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					  Volume 6, Issue 3                                  September 2003                        

               Round Rock Ranch Annual Garage Sale
                          Saturday, September 20th                       8:00am till 12:00pm Noon
             Residents wanting to participate can set up in their own driveways/garages for
             this neighborhood-wide garage sale. There will be a map of participating homes
             on the RRR website that buyers can download. We will also have maps available
             to distribute the day of the garage sale. If you plan to participate and would like
             your garage sale designated on the map, then send an email to: webmas-
    by September 13th. Be sure to include your address
             and the types of items you will be selling (ex: computer equipment, baby gear,
             clothes, furniture, etc.)

             The crowds come early and are ready to buy! So don’t miss out on this great op-
             portunity to clean out your closets and make some extra spending money.

                                  Garage Sale Tips: Advice for getting it all together
Inside this issue:
                                  What Would I Sell?                                  * Clothes & Shoes - group by size and gen-
                                  Here is a list of items you might want to con-      der
Fire Ant Control Days       2
                                  sider selling. Rummage through the closets,         * Old Clothes & Hats—even if they aren't in
                                  storage areas, and attic now. Some folks say        fashion, they are good for kids’ "dress up" &
                                  if you haven't used it in the last year, sell it.   Halloween costumes
Social Committee Report     3
                                                                                      * Toys, Toys, Toys - especially large outdoor
                                  Consider selling your:
                                                                                      swing sets and jungle gyms, matchbox cars,
                                  * Baby items - clothes, blankets, swings,           action figures, dolls, doll clothing, board
National Night Out photos   3
                                  bouncers, mobiles, musical crib toys, jogging       games, bikes, fast food kids' meals toys,
                                  strollers                                           playing cards, comic books, stickers
Book Drive                  4     * Books - paperbacks, coffee table books,           * Tools - saws, hammers, ratchet sets,
                                  novels                                              screwdrivers, table saws, lawn mowers,
                                  * Furniture - beds, couches, lamps, tables,         lathes
Report on RRISD             5                                                         * Knick-Knacks - drink coasters, greeting
                                  chairs, rockers, bookcases, throw pillows
                                  * Appliances - television, radio, toaster,          cards, bath samples, recipe cards, station-
Homeowner’s Showcase Ads    6-7                                                       ary, candles, wrapping paper, ribbon, per-
                                  salad shooter, blender, electric knife, food
                                                                                      fume bottles, gift bags, towels, shower cur-
                                  processor                                           tains                     continued on page 2

Page 2                                                                                               Round Rock Ranch Recorder

Fire Ant Control Days
By Nina Nolen, Communications Committee Chairperson

Step One: September 27th            How do I eliminate Fire Ants
                                                                         wait for the bait treatment to        over the Winter.
                                    from my yard?
Step Two: October 4th                                                    take effect. This method re-
                                                                                                               Baits can work quite well if
                                    There is no single, easy answer      duces the over-reliance on use
 Let’s coordinate our efforts to                                                                               the ants are out foraging to
                                    for every situation. Most people     of individual mound treatments
help fight fire ants in our                                                                                    pick it up. It is best to treat in
                                    with more than a handful of          and is suitable for treating lar-
neighborhood. If we work to-                                                                                   the late afternoon or evening.
                                    mounds will be most satisfied        ger areas.
gether, we can help eradicate                                                                                  You will know if thunder-
                                    with just bait or the Two-Step
the little buggers from our area.                                        Is there a non-pesticide alter-       storms are a possibility, there
                                    Method. Remember that no
The more people that partici-                                            native method to control Fire         is no dew on the grass, and
                                    method is 100% effective all
pate, the better chance we                                               Ants?                                 the bait will not have to sit in
                                    the time, though some come
have to exterminate fire ants                                                                                  the hot sun all day. Most of
                                    close. Also, no method is per-       Use either boiling water or
until Spring. However, even if                                                                                 the bait will be picked up by
                                    manent. The ants will re-            beneficial nematodes for fire
only one street participates,                                                                                  morning.
                                    invade, with new colonies            ants. The boiling water kills
those residents will reap the                                            everything (including grass or        If I put out the bait, how often
                                    probably appearing after the
benefits for some time.
                                    next rain and certainly within a     plants), but is the cheapest and      should I reapply, and when?
On September 27th, please           year.                                easiest way to go if you don't
                                                                                                               The Fall application is impor-
consider applying your pre-                                              mind a little patch of brown
                                    What is the "Two-Step Method"                                              tant because it will help sup-
ferred fire ant control method in                                        grass. The nematodes work
                                    for controlling Fire Ants?                                                 press ants by the following
your yard. One week later, on                                            very well too and keep the ants
                                                                                                               Spring. Reapply when im-
October 4th, re-apply on any        One proven method of reducing        from coming back for quite a
                                                                                                               ported fire ant mounds begin
remaining mounds. If you are        imported fire ant populations in     while. Nematodes are available
                                                                                                               to appear again. Generally, if
unavailable on those dates,         heavily infested home lawns          at the Natural Gardener (on Old
                                                                                                               you make a Spring applica-
please bait/destroy your            and ornamental turf is called        Bee Caves), Round Rock Gar-
                                                                                                               tion, suppression should last
mounds around the same time-        the "Two-Step Method" of fire        dens (on Sam Bass) or in
                                                                                                               until that Fall, when the next
frame for the most effective        ant control. Briefly, it's the se-   Georgetown at Good Luck. They
                                                                                                               application should be made.
results. If it rains on either of   quential application of: 1) once     are about $25 a box, which
these days, proceed on the next     or twice per year broadcast          covers about 7 anthills or            Read more information on
dry day.                            application of a bait product        about 400 square feet of your         native fire ants and red im-
                                    (e.g., Amdro®, Logic®,               yard.                                 ported fire ants on the Texas
Remember if your neighbor
                                    Award®, or Ascend® and oth-                                                A&M website at: http://
participates, his remaining ants                                         Why tackle fire ants in the Fall?
                                    ers) and waiting several days to                                 
may set up camp in your yard.
                                    a week before 2) treating nui-       An ideal time to apply bait-
Don’t give them a fighting                                                                                     You can identify different
                                    sance mounds, using an indi-         formulated fire ant insecticides
chance. Show those bugs your                                                                                   species of ants and other
                                    vidual mound treatment, such         is from late August through
yard is also uninhabitable.                                                                                    insects in the Pest Library on
                                    as a dust, granule, bait or          October to allow the baits to
                                                                                                               the Terminix web site at:
                                    drench insecticide. Otherwise,       reduce fire ant populations

Garage Sale Tips . . . continued from page 1.                                                                Car Pool …
                                                                                                                I would like to start a carpool
* Holiday Decorations -             cutter, grater, Tupperware,          them to a charity or to
                                                                                                             for students who attend Ridge-
Christmas tablecloth,               pitcher, wine glasses, salt &        friends, keep them, or              view to make sure our children
Thanksgiving centerpiece,           pepper shakers                       throw them away. Some               get to school and home again
candlesticks, ornaments             * Office supplies - paper,           charitable organizations            safely. If there are at least five
* Craft Projects & Supplies -       pens, file folders, crayons,         will pick up your leftover          RRR families with students
glue gun, yarn, popsicle            scissors, glue                       items and give you a re-            there, then we can give our
sticks, balsa wood, construc-       * Garden Supplies - hoses,           ceipt so you can claim a            kids (and their backpacks, in-
                                    garden trowels, sprinklers,          tax deduction.                      struments, and the rest of their
tion paper                                                                                                   stuff) a ride to and from school
* Party and Picnic Supplies -       shovels, rakes, ladders, gar-
                                                                         You can read more garage            once a week, and know they
paper plates & decorations,         bage cans, potted plants
                                                                         sale tips online at:                are safe the other four days as
coolers, folding chairs, card                                               well.
tables                              Do not expect to sell every-                                               If you are interested in car
* Kitchen Supplies - cheese         thing. You will have some                                                pooling, call Kristal Polikoff at
                                    leftover items. You can give                                             310-7594 or 626-8287.

                                                                                                                                 Page 3

Social Committee Report
By Lea Beth Munoz, Social Committee Chairperson

National Night Out was a              We will proceed to the Amen-
great time this year with a           ity Center for juice and
lot of families participating         donuts led by our local Fire
in the Bicycle Safety Pro-            Department. Please call for
gram. I know our local law            info 238-6981.
enforcement really appreci-
                                      Holiday Light Contest —
ates our support at these
                                      Judging will be the weekend
functions. The Round Rock
                                      of December 12th. Those
Police Department left me
                                      wishing to participate in this
packets of their WHALE Pro-
                                      year’s contest must have
gram (We Have A Little
                                      their home decorated and lit
Emergency). This is their
                                      up by dark on this date. Win-
Child Safety Seat Occupant
                                      ners will be announced at the
Identification Program for
                                      Holiday Tree Lighting.
your little ones in your vehi-
cle. Please contact me at             Holiday Tree Lighting —
238-6981 if you are inter-            Sunday, December 21st,
ested in one.                         5:00pm—6:00pm. Santa
                                      Clause will be there for the
Halloween Parade —
                                      children, along with refresh-
Saturday, November 1st, at
                                      ments and singing! Don’t
10:00am. This year’s pa-
                                      forget your cameras!
rade will start at Amber Sky-
way Cove and Winchester.

                                                                       View more pictures of National Night Out and other RRR
                                                                       events at

                                                                                     Calendar of Neighborhood Events

                                                                                  9/20            RRR Garage Sale
                                                                                  9/27            Fire Ant Control Day #1
                                                                                  9/30            Neighborhood Survey due
                                                                                  10/4            Fire Ant Control Day #2
                                                                                  10/31           RRR Pool closes
                                                                                  11/1            RRR Halloween Parade
                                                                                  11/15           Fall Food Drive
                                                                                  12/12           Holiday Light Contest
                                                                                  12/21           Holiday Tree Lighting

Page 4                                                                              Round Rock Ranch Recorder

                   Book Drive for Austin Children’s Hospital
         Hi friends!

         My name is Kim Silva. I live here in Round Rock Ranch on Sundrop Place. Last Spring, I had a
         book drive on my street to collect books for the Children’s Hospital of Austin. The children there
         are allowed to choose books to keep, and I am told that they go through a 1000 books a month!
         They are always in need of more books. A simple book can do so much for a sick child; it can put
         a smile on their face, help them escape from everyday reality and even educate them.

         So I am inspired again to ask for your donations for the hospital. I will be leaving a box on my
         front porch marked “Austin’s Children’s Hospital” and you can leave your books there. They can
         be new or gently used. I will leave the box out for a month and then take the books to the hospi-
         tal on behalf of Round Rock Ranch.

         If you have any questions, you can call me at 733-9705. My address is 1134 Sundrop Place (in
         the new Milburn section). You can also call Peggy Bud at the Children’s Hospital (324-8678) if
         you want to take your donations yourself or find other ways of helping.

                                                                                                                             Page 5

 RRISD Continues Focus on Excellence
 By Dr. Thomas H. Gaul, Superintendent Round Rock ISD

  We welcomed students back to school                $2 million from Central Office and        and four were being considered.
in Round Rock ISD on August 18 and we                support services for next year, on top    Only five of the 101 suggestions
are eager to resume our mission of edu-              of the approximately $1 million in        have not yet been implemented in
cating, guiding, and encouraging them to             reductions implemented for 2002-          RRISD.
reach their individual potential.                    03. RRISD has one of the lowest
                                                                                                 This exceptional fiscal manage-
                                                     administrative ratios among compa-
  For the 2003-04 school year, we will                                                         ment allows us to continue efforts
                                                     rable school districts in the state.
build on a solid foundation established                                                        to achieve our goals even as we
by our “Blueprint for Excellence” strate-              We also are pursuing new revenue        apply the budget cuts necessi-
gic plan. Last year, we implemented a                options to minimize spending cuts,        tated by Chapter 41.
comprehensive system to ensure stu-                  including generating more than
                                                                                                 Your involvement is critical to our
dents obtain the knowledge and skills                $100,000 through advertising at the
                                                                                               students’ and district’s successes.
required by the state and prepare them               new stadium scheduled to open this
                                                                                               Volunteers and mentors are
for the new high-stakes TAKS (Texas As-              fall. We have reduced our Chapter
                                                                                               needed at every school, donations
sessment of Knowledge and Skills) tests.             41 liability by nearly $1 million
                                                                                               of services and supplies enhance
                                                     through our innovative open enroll-
  The TAKS results affirmed our initial                                                        educational opportunities, and
                                                     ment program.
efforts. Overall, RRISD exceeded state                                                         contributions to the RRISD Educa-
averages in every subject and grade                    Thanks to a history of financial        tion Foundation support programs
level. State accountability ratings for the          frugality and administrative effi-        that encourage academic excel-
new TAKS system have not yet been set                ciency, we have a healthy fund bal-       lence. Please talk with teachers,
but according to previous standards                  ance, or savings account, that will       principals, PTA officers, or the dis-
Round Rock ISD likely would have                     help us through these tough times.        trict’s Partners in Education direc-
earned a recognized or even exemplary                                                          tor (464-5126) to determine how
                                                        Recently, Texas Comptroller Carole
rating. More importantly, the results indi-                                                    you can support education in our
                                                     Keeton Strayhorn sent school dis-
cate we are giving our students the sup-                                                       community.
                                                     tricts a list of 101 cost-cutting ideas
port they need to learn and achieve.
                                                     to maximize efficient operations. Of        We look forward to working with
  Despite the projected loss of more than            the 101 suggestions, 82 had already       you to make 2003-04 another
$16 million in 2003-04 through Chapter               been implemented in Round Rock            great year of accomplishments in
41, the state’s educational property                 ISD, 10 were partially implemented        Round Rock ISD!
wealth equalization law, the RRISD
Board of Trustees approved a budget                        Dr. Gaul and the rest of the leadership team would welcome
that focuses resources to support aca-                        the opportunity to discuss district plans and decisions
demic rigor and achievement.                                                        via e-mail at:
                                                       or call the
 We strived to minimize the budget im-
pact on the classroom by cutting nearly                               superintendent's office at 464-5022.

                                                                                 Entertainment Passbooks
                                                                    2003-2004 Entertainment Passbooks are now
                                                                    being sold for $20 by Gattis Elementary PTA.
                                                                    Out of town passbooks are also available and they
                                                                    make great gifts. Pick one up from a student in the
                                                                    neighborhood or call Brenda Denman at 310-
          Make arrangements now for the holidays!

                                                                    Please help support your neighborhood school!

Page 6                                                                                              Round Rock Ranch Recorder

Round Rock Ranch Neighborhood                                       SHOWCASE
Piano Lessons                       Preserving Family                    Lauren Zwern       246-0476        The River City Grill
Mary Tongay on Apache Trail         Memories and Photos                  Alle Gowan         733-7919        Restaurant
offers piano lessons for all        Need help?? Creative                 Kelly LaVoie       388-2779
ages. She is an experienced                                                                                 Tired of waiting in long lines for
                                    Memories Consultant, Angela
teacher of 18 years. For                                                                                    dinner? Frustrated with the
                                    Zientek can help you organize
information, call 388-6069.         your photos and memorabilia in       Having A Party?                    noisy atmospheres after finally
                                                                                                            being seated? How would you
                                    a safe and meaningful way.           Treat your guests to a game of     like to experience a
                                    Call for her day or evening          BlackJack. Experienced             scrumptious meal in a relaxed
Customized Cakes for Any            workshop schedule at 248-            blackjack dealer will supply all   and inviting setting for a
Occasion                            1827 or come shop at her             the equipment to make your         change? Then come to the
                                    home at 1816 Hickory Ridge           party fun. Contact Mary at 388-    River City Grill Restaurant at the
Special occasions just aren't       Cove. She looks forward to           6069 or          beautiful Marriott Hotel in
special without a custom cake.      meeting you.
                                                                                                            Round Rock. You'll be amazed
Melissa Yehl has been creating
                                                                                                            at how affordable luxury dining
specialty cakes for 7 years,
from birthdays to religious to                                           Books make the per-                can be! 733-6767
                                    Fall Skin Help
weddings. Call her at 255-                                               fect gift for children.            Breakfast Buffet (7 days/wk)
1671 for your next cake. And if     If you would like a free facial or                                      $9.95
                                                                         Lila Guzman (1715 Pecos Val-
you have been wanting to learn      make over—especially for the
                                                                         ley Cove) is the author of         Lunch Buffet (Mon.—Fri.) $9.95
cake decorating yourself,           Fall months, give Mary Kay
                                                                         GREEN SLIME AND JAM (ages
Melissa, a 2-time 'Teacher Of       Independent Beauty Consultant                                           Sunday Brunch Buffet $11.95
                                                                         8-12) and LORENZO'S SECRET
The Year' award winner,             Kookie Lestico a call at 255-
                                                                         MISSION (ages 11 & up). Her
teaches monthly at our local        2936.
                                                                         books are available at Hastings,
Garden Ridge. Just call her for
                                                                         Barnes and Nobles, and online.     Need Documents
more information or visit her at
1713 Pecos Valley Cove.             Quality Art at
                                                                         Bring them to her house and        Notarized
                                                                         she will be happy to autograph
                                    Affordable Prices                    them.                               Jack Sticklen, at 1740 Fort
                                                                                                            Grant Drive, is a Commissioned
"I am not creative and I            Artistic Impressions, Inc.                                              Notary Public by the State of
don't have time to                  Stretched, framed, and ready to                                         Texas. No charges for time or
                                    hang. Private consultations and      Pampered Chef
                                                                                                            expense as long as work is
make albums!"                       home shows by Beverly J.                                                done for residents and here in
                                                                         Kim Brunssen —
If this sounds like you, (or even   Baker, art consultant. Please        Ind. Senior Director with The      Round Rock Ranch. Standard
if it doesn't) learn some easy,     call 238-0588 or 940-2267 or         Pampered Chef                      notary fees do apply. Call Jack
simple ideas to make simple         stop by at 1805 Indian Summer        Phone (512) 218-9163               and discuss your needs by dial-
                                    Pass.                                 ing 244-9362.
albums in no time at all. My job
is to help you! But if you want
the latest in tools and ideas,
give me a call! I have 1-2          Child Care and Baby                  Peak Performance                   Special price on Wills
monthly workshops at my home        Sitters                              Programs                           for RRR residents!!!
and keep scrapbooking sup-
                                    The following RRR teens offer        100% GURANTEED                     Who will take care of your kids
plies stocked so that you can
                                    baby sitting. Call them for                                             after you die? Where will your
drop by anytime to shop for the                                          Weight Loss, Energy Increase,
                                    details, rates, and availability.                                       money go? What will happen to
latest accessories, stickers or                                          Weight Gain, Regulate
                                                                                                            your prized possessions and
ideas. Call 255-5356 for infor-                                          Metabolism, Joint Mobility,
                                    Kelli Buck           244-6326                                           family heirlooms? Without a
mation, stop by at 1822 Indian                                           Athletic Performance, Muscle
                                                                                                            will, the state through the court
Summer or email me at               Kelsey Nale          246-2994        Toning,, Muscle Strengthening,
                                                                                                            system makes these                                                       Mental Alertness, Health
                                    Selisa Woessner      388-3959                                           determinations. With a will, you
                                                                         Enhancement For a free
                                                                                                            make these important
                                    Rookh Guzman         255-7440        consultation contact: Bruce or
                                                                                                            decisions. You are in control.
                                                                         Kay Gilmore 244-2594
                                    Aaron Pedersen      671-6629                                            My name is Jeff Barnett, I am
                                                                                                            an attorney and I am on our

                                                                                                                                                      Page 7

Homeowners Association Board          Join a monthly stamp club and       (which is about half of what       Gold Canyon Candles
of Directors. And since I believe     learn new and exciting stamp        House of Tutors and others         Great smelling jar and pillar
that all of us need a will, I want    techniques - half a dozen of        charge).                           candles at very reasonable
to make sure nobody in our            your friends in Round Rock                                             prices! The smell lasts all the
                                      Ranch have already.                 I am more comfortable tutoring
neighborhood has any excuse                                                                                  way through! Let me know if
                                                                          in the evenings, but hours and
not to have one. For RRR                                                                                     you are interested in learning
                                      Each month I will design and        place can be arranged.
residents and their families                                                                                 a way to earn free candles!
                                      provide the supplies and in-
only, I will draft simple wills for   structions for each guest to        Please call 733-9705 if you are    Call Laura Buck at 244-6326
the special price of $250.00          make and take 4 cards each of       interested. I will be happy to     (home) or 468-7674 (cell).
per individual or $500.00 per         3 designs. You will leave with      show you a resume and creden-
couple. My normal price is            12 Christmas cards. July’s club     tials.
$350.00 for an individual and         was a blast! Come as many                                              DollyTime
$700 per couple. For a RRR            months as you like and build                                           As always, residents of RRR
husband and wife, that is a           your supply of beautifully hand-    Earn Extra Income                  are given 15% off all regular
savings of $200.00! In addition,      crafted Christmas cards. Cost                                          price items all year long.
since I live here in the              is $10 for all 12 hand made         Without leaving your current job
neighborhood, I will even come        cards. Now, you can’t beat          or risking any money!              Please log onto
to your house for the free initial    that! At the same time you will                                        for more information or stop
                                                                          ● Additional Monthly Income        by at 208 W. Bagdad in his-
consultation, and I'll bring your     be learning the art of rubber-
                                                                          ● Spend more time with your        toric downtown Round Rock.
will drafts to you personally to      stamping, having fun, and
review them before printing the       meeting new people!
                                                                          ● Choose your own hours
final copies for signing at my
office in North Austin.
                                      For more information about          ● Work from home                   Personal Nutrition
                                      hosting a workshop, attending a     ● Outstanding Support and
I will also extend this price to      Stamp Camp in October, or
the relatives of RRR residents        finding out about how to earn       ● Paid bonuses every two           We are all genetically different,
too! So you can refer your family     money and stamping supplies         weeks                              so our nutritional needs are
to me (just make sure they say        by becoming a demonstrator                                             different from one another.
they are related to a RRR             yourself, give me a call.           Get more information today –
                                                                                                             Let me help you target your
resident!). Give me a call at my                                          with no obligation… Bruce or
                                      Join the stamp-ede,                                                    specific nutritional needs by
office at 336-1529 or at home                                             Kay Gilmore 244-2594
                                      Melissa                                                                finding out which areas in your
at 238-7787. If I am not at my                                  
                                      255-6634                                                               body could use some supple-
office, you can tell my legal
                                                                                                             mentation. I will also provide
assistant Dayna to set an
                                                                                                             you with an individualized
appointment with you at your                                              Attention Ladies
                                      Tutoring                                                               metabolic profile to show you
home at your convenience.
                                                                          Do you have fifteen minutes to     which types of foods are best
                                      I would like to offer my services
                                                                          learn about how your skin can      for your body. I specialize in
                                      as a tutor for those who find
                                                                          be firmer, smoother and            whole food supplements in-
Lawn Service                          that their son or daughter
                                                                                                             stead of synthetic vitamins, as
                                      needs that extra help in certain    younger looking? I can show
Call Brian Lestico at 255-2936.                                           you how. Call Gwen Sticklen,       well as nutritional counseling.
                                      subjects. Or maybe you just
                                                                          244-9362. Mary Kay Independ-       Please call me to set up a
                                      want your child to be ahead!
                                                                          ent Beauty Consultant.             consultation so you can be on
                                      My name is Kim Silva. I have a                                         your way to better health and
Stampin' Up!                          BS in Biology from the Univer-                                         feeling great! TAMMY NYSET-
Stamping, one of the fastest          sity of Texas San Antonio. I am                                        VOLD at 828-0190.
growing and exciting crafts in        recently a stay at home mom,        Help! I’m Computer
America, is now available in          but have tutored on a part time     Illiterate!
Round Rock Ranch. Whether             basis. I recently tutored for       For computer taming, training
you are interested in creating        House of Tutors in Austin.          or website creation, contact the   Don’t forget
greeting cards for friends and                                            Nolens of MacMastery at 255-       to move your
                                      I tutor children from kindergar-
family or to sell, decorating your                                        6823, or       clocks back
home, making gifts or gift pack-      ten to high school, even first
                                                                          or on the web at:                  one hour on
aging, or making lasting mem-         year college students. Subjects
ory albums, Stampin' Up! will         range from Science to Spanish.                                         October 26th!
get your 'stamp' of approval.         My rate is $15.00 an hour

        CONTACT INFORMATION                           Homeowners asked to complete survey
Liddiard Management Co.                               By Jack Sticklen, Board Member
Greg Veldman, 219-1927                                You will find enclosed with this newsletter a survey about your
                                                      neighborhood Home Owner’s Association. This survey is being con-
                                                      ducted by the Communications Committee, in conjunction with the
Home Owners Association Board:                        HOA Board. Your input is valuable for helping determine how your
Jeff Barnett, President 238-7787                      dues are spent. Please take a few minutes of your time to com-
                                                      plete the survey, and then drop it in the mail. Results will be pub-
                                                      lished in the next newsletter.
Morris Winkle, Vice President 244-9338
                                                      Question #1 - Why should I take my valuable time to complete the                                     HOA survey?
Arlene McKenna, Secretary 255-3772                    Answer #1 – Because your input is wanted as to how the $315.00
                                                      you pay in HOA fees each year should be used.
Jack Sticklen, Treasurer 244-9362
                                                      Question #2 - Just who are these people, anyway, asking the survey                                     questions?
John Mitchell, Architectural Control 246-1820         Answer #2 – Homeowners like you, elected by those homeowners
                                                      who came to the annual meeting. Also homeowner volunteers who                                   give their time for the benefit of the Association.

Constable Ruble, 365-3491 Fax: 512-352-2153             Perhaps these two questions and the answers will give you all of                                      the inspiration you need to take the time to sit down and complete
                                                      the Association’s questionnaire. We hope so!
Chief Birchard, 365-3491 Fax: 512-352-2153
                                                        Your HOA Board of Directors has approved the cost to conduct the
                                                      survey with the hope that you will complete the document, giving us
                                                      your thoughtful input. The only other task would be to place your
                                                      response in the mail, at Association expense.
Keep up with current RRR
                                                        The tally and summary of the responses will be published in the
info between newsletters ...                          next Association Newsletter. Your Board of Directors will use the
   Stay up-to-date between the quarterly Round        response as one of the guides to determine priority of funding for
Rock Ranch Recorder deliveries. Join the email        services and events.
distribution list and receive important informa-
tion regarding issues and opportunities that          Fall Food Drive on Saturday, November 15th
affect our neighborhood and community.
Please email Greg Veldman at                            Round Rock Ranch has been asked to participate in a city-wide to be added to the              food drive on Saturday, November 15th for the Round Rock Area
list. Be sure to note your street address in your     Serving Center. We have had a great show of donations and support
email message so we can verify that you are           at our prior drives! The goal for this Food Drive is to stock the center
                                                      to cover needs through the holiday season and into next year.
indeed a resident. Your email address will not
                                                      By working with other neighborhoods, we will heighten the aware-
be shared, sold, or given to anyone. You can          ness of the needs of the Serving Center and, therefore, help our
also check out the web site for updated infor-        neighbors in need.
mation regarding our neighborhood at:                   Look for a door flyer and email in early November with further de-                             tails. If you are not on the neighborhood news email list, you can
                                                      sign up via the neighborhood web site.

                                            Contribute to the newsletter
The Round Rock Ranch Recorder comes out quarterly. If you have information to contribute to the
newsletter, or you would like to advertise in it, please contact Wendi Baird at 255-6140 or email her at


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