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             Python: Introduction

• It is a general purpose high-level programming language.

• Design philosophy emphasizes code readabality.

• Standard Library is large and comprehensive.

• Combines remarkable power with very clear syntax.

• Ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in
  many areas on most platforms.

• Suitable as an extension language for customizable applications.
                     Python: Features
•   Efficient high-level data structure.

•   Simple and effective approach to object-oriented programming.

•   Supports multiple programming paradigm.

•   Features fully dynamic type system and automatic memory management.

•   Used as a scripting language.

•   Embeddable, Extensible and Portable.

•   Free and Open Source capabilities.
            What Can Python do?

• Python does COM.

• Python does .NET.

• Python does Java better than Java.

• Python is high-performance.

• Python talks to hardware.
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• Dynamic Website Development (Web Portal Development).

• Turnkey Windows Services Development.

• Active Directory integration Services.

• Customized Excel and .csv report generation Service.
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