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					                                                                                   Volume 10/Number 7-8/July-August 2009

Old Greenwich,              THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH                                                   United Church
 Connecticut                           OF GREENWICH                                                              of Christ


                         Honduras Project Complete
As if it weren’t blessing enough to       contributors, travelers, workers and     fact, on the visit to see the final pro-
travel to Honduras. As if it weren’t      supporters to have had a hand in         ject completed, Patty said that one of
blessing enough to work alongside         transforming the community of El         our young friends, Antonio, asked
our Honduran friends. As if it were-      Guaylo, Honduras!                        about Carmen. Carmen is Courtney
n’t blessing enough to lay the founda-                                             Griffin. ’Tonio was disappointed
tion for a community center that will     From Marisela Araujo, our project        when Marisela and Patty showed up
be used as a place of community,          coordinator, we have received many       without the rest of our group and
worship and teaching. As if all of this   thank yous, coupled with tears of        wanted Carmen to know, in particu-
weren’t enough, now the building is       gratitude. She has said that, repeat-    lar, that he, “Already knows how to
complete! That’s right: the project       edly, the village Pastor has given       read and write and that he is the best
that our youth and adult advisors         thanks for The First Congregational      in his class!” In Patty’s words, “It
began in February is now completed        Church of Greenwich and for the          seems like she really marked the life
and the community in which we             travelers who were a part of the foun-   of that little boy!”
worked is proud, excited and grateful!    dation building there. From Patty
                                          Morales, our trip leader, we’ve heard    It is such a blessing to be able to be a
What an amazing journey to comple-                                                 part of God’s work in the world! As
tion! How proud we should be as           that the people of El Guaylo pray for
                                          us and ask about us on each visit. In    we consider our        continued on page 2…

           Summer Worship at FCCOG                                                           IN THIS ISSUE

 Our summer Beach Services at                                                      Music Notes/Soup Kitchen….…... 2
 Greenwich Point on Sundays at                                                     Church School/Graduates……….. 3
 8:00 am continue until Home-
 coming Sunday. In the event of                                                    Student Workers Available...…..… 4
 bad weather, a white paper will                                                   Environmental Mission Team/
 be taped to the sign board in                                                       The Rummage Room….…….… 5
 front of the church indicating
 that the service has been can-                                                    Parish Nurse...………...……...….. 6
 celled. This information will                                                     Birthdays..……………………….. 7
 also be posted continued on page 2…
            by John Stansell
       T.J. Lepoutre and Will Speer gave a ringing endorsement of our church’s music program in their messages on Youth
       Sunday, June 7. If you missed it, do take some time to listen to them on the website. These two graduating seniors
       tell of what the church has meant to them and particularly about the important role the music program has played.
       Theirs is a powerful testimonial to the fact that choosing choir is worth it!
       The Children’s Choir, for children in grades 3 through 6, meets on Wednesday afternoons from 5:00 to 6:00 pm,
       followed by a pizza supper that the parents provide on a rotating basis. Keep this in mind as you schedule your
       child(ren)’s activities for the fall, and keep the Wednesday time free for choir.
       Singing in school ensembles and community choruses is a good thing, but singing in a church choir is different, and
       on many levels. While learning about music and developing and strengthening their voices, choristers also learn
       about our faith through the pieces they sing. They feel integral to the worship of the church and through regular
       participation their understanding deepens and their faith grows. Adult choristers are fulfilling their vow to support
       the church while setting an example for their children. Confirmed youth have taken that vow themselves.
       We have choirs for (almost) everyone in your family. Why not make it a family affair. The rewards are great!

                                         Noye’s Sons and Daughters-in-law
       I will be offering several learning sessions for potential soloists for our November production of Benjamin Britten’s
       Noye’s Fludde during the month of August. I plan to meet on the four Wednesdays, August 5, 12, 19 and 26, from
       4:00 to 5:00 pm in the Choir Room. I trust that from these sessions, the three boys and three girls will emerge. If
       these times are not convenient, I will be happy to make other arrangements. Just leave me a message on my
       voicemail at 637-1791, extension 22, or drop me an email at

                                                                                          John Stansell

    Honduras—continued from cover…
                                             Two available dates for Soup Kitchen Chili Teams in 2009
    friends in Honduras and our
    work and ministry here lo-              There are only two opportunities left in 2009 to put together your own chili prep
    cally, may we take a moment        team to cook the famous First Congregational soup kitchen chili meal to be served at the
    to give thanks for all that        Yerwood Center the first Monday of the Month . The open dates that need a prep team
    God has done for us! Many,         are in August and December. Remember the prep team of four-five shop and
    many blessings to the people       prepare the meal on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the serving date of August 3 or
    of El Guaylo as they continue      December 7. The recipe and shopping list is provided… you provide the team of
    their ministry and work!           workers. If you wish to be reimbursed for your expenses, there is money available to
                                       cover the cost of groceries.
                                            You will see from the picture that our teams have fun and share a great
                                                                                             intergenerational activity with
                                                                                             others in our church family!
    Worship—continued from cover…                                                            Contact Michelle Young at
    on our website,                                                                          volunteer to head up your team, if you wish to                                                            of workers.
    check there. If there is no
    beach service, please join us at
    10:00 am in the Meeting-                                                                left to right: Harlan Reynolds, Beth Press,
    house.                                                                                  Wendy Reynolds, Elizabeth, Drew and
                                                                                            Mark Mohn,

2                                                                                                   T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y
   Summer Church School Continues Through July 26th!
   Begin in the Meetinghouse with your family, then go to Church
   School with your friends! Come Play, Pray and BE with us!

                                   Summertime Outreach Ideas for Kids!
   1.    While at the beach, see if there is an area that needs to be cleaned up after a rain
         storm or where someone may have forgotten to throw away garbage.
   2.    Draw a picture for someone who needs a little cheering up and visit them.
   3.    Take flowers to someone who may have been sick or in the hospital and let them you know you are think-
         ing of them.
   4.    Read a story to your younger brother or sister.
   5.    Sort through your toys and find some good donations for the Rummage Room. The money they collect
         from selling your toys will be donated to help people in need. Try to get them there before they close on
         July 31.
   6.    Try this family game: Imagine that you are going to move to another home far away. Food and housing
         will be provided for you but each person in your family can take only three things with them. Talk
         together about what things you would choose and why you would choose those things.

   We need just a few more Church School teachers in September! There are opportunities in the Toddler Room,
   First Grade (one), and two each in the Third, Fifth and Sixth Grades. Please call Rosemary (extension 20) or
   Kate (extension 38) to join the team!

                                          Please put these teacher training dates on your calendar:
                                  Wednesday September 9 at 6:30 pm OR Sunday September 13 at 11:30 am.

         Graduates Of the class of 2009                                  Attention Students with Musical Talents
   James (Jay) Anderson                          Harvard University
   Ian Brash                                 Greenwich High School
                                                                       Would you have an hour free to volunteer your talents
   Rebecca Coleman                              Greenwich Academy
   Luke Crihfield                                Deerfield Academy     to the Nathaniel Witherell Chapel Service program on
   Peter De Riemer                           Greenwich High School     Wednesday at 11:00 am or the Greenwich Adult Day
   John Garlid                               Greenwich High School     Care (River House) Worship service on Thursday at
   Sarah Gordon                              Greenwich High School
                                                                       11:00 am? You would be an addition to our
   Lori Griffin                                    Williams College
   Cole Janelli                              Greenwich High School     non-denominational worship service held every week.
   Nina Kreuter                                 Greenwich Academy
   Alex Leidy                                Greenwich High School     Our senior citizens would appreciate your extra music at
   TJ Lepoutre                                 Norwalk High School     these services and even a one time service would be
   Linnea Perrelli-Minetti                   Northwestern University
   Anika Norrgard                            Greenwich High School     greatly appreciated!! Your summer would be enriched
   Julie Olsson                              University of Wisconsin   by this experience!!
   Skyler Serenbetz                                 The Taft School
   Will Speer                                Greenwich High School     Please contact Heather Parkinson Webb (chaplain) at:
   George Thalheim                              Princeton University
   Amanda Young                                  Syracuse University or call Heather at
      Your church family congratulates you!

T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y                                                                                        3
            If you would like to contact these students, check their phone number in the directory
                       or call the office and either Mark Montgomery (extension 15) or
                  Rosemary Lamie (extension 20) will help you connect with the young person.
              If you are a young person and would like to be added to the list, email Rosemary at
         and we will be sure you are included when people call.
                    We will also post this listing on the bulletin board outside the Lounge.

    Anika (17), Haley (16) and Kelsey (14) Norrgard are available for babysitting and any yard or house
    work jobs. Anika has her own transportation and Haley and Kelsey can ride bikes or get dropped off.
    Luke Crihfield (18) is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends. Can drive and has a car. Will be
    away July 30 to August 16.
    Colin Crihfield (15) is available all days/evenings in June. Weekday afternoons and weekends in
    July. Will be away July 30 to August 16.
    Eric DeRiemer (16) is interested in: yard work, moving furniture, pet-sitting and house-sitting (has had
    experience throughout this past winter) and is available now through August 7.
    Christina Assing (16) can babysit or tutor math as well as other subjects.
    Sarah Gordon (17) is available Mondays through Fridays at essentially any time. “I'm qualified for
    babysitting multiple children of any age and am also available for tutoring in any subject but Spanish and
    science. I can also teach beginner's piano lessons and/or voice lessons.”
    Scott Anderson (15) is available to life guard for private pool parties or for babysitting. “I am trained in
    CPR and First-Aid as well as waterfront and basic lifeguarding. I am away until July 5.”
    Holly Hanbury-Brown (18) is available for babysitting.

    Two additional listings of kids with close ties to FCCOG. Call Rosemary for contact information.
    Katherine Shockley (16) can babysit. She lives in Old Greenwich.
    Brayden Henry (18) can work anytime after 1:00 pm during the week (more flexible on weekends) for
    odd jobs, heavy lifting etc.!

    Health Care confidentiality...
    Patient confidentiality in health care facilities is protected by federal law. If you are admitted to the hospital, you will
    be asked if you choose to include a religious affiliation as part of your medical record as well as if you give permission
    for your name to be included on a confidential list made available to your clergy. You will also be given the
    opportunity to specify your affiliation with The First Congregational Church of Greenwich. If you include a religious
    affiliation and specific parish/congregation and give permission for your name to be included on the confidential list,
    your clergy will be able to have access to your name on the list.
    Hospitals and health care facilities must also ask patients if they choose to “opt out” of the facility’s overall directory,
    i.e., the official list of inpatients/residents that will be made available to the public for any purpose. Patients/residents
    will be informed that if they choose to opt out, no one, including their clergy and their family members calling from
    the outside will know that they are in the facility or be connected by telephone. In order for us to be able to care for
    you in a time of crisis or illness, please be very clear about your wishes.

4                                                                                                     T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y
   From the Green Team!! (The Environmental Mission Team)
    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

   Thoughts for helping God’s world stay green:

   Over its lifetime, a single CFL bulb can save electricity equivalent to one-quarter ton of coal!!!

   Become a locavore!! Buy produce grown as locally as possible to save the impact of transportation
   and support our local growers!!

   Use organic products for cleaning and gardening whenever possible, and carry them home in a
   reusable bag!!

   Let us know what you do to keep God’s world green and clean. Drop your suggestions or comments
   in the Church Office in c/o The Environmental Mission Team.

   “It isn’t easy being green.” But it is the right thing to do.

   News from T h e R u m m a g e R o o m
   July is one of the busiest months of the year for everyone and The Rummage Room is no exception. To help keep you
   from getting lost in the rush and crush of July, here is a list of dates and events you will want to remember:
   • The Rummage Room will close early on Fridays beginning July 3. Friday summer hours will be 10:00 am to 1:00
       pm through July 31.
   • Old Greenwich will be having their annual sidewalk sales event from Thursday July 9 through Saturday
       July 11. Everything in The Rummage Room will be 50% off these three days. Come and enjoy the bargains.
   • The annual moratorium on donations will start after the close of business on Saturday July 18 and will not be lifted
       until Tuesday September 1. Please do not leave donations outside during this time.
   • The Rummage Room will be closed for the month of August to allow time for cleaning, renovation, restocking and
       redisplaying the shop.
   • A 50% closeout sale will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27, 28 and 29.
   • The famous Rummage Room Bag Sales will begin Thursday July 30 and end Saturday August 1 at 1:00 pm. On
       Thursday everything that can be stuffed in a shopping bag will only cost $12. On Friday, the price drops to $8 and
       on Saturday the closeout price is $1 a bag. No wonder it’s famous!
   • The Rummage Room will reopen on MONDAY AUGUST 31 at 10:00 am with ‘ALL NEW’ merchandise. Come
       early as the new and gently used items go fast!!! Customers from Fairfield County, New York City and as far away
       as Scottsdale, AZ come for Opening Day… so don’t miss it. It is a happening!
   • There are a lot of dates to remember so please mark your calendars this very day!

   July Wish List: Lacrosse Gear for 8 to 10 year olds and adults, a jogging stroller, a double stroller, exercise weights,
   a tripod, a card table, a toddler’s table and chairs, beach chairs, summer clothing, nice bric-a-brac for opening day,
   Steiff stuffed animals, a guitar and a radio.

   Have a happy and safe 4th of July as you celebrate America, the home of the brave and the land of the free. And
   remember, you never know when you are making a memory... and it's never too late to live happily ever after.

T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y                                                                                    5
    From the Parish Nurse… Vital Vitamin D                                                             by Sue Asselin, RN
    There’s much buzz lately about the benefits of vitamin D, and the concern about deficiency. It has long been known
    that vitamin D plays a vital role in calcium absorption, but recent research shows that the benefits may be far greater
    than preventing bone loss.
    Vitamin D deficiency leads to bone softening diseases - rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults which contributes
    to osteoporosis. Deficiency may also be linked to several chronic diseases including high blood pressure, cancer,
    diabetes, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, periodontal disease, chronic pain, seasonal depression, peripheral artery disease
    and cognitive impairment.
    To phrase it more positively, vitamin D aids healthy bone formation and helps maintain bone strength, and could help
    prevent the above mentioned diseases. Studies also suggest it boosts the immune system, prevents or reverses heart
    disease and slows aging. Another study demonstrated that people with adequate vitamin D levels had more success with
    weight loss diets than those with insufficient levels.

    “Vitamin D is the only vitamin               Food Sources of Vitamin D                          IUs per serving
    ever shown to lower mortality.”
                                           Cod liver oil, 1 tablespoon                                  1,360
                Jeff Weinberger, MD
                                           Salmon, cooked, 3.5 ounces                                      360
    Jeff Weinberger, MD, who has           Mackerel, cooked, 3.5 ounces                                 345
    an internal medicine practice in       Tuna fish, canned in oil, 3 ounces                           200
    Riverside, helped me sort out the
    copious information now                Sardines, in oil, drained, 1.75 oz                           250
    available at the touch of a            Milk (any %) vitamin D-fortified, 1 cup                       98
    keyboard. “Vitamin D is the
    only vitamin ever shown to lower       Margarine, fortified, 1 tablespoon                            60
    mortality” said he, and “70% of
    the population is deficient.” He
    cited an interesting study linking obesity and vitamin D deficiency, possibly because the vitamin D gets sequestered in
    fat tissue. He stressed that the importance of vitamin D is very significant, but not yet well understood by scientists.
    He doesn’t believe most people should rush off to get a blood test; rather, it can be incorporated into their next physical
    exam. “The body knows how to deal with vitamin D much better than a doctor or pharmacy” states Weinberger, who
    is not opposed to his patients spending a brief amount of time in the sun to naturally manufacture vitamin D (though
    he notes there are exceptions).
    We produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight and the UV index is greater than 3. In this region, that’s
    spring and summer. (OK, so maybe not this rainy spring!) All that is needed is 10 to 15 minutes exposure without
    sunscreen twice a week to our face, arms, hands or back. Full body sunbathing without sunscreen produces way more
    vitamin D than we need within a few minutes. It is impossible to overdose from vitamin D made this way, as any
    excess is broken down by a natural process. (Of course, longer exposure is not advised due to the risk of skin cancers.)
    We can also get vitamin D in some foods and supplements. It is unlikely, but possible, to overdose, as vitamin D is fat
    soluble and is stored in the body (as opposed to water soluble vitamins that pass quickly through the body). See the
    chart above for dietary sources.
    Recommended daily amounts vary but it is generally accepted that children need 400 IU (international units) of
    vitamin D, adults age 19-50 need 800 IU and adults over age 50 need 1200 IU. Many experts believe that more is
    better in order to get the added benefits such as longevity. Most agree that daily sustained intake would have to exceed
    10,000 IU in order to cause toxicity. And some believe it would take 10 times that to cause problems.
    In summary: we know vitamin D helps keeps bones strong. It may be instrumental to living longer and healthier. It’s
    pretty tough to overdose on it. Research and expert opinions vary, and each individual has to decide their own course
    of action. It’s prudent to check with your doctor about any personal considerations. Until the September issue, may
    the sun shine gently on your vitamin D manufacturing face.

6                                                                                                   T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y
                            JULY/AUGUST BIRTHDAYS
    07/01 William Sherwood                   07/18 Robert Mendelsohn     08/02 Dick Trask                 08/12 William Cordner
    07/01 Kelly Phillips                     07/18 Melanie Garnett       08/02 Robin Pruner               08/12 Arthur Delmhorst
    07/01 Adrienne Myer                      07/18 Geoffrey Ayres        08/02 Peter Dodd                 08/12 C. Robton Perelli-Minetti
    07/01 Kate Kretschmann                   07/18 Emma Kramer           08/02 Eric Dinmore               08/13 Margot De Riemer
    07/01 Ted Fraser                         07/18 Matthew van Rhyn      08/02 Henry Dow                  08/14 Elaine Smith
    07/02 Shirley Robinson                   07/18 Benjamin Schinto      08/03 Peter Wall                 08/14 Susan Eveland
    07/02 Alison Benoit                      07/18 Morgan Humbert        08/03 Robert H Riley             08/14 Eileen Griffin
    07/02 Alexander Mair                     07/19 Amy Vandivort         08/03 Richard Peebles            08/14 Mary Costanza
    07/02 Morgan Fletcher                    07/20 Judith Miller         08/03 Frank Claps                08/14 Gregory Dempsey
    07/03 Albert Primo                       07/20 Charlotte Wolter      08/03 Rima Zaitoon               08/14 Eli Rose
    07/03 Dr Thomas Stiers                   07/20 Michael Urban         08/03 Margaret Reed              08/14 Eliza Farriss
    07/03 Joni Kimberlin                     07/20 Jan Benedict          08/03 Christopher Koppenheffer   08/14 William Goggins
    07/04 Suzanne Provoost                   07/20 Jaclyn Schofield      08/03 Nicholas Barbar            08/15 Lynn Carnegie
    07/04 Melissa Bennett                    07/20 Caroline Wolter       08/03 Kimberly Rogers            08/15 Gretchen Stiers
    07/05 William Henry                      07/20 Justin Shaw           08/03 Hannah Koorbusch           08/15 Heather Stiers
    07/05 Alison Barlow                      07/20 Brian Bailey          08/04 Martha Stolley             08/15 Eric Blasberg
    07/05 Taj Forer                          07/20 Jenna Hascher         08/04 Karen Sadik-Khan           08/15 Aldo Pagani
    07/05 Ty Pastore                         07/21 Ruth Lindegren        08/04 Mary Fike                  08/16 Lynn Friend
    07/06 Barbara Cioffari                   07/21 Stetson Newman        08/04 Robert Beck                08/16 Franklin Lang
    07/06 Jerry Carnegie                     07/21 Leighton White        08/04 Sarah Lauridsen            08/16 John Davidson
    07/06 Caroline Houseknecht               07/21 Spencer Moore         08/04 Michael Lovely             08/16 Scott Witmer
    07/06 Duncan Khosla                      07/22 Dorothy Fisk          08/05 Sara Stewart               08/16 Dave Erickson
    07/07 Ruth White                         07/22 Florence Stewart      08/05 Jeffrey Low                08/16 Jason Koob
    07/07 Margaret Sherman                   07/22 Richard Robarts       08/05 Samuel Glendon             08/16 Timothy Richmond
    07/07 Peggy Krempecki                    07/22 Enid Norris           08/05 Michelle Arader            08/16 Gavin Molloy
    07/07 Sophie Braddock                    07/23 Christopher Stone     08/05 Julia Wilfert              08/17 Elizabeth Moore
    07/08 Carolyn Paulus                     07/24 Robert Phelps         08/05 Hans Van Rhyn              08/17 Jamie Klintberg
    07/08 Sophie Thalheim                    07/24 Riley Davis           08/06 Mabel Brown                08/17 Emily Moore
    07/09 Dorothy Robertson                  07/24 Caroline Goggins      08/06 Bill Ridenour              08/17 Kessia DeLeo
    07/09 Dudley Bonsal                      07/24 Amaia Rioseco         08/06 Richard Fraser             08/17 Mark Gaulocher
    07/09 Alexandra Oztemel                  07/24 Catherine Ziac        08/06 Allison Chapman Bordeau    08/18 Betsy Pearson
    07/09 Anna Lamie                         07/25 Tori Dakin            08/06 Nadia Marie Barbar         08/18 Mildred Mulhall
    07/09 Emily Bernsten                     07/25 Emily Fiorentino      08/07 Becky Ranta                08/18 John A Seel
    07/10 Robert Luce                        07/25 Johnny Alexandre      08/07 Jenny Liebowitz            08/18 Thayer Welch
    07/10 Allen Green                        07/27 Kathleen Riley        08/07 Walker Brady               08/19 Sharon Paris
    07/10 Karen Mair                         07/27 Caroline Robbins      08/07 Audrey Thalheim            08/19 Mark Kendrick
    07/10 Paige DeLeo                        07/27 Leah Tagliarino       08/07 Eliza Dow                  08/19 Alexander Moore
    07/10 Sarah Morris                       07/27 Tommy Heidt           08/08 Ken Kolb                   08/19 Lily Farriss
    07/10 Adrian Federici                    07/27 Ben Davison           08/08 Kristi Plaskonos           08/20 Carolyn Anderson
    07/11 Joy Kruger                         07/28 Alice Ell             08/08 Mary Grace Hicks           08/20 Glenn Hascher
    07/11 Paul Blandori                      07/28 Marc Johnson          08/08 Marisa Goff                08/20 Donna Hascher
    07/11 Trevor Ingraham                    07/28 Evan Cook             08/08 Riley McHugh               08/20 Trevor Dinmore
    07/11 Colin Ingraham                     07/28 Chase Kreuter         08/08 Eva Moore                  08/21 Keith Atkins
    07/12 Patricia Schmitt                   07/28 Gibby McHugh          08/08 Nicholas Dow               08/22 George Thomson
    07/12 Andrew III Gregor                  07/28 Devon Johnson         08/09 Hans Plickert              08/22 Richard Geismar
    07/12 Benjamin Millspaugh                07/28 Julie Goff            08/09 Stephen Bonsal             08/22 Libby Standish
    07/12 Ryan Anderson                      07/29 Katherine Saviskas    08/09 Wendy Reynolds             08/22 Xiao-Ke Gao
    07/12 Grant Khosla                       07/29 Christina Russell     08/09 Barry Wentworth            08/22 Krysten Ericson
    07/12 Charles Khosla                     07/29 Sean Dowling          08/09 Lucia Hoffman              08/22 Janette Hoekstra
    07/13 Carl Stanley                       07/29 Anika Norrgard        08/09 Christina Cioffari         08/22 April Sandlock
    07/13 Letty Militana                     07/29 Lily Grace Yort       08/09 Bridget Condon             08/22 Hannah Bacon
    07/13 Richard Tolmie                     07/30 John Fryback          08/09 Alyssa Inness              08/23 Lloyd Cooke
    07/13 Pamela Savage                      07/30 Tripp Moore           08/10 Richard Lewis              08/23 Jocelyn Buggy
    07/13 Jack Snyder                        07/30 Alison Flierl         08/10 Rev Susan Craig            08/24 George Fisk
    07/13 Jenna Restieri                     07/30 Rebecca Rieke         08/10 Laura Pugliese             08/24 Allison Reams
    07/13 Charlotte Lorthioir                07/30 Scott Anderson        08/10 Margaret Morrison          08/24 Catherine Garlid
    07/13 Emily Henry                        07/31 Bernice Whittemore    08/10 Charlie Van Roden          08/24 Marilyn Derr
    07/14 Robert Weeks                       07/31 Barbara Littlefield   08/10 Robert Morris              08/24 Derek Braddock
    07/14 Ross Willard                       07/31 Anders Ekernas        08/10 Bailey Manos               08/24 Amanda Sweet
    07/14 Douglas Waine                      07/31 Kristen Blasberg      08/11 Robert May                 08/24 Luke Taylor
    07/15 Barbara Rawn                       07/31 Lucy Hoffman          08/11 Kevin Hoffman              08/24 Gwyneth Mair
    07/16 Evan Lariviere                     07/31 James Graham          08/11 Albert Pappas              08/25 Jane Ives
    07/16 William Bennett                    07/31 Madeleine Graham      08/11 Lilliam Rodriguez          08/25 Peter Garlid
    07/17 George Manning                     08/01 Claire Osgood         08/11 Adam Hanbury-Brown         08/25 Catherine Horn
    07/17 Willis Ryckman                     08/01 Lindy Freeman         08/11 Afif El-Solh               08/25 Michael Horn
    07/17 Michael Lepoutre                   08/02 Mary Starkweather     08/11 Catherine Davison                        continued on back cover…

T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y                                                                                                    7
      The First Congregational Church of Greenwich Welcomes its New Members...

           Benjamin and Kristen Quick with                            Jean Bruder                               Roxanne and Justin Goh with
           daughter Kendall and baby Brielle                                                                  son Spencer and daughter Giselle;
                                                                                                            Roxanne’s mother Jean pictured again
                                          08/26 Beau Edwards                   08/28 Harrison Oztemel                08/30 Bruce Atkins
    08/25 Lindsey Waggaman                08/27 Mary Ann Chidsey               08/28 Will Sawyer                     08/30 YoYo Zhang-Bonnet
    08/25 Lauren Pruner                   08/27 Gary Berner                    08/28 Emily Harris                    08/30 Alexander Pugliese
    08/25 Kristen Sotzing                 08/27 Steve Crawford                 08/28 Ben Wurst                       08/30 Brittany Miller
    08/25 Mirjam Hoekstra                 08/27 Irene Pappas                   08/29 Janet Blasberg                  08/31 Charles Koob
    08/25 Natalie Anibal                  08/27 Kristen Bates                  08/29 Thomas Kutzen                   08/31 Elizabeth Schinto
    08/26 Howard Truss                    08/27 Sarah Gordon                   08/30 Andrew Gregor                   08/31 Carisa Sykes
    08/26 Richard Woodman                 08/28 Thomas Mahoney                 08/30 Jane Howland                    08/31 Brandon Hallowell
    08/26 Annette Bergh                   08/28 Hanna Golodinskii              08/30 Christopher Hartwell            08/31 Brady Farriss
    08/26 Alexander Arnold                08/28 Eliza Sadler                   08/30 Claire Reed

                      The Church Offices will be closed Friday July 3 for Independence Day.

           LIFE EVENTS                                              The First Congregational Church of Greenwich
      Baptisms:                                                 Ministers: The Members of The First Congregational Church of Greenwich
      Lara Maradudin Olmsted—April 19                                   Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. David D. Young,
      Kristen Elizabeth Jacks—June 7                  Minister of Communication and Adult Education: Rev. Daniel B. England,
      Lila Jane Braddock—June 14                               Minister of Pastoral Care: Rev. Avery C. Manchester,
      Sophie Margo Braddock—June 14                            Associate Pastor for Christian Education: Rev. Kate S. Forer,
      Kameron Gabriel Zikria—June 14                   Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry: Rev. Mark D. Montgomery,
                                                                  Director of Music/Senior Organist: Dr. John Stansell,
      Deaths:                                                       Associate Organist/Director: Terence J. Flanagan,
      Nancy Pitman Gasteiger—June 1                                 Director of Church School: Rosemary Lamie,
      Virginia Frank—June 4                                           Director of Membership: Ginny Breismeister,
      Paul Huber—June 8                                                      Parish Nurse: Susan Asselin, RN,
      Mary Hunt—June 17                                            Pastors Emeriti: Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Stiers and Rev. Sally Colegrove

    The First Congregational Church of Greenwich                                                                         Nonprofit Organization
    108 Sound Beach Avenue                                                                                               U.S. Postage
    Old Greenwich, CT 06870                                                                                              Bulk Rate
    Phone: (203) 637-1791                                                                                                PAID
    Fax:: (203) 637-1540                                                                                                 Permit No. 17                                                                                                        Old Greenwich, CT
                                                                                                                         Change Service Requested

8                                                                                                                  T h e M e e t i n gh o u s e M o n t h l y

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