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					                    EXHIBIT "A"


              SCOPE OF SERVICES



          - FlRE STATION 15 - W.O. NO. X-9880.00
          - FlRE STATION 16 - W.O. NO. X-9941 .OO
          - FlRE STATION 23 - W.O. NO. X-9866.00
          - FlRE STATION 37 - W.O. NO. X-9935.00
          - FlRE STATION 39 - W.O. NO. X-8807.00

                  August 11, 2008

    Pasco County Engineering Services Department
            Project Management Division
                 4454 Grand Blvd.
        New Port Richey, Florida 34652-5402
                                              Exhibit "A"

                                         Scope of Services
                                Five (5) Fire Station Signal Designs


The specific locations of the Fire Stations under consideration in this Project are as follows:

   1.) Design of a standard FDOT mast arm emergency signal at FS 15 - 11538 Trinity Boulevard,
       New Port Richey - PID No. 32-26-17-0000-00100-0230 - W.O. No. X-9880.00
   2.) Design of a standard FDOT mast arm emergency signal at FS 16 - 35943 S.R. 54 and
       Geiger Cemetery Road - PID No. 08-26-21-0000-00200-0000- W.O. No. X-9941.00
   3.) Design of two (2) standard FDOT mast arm emergency signals at FS 23 - 21300 S.R. 54
       and U.S. 41, Lutz - PID No. 25-26-18-0000-06100-0000 - W.O. No. X-9866.00
   4.) Design of two (2) standard FDOT mast arm emergency signals at FS 37 - 18015 S.R. 54
       and Ballantrae Boulevard - PID No. 28-26-18-0000-91100-00FO - W.O. No. X-9935.00
   5.) Design of two (2) standard FDOT mast arm emergency signals at FS 39 - 11630 County
       Line Road North near Heritage Pines, Hudson - PID No. 05-24-17-0000-49900-0030 - W.O.

Facilities Management has provided the following schedule for the completion of construction of
these Fire Stations: Fire Station 39 - Completion 8/08; Fire Station 16 and 23 - Completion 2/09;
Fire Station 15 and 37 - Completion 3/09. The PROFESSIONAL shall schedule his work to provide
the five (5) Fire Station Signal Designs in a similar order within the one hundred and fifty (150)
calendar day duration for this Project.

The PROFESSIONAL shall become thoroughly familiar with these locations through available
COUNTY information and field review, in order to properly address the Scope of Services involved.


The PROFESSIONAL will prepare construction plans and permit applications for the above
mentioned intersection improvements. The plans shall be prepared to meet COUNTY and FDOT
requirements. The services include the following: topographic survey (provided by COUNTY),
geotechnical investigation, signalization design, geometric design, signing and pavement marking
design, signal structural design, permitting, utility coordination, Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE),
and a complete set of construction plans and all necessary permits.



           a. Prepare all signalization plans according to current Florida Department of
              Transportation (FDOT) Standards for COUNTY Engineering Services Department,
              Traffic Operations Division.

           b. The FDOT shall approve the designs for Fire Station 23, Fire Station 37 and Fire
              Station 16. The PROFESSIONAL shall be responsible for obtaining FDOT approval
              of these plans.

         c. The PROFESSIONAL shall be responsible for any special design poles or
            foundations if standard FDOT pole designs cannot be used.

         d. All signal designs shall be for mast arms. If the maximum arm length is not adequate,
            supplemental signals mounted on pedestal in medians shall be used.

         e. Controllers and cabinet assemblies shall be NEMA TS2 Type 1 except for Fire
            Station 39. This signal shall be a 333JP 2070 ATMS cabinet.

                  i. The NEMA TS2 Type 1 controller units shall meet, at a minimum, all of
                     requirements for a D4-4, eight-phase dual-ring controller, and shall be
                     compatible with NEMA TS-2 Type 1 with 2070 connectors and harnesses.

                 ii. The NEMA TS2 Type 1 traffic controller cabinets shall meet the requirements
                     of a TS-2 Type 1, 2070 traffic controller cabinet assembly, and shall include
                     all communication terminal panels required to make the controller unit totally
                     compatible with the COUNTY'S traffic control system. The minimum
                     requirements of a TS-2 Type 1 cabinet are found in NEMA Standards. The
                     cabinets shall be in accordance with COUNTY specifications 04-001 and 04-

                 iii. The 333JP 2070 ATMS cabinet shall be fully compatible with the COUNTY
                      ATMS system and shall require the SCATS software for operation in the
                      system. The cabinet shall include all fiber optic interface panels.

         f.   Communications is required for this project as follows;

                  i. Fire Station 15, located at 11538 Trinity Boulevard.
                     No communications required.

                 ii. Fire Station 16, located on S.R. 54 and Geiger Cemetery Road.
                     No communications required.

                 iii. Fire Station 23, located at 21300 S.R. 54 east of U.S. 41.
                      Spread Spectrum radio 900 MHz

                 iv. Fire Station 37, located on S.R. 54 east of Ballantrae Boulevard.
                     Fiber Optics pull box at cabinet and repeating modem for future connection

                 v. Fire Station 39, located at 11630 County Line Road North, east of Heritage
                    Pines. Fiber Optics to be connected to the Fiber system being installed on
                    the County Line Road North project.

         g. 3M Opticom emergency vehicle pre-emption shall be provided for the exit from the
            Fire Stations. Advance detection shall be included when less than 1,000 feet line of
            site is available.

          h. There shall be two (2) design submittals at the 60% and 100% design stages. At
             each stage, the COUNTY and the FDOT shall be allotted ten (10) calendar days for
             review of each submittal. The COUNTY standard traffic signal notes for Mast Arms
             shall be placed on the plans.


         a. All required signing and pavement markings shall be included in the design.

         b. Any existing signing and pavement markings no longer required or that conflict with
            the signal installation shall be removed.

         c. COUNTY standard signing and pavement markings notes shall be placed on the
            plans. COUNTY standard notes can be found on the COUNTY WEB site under
            Traffic Operations (

   3.     STRUCTURAL

         a. The structural services shall include the design and construction plans
            development for the signal structures mast arms. The signal structures at each
            intersection will be FDOT mast arms. Preferably the standard FDOT mast arm
            design will be used. Services shall include design calculations and detailed plans
            for development of this design, for each location.

         b. All structure plans andlor structural design for portions of this Project are to be
            prepared in accordance with the latest design specifications adopted by AASHTO,
            FDOT Plans Preparation Manual, FDOT Standard Specifications, FDOT Structural
            Design Guidelines and the FDOT Structural Detailing Manual. The design shall be
            performed in English units, in general compliance with recent FDOT standards and


   1.     Project improvements will not require a SWFWMD (ERP) or an NPDES permit.

   2.     No separate utility relocation plans will be required for the Project. Any necessary
          relocation will be indicated on the Signalization Plans. Services do include
          coordination with utility owners who may have some adjustments necessary for the

   3.     Maintenance of Traffic plans will consist of references to FDOT Standard Indexes,
          drawings and notes.

   4.     Services do not include any bid phase or construction phase services.

SURVEY (Provided bv COUNTY):

   1.     The design of all intersections shall be based on the survey data obtained by the
          COUNTY as part of this Scope of Services. The survey will include topographic data
          showing visible physical features for 200 feet in each direction, from the fire station
          intersection. Utility information will be obtained from utility owners within the project
          limits, and shown on the signalization plans.


   1.     Conduct a visual site reconnaissance of the Project Site and locate and coordinate
          utility clearance.

    2.      Perform one (1) Standard Penetration Test (SPT) boring to a depth of approximately
            30 feet below existing site grades at each proposed signal pole location. In each
            boring, samples will be collected and SPT resistances will be measured virtually
            continuously for the top 10 feet and on intervals of 5 feet thereafter.

  3.        Visually classify and stratify all recovered soil samples in the laboratory using the
            Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) in accordance with the American Society of
            Testing and Materials (ASTM) Test Designation D-2488.

  4.        Measure observed groundwater levels.

  5.        Evaluate the data collected at each of the proposed pole locations and generate a Soil
            Parameters Table to be used by the structural engineer in design of the proposed

  6.       Prepare a formal Engineering Report and Report of Core Boring Sheet, which
           summarizes the course of study pursued, the field data generated, the subsurface
           conditions encountered, and the geotechnical recommendation for the design and
           construction of the proposed signal poles.


  1.      Perform utility investigation using ground penetrating radar in an attempt to find a suitable
          location for the proposed mast arm foundations free of utility obstructions.

   2.      Perform utility investigations at proposed mast arm pole foundations in the form
           of a 6' x 6' x 6' trench.

   3.      Proposed mast arm pole foundations staking and all necessary survey for SUE work
           shall be the responsibility of the PROFESSIONAL under this Scope of Services.

                                        - END OF EXHIBIT " A -

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