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					Agency in foreign country. This agreement is entered into the _________ day of _________, _________[date], between _________, of _________, referred to as manufacturer, and _________, of _________, referred to as agent. 1. Agent shall be the sole agent for manufacturer for the sale of _________ in and throughout _________, and shall faithfully prosecute the business of selling _________ and further the interests of manufacturer. 2. This agency agreement shall continue for the term of _________ years and from year to year until terminated by either party by giving _________ months' written notice, posted in a registered letter in _________ by _________, or in _________ by _________. 3. Agent is not to handle any other conflicting machines, and he [she, it] shall anticipate the wants in the line of goods to be furnished by manufacturer, as far in advance as possible, in order to give manufacturer a reasonable time in which to execute the orders. 4. The prices and terms at which goods have been sold to agent by manufacturer during the present year, shall govern for one year from this date, and no change shall be made at the expiration of one year unless _________ months' notice is given and a written notice to this effect posted in _________ by registered letter, which letter shall be considered as received in _________ on that date it is received and receipted for. 5. Manufacturer shall do no advertising in any [foreign] papers without including the name and address of agent as their sole [European] agent, the intention being to bring before the public of _________ the fact that agent is the sole agent of manufacturer in the territory, and that all inquiries from the territory received by manufacturer shall be referred to agent. 6. The name and address of agent as sole [European] agent, shall be by name plate or other suitable manner affixed to each _________, furnished to agent, excepting it may be in the case of machines now on orders in course of construction, which cannot be labeled on account of lack of time.

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