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									                           Office Newsletter for MOC & MPC Employees in Findlay, Ohio • December 14, 2007 Vol. 54 No. 12

                                                                 Eventually, Asa attended April Coble’s waterskiing school
                                                                 in North Carolina and also joined the Glass City Waterski
                            Riding the Wake                      Club out of Toledo a couple of years ago. Connecting with
                                                                 a group of people who shared his passion also introduced
                                                                 him to participating in both competitions and waterski
                                                                 shows and also teaching others to ski, which he says he
                                                                 loves. As a result, he and a friend have also founded their
                                                                 own waterskiing club, renting a highway pond they have
                                                                 nicknamed Lake Swerve, where Asa can be found on many
                                                                 evenings and weekends.

                                                                 Although Asa has tried other forms of waterskiing, such as
                                                                 knee boarding, he says he enjoys slalom the most. “I guess
                                                                 it’s the challenge of it,” he says. “It’s just a very enjoyable
                                                                 feeling to get through the course.”

                                                                 In order to qualify for the national competition, Asa says
                                                                 you have to compete in several state tournaments and end
                                                                 up in first or second place in terms of total points. Last year,
                                                                 he ended in second place in Indiana and represented Team
Asa Bour (IT Integrator, Refinery Applications) laughingly        Indiana at nationals. This year, he says more competitions
describes his favorite hobby as playing tug of war with a        located in Ohio will hopefully allow him to vie for a spot on
3,500-pound boat. In October, Asa placed eighth in the           Team Ohio.
Men’s Slalom 1st Class at the INT U.S. waterskiing
championships held in Zachary, Louisiana.

In the slalom competition, the boat runs a straight line
through a course of staggered buoys, with both an open-
ing gate and an ending gate. The skier’s objective is to get
around each buoy and also through the gates on both ends.
With the boat reaching a maximum of 34 mph in Slalom 1st         Just qualifying for nationals was an experience he says
Class and the skier reaching speeds over 45 mph to make          he’ll never forget. “It was a thrill for me just to be there, but
the turns, it only takes about 17 seconds to complete the        especially to be able to rub elbows with all the profession-
course. However, there’s no time to take a deep breath.          als who were there,” says Asa. “They were accessible to
“You immediately turn around and do the course again two         anyone and did some pretty phenomenal demonstrations
mph faster until you reach your maximum speed, and then          in slalom, wakeboarding and night jumping.”
you shorten the rope,” explains Asa.
                                                                 A skier is allowed to bring his own handle and his own
Growing up in Tiffin, Ohio, Asa says he began waterskiing         slalom ski, but the boat, the boat driver and the rope are
when he was around five years old on the Sandusky River,          provided at the national competition. Asa says the tem-
sitting on a homemade wooden disk made by his father.            perature and the mineral content of the water at a particular
“Slalom is really fun, because you never feel like you beat      competition can also make a difference in a skier’s perfor-
the sport,” he says.“ Increasing the boat speed slightly or      mance. “I learned a lot,” he admits. “The water temperature
shortening up the rope totally changes the geometry and          at nationals was so warm it gave me the feeling I was going
you can make it as competitive as you want. There’s actu-        much slower than I actually was. I could also have prepared
ally a lot of science to waterskiing, and competing is just as   my ski a little differently for the water conditions there.”
much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Of course,
you also don’t learn if you never crash.”                        It’s December in Ohio, of course, so waterskiing isn’t on
                                                                 most people’s minds. For Asa, it’s time to cross train, which
he does through both a workout regimen and other sports          when it comes to the various software and how and when
such as snow skiing. However, when the water tempera-            students should learn to use them. While design theory
tures reach 45 degrees in the spring, Asa will dust off his      and philosophy are important, I think you need to teach
dry suit and head for the water. Generally, the waterskiing      both the theory and today’s leading software at the same
season in Ohio kicks off in April and runs into October.         time. These programs are very complex, and students
                                                                 really can’t learn them entirely on their own. It’s important,
“I certainly hope to make nationals again next year,” he         because when they get out into the job market they are
adds. “Waterskiing is a great sport for all ages. I saw          expected to be able to use them.”
people at nationals in their 70s and also little kids as young
as four. As we like to say, ‘Ski you later.’”                    Tom says another fringe benefit of the teaching assignment
                                                                 is that it keeps him up-to-date on the burgeoning changes
                                                                 in his own industry. “I’m always learning myself,” he admits.
                                                                 “One night when I was preparing a lesson, I learned some-
                                                                 thing about working in PhotoShop that I had never known.
                                                                 So it really has been a good experience both professionally
                                                                 as well as personally. I also feel good that we are helping
                                                                 support the community. I thoroughly enjoy it.”

                                                                 For students, there’s
                                                                 nothing like practical ex-
                                                                 perience when it comes
                                                                 to both web and print
                                                                 publications. Tom oc-
                                                                 casionally incorporates
The “Intro to Digital Design & Computing” class takes            field trips to Marathon
a tour of Graphics and gets a feel for the vast variety          into the curriculum,
of projects done at Marathon.                                    where they can see          Tom uses the printing area
                                                                 work samples, video and to show students samples
Meshing Two Worlds                                               audio production, and       of different kinds of color
A mere two weeks before the 2007 fall semester began at          take a look at new and      printing and why it is
The University of Findlay, Tom Harmon (Graphic Designer)         streamlined procedures      important that they
received an interesting call. The professor in charge of the     in publishing. Tom says     understand the difference.
Art Communications classes had resigned, and the Univer-         he has also helped the
sity was looking for someone who could keep both Senior          University expand the graphics department with the
majors on track and teach an introductory course while           purchase of a Ricoh printer which gives students the
they searched for a replacement.                                 capability to print and mount their own assignments.

                              While Tom had no desire to         For a teacher, says Tom, there’s nothing quite as rewarding
                              leave his job at Marathon,         as watching students grow over the course of the semes-
                              he says he also enjoys teach-      ter. “To see them look back at how their work has changed
                              ing and showing students           since the beginning of the semester is really gratifying,” he
                              how things operate in the real     says. “It’s been a great opportunity to make a difference.”
                              world. He says he received a
                              somewhat similar call back in
                              2000 and 2001. Fortunately,

Tom reviews classwork
                              he also had enough vaca-                                       Meet Thomas
                              tion left so that he could take
with a student in the         Tuesdays off for the remainder                                 Siebenaller
“Digital Imaging &            of the semester and help out                                   Wellness Coordinator
Manipulation” class.          the University with Marathon
                              management’s blessing.                                         Tom Siebenaller says one of
                                                                                             the reasons he was attracted to
Tom teaches both Advanced Digital Imagery and an Intro-                                      Marathon was because of the
duction to Digital Imagery. Students learn to use software                                   obvious commitment the com-
programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign,                                        pany has to making its wellness
learning how to produce newsletters and other printed                                        initiatives an integral part of the
pieces as well as work with photography.                                                     employee lifestyle.

“My philosophy of teaching is a little different than the        “They realize the effect that having healthy employees does
traditional academic environment,” Tom notes, “specifically       have on the company’s performance and also how that
affects the workplace in general,” notes Tom. “I found that      When Michael Gentry (MPL-Corrosion Control) won a
to be very impressive.”                                          drawing for a carbon monoxide detector at Marathon’s
                                                                 Wellness & Safety Fair, he and his wife, Angela (Diversity/
Originally from Tiffin, Ohio, Tom graduated from Bowling          Organizational Development), decided a good location for it
Green State University with a degree in exercise science.        would be on the stairs. They never really planned to give it
He and his wife, Heather, who is a nurse at a Findlay            a second thought.
orthopedic practice, have a seven-month-old daughter.
His work experience has included personal training posi-         On Tuesday, December 4, while Michael was out of town
tions at health clubs in both Tiffin and Columbus, and also       on business, Angela, Jennifer, their daughter, and grand-
with Abercrombie & Fitch, running the fitness facility at their   son Lucas were awakened by the carbon monoxide alarm
corporate headquarters.                                          at 4:30 a.m. “I went to check on everyone and called 911,”
                                                                 says Angela. “We weren’t panicked, and none of us felt
“I see my role to build on what’s already here,” he says.        sick or dizzy. The only time I caught my breath was when
“Marathon’s program thus far has been very successful,           the fireman coming in the door with a tester said our read-
and Rachelle Koehnke left me a lot of great material. Of         ing was 65, which is in the ‘probable danger’ area, and that
course, I just arrived here, but down the road I think there     we needed to evacuate immediately. A reading of 100 is
is a lot of opportunity to initiate some further long-lasting    considered deadly.”
initiatives into the corporate wellness program.”
                                                                 It turns out that the Gentry’s furnace, which was installed in
Tom says the job at Marathon will also allow him to apply        1991, had a crack in the heat exchanger. The fire depart-
some of his personal training experience to wellness. “As        ment shut down the furnace and stayed with Angela while
a personal trainer, I stressed much more than exercise,” he      the house was aired out and the carbon monoxide readings
notes. “For example, I like to educate about the importance      returned to zero.
of nutrition. Both the amount and kind of sleep a person
gets and their stress levels all play a role in whether or       Angela notes that they purchased the house only a year
not they get anything out of the exercise that they do, so       ago. “Fortunately, we also had a year’s warranty on all
I can also help people be more efficient with their results.      the appliances, so our new furnace was installed just three
It has always been rewarding for me to see people                days after this happened,” she said. “We know the Lord
develop the excitement about exercise and feel good              was watching out for us. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.
about themselves.”                                               We couldn’t smell anything, and none of us had any symp-
                                                                 toms. It just built up to a level that finally reached a danger
Tom just began his new job on December 3, so right now           zone. The timing of winning the detector was amazing,
he is keeping plenty busy just getting to know his new           since it’s one of those things that you think of buying but
environment. He says he will welcome anyone dropping by          never get around to doing it. Obviously, now we think
his office in Donnell 4026. “I’m obviously glad to be here,”      everyone should buy one for their home!”
he says, “and I look forward to meeting as many Marathon
employees as I can.”

                                                                                                    Administrative Services
                                                                                                    2007 Survey Results

                                                                                                    to Listen!
                                                                 A big thank you goes out to the 922 Findlay Office em-
                                                                 ployees who completed the 2007 Administrative Services
                                                                 survey. The survey was mailed to 1,918 employees, with a
                                                                 response rate of 48.1 percent.

                                                                 In 1997, employees gave Administrative Services a
                                                                 rating of 78.7 percent. Ten years later, the rating is up to
                                                                 83.1 percent. As in the past, Administrative Services takes
                                                                 the results of this annual survey very seriously and continu-
Angela Gentry with grandson, Lucas and daughter,                 ally looks for ways to improve its services.
                                                                 Here’s some of what was learned in 2007:
A Timely Acquisition
If you haven’t finished all your holiday shopping, especially     The highest score again this year went to car rentals in
in the $35-$45 dollar range, here’s a story you will want        Findlay via the Avis Garage with 93 percent. Duplication
to read.                                                         Services was next, with 89 percent. Following closely were
Intra-office mail, professional appearance of lobbies,             Marathon’s $300,000 donation to the Hancock County
cafeteria, and building exterior, offset printing, telephone      United Way Flood Relief Fund will assist both citizens and
and voice mail reliability, video production, and art design      nonprofit agencies stricken by the flood. “Each and every
with 88 percent.                                                  citizen of this region has been impacted by this disaster and
                                                                  we recognize that there remains a long road of rebuilding
Questions about your opinion of the Food Service opera-           ahead of us,” said Gary R. Heminger, Marathon executive
tions were included in the 2007 survey for the first time.         vice president.
Our food service contractor, Sodexho, has been given the
survey participants comments (anonymously, of course)             The United Way Flood Relief Fund was established hours
and will be working on incorporating your comments and            after it was realized that the community was going to be
suggestions into their day-to-day operations. In 2008, the        hit with the largest flood in the area’s history and that there
Burgundy Room will be remodeled with the goal being a             would be both short-and long-term needs in the community.
more pleasant, efficient, and versatile dining area.               To date, the United Way of Hancock County has distributed
                                                                  just over $112,000 to flood victims in Hancock County. Unit-
Elevators damaged from the flood and ongoing freight               ed Way’s Community Solutions committee members review
elevator modernization had a negative effect on elevator          all requests which include financial assistance for furnace
services. All work on the elevators in the Marathon building      replacement, rent, utilities, clothing, and other flood-re-
will be completed before year end.                                lated expenses not covered by insurance or FEMA. These
                                                                  funds will also be available to the Long-Term Recovery
In 2007, daytime cleaning of the facilities was initiated. This   Committee caseworkers, and the United Way is serving as
cost saving initiative has not been without its opportunities.    fiscal agent for this committee. Of the funds collected, 100
Administrative Services and our cleaning contractor, CSI          percent is being directly used to assist those affected by the
International, continue to fine tune the process. The primary      flood. No administrative costs are taken from the donations.
focus will address the process for cleaning and restocking
supplies in our restrooms and the cleanliness of stairwells       “Marathon has again demonstrated that they are an out-
and other common areas.                                           standing corporate citizen. Any time this community is
                                                                  in crisis, Marathon is there. They continually exhibit that
         Services                                                 they are indeed ‘Best In Class’ and this extends beyond
         Scale 1 (low) to 10 (high)                               their day-to-day business,” said Keith DuVernay, presi-
                                                                  dent and CEO of United Way of Hancock County. “United
         Food Service                   7.66
                                                                  Way is pleased that Marathon views our organization as a
         Office Supply                   7.78                      trustworthy vehicle for effective distribution of these much
         Elevator Services              7.93                      needed funds.”
         Housekeeping                   8.18
                                                                  For more information about the United Way Flood Relief
         Building Operations            8.21                      fund, contact the United Way office at 419-423-1432 or visit
         Security                       8.38                      http://uwhancock.org.
         Conference Rooms               8.41
                                                                                                          In all, contributions
         Safety                         8.52                                                              by Marathon, Mara-
         Facilities Planning            8.65                                                              thon employees and
         Graphic Services               8.65                                                              business partners
                                                                                                          to flood relief efforts
         Conference Planning            8.67                                                              total over $755,000.
         Mail Delivery                  8.72                                                              That includes the
         Travel                         9.31                                                              initial donation of
                                                                                                          $50,000 made by
Survey Winner                                                                                             Marathon to the
Congratulations to Yolanda Hernandez (P&CS Retail) for                                                    Red Cross Hancock
winning the drawing for a Marathon gas card.                      County Disaster Relief Fund. Subsequently, Marathon
                                                                  made a $250,000 Marathon matching gift to the Red Cross
                                                                  North Central Ohio Flood and Disaster Relief Fund and
                                                                  more than $94,000 was donated by Marathon employees,
                            Aiding Area                           customers and business partners to that same fund. The
                            Relief                                total also includes $45,000 of fuel donated by Marathon to
                        Marathon Controller Karen                 the city of Findlay and other employee charitable donations
                        Cline and Senior HR Vice                  totaling more than $16,900.
                        President Rod Nichols present
the check to United Way of Hancock County CEO Keith
                                                                service, integrity and faith. (If you missed a month, check
                                                                the GO News archive for 2007 at the right side of the
                                                                GO News opening page.)

                                                                     For December, the core value is LEADERSHIP.

                                                                The Importance of Leadership
                                                                Management is something you do as part of a job descrip-
                                                                tion; leadership is something you grow into by influencing
                                                                others through your values, attitudes, and actions. When
                                                                leadership becomes a philosophy and a way of life, it is a
                                                                value in its own right.

                                                                        • Performance Cornerstone # 1: Character
                                                                          Character is destiny, said Heraclitus, and nowhere
                                                                          more so than in leadership (as we have seen
Madeline’s Marathon                                                       repeatedly in recent years). Anyone can become
                                                                          a more effective leader by modeling their attitudes
Madeline Ellingsworth, daughter of Julie and David
                                                                          and their actions so as to cultivate strength of
Ellingsworth (Occupational & Environmental Hygeine),
                                                                          character. Character is forged through commit-
had to feel pretty special on October 13. The A-T Cure
                                                                          ment to a higher purpose, nurtured by selfless-
Tour was a series of 63 marathons run in 63 days by Tim
                                                                          ness, and it demands total self-honesty. This is a
Borland, an endurance coach who pledged to run the races
                                                                          gradual process that requires a lifelong commit-
to raise funds for the Ataxia Telangiectasia Children’s
                                                                          ment, but the change can be profound and lasting.
Project (ATCP). Borland ran a marathon in Findlay to raise
funds for all children afflicted with A-T (ataxia telangiecta-
                                                                        • Performance Cornerstone # 2: Expectations
sia) and pushed 10-year-old Madeline in a jogging stroller
                                                                          You tend to get what you expect. This ancient
during the first 5K of his run that day.
                                                                          wisdom has been repeated so often and in so
                                                                          many ways through the ages because it reflects
Since diagnosed at age five, Madeline and her family have
                                                                          an eternal truth, and nowhere more so than in the
been working with them to raise funds for research aimed
                                                                          relationship between leader and followers. Effec-
at finding a cure for A-T, a rare, fatal, degenerative neuro-
                                                                          tive leaders look beyond superficial appearances
logic disease. Madeline is one of less than 400 children in
                                                                          to find and galvanize hidden strengths in others.
the United States afflicted with A-T. The Findlay event was
                                                                          Transforming leaders are those who raise oth-
Borland’s 41st stop on the A-T Cure Tour, which ended on
                                                                          ers to higher levels of moral values and personal
November 4 at the New York City Marathon finish line.
Thanks to the efforts of Madeline’s mother, Julie, the Tour
                                                                        • Performance Cornerstone # 3: Fellowship
event was run in conjunction with The University of Find-
                                                                          We yearn for fellowship in our workplaces, not
lay’s Homecoming 5K Run/Walk. Of the $50 entry fee, $35
                                                                          mere association. There are simple yet powerful
went to fund A-T research. A post-run tailgate victory party
                                                                          strategies that can help to foster a greater spirit of
was held in the YMCA parking lot. “We would like to thank
                                                                          community in any organization. The best leaders
Marathon and its employees for supporting the ATCP and
                                                                          create an all-or-none spirit of shared commitment,
the A-T Cure Tour,” adds Dave.
                                                                          use obstacles and setbacks to reinforce the bonds
“Everyone’s support meant a lot to all of us.”
                                                                          of loyalty, and appreciate the power of symbols,
                                                                          stories, and rituals, to create a spirit of community.
The event was a huge success in terms of the awareness
that was generated regarding the disease through local
                                                                        • Performance Cornerstone # 4: Quest
media and by the fact we exceeded our fundraising goal
                                                                          There is incredible potential energy waiting to be
of $5,000.”
                                                                          released when the corporate mission statement
                                                                          and the individual job description are subsumed
                                                                          into a real Quest. This has never been more
                             Our Final                                    important, because many experts are predicting a
                                                                          severe shortage of skilled workers in the decades
                             Core Value                                   to come, and the single-best way to earn workers’
                                                                          loyalty is to make them feel that they are part of
                              We’re now on number twelve                  something bigger than a mere job – that they are
in the year-long series of Core Action Values from Joe Tye.               part of a Quest. A spirit of Quest promotes loyalty
So far, we’ve learned about authenticity, courage, perse-                 to the organization, commitment to the mission,
verance, vision, mission, enthusiasm, focus, awareness,                   and service to the customer.
The Wellness staff would like to hear from you. What           to include a tiered minimum deposits and rate structure.
was your favorite core value so far? How has the re-           Whether you invest a small or large amount of your hard
view of this information impacted you? Please visit            earned savings into a U$X FCU CD or IRA, you now have
Tom Siebenaller at TSiebenaller@MarathonPetroleum.com          the options to make your investment work even harder for
For more information on the Core Action Value of the
month, visit: http://roadmap.fdy.mapllc.com/wellness/          U$X FCU wants to help you build your financial future.
activities/?type=activity&animate=false&loc=FDY&id=393         Which of your other financial providers paid you additional
                                                               income on your interest bearing deposits? U$X FCU has
                                                               paid a Member Loyalty Reward for the past five years. Time
                                                               is money; it’s time to get started.
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Financial experts use a technique called “Laddering” to
manage Certificate of Deposit (CD) portfolios. The tech-
nique derives from having CDs that range from the low end
(12 months) to the high end (60 months). By investing your
funds evenly over each of these categories, you always
have 1/5th of your investment coming due each year.

 TERM                       INVESTMENT          APY
 12 Months                  $500                4.40%*
 24 Months                  $500                4.45%*
 36 Months                  $500                4.50%*
 48 Months                  $500                4.55%*
 60 Months                  $500                4.60%*
 Total Investment           $2,500
 AVERAGE APR                                    4.50%
 *Rates as of
  November 1, 2007

Here’s where that ladder analogy comes in – each year is
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                                                               Print Your 2008 Calendar
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Bulletin Board                                                                                Marathon Gift
                                                                                              Cards Make
                         Holiday Donations
                                                                                              Great Gifts
                         for 2007
                                                                                               Looking for a gift that every-
                      In lieu of sending out corporate                                         one can use? Findlay Office
                      holiday cards, Marathon has                                              employees can buy Marathon
                      instead chosen to give donations to        pre-paid cards right here at the office during the month of
                      local charities for many years now.        December. This year, the cards are available in several
                      Findlay’s Local Charitable Giving          eye-catching colors in addition to the traditional blue and
Committee has made a $1,000 donation to City Mission,            in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.
which has been the recipient of the local holiday donation
since 1998.                                                      Remaining sale dates are: December 17 (outside the Bur-
                                                                 gundy Room from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and December 19
In case you are curious about the kinds of organizations         (in the Marathon Lobby from 6:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.). For
supported by other locations, here’s the full list for 2007:     more information, contact Brian Bruce at ext. 2347.
Canton: Pegasus Farm ($500) and Canines Helping
         Independent People ($500)
Catlettsburg: River Cities Harvest
Detroit: Vistas Nuevas-Simpson Center/Matrix Human
                                                                                              United Way
Enon: Del Pueblo, Inc.                                                                        Updates
Garyville: St. John Ministry of Care
Indianapolis: The Salvation Army                                                              Thanks to everyone who
Robinson: Eastern Illinois Christian Assembly (Oblong                                         participated in the 2007 MPL
            Children’s Christian Home)                           United Way ornament sales sponsored by Marathon Pipe
St. Paul: Friends In Need Food Shelf                             Line. They sold 169 of the 2007 ornaments and the remain-
Texas City: D’Feet Breast Cancer Inc.                            der of the 2003 ornaments, totaling $4,225 in sales and
                                                                 $1,200 raised for the United Way!

                          Spread Some                            If you are working the week after Christmas, at least you
                                                                 can wear your jeans! The December Jeans Week will run
                          Cheer to the New                       from December 26 to 28, with a bonus on New Year’s Eve.
                          Did your department “adopt” a
family for the holidays or in some other way further the holi-                                  November’s
day spirit in the Hancock County community? Please share
your story for the January GO News. Photos can be used                                          Spark Plugs
where appropriate.
                                                                                                 These employees earned
E-mail Sid Barth at swbarth@marathonpetroleum.com by             a Spark Plug Keychain in November because they were
January 10, or call Shirley Stewart at extension 3577 for        caught doing something healthy by a member of the Find-
more information.                                                lay Wellness Committee. Recipients this month were seen
                                                                 walking during lunchtime, taking a yoga class, working out
                                                                 at the Y, attending a lunch ‘n learn, and more. The winner
                          For Findlay                            of the November raffle and a $50 gas card was Lisa Niese.
                                                                 Congratulations! The program continues through
                          Office Kids                             December, so do something to get noticed!

                         The young and young at heart
                                                                    Bill Cramer        Kathy Ehrnsberger   Karen Burgel
                         alike will enjoy Santa’s annual
                         visit to the Burgundy Room on              Cindy Gillen       Ryan Stobbs         Debbi Riggs
                         Tuesday, December 18. Bring                Aleta Yates        Kim Petrime         Kristen Ennis
in the kids for some lunch and a great photo opportunity.           Lisa Niese         Sheri Hammer        Dan Graves
Thanks to Sodexho for continuing this great Findlay Office
holiday tradition!
                           New Collectible                                Thomas A. Steinman
                                                                          30 Years
                           for 2007!                                      I. T.-Terminal, Transport & Marine
                           Marathon is proud to offer                     Applications
                           this year’s limited edition

                                 Ford Model A Tanker
This limited edition truck is tenth in a series.
Access the ORDER FORM at: http://mweb.fdy.moc.com/
                                                                          Shelley J. McKee
                                                                          25 Years
$26.95                                                                    Law-Administration

Kenworth W900 With
Your Tanker Choice
Choose The American Spirit or The American Flag
                                                         40 Years
                                                         Anne M. Craine: Tax-Sales Use & Tax Systems

                                                         30 Years
                                                         Jodie A. Vargo: Human Resources-Recruiting & Placement

                                                         20 Years
                                                         Debra L. Clevenger: Marketing-Brand-Credit Card Card-
Special Holiday Price!                                   holder Services
Regular price of $49.95 will apply in 2008.              Susan R. De La Torre: Financial Services & Treasurer
Access the ORDER FORM at: http://roadmap-test.fdy.       Joseph M. Froelich: Information Technology-
mapllc.com/publicaffairs/go_news/december_2007/bulle-    Infrastructure-Network Services
tin_board/tanker_trucks.html                             Stephen M. Kuhn: Refining-Refining Planning
                                                         Vernon W. Mark: Refining-Refining Clean Fuels
                                                         Richard K. Mattingly: Operations Accounting-Product
                                                         Supply Accounting
                                                         10 Years
                                                         David D. Mack: TT&M-Asphalt Southern Light Products

Service Awards                                           5 Years
                                                         Dennis Benson: TT&M-TS&R-Electronics Services
                                                         Kelly S. Niese: TT&M-Asphalt Southern Light Products-
                 Philip B. Holmes                        Analysis & Administration
                 30 Years
                 I. T.-Compliance Data Management

                                                         There are no retirements this month.
New Employees                                                  James M. Mallamaci: TT&M-Findlay Area to TT&M-
                   Manda K. Hoover                             Northern Light Products
                   Administrative Assistant,
                   M&TE-AST Technical Services                 Velma L. Clagg: Marketing-Brand-Credit Card Cardholder
                   Ottawa, Ohio                                Services to Operations Accounting-Transportation
                                                               Exchange Accounting
                   Mandy graduated from Lima Technical
                   College with an associate’s degree in       Maurice A. Fiocca: TT&M-Asphalt-Northern Area to
                   physical therapist assistant. She is        TT&M-Findlay Area
                   single and enjoys spending time with her
                   two daughters.                              Loren I. Steinke: Marketing-Asphalt-Coordinating
                                                               Management to Marketing-Asphalt-Northern Region

                   Matthew M. Vick                             Ronald B. Juan: M&TE-Ethanol Projects to M&TE-TT&M-
                   Project Engineer II,                        Northern Terminals Engineering
                   M&TE-TT&M-Asphalt Terminal
                   Engineering                                 Kathryn M. Snyder: I. T.-MPL, M&TE Applications to MPL-
                   Toledo, Ohio                                Operations-PL-Corrosion Control

                   Matt received a B.S. degree in electrical   David D. Mack: M&TE-TT&M-Asphalt Terminal
                   engineering from The University of          Engineering to TT&M-Asphalt Southern Light Products
                   Toledo. He previously worked for
                   a consulting electrical engineering         Robert T. Krasnicki: M&TE-Ethanol Projects to M&TE-
                   company. Matt is married and his hobby      TT&M-Southern Terminals Engineering
                   is home improvements. His favorite
                   sports are golf, bowling, pool, corn hole   Timothy D. Kaminsky: M&TE-TT&M-Southern Terminals
                   and football.                               Engineering to Internal Auditing-Information Systems

                                                               Franklin T. Pleasants: M&TE-Retail Design to M&TE-
Transfers-In                                                   TT&M-Asphalt Terminal Engineering
There are no transfers-in this month.
                                                               Jeffrey Wensink: M&TE-Ethanol Projects to M&TE-TT&M-
                                                               Northern Terminals Engineering

Job Transitions
Tammy A. Schroeder: Marketing-Coordinating Staff to
Tax-Sales Use & Tax Systems                                    Deaths
                                                               Wayne E. Baltzell: 72, Operations Accounting-Sales
William E. Cramer: Marketing-Asphalt-Supply Logistics to       Accounting, November 30, 2007.
TT&M-Optimization & Planning

Jeffrey D. McGlade: P&CS-Marketing Transportation to
Commercial Credit                                              Classified Ads
Vincent M. Petrella: M&TE-Ethanol Projects to Business         How to Place a Classified Ad
Development-Staff                                              To place a Classified Ad in the GO News, simply E-mail
                                                               the text to Shirley Stewart at SJStewart@marathonpe-
Candida A. Mackell: Marketing-Real-Estate-Staff to             troleum.com or send it in interoffice mail to Public Affairs,
Property & Severance Tax                                       Room 304-M. The deadline to submit classified ads for the
                                                               next issue is Tuesday, January 15th.
Brent R. Schnipke: MPL-Operations-OL-Operations
Center-Training to MPL-Operations-OL-Operations Center         Please note: the home phone number referenced MUST
                                                               be that of the employee or retiree.
Kyle A. Settlemire: MPL-Operations-OL-Operations
Center-Training to MPL-Operations-OL-Operations Center
S. Priya Natarajan: I. T.-Wholesale/Asphalt, Marketing &       ‘01 Pontiac Montana mini-van, 5 door, light brown 2-tone,
Pricing/Allocations to I. T.-Supply, Distribution & Planning   leather seats - quad bucket + third row removable split
Applications                                                   bench, CD, VHS, wireless headphone entertainment
system, power assist remote passenger side sliding door, 1       Himalayan kittens make adorable Christmas gifts, litter
owner, 85,500 mi., $6,700. 419-889-2259.                         trained & ready for pickup. See them at http://www.home-
                                                                 grownhimalayans.com/ForSale.html. Too cute to resist!
‘04 Mazda RX8, rotary engine, 6 spd. manual, lightning yel-      419-365-5938.
low, in showroom condition w/only 16,000 miles. Includes
18-in. aluminum alloy wheels w/locks, 4-wheel disc ABS           Gold’s Gym XR-66 Weight System, like new, $149; Bolens
brakes, cruise, AM/FM/CD, remote keyless entry, home             22-in, 4.5 HP Briggs & Stratton push mover, hardly used,
link, PW, PL, power mirrors, moon roof, grand touring pkg.       $60; used recliner, good for college apt., $25.
which includes Bose audio, black leather seats, 6 way            567-525-5030.
power driver seat, heated seats, heated mirrors, xenon
headlights, fog lamps, $17,000. 419-423-7944.                    Computer armoire, Sauder Monarch computer work center,
                                                                 fruitwood finish, like new condition $250. Can be viewed at
Miscellaneous                                                    419-523-3667.
Ashley furniture chocolate leather sofa sectional, series
name Central Park & Durapella Olive Chaise lounge chair,         Beautiful 10 year old reg. bay Tennessee walking horse
displayed in a spec home, never been used, both pieces,          gelding. “Spirit” loves to trail ride & is also traffic safe. He
$1,500 OBO; Newton toddler bed, dark cherry wood, only           goes out alone or w/others, no buck, rear or bolt. He has a
used for 2 weeks, new $80, asking $50, perfect condition.        very smooth running walk, rack & lope. He loves attention
419-523-4442.                                                    & is very gentle. Up to date on shots & worming. Stands
                                                                 for the farrier & hauls great. Will hold him for Christmas,
Five-piece Coda drum set, includes 4 crash/ride cymbals          $2,000. 419-365-7083 after 5 p.m.
+ hi-hats w/heavy duty hardware, double bass drum pedal,
ready to go, 3-piece roto-toms w/stand available at extra        Pulaski picture frame display cabinet, medium oak finish,
cost, asking $475. 419-306-4242, ask for Todd.                   W44 D15 H79, adjustable glass shelves, beveled front
                                                                 glass, decorative front frame, glass shelf kit 4, two halogen
Whirlpool heavy duty dryer, 5-6 years old in good condition,     lights, mirrored back & bottom, side entry, $450.
$75. 419-358-0897.                                               419-429-0388.

Aquarium, 55 gal., pump, filter, heater, hood & accessories,      Snow thrower, 4.5 HP w/21-in. clearing width, 2-cycle
nice wooded stand included, needs light bulb, $150.              engine w/electric start, 7 years old w/brand new belt, $90.
419-306-9155.                                                    419-420-9194.

Sectional sofa in blue, both ends recline, $200; Amish-          Bicycle, 3-wheeler, brand new, purchased from Kaufman
made oak end table w/built-in lamp & magazine rack, $100.        Schwinn, never ridden. 419-425-4343.
                                                                 Cerwin Vega model LS-12, 12-in. floor speakers, $125/pair;
Unique one of a kind Christmas gifts – locally hand made         Cerwin Vega model LS-15, 15-in. powered subwoofer,
sea urchin Christmas ornaments, $40; solid wood decora-          $125 (paid $499 new); Technics model SA-DX930 re-
tive birdhouses, 10 or more different species of woods,          ceiver, 5.1 surround, 500 watts, $75; Technics 100 disc CD
three different styles, straight side, $35; curve side, $45;     changer, $65; Toshiba DVD player, $25. 419-455-9415.
Banksia seed pod (from Australia), $55. 419-348-8671.
                                                                 A refreshing blend of Contemporary & Southern Gospel
17 year old reg. bay overo paint gelding. “Charley” is a         style CD’s available for purchase by area Christian singer-
quiet, kid safe horse that rides & also drives. He is a great    songwriters Jeff & Sarah Tackett. The “So Many Blessings”
beginner horse for young or old. He’s excellent on trails &      CD by Jeff & Sarah sells for $15; Jeff’s solo CD “Narrow
traffic safe. You can use him everyday or once a year, he’s       Pathways” sells for $10 or both for $20. For CD’s contact
always the same. He stands for the farrier, hauls great & is     Audrey at 419-423-4608 or 419-306-4147. A mixture of well
up to date on shots & worming. He also has a negative cog-       known and original songs.
gins. Will hold him for Christmas, $2,000, OBO.
419-365-7083 after 5 p.m.                                        Girl’s Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter.
                                                                 This is the purple “Betty.” Can travel up to 10 miles on a
Van Burn varsity jacket, size medium, never worn, excellent      single charge. Can reach speeds up to 15 mph. Scaled-
condition, $50. 419-424-1195 or 419-429-1951.                    down classic scooter design, retractable center-mount
                                                                 kickstand, storage compartment under seat. Can be viewed
Baldwin piano, $400; CSI seasons 1, 2, 3 & 6, $20 per            at http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_
season firm; nice flower print LR couch & chair, $30 OBO;          id=5044013. New still in box, $190. 419-306-0403.
dryer works well, $30 OBO; LR floor lamp, $5, moving must
sell, items located in Tiffin. 567-220-9392 (cell) after 7 p.m.   Ping Pong table, great condition, $150; Three-D lighted
or anytime weekends.                                             jumping reindeer & sleigh purchased from DeHavens,
asking $50 for the pair. 419-424-3415 after 5 p.m.              Sid Barth, Editor
                                                                Shirley Stewart, Editorial Assistant
                                                                Tom Harmon, Graphic Designer/Web Developer
Houses For Sale
Country home for sale by owner – 2023 St. Rt. 613,
McComb, brick ranch, 1,850 sq. ft., 3-BR, 2 baths, DR,
fireplace insert in FR heats house, McComb school district,
5 acres, 3 currently farmed, 36 x 45 Morton building w/
shop, 20 min. from Marathon. 419-957-1041 for more info
or showing.

Condo for sale by owner on Stonehedge Drive, 2-BR, 2-car
garage, 2 full baths, sun room, all appliances stay. 419-

For Rent
Duplex w/garage, 2/3-BR, within walking distance of
Marathon, appliances furnished & w/d hookups. No pets!
Rent, $450, lease & deposit required. 419-365-5890.

For home improvements, repairs, remodeling, concrete
work, decks, sheds, power washing, etc., contact Grant for
a free estimate & consultation at 419-422-7171 or 419-423-
4608. Licensed, insured and bonded.

Nothing this month.

I’m in search for an English Bulldog (all white preferred).
It’s been very hard trying to find one from a trusted breeder.

Marathon’s Mixed Volleyball League is looking for a few
more regular players. If you are available most Thursdays
at 7 p.m. for a few hours of fun, call Jen Warner, ext. 2159
for details. The Mixed Volleyball League is a non-competi-
tive, recreational league only. No spiking, no overhand
serves, no referees, no pressure. Fun is allowed, however!

Findlay All Singles 2007 Dance Schedule

 December 29 – Goodbye 2007 Hello 2008 – dressy attire
(special refreshments served $10 admission charge)

Doors open at 8 p.m. Dance from 8:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.,
Humane Society Hall, 4550 Fostoria Ave., Findlay, admis-
sion $7, donation for beverage snack, smoke/alcohol free,
all ages welcome. 419-422-5200 for more info.

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