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                                                     look rather than the exact method of
                                                     construction. We leave this to the contractors,
                                                     who are the experts after all. We do however
 Our experience has taught us that it
                                                     provide details where we feel they are required
 pays to be open minded. Here are some
                                                     to achieve the exact aesthetic result we are
 of the ways that Paperspace Design will
                                                     looking for. We also have a good level of
 try to refine the design process and
                                                     understanding when it comes to construction so
 save you both time and money.
                                                     we won't design something that's impossible to

A good working relationship with our client          We prefer to work closely with contractors
is the basis for a successful project.               to develop our designs. Through this approach
Communication is of the utmost importance and        we benefit from their expert knowledge and you
we like to have regular meetings to ensure the       don't pay for us to create details which they
project remains on track and that time (and          then have to change to suit their manufacturing
money) isn't wasted making unnecessary               processes.
changes and repeating work.

It is vital to a smooth running project that clear
objectives and deliverables are set out from
the start and that the expectations of all parties
involved      are   realistic,  understood     and
achievable. This means we will tell you clearly
what is and what is not included in our price
and what it could cost you for any additional
services. It also means that you will have to tell
us exactly what you require from us and when
you will need it. Of course all these things will
be regularly reviewed to ensure that the project
continues to progress smoothly.

The design process is not set in stone and will      We can, where appropriate, produce
vary depending on the project. We will work          generic drawings and specifications which
in the most efficient way possible to                can be reused on future projects.
produce the right results at the right price. We
have at our disposal a myriad of different tools     We work hard to get you the best available
for communicating ideas and instructions. Hand       prices from FF&E suppliers. Our good
sketching, 3D modelling and photography can          relationships with a large number of suppliers
all be useful alternatives to a conventional         mean we have a head start and we know never
technical drawing. We will chose the most            to accept their first price!
appropriate method for the task in hand. For
example, instead of producing a full set of
elevations for a space where the wall
treatments are quite straight forward, we could
simply provide an annotated sketch saving us
time and you money.

We only produce information that is
necessary. Where technical drawings are
required, we provide a profile drawing pack
rather than full construction drawings. This
means that we explain how we want an item to

                                                         email: contact@paperspacedesign.co.uk
                                                                         tel. +44 020 7617 7472

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