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									          Proposal to Build a Community Media Center
             and Radio Station in Kangemi, Kenya

 To help, contact or make a donation now at to “Kangemi CMC”
Pro-active youth group Kangemi kindly requests support to start a community media center and
radio station in Kangemi.

                                  ORGANIZATION INFORMATION
Pro-active youth group is a community based organization registered under the registrar of
society (cap 208) laws of Kenya. The group was formed at the beginning of the year 2004.It is
situated in Kangemi,10km from Nairobi city center, covering a scale of 1.2500,with a population of
450,000 people of different ethnic groups. These are the people who live with less than a dollar a
day. Our offices are situated in the former chiefs’ camp Kangemi.

Cohort youths decided after completing high school, they decided that it was time for them to
bring change in the community they come from. They decided to start a youth group which was to
ensure that it was pro-active in solving the insurmountable problem facing the community, instead
of being reactive to the said problems. The community had become despondent, which trigged
thirteen youth – 7 males and 6 females - to bring about the hope and the solution. They are
founding members of the group. We work with dozens of members. The group has its
constitution that stipulates that elections will be held annually which is always the case. The
group has the chairman and his assistant, treasure and the secretary whose duties are well
delineated in the constitution. We also have other committees to help in smooth running of other
groups activities, for example social committee, welfare committee and recreation committee.

                                         OUR MISSION
    1. Promote and encourage sustainable impact-oriented youth initiatives in Kangemi area, its
       environs and beyond its borders.
    2. Promote the harmonization of the youth initiatives in furtherance of justice, equity, human
       rights, good governance, and reconciliation in the community and beyond.
    3. Establish a youth forum for the exchange of information, experience, resources and
    4. Promote lobbying and advocacy of the members for the community.
    5. Conduct a research and publish on issues facing Kangem.

                                     OUR ARCHIVEMENTS
    1. Supporting of 20 children from the local children’s orphanage to go to school.
    2. Rehabilitating and repairing of Kangemi primary school which has a total of 1,014pupils
       with 50-100 to a classroom. We partnered with other organization and mobilized the
       community to help in the initiative.
    3. By holding a major clean-up where we were able to clean Kangemi area and change its
       squalor look.
    4. We held a big variety show where young stars come to explore their talent.

According to research that we conducted in Kangemi in October 2006, showed that the radio
station that are in the country are unable to articulate the issue of the majority of people. This is
because of how they are commercialized. Thus their aim is to make money as opposed to making
the media a tool to fight for social justice.

Most of the people feel that they have been abandoned by the so called leaders who purport to
represent them. This is due to lack of means to engage the leaders and the community to interact
without the leaders feeling pompous. It is the community opinion that media has abdicated their
responsibility. Most of the groups we interviewed told us of their experiences when approaching
the media to cover what they are doing in the community. They told us of questions asked in
order to find out whether they are worth to be covered. The question is,” what, where, why, who"
and so”. This also means they have to proof that a very important person will attend, so that it can
be selling news.

The community state that it was essential for the community to have a community radio station
which will enable them to hold the leaders accountable and at the same time bridge the gap that
exist between them. They also reminded us of forums that we hold to educate the community that
the community radio will help in getting the information to as many people as possible. For
example we hold a workshop on behavior change in order to curb the killer disease HIV aids
amongst young people. We will be holding a program on behavior change. Community radios will
create the impetus accountability and development.

It is evident that the world is moving from the trade of goods to the trade of knowledge. The
community can no longer turn a blind eye to this fact. We have no single library in
Kangemi that people can ac cess in order to nourish their brain, It is imperative to start a
resource centre so we can have books for the members of the community to access.
Kangemi as a residential area has no centers with computers and informative books thus
hindering the expounding of knowledge amongst youths in this area. By starting a small
computer training centre within the neighborhood it shall give easy access to persons
interested. At affordable rate many youths will be exposed and will benefit from this project.
A small fee will be charged for those who can afford. Those who can’t afford will not be

                               WORK PLAN/SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES
The goal of this project is to increase the power of the community to tell the story in their own
way. Also as a vehicle to agitate for social justice. It aims at ameliorating things in the community.
We are working on different programs that ensure that it addresses the needs of the community,
This programs include, children program, program for the disabled, women program, youth
program, elders program, we will also formulate a program on health in which we will invite
experts. Another program will be on leaders answering question from public.
Pro-active and the community are working closely to ensure that the community owns the radio
station and that they contribute to ensure that the project is a success
                             PEOPLE TO WORK ON RADIO STATION
Members of the community have agreed together with members of pro-active to work on
voluntary basis for starters. The group is also taking some people for training on radio
presentation and other things on radio. As we speak we have one of our members who is working
in one of the leading radio station in the country. She has agreed to commit herself in the radio

                          PLANS WHICH ARE ALREADY IN PLACE
The community has come up with the name of the radio station as (UNGEM FM) which is the
short name for Kangemi. We also have a transmitter, due to the World Social Forum IMC
convergence, and a place to establish it.

It is our strongest conviction that the community radio station will be able to serve more than
450,000 people residing in Kangemi domain. Since it will be a Non-profit making radio station, it
will give those people who have been denied the opportunity by other commercial radio station.
Also the local artists will be able to showcase their rich talent.
                                    FUTURE FUNDING
As a group we are starting other income generating activities that will be able to sustain the
UNGEM FM. We will be establishing partnership with Kenya IMC, Koch FM, and other like-
minded people.

We are approaching different groups which will be going around the community and having the
community comment whether the project is achieving the desired impact by use of
questionnaires. This will be done after every three months.

Copper pipe (30 feet’s)                                         sh3000 (42$)
PVC Fitting                                                     sh60 (0.83$0)
PVC Pipe                                                        sh50 (0.6$)
Copper wire                                                     sh2100 (29$)
Plumbing solder                                                 sh300 (4$)
30 meters of RG58coax                                           sh2200 (31$)
80 cm computer box fan                                          sh800 (11$)
1/4 watt resistors-100 OHM                                      sh (
Mixers                                                          sh 17000 (236$)
Cassette decks                                                  sh 7000 (97$)
CDPlayer                                                        sh 7000 (97$)
Stereo RCA to RCA cable                                         sh 400 (6$)
Microphones (w) stands                                          sh 1400 (19$)
4 microphones                                                   sh6000 (83$)
Microphone cable 30 feet                                        sh 2400 (33$)
Headphones splitters, headphone adaptor                         sh 4000 (56$)
RCA to 1/8 stereo phone cables                                  sh3500 (49$)
A table’s                                                       sh7,000 (97$)
Chairs (4)                                                      sh12,000 (167$)
Extension chord (5holes)*3                                      sh700 (10$)
Adjustable                                                      sh500 (7$)
Solder gun                                                      sh200 (3$)
Solder roll                                                     sh675 (9$)
Hacksaw                                                         sh195 (3$)
Soldering Iron                                                  sh950 (13$)
Hand tool Box                                                   sh1095 (15$)
Metal Box                                                       sh800 (11$)
Containers40ftby8 (2) +Transport                                sh410, 000 (5,691$)
2 Personal computers (PC)                                       sh92000 (1,277$)
2 commercial Fans                                               sh3000 (42$)
Radio station permit                                            sh30000 (416$)
AICO Diesel Generator                                           sh86,000 (1,194$)
Water Dispenser(RM/413 Ramton)+Can                              sh14,200 (197$)
Total                                                           721,125 (10,015.625$)

In addition, we are looking for additional books, computers, tables, chairs, printers, scanners,
photocopy machine, laminator machine, binding machine – donated or purchased.

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