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					                                                                                               Appendix 1
Working together to Prevent Violent Extremism in Reading – Action
Plan –16th April 2009

Prevent Strategic Objectives:

1. Challenge extreme ideology, support mainstream voices

2. Disrupt those who promote violent extremism, strengthen vulnerable institutions in the UK

3. Support individuals who are vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremism

4. Increase the capacity of communities to engage with and resist violent extremists

5. Effectively address grievances

6. Develop understanding, analysis and evaluation

7. Strategic communications
• to engage women and support empowerment to achieve community integration
• provide opportunities for women to share experience and provide practical skills
• challenge stereotypes and media images
ACTION                                 Strategy         Timescale         Lead       Budget             Outcome           Review
1. Women’s Network                                                                                      100 women on      Monthly
                                      1, 4, 6 and 7     Jan 2009 to       RCRE       £50,300            Network mailing
a. Research existing women’s networks                   March 2009                   (Project 1)        list
that we can connect with                                                                                20-30 women
                                                                                                        involved in
                                                                                                        12 women
                                                                                                        engaged in
b. Organise events to bring different     1, 4, 6 and 7   April – Dec 2009   RCRE    Inc in Project 1                     Monthly
groups together                                           Nov 2009
c. Organise and deliver 3 meetings for                                               Inc in Project 1   3 events          Monthly
women from different communities to                                                                     delivered
include skills to tackle extremism                                                                      50-100
language, internet controls and media     1, 4, 6 and 7                      RCRE                       attendance at
stereotypes.                                                                                            conference
Event 1 – Internet safety/awareness                       June-August                                   6 shadowing
Event 2 Getting involved in local                         2009                                          placements
governance (school, Council), public                      March 2010
speaking skills
Event 3 Media Skills                                      May 2010
2. Establish pool of female ambassadors   1, 4, 5 and 7   Sept 2008 to       RCRE    £61,500            250 Ambassador    Monthly
                                                          March 2011                 (Project 2)        attendances
                                                                                                        4 ambassador
                                                                                                        1 conference
3. Support the development of women      1, 4 and 7        Year 1            RCRE                 Inc in Project 2   Inc in Project 2   Monthly
who would act as media champions

                                                                    YOUNG PEOPLE

To engage with young people in the priority age group of 14-19 years who live in Reading to increase knowledge, confidence and leadership and
reduce vulnerability to extremist influences.

To engage with young people at high risk of extremist influence and already engaged with criminal activity.
ACTION                                   Strategy           Timescale         Lead                Budget             Outcome            Review
1. See separate action plan (Appendix A) 3, 5, 6 and 7      See separate      Melanie Oliver      30k                                   Monthly
                                                            action plan       DECS                10k
                                                            (Appendix A)                          additional
                                                                                                  funding from
2. Deliver a project linked to young     1 and 3            Year 2                                Basian proposal
Asian men already involved with criminal                                                          received and
activity to reduce risk of engagement                                                             under
with violent extremism.                                                                           consideration
Mentoring                                                                                         (Project 4)
Leadership skills
Career opportunities
Work with YOT
Identify gangs
                                                            AWARENESS and SUPPORT

To engage with the whole community to raise knowledge and awareness of extremism as an essential part of Community Cohension.

To build the resilience of community against all extremism and build on culture awareness of areas of risk and opportunities to reduce risks.
ACTION                                   Strategy           Timescale         Lead                 Budget            Outcome           Review
Engage groups outside of the Muslim      1 and 4            June 2009 – Sept RCRE                  Inc in Project 2 Inc in Project 2   Monthly
communities to engage with extremism                        2009
debate. Revitalising the ambassador
roles and extending number and mix of
Provide awareness raising session for    6                  Sept 2009 - Jan   See Women and        Inc in Project 2 Inc in Project 2   Monthly
service providers e.g health visitors on                    2010              Faith sections
Prevent agenda.
Preferably community delivery with
Map organisations and other services
(including Voluntary Sector) to engage
Explore possibility of use of ‘Safewise’
micro website as a support tool for
Engagement with local media and          7                  Year 2            Communication        Inc in Project 2 Inc in Project 2   Monthly
deliver one event to ensure profile of                                        Strategy lead
Prevent extends into the wider
community. Role for ambassadors. Run
training for ambassadors on working
with media
Use ‘Live Reading’ to promote ‘shared
Find champions in the media itself and                      March 2009 –      RCRE                 Inc in Project 2 Inc in Project 2   Monthly
correct mis-representation through                          June 2009         See Women’s
positive news and challenging unfairly                                        section
negative representations.                                               Communications
Establish governance framework for         6         November 08        RBC              Nil           Completed   May 2009
Prevent that engages and is accountable
to wider community engagement.
Employ one Prevent Support Worker to       4 and 6   Advert 5th         RBC              £62,900                   May 2010
ensure attention and resource to support             March 09                            (Project 3)
community involvement, event                         Interviews April
organisation and best practice.                      09
                                                     In post May 09

To engage with a wider range of faith organisations to give collective respect and responsibility for informed comment between faiths.

To engage directly with all faiths in Reading to give support, resource and encouragement to reduce vulnerability to extremist influences.
ACTION                                     Strategy           Timescale         Lead               Budget            Outcome           Review
1. Meeting of local faith leaders to                          Development       RCRE/PCC           PCC proposal
    explore developing an understanding                       Year 1                               received and
    of how each faith sees each other                         Implement by                         approved
    and develop a code of respect.                            Year 3                               subject to
                                                                                                   security checks
                                                                                                   (Project 5)
2. Programme of action to raise            1 and 6            Multi-faith                          Inc in Project 5
    understanding of Islam.                                   meeting 24th
a. Schools programme involving mosque,                        Nov 2008
synagogue and church visits.
b. Awareness course for service provider                                                           £2,000
staff using known national provider with                                                           (Project 6)
view to training up ambassadors to run

c. Hold a big summer event to bring                         Summer 2009       Reading Interfaith   Inc in Project 5
people of all faiths together. (cricket                                       Group/ Multi-faith
match, sports activities, faith stalls,                                       group
food etc)
3. Establish good relationships with      1 and 6                             Faith Forum          Inc in Project 5
    each place of worship in Reading
    and network of contacts to increase
    confidence in the
    Prevent work and activity.
                                                                                                                          Appendix A
Funding for police in priority areas to support Prevent activity in schools, further education colleges and

                           Action Plan for Schools Liaison Officer/ Community Engagement Officer

Funding is provided to priority forces to undertake the Prevent activity set out in the action plan, below. It is intended to provide
short-term resource to enable forces to work in partnership with schools, further education colleges and universities to put focused
time and effort into supporting Prevent through:

     •    Community engagement and information gathering;
     •    Developing effective engagement in partnership;
     •    Developing an understanding of violent extremist threats and vulnerabilities;
     •    Activity which strengthens institutions and disrupts radicalisation; and
     •    Establishing processes for identifying, referring and supporting vulnerable individuals.

The funding is to be used at your discretion in support of the activity in this action plan; for example, this could include funding
police overtime, organising events, arranging and vetting speakers or paying for training for school, college and university staff and
any necessary back fill costs.

The action plan is intended to guide police activity over the next six months, although most of the activity will be ongoing and should
continue even after this funding has finished. Work with new schools and colleges should be agreed in advance with directors of
children’s services in local authorities and should be linked to the toolkit provided for schools and colleges by DCSF and DIUS.
This funding is to support the rollout of this toolkit.

These activities should be undertaken by police members of the Safer Schools Partnership, e.g. Schools Liaison Officer, where
they exist, or form part of the role of a Community Engagement Officer.
                        Action Plan to support Prevent activity in schools, Youth settings and Universities.
                 Police Action           Local Authority   Schools                Youth      Universities   ACTIONS         Costs        Results
                                         action            Primary/Secondary      Settings
                                                           Action                 Action
Understanding    Research any            Work with all                                                      Hate Crime      None
the issues –     available analysis      schools and TVU                                                    Exclusions
engagement       which identifies        and Reading                                                        Parents
with education   vulnerabilities         University.                                                        Complaints
establishments                                                                                              Helpline
and              Neighbourhood                             Each locality will                Same as        Hold a          Conference   Conference
understanding    Teams and SSP                             develop their own                 schools        conference      costs 4k     held on the
the learner      Officer to attend the                     plan identifying the                             with                         23/3/09
profile and      Conference.                               training /awareness                              identified                   7 schools and
environment                                                needs                                            key                          TVU attended
                                                                                                            personnel.                   from Reading.
                                                                                                            Locality will
                                                                                                            their own
                                                                                                            local needs
                                                                                                            and will be
                                                                                                            allocated a
                                                                                                            budget to
Police Action            Local Authority       Schools               Youth            Universities   ACTIONS        Costs        Results
                         action                Primary/Secondary     Settings
                                               Action                Action
Establish trusting       Develop service       Idenified link for    Jenny Pottle.    Make           LPA            Cost of      Directory to be
relationship             directory for         each School. Senior   chair of         contact with   Commander      developing   developed
between police and       support training      leader.               equality and     Chief          and Prevent    directory-   Melani Oliver
education                and ideal expertise                         diversity        Security       Inspector to   5k           from the LA is
institutions – explain   for advice on the                           implementation   Officer and    meet Chief                  meeting with a
support available        Prevent                                     group            local NUS      Security                    number of
and discuss how it       agenda/community                                             President      officer and                 possible
could be used.           cohesion                                                                    Local NUS                   providers prior
Reinforce positive                                                                                   President.                  to
message, early                                                                                                                   commissioning.
intervention, and
support to do this.                                                                                                              Deputy Head
Discuss any recent                                                                                                               from Reading
issues.                                                                                                                          Boys School is
                                                                                                                                 likely to be the
                                                                                                                                 identified link
                                                                                                                                 Schools. To be

                                                                                                                                 Meetings to be
                                                                                                                                 arranged with
                                                                                                                                 TVU &
Police Action           Local Authority       Schools                Youth             Universities   ACTIONS        Costs         Results
                        action                Primary/Secondary      Settings
                                              Action                 Action
                                                                                       Establish                     £15,000-      Deputy head of
                                                                                       which other                   £20,000       Reading Boys
                                                                                       members of                    Deputy        has expressed
                                                                                       staff are                     head          an interest in
                                                                                       involved in                   teacher to    this position.
                                                                                       student                       be            Secondment in
                                                                                       safety and                    seconded      the process of
                                                                                       welfare on                    to work one   being
                                                                                       campus                        day a week    arranged.
                                                                                                                     to in bed
                                                                                                                     the Prevent
Support education       Work jointly with     Launching toolkit      Link in the                      Meetings                     Packs
institutions in         the LA to host a      and “Things do         student council                  arranged to    Packs 3k      Purchased and
understanding the       conference in         Change” packs at       at TVU and                       visit SU                     introduced at
risk their young        March 2009.           conference.            RU.                              President                    the conference.
people face from        Backfill staff time   Distribute packs in                                     and Chief                    To be rolled
extremism and the                             advance- January                                        security                     out when lead
role they can play in   Work with CYP         2009                                                    officer from                 for Schools is
early prevention –      and LA thorough       Launch service                                          Reading                      in place.
using analysis          Youth IAG and         directory- Sept 2009                                    University.
available               Youth Cabinet to
                        ensure plan                                                                   TVU
                        reflects young                                                                attended
                        peoples issues                                                                Prevent
Police Action         Local Authority   Schools                Youth      Universities    ACTIONS        Costs   Results
                      action            Primary/Secondary      Settings
                                        Action                 Action
Support education     Via service       Linking schools into              University      Invite Leads
institutions in       directory         the Community                     students will   for Locality
making and                              Consultative Group                not             Plans TVU
maintaining           Engagement on                                       necessarily     and RU to
community links -     the Community                                       be local. It    sit on the
share knowledge of    Consultative                                        is likely,      Community
local mosques,        Group.                                              though, that    Consultative
community groups                                                          a number of     Group.
and different                                                             the
communities to pool                                                       University’s
understanding                                                             Muslim
                                                                          students will
                                                                          wish to
                                                                          attend a
                                                                          during their
                                                                          time at
               Police Action          Local Authority   Schools                Youth           Universities   ACTIONS         Costs     Results
                                      action            Primary/Secondary      Settings
                                                        Action                 Action
Teaching and   Work with education    Support the                              Provide                        Use of          £10,000   School
learning       institutions to        Locality Teams                           briefing and                   drama                     Governors
               identify suitable                                               training to                    productions               briefed in
               extra-curricula                                                 school                         ‘From one                 January 2009.
               opportunities for                                               governors Jan                  extreme to
               Prevent work                                                    and March                      another’                  £10,000 To
                                                                               2009                           and other                 implement the
                                                                                                              training                  tool kit and
                                                                                                              material like             provide funding
                                                                                                              ‘Watch over               for schools to
                                                                                                              Me’                       bring in outside
                                                                                                                                        speakers and
                                                                                                                                        the drama
                                                                                                                                        production. To
                                                                                                                                        be part of the
                                                                                                                                        role of the
                                                                                                                                        Deputy Head
                                                                                                                                        to allocate.

               Support education                        Arrange for suitable
               institutions in                          individuals to come
               identifying and                          into schools (and
               inviting in external                     fund this if
               speakers/community                       necessary). Via
               contacts who could                       implementation
               discuss extremism                        plans
               or cultural issues
               with young people
                  Police Action            Local Authority   Schools                  Youth      Universities   ACTIONS       Costs   Results
                                           action            Primary/Secondary        Settings
                                                             Action                   Action
Providing         Establish                                  Build a trusted                                    Protocol to           Information
support to        information sharing                        relationship where                                 be                    sharing
vulnerable        protocol                                   the school knows                                   developed.            protocol
individuals                                                  they can have an off                                                     developed an
                                                             the record initial                                                       out for
                                                             conversation to get                                                      consultation.
                  Support staff in                           Help schools in
                  identifying worrying                       identifying what may
                  behaviour                                  or may not be
                                                             worrying behaviour
                                                             based on their local
                                                             through training
                  Agree reporting                            Explain to schools                                                       As above
                  processes between                          what will happen
                  institutions and                           when the police
                  Police for Prevent                         have been given a
                  concerns and how                           piece of information.
                  this links to existing                     Agree with schools
                  local arrangements                         how to fit police as
                  and publish in                             first point of contact
                  service directory                          with local reporting

Managing risk     Support institutions                       Acting as a link with               Provide        Meeting               Ongoing
and advice on     in vetting external                        community tension                   advice to      arranged to
specific issues   speakers ( detailed                        monitoring                          Security       meet Chief
                  in service directory)                      arrangements.                       Officers, V-   of Security
                                                             Provide advice on                   Cs and         at RU.
                                                             suitable groups for                 student
                                                             schools to work with                support
                  Police Action         Local Authority      Schools                Youth            Universities   ACTIONS       Costs         Results
                                        action               Primary/Secondary      Settings
                                                             Action                 Action
                                                             and invite in.                          officers on
                                                                                                     in DIUS
                                                                                                     guidance to
                                                                                                     HE such as

 Role for Regional Prevent Manager in discussion with Force Prevent Leads
 •     Identify SLO/ CEOs to undertake activity
 •     Discuss action plan and agree tailor made plan, involving local Prevent partnership and director of children’s services
 •     Where not already available, commission analysis from regional hub of schools, colleges and universities vulnerabilities
 •     Agree priority schools/ colleges/ universities and share list with OSCT, DCSF and DIUS through ACPO TAM
 •     Agree review points, involving Regional Prevent Managers and Government Office representatives, possibly 6 weekly depending on local
 •     Ensure activity is reflected in locally agreed programme of action, led by Government Office
 •     Map coverage of officer links with all education institutions, as part of the implementation of the Youth Crime Action Plan


Regional Prevent Delivery Managers to report 6 weekly to Mark Collins in ACPO TAM, on progress in implementing the plan and spend of allocation including
overtime hours used – separate monitoring form to be used.
Further guidance

Further guidance can be found in the Government’s recently published Prevent Strategy: A Guide for Local Partners in England -

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