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									                                                                                     Appendix A

                          PARKING REVIEW 2007/2008

  Following on from the recent 4.6% increase in parking charges for patients and visitors, VINCI
  were asked to review the staff permit/smart card charges and to submit a separate paper to the
  Trust Board.

  VINCI hope by identifying a single full charging rate across the options that a new payment
  system can be more easily identified and recommended for acceptance. VINCI, in offering
  various solutions, aim also to achieve the movement of more visitors into Car Park A and
  hopefully transfer (in due course) all staff onto a permit (thus removing the need for staff to
  have the correct change, etc, for the P & D machines).

  VINCI have also recently improved white lining and signage to direct patients and visitors to
  the correct car parks.

  The parking systems operated within the rear car parks could also be greatly enhanced by the
  introduction of more “Staff Only Areas”.

  Three potential options are outlined below and explained in more detail in paragraph 3:

     a. The current system of permits/smart cards remains but a single charging structure is
        introduced. Staff either hold a VINCI staff permit at a rate of ‚12.20 per calendar
        month or they use the smart card and pay ‚0.65 per each day that they park on site.

     b. The permit system becomes salary based, with four scales. All permit holders pay a
        charge that is consistent with their annual salary. All staff would go onto the permit
        Smart cards would be retained only for ad hoc use such as for Bank staff, agency etc.

     c. “An hours worked” system with four scales; so that staff pay a relevant fee matched to
        the number of hours per week that they work regardless of shifts covered. The aim of
        this option is for all staff, in time, to move onto the permits system. However, following
        consultation with Trade Union representatives, VINCI recognise that although some
        part time and full time staff may benefit from a permits system, there are staff currently
        working a set number of days per week and infrequent car users who may wish to
        retain their smart card facility, which VINCI would support.

  The above three options are proposed on the basis that the stated penalty charge be enforced
  immediately for non-payment. VINCI feel that a more rigorous enforcement of the penalty
  system would alleviate notes left in cars; tickets covered by smart cards; tickets turned upside
  down, etc. The fee of ‚40 could be reduced to ‚15 if paid within 14 days. Staff with permits or
  smart cards must ensure that they display a valid permit or P&D ticket each time they park on
  site in accordance with the Trust’s parking policy.

  VINCI are aware of the lack of dedicated staff parking near actual work locations and this has
  been highlighted as a concern in recent Car Park Working Group meetings. We feel that a
  dedicated area for permit holders (and those who continue to use smart cards), vigorously
     patrolled and backed up with penalty ticket issues will ultimately create more space for staff
     and ease parking tension when arriving on site.

     VINCI also remain aware of the requirement for at least a small dedicated P&D car park at the
     back of the hospital for certain patient/visitor needs and we would address this accordingly in
     line with other recommendations throughout this paper.


     N.B. All charges used through this paper are still to be consulted upon and agreed by the
     Trust Board but are quoted for the benefit of providing an analysis.

     The current level of charges accounting for annual leave) are ‚138 (Charge 1), ‚141 (Charge
     2) per annum. These are shown below after the recent agreed 4.6% increase has been

     Charge 1: ‚138.00 + 4.6% = ‚144.35p =         ‚12.03 a calendar month.

     Charge 2: ‚141.00 + 4.6% = ‚147.50p. =        ‚12.29 a calendar month.

     VINCI recommend, as a compromise a charge between these two as shown below:

     Charge 3: ‚139.50 + 4.6% = ‚145.92 = ‚12.20 a calendar month. Rounded up slightly for
     ease of rates being used throughout this paper.

     Whilst VINCI are prepared to delay a subsequent review of staff permit charges to 2009 (see
     (6) below), this extension cannot apply to smart cards. Due to costs involved with the upgrade
     of software in the P&D machines covering tariff changes, VINCI will require the smart card
     payment review to be included at the same time as the Visitor Car Park tariffs in 2008.


     Option a:

     The current system would immediately be easier to administer, replacing the various charges
     with a single permit charge. This payment could be covered by staff paying through a direct
     debit scheme to VINCI, thereby freeing up payroll staff to look after wage matters only.

     Any member of staff, who works one day or seven days a week, wishing to have a VINCI Staff
     Permit would agree to the monthly charge of ‚12.20 being paid either from salary or through
     the VINCI direct debit scheme.

     All other staff wishing to use the car parks would need to use a smart card and pay the daily
     rate of ‚0.65.

     Option b:

     VINCI offer FOUR salary related scales for all staff except those using the senior staff car park
     (red permits). Deduction from salary will not vary for temporary additional duties; however, if a
     permanent (more than one month) change in salary scale occurs, Payroll will deduct the car
     park charge relevant to the higher scale. Proposed charges for the four scales are as follows:
     ‚0 - ‚7499.                   -       ‚3.05 per month (Scale A).
     ‚7500 - ‚12499.               -       ‚6.10 per month (Scale B).
     ‚12500 - ‚17499.              -       ‚9.15 per month (Scale C).
     Over ‚17500.                  -       ‚12.20 per month (Scale D).
     Red Permit Holders.           -       ‚18.33 per month.

     The senior staff rate for the recognised “Red Permit Holders Only” to be set at ‚220.00 per
     annum, with the continued provision to park elsewhere on site should the senior staff car park
     be full. Payment for these Red permits would be deducted from salary or through the VINCI
     direct debit scheme and the current practice of some staff paying by invoice discontinued

     Option c:

     VINCI offer FOUR scales based on contracted hours e.g. Scale A up to 15 hours per week,
     Scale B up to 22 hours, Scale C up to 29 hours and Scale D 30 hours and over per week.
     Payment for these permits would be deducted from salary.

     Deduction from salary will not vary for temporary additional duties; however, if a permanent
     (more than one month) change in any of the hours worked scale occurs, Payroll will adjust the
     car park charge relevant to either Scale A, B, C or D. Proposed charges for these four scales
     are as follows:

     Up to 15 hours                -       ‚3.05 per month (Scale A).
     Up to 22 hours                -       ‚6.10 per month (Scale B).
     Up to 29 hours                -       ‚9.15 per month (Scale C).
     30 hours and over             -       ‚12.20 per month (Scale D).

     VINCI reiterate the aim to move to an all permit system but recognise that, for certain staff, the
     use of a smart card will be more beneficial due to their shift patterns. VINCI are willing to
     facilitate a certain number of staff continuing with this arrangement.

4.   An example of how the two options (permit/smart card) would affect full time staff (5 days)
     working a similar weekday shift pattern over 3 months – paying for a permit or by smart card is
     outlined below:

                                                   Permit Holder            Smart Card 65p
      May 07 – 23 working days                        ‚12.20                   ‚14.95
      June 07 – 21 working days                       ‚12.20                   ‚13.65
      July 07- 22 working days                        ‚12.20                   ‚14.30
              Total paid                              ‚36.60                   ‚42.90
         Payment difference:                            Nil                    +‚6.30

     It should be noted that although the smart card holder will realise a saving during any holiday
     period when they will not be paying, as against the permit holder who will, over a full calendar
     year, the relevant payments made against savings could be:

                                                  Permit Holder            Smart Card 65p
       Full Calendar Payments:                  ‚146.40 (260 days)        ‚152.75 (235 days)
         Payment difference:                           Nil                     +‚6.35

     Staff on long term sick (three weeks or more) would also be allowed to cease payroll
     deductions until they return to work, in line with current Trust practice.
     NB: Future increases in the cost of smart card usage will continue to be subject to rounding
     up. Increases in permit charges will not be subject to any rounding up.

5.   In placing these three potential options forward for consideration, VINCI would prefer the set
     monthly rate for permit payment to be used with the VINCI direct debit facility for ease in
     identifying cleared funds on a monthly basis. The other possible payment options could
     potentially come under the direct debit system but this would need to be discussed further,
     however payments would remain through the Trust as now. VINCI are happy to discuss these
     stated options with a view to identifying one that would be acceptable to both the Trust and

6.   In addition, VINCI may be prepared to agree to extend the next annual renewal of All Staff
     Permits to 30/March/2009 to ensure that all future renewals are brought into line with the Trust
     financial year. However, as mentioned in (2) above, the resource implications of changing
     software on the P & D machines will require the smart card rates to be reviewed in line with the
     patients and visitors tariffs in July 2008.

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