                        Information phone lines
breast infection. If you suspect this you                                                                                                    Mother Risk
should see your family physician for                                                          Didi Harries, MD, FRCPC,
                                                                                              is a pediatrician in Chilli-                   416-813-6780
possible antibiotic treatment.                                                                wack providing patient                         LaLeche League
 When do you know that your baby is                                                           care in the pediatric clinic,
getting enough milk? The breastfeeding                                                        emergency room and
guidelines suggest watching the baby’s                                                        newborn nursery at Chilli-                     Family Place
diapers. At around three to four days                                                         wack General Hospital.                         604-823-4323

 L A F I E R T É F R A N C O P H O N E S ’ A P P R E N D A U S S I À L’ É C O L E                                                                                              W W W. C S F. B C . C A

                      CHILLIWACK                                                             MISSION                                                            LANGLEY
                            ÉCOLE LA VÉRENDRYE                                                   ÉCOLE DES DEUX-RIVES                                               ÉCOLE DES VOYAGEURS
                            6610 Lickman Road                                                    7674 Stave Lake Street                                             8736,216th Street
                            (604) 858-2666                                                       (604) 820-5710                                                     (604) 881-0222
                            M/K - 7                                                              M/K - 7                                                            M/K - 7

             To register your child in the Francophone school in your area,please communicate with:   Pour inscrire votre enfant dans l’école francophone de votre communauté veuillez communiquer avec :

                                          LE CONSEIL SCOLAIRE FRANCOPHONE DE LA COLOMBIE-BRITANNIQUE (SD No 93)
                              180-10200 Shellbridge Way,Richmond,(C.-B.) V6X 2W7 | (604) 214-2600 or/ou 1-888-715-2200 |

                                                                                                                                                                                         valleyparent 19
                                          happenings | community
Drop Ins                                    Community Road                       33660 South Fraser Way,              Community Support
Clearbrook Public Library                   604-823-4664.                        Abbotsford/ 604-853-1753.            Groups
32320 George Ferguson Way.                  Family storytime. Ages 2-6.          Terrific Twos Storytime. Enjoy       Down Syndrome Support Group
604-859-7814.                               Stories, songs, finger plays and     stories, songs, rhymes and           Abbotsford. Parent evenings
Family storytime. Ages 2-5.                 flannel tales. Parents are encour-   fingerplays. Tuesdays 10:30am-       and preschool play groups. Visit
A half hour of stories, songs,              aged to stay with their children     11:00am.                    or call
rhymes and fingerplays. Parents             and join in the fun. Tuesdays,       Thrilling Threes to Fives Sto-       Katrina at 604-793-0019.
and caregivers are encouraged               Wednesdays and Thursdays             rytime. Stories, songs, rhymes
                                            10:30am-11:00am.                     and fingerplays.. Wednesdays         Seizure/Epilepsy Support
to have fun and participate!                                                                                          Chilliwack. Contact Donna at
Thursdays 10:30am-11:00am.                  Pajama storytime. Ages 2-6.          10:30am-11:00am.
                                            Come in pajamas with your                                                 604-792-4133 or Val at 604-858-
Evening Pajama Storytimes.                                                       Outdoor Spray Park                   3390.
Fourth Wednesday of every                   favourite stuffed animal for a fun   Landing Leisure Centre 9145
month. Children are welcome                 ‘before bed’ time. Tuesday 7:00-     Corbould Street, Chilliwack.         Twins Club
to come in pajamas and bring a              7:30pm.                              Open until September 11:00am-        Chilliwack. Support and social
soft toy. 7:00pm-7:30pm.                    Storytime for baby. Ages new-        7:00pm weather permitting. The       club for parents are twins and
Baby and Toddler Time. An                   born to one year old and their       spray park is free to use and pic-   multiples. Contact Cheryl at
interactive twenty minute sto-              caregiver. Thursdays 10:30-          nic tables are available onsite.     604-795-2545 chryl_mueller@
rytime presenting books, songs,             11:00am. Free, registration                                     
                                            required                             Parent & Tot Escape
rhymes and more for babies and                                                                                        E.P.I.C. Parent Support Group
                                                                                 Landing Leisure Centre 9145
toddlers up to 24 months and                Family Centre                                                             Chilliwack. For parents or care-
                                                                                 Corbould Street, Chilliwack.
their parent or caregiver. Fridays          Abbotsford. Provides summer                                               givers of children with mental
                                                                                 Mom and dad’s morning out.
10:30am-11:00am.                            camps and other group social                                              and/or physical challenges. Par-
                                                                                 Bring your child under 5 and let
Chilliwack Public Library                   activities for children ages new-    your youngster play with our         ent directed, confidential and
45860 First Avenue                          born to six years old. Call 604-     Games Leader in our tots pool        informal. Meets second Tuesday
604-792-1941.                               859-7681.                            while you enjoy a complimen-         every month 7:00pm. Contact
Vedder Public Library. 4670                 MSA Centennial Library               tary cup of coffee.                  Heather-Joy at 604-393-0673.

                                                                                          Sardis Naturopathic
                                                                                             Medical Clinic
                                                                                                     Providing Individualized
                ABBOTSFORD VIRTUAL SCHOOL                                                             Health Care Solutions
            supports students with BC Ministry courses and
           programs that meet individual educational needs.
                                                                                              Women’s Health Care
     Elementary and Middle School Programs
     Complete programs designed and supervised by experienced teachers.                       Pre & Post Natal Care
     Teachers work with families learning at home.                                                  Family Medicine
     Weekly school activities.                                                               Chronic Pain Treatment
     Secondary Programs (Grade 10 to 12)
     Virtual (online) Semestered Courses.                                                               Dr. Joanne Menard
     Any pace, any place, any time courses.                                                              Naturopathic Physician
     Open to all BC high school students.
     Unique programs in computers, video game design and languages.
                                                                                                             Chelation Therapy
     Adult Students
     Upgrade for post secondary or complete                                                                   Food Sensitivity Testing
     school with Adult Dogwood.                                                                               Far Infrared Sauna
     Start with one course or create a program.                                                               Ligament repair treatments for
     Daily tutoring and evening support available.
     No course cost!
                                                                                                             chronic pain.

     Visit our website at                                                                Dr. Philip Balcaen
     or phone (604) 859-9803                                                                           Naturopathic Physician
     to make an appointment.

                                                                                                 Call for Initial Consultation
                                                                                            Phone: 604-858-7422
                                                                                        106-45389 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack

20   valleyparent
                                   happenings | community
Epilepsy Support Society           at 604-702-4900.                      Chilliwack. A research-based,       Provides programs and services
Chilliwack. Resources and sup-     Fit 4 You                             10 week parenting course that       to military and community fami-
port. Contact Laura at 604-852-    Free exercise for pre & post          teaches parents how to use          lies. Visit www.mainlandbcmfrc.
2686 ext. 245.                     natal period. Call the Chilliwack     some of the same skills that play   com or call 604-858-1195
Hard of Hearing Association        Health Unit at 604-702-4900           therapists use to help children     Nurturing Fathers Program
Chilliwack. Serving children and                                         who are experiencing social,        Nurturing fathers who would
                                   Labour Support Service                emotional, and behavioural
their families. Contact Janet at   Chilliwack. Call Carmen at                                                like more information, call Sandy
604-794-3772.                                                            problems. For parents with chil-    at 604-793-7228.
                                   604-701-2511.                         dren pre-school and kindergar-
Life Challenge Program             Mom and Baby Yoga                     ten age. Call Erin at               Parenting Anxious Kids
Abbotsford. A variety of activi-   Abbotsford. Parents and               604-702-2311.                       Educational group for parents
ties geared to develop social      children together spiritually                                             who have anxious children of all
and recreational living for the                                          Effective Parenting                 ages. Call Eryn at 604-795-8481.
                                   and physically connect. Call          STEP (Systematic Training for
physically challenged..            604-850-0500.                                                             Nobody’s Perfect Program
                                                                         Effective Parenting). Call Mary
Raising Relative’s Children        Prenatal Classes                      or Janine (Public Health) at 604-   Abbotsford. Program for par-
Chilliwack. Support and educa-     Adult and youth. Call the             702-4900 or Carol (Family Place)    ents and children from new-
tion. Meets third Tuesday every    Chilliwack Health Unit at             604-792-1631.                       born to 5 years old that helps
month at Chilliwack Public         604-702-4900.                                                             parents with confidence with
Library, 45860 First Avenue.                                             Family Centre                       themselves and their children.
Email       Post-Partum Depression                Abbotsford. Provides group          Call 604-870-3767.
for more information.              Abbotsford. Community educa-          support and social programs to
                                   tion, peer training and group         parents and children. Call          Parenting Preschool Children
                                   support to deal with post-par-        604-859-6334 ext. 302.              Through Collaboration
Prenatal/Postnatal                 tum depression. Call 604-864-                                             Chilliwack. Problem solving
Programs                           3400.
                                                                         Families in Motion                  group for parents of chil-
Baby Time Drop In                                                        Chilliwack. Family literacy pro-    dren who display possible
Abbotsford. For parents of chil-                                         gram for families with three to     opposition defiance or ADHD
                                   Family Programs and                   four year olds. Adult educational
dren under age one. Siblings       Parent Education                                                          behaviours. To call Eryn at 604-
welcome. Weigh-in baby, talk to                                          and career prep, beginner com-      795-8481.
                                   Ann Davis Society                     puter studies and upgrading.
a public health nurse and meet
                                   Chilliwack. Provides support and      Call Janet at 604-792-1631.         Sardis Doorway for Single
other parents. Meets every Mon-
                                   services to those affected by                                             Mothers and Children
day except holidays 10:00am-                                             Immigration Services
                                   abuse or violence, emergency                                              Chilliwack. Physical, emotional,
11:30am.                                                                 Chilliwack. Parenting informa-
                                   shelter for women and children,                                           intellectual and spiritual sup-
                                                                         tion, referrals and support.
Best for Babies                    individual, group and family                                              port for single mothers with
                                                                         45938 Wellington Avenue. Call
Abbotsford. Assists high-risk      counselling for men, women                                                preschool children. Lunch,
                                                                         Donna at 604-792-7376.
pregnant women who don’t           and children. Visit www.annda-                                            workshops, free licensed child
typically access traditional or call 604-792-2760.         Infant Development Program          minding. Wednesdays 9:30am-
prenatal services. Email                                                 Provides home-based ser-            12:30pm. Call Heater at 604-
                                   Bridging The Gap or call                                                 vices to children newborn to        819-6556.
                                   Abbotsford. Provides an edu-
604-859-7681 ext. 288.                                                   3 years old that have or are at
                                   cational means to support chil-
                                   dren and parents growing up as
                                                                         risk for delayed development.       Single Parents in Need (SPIN)
Better Beginnings                                                        Playgroup Thursdays 9:30am-         Chilliwack. Lunch, childcare,
                                   minorities. Email btggeneral@
Chilliwack. Prenatal nutrition                                           11:00am. Call 604-824-8760.         workshops and activities. Meets
                          or call 604-855-5386
and support for women of all                                             Kids In Action                      second Sunday every month
ages with additional challenges    Building Healthy Relationships                                            11:30am-2:00pm. Call Elisabeth
                                                                         Chilliwack. Provides trained
for healthy pregnancy and birth    Couples communication week-                                               at 604-702-0401 or Jane at 604-
                                                                         volunteers to assist children
with 6 months post-partum          end workshops at UCFV. Call                                               792-7611.
                                                                         with special needs to participate
follow-up. Call Lana at 604-792-   Carol at 604-702-2311.
                                                                         in sport, recreation and leisure
1631 or 604-792-8717.              Child Care Resource and                                                   Speech and Language Clinic
                                                                         activities in their community.
                                   Referral                                                                  For parents of children new-
Birth Companion Service                                                  Call Leona at 604-824-8760 ext.
                                   Service for parents needing                                               born to 5 years old with
Chilliwack. Support to pregnant                                          315.
                                   child care referrals and informa-                                         concerns about their childs’
women. Call Lana at 604-792-                                                                                 communication and have not
1631.                              tion for childcare providers. Visit   Kids in Care Support
                          or call       Abbotsford. Support and advo-       been referred to clinic. Speak to
Buddy Up for Breastfeeding         604-792-4267 (Chilliwack) or          cacy of foster parents and chil-    a speech-language pathologist.
Chilliwack. Telephone support      604-859-7681 (Abbotsford).            dren. Call 604-859-7681 ext. 287.   Meets last Wednesday every
program linking breastfeeding                                                                                month 9:00am-12:00pm at the
mothers to other mothers in the    Child-Parent Relationship             Military Family Resource            Chilliwack Health Unit. Call 604-
community. Call the Health Unit    Training Group                        Centre                              702-4944.

                                                                                                                                  valleyparent 21
mum’s the word

                    Children are good
                     for your heart
It was 10 years ago that I ran a half mar-
athon in Seattle. It was only my second
half marathon and despite the fact that
it was one of fastest ones I have ever
run, I was disappointed with my time.
 Back then I ran a lot. I took my run-
ning seriously and berated myself if I
                                             has joined me in many runs; my little
                                             bundle of joy wrapped up in the jogging
                                             stroller. I spent almost a year pushing a
                                             double stroller after Jenna was born and
                                             when the kids got too heavy for that, I
                                             let them play at the Sardis track while I
                                             ran round and round counting laps.
                                                                                           would stop on a long run and let her
                                                                                           play for a bit before continuing on. I
                                                                                           had no idea she remembered that slide.
                                                                                           I had almost forgotten it myself.
                                                                                            We sped to an area where the purple
                                                                                           slide once stood. There are houses there
couldn’t get out five or six times a week.     Of course, I’m lucky now if I get out        “It’s funny how things change, huh
While training for this particular half,     to run more than twice a week. And I’d        mom,” Katrina said, rather profoundly.
however, I started to feel ill. There were   love to be able to record that Seattle half
a few times when I felt nauseous and         marathon time in my next event — I’m           But I was suddenly caught up in a
had to stop. Minor problems, though, so      much slower now.                              melancholy mood. That little miracle I
I kept logging those miles and fretting                                                    carried unknowingly 10 years ago was
about my times.                                                                            now speeding away from me with not a
                                                                                           care in a the world.
 I ignored the signals my body was
sending and continued to train. All                                                         “Yeh,” I said, silently hoping I would
the miles I put in did nothing for my                                                      still be running in 10 years, and that
final time, and I was slower than I had                                                     Katrina would still be by my side. “It’s
hoped. I blamed it on the rain and the                                                     funny how things change.”
fact that I couldn’t eat bananas or bagels                                                  I sped up to catch her and she zoomed
because they now made me gag.                                                              on faster, laughing at my pathetic pace.
 I took home my medal and nursed                                                            These runs with my little bandit run-
my blisters. A week later I downed a                                                       ner really won’t help me become a faster
banana, went out for a jog and imme-                                                       runner or any fitter.
diately felt ill. I walked home worried,                                                    But they sure help keep my heart
because none of my over-training                                                           healthy — in many, many ways. vp
symptoms had disappeared. In despair,
I booked an appointment to see the            But Katrina is at an age where she can
doctor.                                      come with me on my runs; she cycles
 Luckily, he could find nothing wrong         beside me.
and just before he dismissed me he            And while we’re out together, we talk.
asked if I had taken a pregnancy test.       I’ve told her the story of how she was a
That was actually the last thing on my       “bandit” runner in Seattle, how I used
mind; many folks had said I would            to sing, trying to keep her entertained
never get pregnant if I kept running         for many miles while I ran, or how I
and Dean and I had come to the stark         huffed and puffed while pushing that
realization that kids just might not be in   jogging stroller up the Prest Hill to get
our future.                                  my hill work in.
 It was quickly determined that I was         Lately, we’ve been going through the              Patty Hutton is a Communi-
actually more than seven weeks preg-         area now known as Garrison Crossing.               cations Director at UFV. She
nant. Since that day I’ve blamed my          During our last run together, Katrina              has two young daughters, a
daughter Katrina for my slow time in         surprised me by asking where the                   bunch of cats and a loving
Seattle. Over the years, of course, she      purple slide had gone. In years past, I            husband.

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