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									XYZ Company Pty Ltd

Request for Proposal

Ref No.

All information that is contained with this RFP is proprietary in nature and remains confidential. At no
stage is the requestee authorised to make any information contained within this document public, and
shall not make an statements (whether written or verbal) to any persons about the RFP, the selection
process, or any other statement involving <XYZ> or this document without the prior written consent of

The requestee is obliged not to reproduce any part of this document (other than for internal use) and upon
the final completion of the RFP, or alternatively upon notice of disqualification, is required to return the
original copy of this document including any copies made for internal purposes.

<XYZ> acknowledge that the information received in response to this RFP is also confidential in nature
and will not be disclosed to any third parties either in part or in full. These two parties further
acknowledge that the information supplied by the requestee will only be used in selecting a Travel
Management team to supply services to <XYZ> in <XXX> Region.

The declaration below must be completed and signed by an Officer of the Requestee and return to
<XYZ> by <xxx> to Facsimile No <xxx>.

I have read the above Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them:

Name: ………………………………………………………..

Signature: ……………………………………………………

Date: ………………………………………………………….

Name of Company: …………………………………………

                                     Request for Proposal                                                Page 2

2.1   Background

      <Insert <XYZ COMPANY PTY LTD> information>

2.2   Products

      <Insert details>

2.3   Vertical Market Focus

      <Insert details>

2.4   Locations Staffing and Travel Data

      <Insert details>


3.1   Service Requirements

      The preferred travel manager must have the ability to control and report on a local and regional
      basis whilst delivering the following high quality travel services. They include:

       Offer and establish a professional travel management program
       An ability to work with <XYZ>’s preferred travel suppliers on a local and regional basis with
        a view to an open book relationship
       Deliver a highly responsive reliable service, 24 hour, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year within a
        global structure
       An ability deliver proactive and tailored reports both locally and regionally whilst maintaining
        control and monitoring activity levels
       Establish a service level agreement based upon measurable Key Performance Indicators
        (“KPI”), with a view to implementing a continuous improvement program with regular
        reviews periods
       Strict adherence to the <XYZ> Travel Policy with the means of tracking performance and
        monitoring activity
       Innovative processes and technology are to be utilised

3.2   Objectives

      <XYZ> has contracted <xxx> to perform a review of <XYZ>’s travel requirements within the
      <insert region>. This review will be conducted with a view to obtaining leverage of the total
      travel expenditure in this region through a single Travel Management service in order to reduce
      travel costs and maximise service to the client.

                                   Request for Proposal                                             Page 3
      The review will also extend to include a continuous improvement program to service <XYZ>’s
      changing needs and the ability of the Travel management Service to work with <XYZ>’s current
      travel suppliers.

3.3   Selection Criteria

      The key selection criteria of the preferred Travel Management service will depend largely upon
      the evaluation of each proposal. However we set out below some of the basic requirements that
      would be expected to be contained within any competitive proposal:

       Financial Benefits – incentives, discounts and revenues directly and indirectly reducing the
        cost of travel given the level of regional activity.
       Service Quality – available resources and regional organisational structure on a local level to
        effectively service the needs of each company
       Efficient booking and administration procedures – processes that save travel bookers time
        with a minimum of inconvenience to travellers
       Continuous Cost Improvements – use of systems and programs to continually identify cost
        savings and discount opportunities on a micro and macro level
       Information Reporting – availability, quality and accuracy of an array of information
        reporting tools and mechanisms to provide concise travel activity on cost information to
        various levels of management and staff

3.4   Selection Process

      The selection process will entail the following stages:

      Stage 1:
      The pre-selection process will involve an overview of each Travel Management Company in the
      marketplace. The evaluation team will then establish which possible requestees have the ability to
      provide the services that are deemed essential. Those companies that cannot conf9rm to the
      requirements of the client will be automatically eliminated from participating in the proposal.

      Stage 2:
      This stage will consist of the distribution of a RFP to those companies that are deemed capable of
      providing the required service levels. These requestees will be invited to tender for the business
      of <XYZ> within the <insert region>. Whilst this will be on a regional basis all submissions will
      be required to be submitted in Australia, however for ease of comparison all submissions must be
      $US (Specifics will be provided on exchange rates).

      Stage 3:
      The evaluation will commence on <Insert details> once all submissions have been received or
      eliminated. The evaluations will be made based on the selection criteria above and any other
      pertinent information supplied. A short list will then be made and these successful requestees will
      be asked to provide further detail qualifying their proposals. In addition to being asked to present
      personally to the Evaluation Team in Sydney.

                                    Request for Proposal                                              Page 4
      Stage 4:
      The final stage will be a formal presentation made in Sydney to the evaluation team.

3.5   Response Format

      Responding proposals are to list all services describing each as briefly as possible – your response
      must be defined to the relevant country (as set out below) and its applicable local processes.

      Excepting where advised all responses to each question must have an overall Asia/Pacific
      response with separate answers to each country. With each country response you must note any
      exceptions where the regional response is not available. Your proposal must be in the format of a
      specific response and follow the tender document (ie numbering and format). Any Executive
      Summary must be limited to two (2) pages and should outline major points including highlighting
      any distinguishing services from your competitors. Highlighting or drawing our attention your
      organisation’s unique services assists your organisation be measured individually and show’s how
      you have met the set objectives. The evaluation team will not ignore if you provide your company
      vision and future direction together with particular industry advice. We are seeking a long-term
      relationship in the region such a relationship whilst based upon our service and selection criteria
      must also be sufficiently flexible to grow with <XYZ>’s own regional organisational plans.

3.6   References

      Please provide references with names and telephone numbers of three regional accounts and one
      local (Australian) account comparable in service and volume to <XYZ>. Please take note all
      referees provided will be contacted by VF Travel Management Solutions as part of the evaluation

3.7   Final Date for Submission and No of Copies

      Submissions are to be received by (       ). Four copies (4): one (1) original plus three (3) copies
      must be submitted with all attachments duly marked and identified any examples must be cross
      referenced to the relevant responding section.

      Enquiries during the Tender Process
      Any enquiries relating to this document must be directed to the following in writing only:

               (                          )

      We reserve the right to respond equally to all parties in the event the particular enquiry may highlight an area
      of the RFP, which was not clear in meaning or understanding.

                                         Request for Proposal                                                    Page 5

Please describe within your proposal which configuration you propose for each <XYZ> office, with a
detailed explanation of the benefits to <XYZ>; your argument of the pros and cons of each, together with
the financial differentiates are required.

Throughout this process <XYZ> and its agents reserve the right not to accept any offer in full and
negotiate in part or full in respect of the proposed offers.

4.1    Operational Requirements

       <XYZ> is seeking a total travel management service or “one stop shop” facility for its travellers
       and travel bookers in the South Pacific Region.

       Current Travel Booking Procedures and Policy
       In all cases pre-authorisation or signed pre-approval for travel must be obtained. <XYZ> has a
       number of preferred supplier agreements – such as global hotel contracts and regional airline
       contracts with Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines as well a preferred domestic carrier status with
       Ansett Airlines in Australia.

       Please describe the following services available to <XYZ> in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,
       Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand:

       4.1.1   Reservations
               Local and international air travel
               Hotel Reservations
               Rail and bus or coach travels
               Car rental, hire car and limousine services

       4.1.2   Documentation – Itineraries and Reservations Documentation
               Flash Faxes
               Monthly Statements
               Credit Card Transactions

       4.1.3   Other Travel Related Services
               Visa, customs and passport
               Foreign Currency and Travellers Cheques

       4.1.4   VIP Services
               Please describe additional services available to the company

       4.1.5   Hotels

                                     Request for Proposal                                           Page 6
               It is anticipated situations will occur in the future where cities will be completely sold out
               ie Sydney during the Olympic Games; Please describe the processes you propose, to
               manage or co-ordinate reservations during these periods.

       4.1.6. Disaster Recovery Plan
              It is an essential requirement of the successful travel Management Company that it
              continues to deliver its services to <XYZ>.
              Such emergency services must extend throughout the total region and must include
              warnings on health, weather, security, terrorism, crime, financial instability and other risks.
              Please describe your Recovery Plan in the event of such occurrences. Your response must
              not be restricted to systems recovery plans but extend to personnel assistance in the event
              of an emergency.

       4.1.7   Other Services
               Please describe any other services available to <XYZ> and its travellers, examples may
               include airport meet and greet, local tax recover assistance, travel products updates and

       4.1.8   Leisure Services
               Please describe in brief the services available to <XYZ> staff and families when travelling
               privately together with your leisure travel discounts.

               Any such offers must not compromise any other offer within this document.

       4.1.9   Additional Special Services
               Please describe any non-reservation special service that may deliver further enhancement
               to the total travel package.

       4.1.10 24 Hour Global Support Services
              All responses should address the support of travellers outside their local environment when
              travelling globally. Also indicate how all employees can access the 24-hour service during
              emergency situations and what assistance you provide travellers in these situations.

4.2    Account Management

Please provide information in relation to account management in the <XYZ> countries as listed.

       <XYZ> is seeking Regional multi – level account managers and local customer service managers.

       Please indicate the roles, responsibilities, qualifications and experience of the proposed account
       manager for <XYZ>.

       If the account manager is not 100% designated to the <XYZ> account, please indicate how many
       accounts are managed and what percentage time would be allocated to <XYZ>.

       4.2.1   Regional Account Manager

                                     Request for Proposal                                                Page 7
               It is envisaged this tole will report periodically to Philip Knox in Sydney and Colin
               Sampson in Singapore providing high level reports indicating trends, directions and
               recommendations. Please provide details on how this will occur.

               Kindly nominate a candidate for this position and please include a resume.

       4.2.2   Organisational Chart
               Please provide an organisational chart that will match the <XYZ> regional offices. Your
               organisational chart should list the local key account manager in addition to visually
               demonstrating the reporting lines with the region to <XYZ>’s proposed regional managers.

               The chart must include whether each office is company owned and managed, franchised,
               partner or a representative office.

               Local Staffing and Management highlighting reporting lines and locations of staff who
               have managerial responsibility to <XYZ> are also requested.

       4.2.3   Responsiveness
               Submitting organisations must enable <XYZ> with direct communication and timely
               responses for the resolution of service problems and issues.

A simplistic organisation structure would be considered imperative for quick responsiveness.

4.3    Travel Team

       4.2.1   Travel Team Personnel
               Please provide the total personnel requirements for each of the proposed configurations
               and identify these personnel by employment category assigned to each of the <XYZ>
               regions. In your response we are seeking the following data:

                   Productivity – terms of measurement
                   Training – customer and other
                   Back Up support team
                   Length of service with the local office

               We understand you may need to recruit additional staff for this account, therefore please
               describe your current staffing levels and the impact should you be awarded the <XYZ>

               Your response should be taken with care and be realistic in consideration of the account

4.4    Communication

       Please indicate whether <XYZ> can utilise the following options when making contact or placing
       travel bookings:

       Current Travel Booking Procedures:
        Australia            In house electronic booking via <XYZ>’s intranet to Travel Manager

                                       Request for Proposal                                         Page 8
        New Zealand       In house electronic booking via <XYZ>’s intranet to Travel Manager
        Singapore         Inplant travel desk with one travel executive using in-house
                          Electronic booking and fare control tools
        India             Manual process – phone fax to travel desk, domestic travel handled
                          independently by the Bangalore, Dehli or Mumbai office ticketing from
        Indonesia         Manual = Phone/fax
        Philippines       Manual = Phone/Fax
        Malaysia          Partial Manual phone/fax and use of email
        Thailand          Manual = Phone/fax

       Proposals should detail the local communication options available for each <XYZ> office.

4.5    Document Delivery

       Your response should include the various delivery options available in each <XYZ> regions.

       Both responses should indicate an assurance for prompt responsiveness and delivery therefore
       Inclusion of response, on hold and delivery times must be included within your table.

       Any additional information such as tracking of telephone/fax calls or document delivery should
       not be omitted.


All system software and hardware used for all applications must be superior, state of the art and Year
2000 compliant.

All automation for reservations, accounts/MIS, printing tickets and travel documents and quality
assurance must be available to all <XYZ> Offices throughout the Region.

                                   Request for Proposal                                               Page 9
Furthermore <XYZ> will seek assurances that the service level is compatible throughout the whole region
and new enhancements when offered to other major clients will be automatically provided to <XYZ>.

5.1    Functionality and Reports

       Please describe the systems available in each country including:

        Front Line reservation system – functionality and advantages
        Back Office system – accounting and information reporting
        Quality Control Systems

       Your response should include:

          Last minute seat availability
          Wait list clearance
          Best fare – lowest logical fare – electronic search and clarification
          Multi access to profile and airline database for quickness and efficiency
          Up to date ability to access information, last minute schedule changes
          Priority account or customer identification

5.2    Automated Quality Control

       Please indicate your ability to provide the lowest fare or lowest logical fare checking software.

       Your response you should include:

          Frequency of checks
          Options sought
          Elements checked ie waitlist
          Fare class availability
          Seat availability
          Hotels comparison to Itinerary
          MIR tracking and recording

       Does your system automatically search out the lowest fare and book it?

5.3    Management Information Reporting

       As <XYZ> is at the forefront of software design and application – <XYZ> has the ability to
       gather internal data relevant to its business practices.

       Please confirm your support of the organisation with the delivery of relevant and effective reports:
       Your recommendation of the type of reports available locally and regionally is additionally

       Your response must indicate whether these reports would be available on hard or soft forms.

                                      Request for Proposal                                             Page 10
      Please advise as to the frequency of the reports and the distribution recommended.

      Please confirm your ability to consolidated reports on a regional basis. Our key selection criteria
      in this category are based upon the following requirements.

       Information Reporting – availability, quality and accuracy of an array of information
        reporting tools and mechanisms to provide concise travel activity on cost information to
        various levels of management and staff.

       An ability to deliver proactive and tailored reports both locally and regionally whilst
        maintaining control and monitoring activity levels.

      Your response must include recent and relevant examples.


6.1   Service Level Agreement

      The travel manager would be required to agree to both a local and a regional Service Level

      All local services will be measured on an agreed series of Key Performance Indicators and in turn
      the regional offices will be required to report on the local performances.

      In your response you must provide a proactive service management plan including the objectives
      for timely and professional responsiveness.

                                   Request for Proposal                                             Page 11
      Travel Managers will be asked to propose an incentive formula within the financial section of this
      documentation. Any shared revenue or penalties will be calculated and measured against the
      agreed service level document.

      Please refer to the financial offer and indicate within this response your willingness to enter into
      such an agreement and indicate how you intend to implement and manage such an agreement for
      the region.

6.2   Service Levels

      Our minimum expectations will be:

       Telephone response times
       Satisfaction Level
       Complaints ratio

      Please indicate whether you would be prepared to accept a complaint ratio of 1% or 1 per 100


      Proposals submitted must detail the financial benefits and costs to SA. It should be noted that
      whilst the RFP is seeking to appoint a travel management company in the <Insert details> region,
      it is essential to provide a detailed financial analysis of the following countries separately:

          Australia
          Singapore
          India
          Indonesia
          Philippines
          New Zealand
          Malaysia
          Thailand

                                   Request for Proposal                                              Page 12
In consideration of the multiple currencies reflected in the abovenamed countries ALL FIGURES

7.1   Financial Reports

      Monthly profit and loss accounts should be prepared along with written explanations for any
      deviations from budget (Parameters) within each <XYZ> country and a consolidated report for the
      whole region.

      Included with these reports should be a report providing information on all revenues earnt in each
      <XYZ> country including detailed reporting across various cost centres.

      Please indicate whether you are able to provide this information.

7.2   Financial Offers

      Indicate at least (2) financial offers that you are able to provide.

      It should be noted that <XYZ> have a preference for the following two financial systems.

       A percentage of net air volume or discount at source (Please note no assumptions on growth
        are to be made in relation to air volumes for the purpose of this offer).

       A management fee with all commissions and revenues being passed back to <XYZ>.

      As stated earlier all amounts are required to be stated in US dollars only.

      The above two models are envisaged to run concurrently with a service level agreement. Please
      indicate the increment in the fee if certain milestones are reached in relation to service levels.

      It should further be noted that as technology drives down the cost of providing the aforementioned
      services <XYZ> will seek to share equally the cost reductions assuming that the service levels do
      not deteriorate.

7.3   Rebates

      Please specify the percentage of net air sales (calculated net of taxes and refunds) that would be
      guaranteed to <XYZ> under a traditional revenue sharing arrangement.

      A traditional revenue sharing arrangement would provide that your company paid all expenses.

      It should be noted that this information is required for each <XYZ> country as well as a
      consolidated version.

7.4   Management Fee

      Please provide the management fee applicable in each <XYZ> country, which will be a
      contribution to overhead costs, and the profit of the travel manager.

                                     Request for Proposal                                          Page 13
      It should be noted that the management fee should be expressed as a percentage and should take
      into account refunds and taxes in each jurisdiction.

      No assumptions should be made in relation to the level or air spend other than the figures
      previously quoted in this document.

7.5   Profit and Loss Pro Forma

      Please provide financial information on profit and loss accounts for each <XYZ> country as well
      as a consolidated model.

      All profit and loss statements are required to be submitted in the following format:

       Revenues
        - Base Air Commissions
        - Air Overrides
        - Hotel and Car
        - CRS Revenues

       Expenditure
        - Personnel
        - Automation – breakdown
        - Telephone/communications
        - Delivery
        - Stationery
        - Occupancy
        - Other

No assumptions should be made on projected growth or any trends

The expenses shown above should only include on-going expenses, in addition please provide a
detailed reconciliation of the above revenue and costs.

7.5   Other Expenses

      7.6.1   One Time Start Up Expenses
              Please itemise one time start up costs and indicate whether you will absorb these costs or
              expect <XYZ> to reimburse them. <XYZ> will view favourably if requestees absorb
              these costs and consider this expenditure as a cost of doing business.

              The costs should be stated in each of the <XYZ> regions.

      7.6.2   Fees For Optional Automation

                                   Request for Proposal                                            Page 14
               Please itemise any fees in relation to optional automation processes and specify the various
               benefits of these options including financial benefits. The automational service should be
               categorised into the various <XYZ> regions.

       7.6.3   Fees For 24 Hour Service and International Rate Desk
               Please itemise any fees applicable to these services separately by <XYZ> region.

       7.6.4   Incentive – Regional
               Please provide details of any regional incentives based on the award of this contract to
               your organisation.

               If there are any other services that your organisation can provide that you feel will be
               relevant for the purposes of this RFP please list them here, by <XYZ> region and also in a
               consolidated format.

       7.6.5   Accounting and Administration
               <XYZ> are currently utilising various methods of accounting in different countries, these
                Payment via corporate credit card
                Payment via personal credit card
                Payment via invoice monthly
                Payment via invoice fortnightly
                Payment via invoice twice weekly

               <XYZ> is seeking to standardise its payment terms in relation to the <insert region>.

               Please submit two (2) financial alternatives in order to standardise the payments in relation
               to travel expenditure across the <insert region>.


All proposals would be strongly evaluated on their ability to implement, manage and communicate within
the timeframe set whilst continuously updating Singapore and Sydney of the progress. Implementation
plans should include critical path times and target dates for each key action by country or city and

 Target date for implementation
 Time allocated
 Key personnel responsible for implementation and their country positioning.

In your response you need to define who will take responsibility for the management of the
implementation and how long they will be assigned to <XYZ> together with any other duties or roles
they hold.


9.1    Group, Conference and Incentive Travel

                                     Request for Proposal                                              Page 15
      <XYZ> hosts a number of local and regional conference incentive programs for example locally.

       Please describe your organisational capabilities in this area. Your response must include and
        stipulate recent examples and benchmarking of prices or costs.

       Please note our preference would be to ensure the travel manager would process all airline
        bookings thereby supporting any existing contracts.

9.2   Airline Relationships

      <XYZ> seeks through this process to maintain its strong relationship with preferred airline
      carriers whilst simultaneously seeking to improve its financial position. Kindly indicate how you
      would manage this relationship, improve the financial benefits and what key strengths your
      organisation can utilise to assist <XYZ> to reduce cost or improve its bottom line. What special
      negotiations, strategies and benefits can be gained through a local and regional relationship with

9.3   Supplier Negotiations

      As advised <XYZ> has a number of preferred hotel contracts in place. These are established
      either locally by the <XYZ> office or through a global contract negotiated in Germany. <XYZ>
      is seeking to understand how you believe you can benefit and establish stronger supplier
      agreements in the <insert region> through both support and enhancement. Please describe what
      supports are in place to any global agreements already established.

9.4   Cultural Diversities

      <XYZ> offices are located in separate countries maintaining individual and unique cultures.

      Please describe in brief how you believe you have the commercial flexibility to adjust across the
      region adjusting to the various needs to these multiple cultures and management styles whilst still
      maintaining <XYZ>’s travel and company policies. Your response must be brief but succinct.

                                   Request for Proposal                                             Page 16

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