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									                                Volunteer Opportunity Form
1    Title of Opportunity: __________________________________________________________________

2    Name of Organisation: _______________________________________________________________

3    Contact name for this opportunity: _________________________ Position: _____________________

     Tel No: _____________________                    E Mail: _______________________________________
4    Details - Please give a description of the opportunity. This is your chance to “sell” the opportunity to
     people so try to make it sound interesting and worthwhile (this information will be displayed on the
     volunteernow website)

5    Is the opportunity at your address? YES/NO              If NO please fill in below
     Organisation (if different name) __________________________________________________________

     Address ____________________________________________________________________________

     Town __________________________________                 Postcode ________________________________

     Contact person if different from Q3 above ___________________________________________________

     Tel:   __________________________________               Fax: ____________________________________

     Email: __________________________________               Website: _________________________________

6    Number of volunteers needed for this opportunity: _________________

7    When does the volunteer opportunity start? (dd/mm/yy): ______________________________________

     Is there an end date? If yes please enter (dd/mm/yy): _________ or is it ongoing - tick if YES

8    Do you have sufficient insurance to cover this opportunity?         Yes      No

9    Are there any restrictions on who can be a volunteer and why?

Vol Opp 1
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10 What selection method(s) will be used for prospective volunteers?
            Application Form               Access NI Check                           Induction/training
            References                     Informal chat                             Settling in Period
            Interview                  Other(s): ___________________________________

11 Training and Support for Volunteers                                  Yes         No but would like
                                                                                    further information
     Will the volunteer be offered induction/start up training?
     Will the volunteer be offered on-going training?
     Will the volunteer be offered support?

12 Is there disabled access where the opportunity happens?                    Yes             No

13 Can you accept volunteers with special support needs?                      Yes             No
     If yes, please give details:

14 Voluntary Activity - Which one of the following best matches the volunteer opportunity?

              Not selected                                 Human / Civil Rights / Justice
              Administration/Office work                   IT/Computing
              Advice/Information                           Journalism
              Animals                                      Languages/Translating
              Anti-poverty work                            Learning disabilities
              Arts (Music/drama/crafts)                    Library/Information Management
              Befriending                                  Management/Business Skills
              Brain Injury                                 Marketing/PR/Media
              Campaign/Lobbying                            Men’s Groups
              Care/Support                                 Mental Health
              Catering                                     Mentoring
              Children                                     Museums/Galleries/ Heritage
                                                           Older People
              Community Development                        Online volunteering
               Conservation/Gardening                      Overseas Volunteering
               Counselling                                 Prisoners/Offenders/Ex-offenders
               Crime/Safety                                Race / Ethnicity / Refugees
               Disability - Physical                       Religion/Faith
               Disaster/Emergency relief                   Research/Policy work
               DIY/Practial                               Residential Volunteering
               Driving/Escorting                          Sensory impairment
               Drugs/Alcohol issues                       Shops/Retail
               Environment                                Short term/Seasonal
               Families                                   Specialist/Technical
               Finance/Accountancy                        Sports/outdoor activities
                                                          Teaching/ Tutoring/Supporting
               Fundraising/flag days
               Gay, Lesbian, Bi &

Vol Opp 1
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                  Health/Hospitals/ Hospices                   Women’s Groups
                  Home-based Volunteering                      Young People
15 What skills and experience does a person need to have for this volunteer opportunity?

                Administration/Office work              Keep Fit/Sports
                Alternative Healing                     Languages/translating       Please
                therapies                                                           tick
                                                                                    one or
                                                        Management/Business         more
                Arts & Crafts
                Beauty Therapy/
                Bookkeeping                             Medical
                Caring                                  Mountain Rescue
                Catering                                Museum Work
                Childcare                               Music
                                                        Occupational therapy
                Communication skills                    Organisational skills
                Computing                               Outdoor Activities
                Counselling                             Outdoor Activities
                DIY/Practical                           Parenting
                Drama                                   Reading
                Driving                                 Retail/Shop
                Finance                                 Signing
                First Aid                               Teaching/tutoring
                Fundraising/Flag days                   Team Work
                Gardening                               Website Design
                Graphic Design                           Youth Work
16 What are the minimum hours per day, week etc that a volunteer would need to do for this opportunity e.g.
   4 hours per week, 2 hours per fortnight, etc:
     _____ Hours per                  day               week           fortnight   month            quarter
     Other (please describe): ________________________________________________________________

17 Please tick when the opportunity happens. Tick as many boxes as appropriate.

                           Morning          Afternoon      Evening/Night              Does the opportunity take
                                                                                      place in school holidays?
                                                                                             Yes         No
                                                                                      Does the opportunity take
Wednesday                                                                             place in term-time?
Thursday                                                                                     Yes          No

18 We will publish your details along with the opportunity on www.volunteernow.co.uk. If you do not wish to
   have the details published then please tick the box below and the Volunteer Centre will hold your details.
            I would like to use the Volunteer Centre’s details

Vol Opp 1
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Name: ___________________________                   Position in Organisation:         ___________________________

Signature: __________________________ Date: _________________________________
Thank you for completing the form. Please keep a copy for your own records. The information you have provided will be used for the
purpose of volunteer recruitment and management and to produce statistical reports. The Volunteer Centres Northern Ireland network
reserves the right not to publish opportunities on the web as appropriate.

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