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Offshore perl development


Mindfire Solutions' team of Perl software engineers and Object Oriented Perl developers with their wide experience in web and server side application development has created a strong track record in Perl application development. Our Perl team has very good knowledge-rich experience in Perl, and our deep expertise comes as much from experience as from passion.

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                                Introduction to Perl
   It is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic
    programming language.

   Originally developed as a Unix scripting language to make report
    processing easier.

   Provides powerful text processing facilities.

   Also used for graphics programming, system administration,
    network programming, CGI programming on the web and for
    applications that require database access

   Integral component of LAMP technology.
                                              Perl Features
   Overall structure is derived from C.

   Features inherited from Shell programming.

   Supports complex data structures, first-class functions, and an
    object-oriented programming model.

   Automatic data typing and memory management.

   Used as a glue language to bind systems and interfaces which were
    previously not designed to interoperate.

   Also used for data-munging.
                                              Our Services
   Perl Custom application development.

   Perl Web-based application development.

   Perl Web-service development.

   Perl Software and Script development.

   Perl Database application development.

   Perl CMS development, Perl Integration, and Perl QA/testing.

   Perl Software support and maintenance.
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                    For any assistance on Perl !

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