We promise to act when people dont pay their rent

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  As well as asking for a money judgement, Phoenix will also ask the Court for a
  possession order on your home in cases where you owe Phoenix a large amount
  of rent. The Court can then choose to make an outright possession order which
  means that your tenancy will end and you will lose your home. The court can also
  make a Postponed Possession Order which means that you can keep your home
  as long as you agree to the terms for repaying the rent owed as set by the court.
  If an outright possession order is given and Phoenix decides to enforce the order,
  the court bailiff will arrange to repossess your home.

  If you are evicted because you owe rent, it may be decided that you have made
  yourself intentionally homeless. If this is the case, neither Phoenix nor the Council
                                                                                          We promise
                                                                                          to act
  have any obligation to provide you with accommodation. If this happens, you are
  likely to have to find your own accommodation in the private sector.

Help and advice
  If you have any questions, need help understanding this information or want it in
                                                                                          people don’t
  another language or format (for example, in large print or on audio tape), please
  contact your local office.

Useful Contacts
  Call Phoenix on 0844 264 2800
                                                                                          pay their
  Visit our Website www.phoenixch.org.uk
  Bellingham Housing Office
  109 Randlesdown Road | London | SE6 3HB
                                                                                                                              Phoenix will support you to clear any debts
  John Henry Housing Office                                                                                                   you owe us. This leaflet explains what will
  299 Verdant Lane | London | SE6 1TP
                                                                                                                              happen to residents who get behind with their
                                                                                                                              rent and don’t make an effort to pay it back.

                                                                                                                                                Our community in our hands

Collecting rent owed to us                                                              What should I do if I am struggling to pay my rent?
  It’s really important that you pay your rent on time. We use the money you pay          1. Contact your housing office immediately if you cannot pay your rent for
  to provide the services you need. If some tenants do not pay their rent everyone           any reason.
  else suffers. It is important that you pay your rent before other bills. If you get
  behind with your rent you could end up losing your home.                                2. Let us know if you are having serious problems paying your rent. If you
                                                                                             miss payments regularly, it can be difficult to catch up and the amount
  We will:                                                                                   you owe can get out of control. If you allow the amount you owe to
                                                                                             increase without giving an explanation, then legal action will be started
  1. Collect rent owed to us as efficiently as possible.                                     against you.
  2. Make reasonable and realistic arrangements with you to repay your rent if            3. You can help by providing any information we ask for as quickly as possible.
     you fall behind with your payments.

  3. Help you claim all the benefits you are entitled to and maximise your income.      Why should I talk to you if I fall behind with my rent?
  4. Go to court to repossess your home as a last resort.                                 Phoenix will evict tenants from their homes for persistently not paying their rent
                                                                                          (‘being in arrears of rent’)
  To achieve our aims, we promise to:
                                                                                          Phoenix will use eviction as a last resort where tenants fail to pay their rent and
  1. Have trained and knowledgeable staff available during office hours to
                                                                                          do not take any action to solve their financial problems. The higher your debt
     discuss your rent payments with you.
                                                                                          becomes, the harder it is to repay, particularly if you are on a low income.
  2. Contact you if you fall behind with your rent payments.
                                                                                          If you get into problems with your rent, our housing staff will be able to advise
  3. Visit you at home if you cannot get to the office because you are unwell,            you about how to maximise your income and reduce your household spending
     elderly or disabled.                                                                 so that your rent is more manageable. Ask at your local housing office for more
                                                                                          information on benefits.
  4. Take account of your income, outgoings and other debts you may have
     when we negotiate arrangements for you to repay the rent you owe.
                                                                                        What happens if I have to go to court?
  5. Provide you with benefits advice at your request to help you maximise
                                                                                          If Phoenix takes you to court for not paying your rent, there are several possible
     your income.
                                                                                          outcomes for you as a tenant.
  6. Give you the chance to explain why you have missed any rent payments
     before starting any legal action.                                                    Money judgement
                                                                                          Phoenix will ask the court for a money judgement to clear the debt that owed.
  7. Provide private interview rooms for you to discuss your rent with your               If the court awards the money judgement, you will have to repay your debt and
     housing officer.                                                                     meet Phoenix’s court costs. Having a money judgement against you can also
  8. Arrange interpreting services for you if English is not your first language.         affect your chances of getting credit as details of money judgements are openly
                                                                                          available to financial organisations. This means that you may not be able to
                                                                                          buy goods on credit from catalogue companies, get a loan from a bank or other
                                                                                          company or get a credit card.

                                                                                                                                     Our community in our hands

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