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                                                   o rtl an d tr ai l s , partn e re d w i th o ak e n gineers ,    is
                                                   nearing completion of a feasibility study of two trail segments in
                                                   the libbytown area. sponsored by paCts (portland area
                                                   Comprehensive transportation Committee), we are examining
                                                   options for the location and style of trail, including using a
                                                   combination of sidewalks and bike lanes versus locating the trail
                                                   along an existing railroad corridor. the segments will connect
                                                   the Fore river parkway with Congress street and the residential
                                   areas of libbytown with deering oaks park. each of these links would represent
summer Newsletter 2009             a significant advance in the pedestrian/bicycle friendliness of the area.
                                      a brief history of libbytown is in order. in the mid-nineteenth century, the
  Volume 18 Number 1               intersection of Congress street and park avenue was called libby’s Corner

   Portland Trails is a
   nonprofit land trust
   that preserves green
   spaces for public
   access and connects
   people with places.
   our goals
   n   Create and maintain a
       50-mile network of trails
       in greater portland.
   n   engage the participation
       of neighborhoods,
       schools, and the
       business community
       in trail use and land
       stewardship.                the libbytown neighborhood has been bisected by Congress street and I-295.
   n   Make greater portland
                                   because three businesses on the corner – a tavern, blacksmith shop, and paint
       a model for people-
                                   store – were operated by members of the libby family. there were seventeen
       powered recreation
                                   entries under libby in the deering directory. By 1889, when deering became
       and transportation.
                                   part of portland, there were over one hundred entries under libby in the
                                   directory and libby’s Corner had metamorphosed into libbytown. and then
                                   came i-295. in the late 1960s, over two hundred families were relocated and
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libbytown                                     on the trail

[continued from page 1]                       By   C ha r l I e   Ba l dw I N

their houses demolished to make way                              h e s u M M e r s e a s o n i s h e r e and we have begun
for the interstate. the center of                                in earnest this year’s volunteer projects. lots of folks
libbytown was obliterated, and as a                              have expressed interest in helping out, and the work
result, the remaining residents live in                          that’s been done so far has made a real difference to
two widely separated sections of the                             the trails.
former neighborhood. (interestingly,                                individual stewards are working on the Virginia street
despite libbytown’s near disappearance,       trail network, the stroudwater river, oat nuts park, the lyseth trail and
the libby family now includes over            the Fore river trail. we’ve had so much interest in stewarding that soon
four hundred entries in the portland          we will have members keeping an eye on every trail in the network.
telephone directory.)
   of the two options for trails, the rail    we’ve had volunteer groups from local companies,
corridor option is attractive as an exten-    nonprofit organizations and schools:
sion of the planned Bayside trail; con-
tinuing an off-road trail loop nearly         a Falmouth Middle school team connected the tidewater trail to
circling the portland peninsula. how-         Clearwater drive sidewalk. the trail had begun about one hundred feet
ever, because this route would share the      from the sidewalk’s end, and linking the trail to the sidewalk has been on
same corridor as planned rail service, it     our list for a while, so we are very grateful.
may make more sense to develop this
trail in conjunction with the future rail     Volunteers from woodard & Curran repaired the section of stroudwater
expansion. pt’s trail Manager, Jaime          trail behind unum. Folks who use the trail often had been dealing with
parker, says that the immediate solution      a huge wet spot caused by the snow dump behind unum’s parking lot.
is likely to be a mix of well-marked          our volunteers resurfaced the trail and built water bars to allow for
sidewalks and bike lanes, with the rail-      controlled drainage of the area.
trail combination remaining on the
                                              gorham savings Bank did a beautiful job improving the Fore river
table for future exploration. a final
                                              sanctuary trailhead at rowe avenue. together with them, we did some
report from portland trails and oak
                                              stonework, built planting beds and dug in a collection of native shrubs
engineers will be delivered to paCts
                                              and trees.
at the end of June.
   these links will advance our goal of
                                              the lincoln Middle school’s 6th grade has been doing water quality
making all parts of our city more
                                              sampling in the Fore river sanctuary. they plan to present their findings
accessible by foot and bike. For exam-
                                              on types and sources of pollution to the public this fall.
ple, using the new trails one could
safely bike from the Baxter Boulevard         we had a huge turnout for united way’s annual day of Caring. the
neighborhood to the transportation            group from unum and hannaford repaired and extended the new
Center, take the train or bus to Boston,      Brentwood/evergreen Cemetery trail. while there, we noticed hoards
and return – all without needing a car.       of kids and adults picking up trash and tidying up around gravestones.
it is less clear what effect the trail seg-   together with our group there was a lot of volunteer energy at work.
ments will have on the remnants of a          it was a striking illustration of the power and effectiveness of volunteer
once intact mid-city village. But we          labor and of the civic-minded nature of our community.
can say that while the lost integrity of
the area cannot be fully restored,
walking trails are certainly a step
                                              If you are interested in volunteering you can visit
toward reestablishing the neighbor-           and fill out our volunteer contact form. I’ll get back to you and we
hood’s social cohesiveness. only time
                                              can set you up with a fun and fulfilling project.
will tell how large a step it is.n
    l e t t e r            f r o m           t h e        p r e s I d e N t
                                                                                          portlaNd traIls

               he transition FroM spring to suMMer               is a wonderful time
                                                                                          Brent M. Bridges, President
              of year, as we get a chance to see if what we have put in place will
                                                                                          aurelia C. scott, Vice President
              blossom with the warm summer sunshine. the transition of leadership
                                                                                          John osborn, Secretary
              at portland trails also occurs at this time. as i step into the role of
                                                                                          rob levin, Treasurer
              president emeritus for the next two years, i hand over the reins to the
                                                                                          roger Berle, President Emeritus
              incoming president, aurelia C. scott, and a
              new executive Committee, comprising John                                    trustees

osborn, Vice president; andy abrams, treasurer; and                                       andy abrams

susan McClain, secretary.                                                                 Jeanie Campbell
                                                                                          kevin Connolly
  i have been blessed to have worked with such a talented
                                                                                          susan doran
group of trustees, staff, committee chairs, and executive
                                                                                          tom Farmer
committee members over the last two years. it’s been a
                                                                                          Mark goettel
successful time for portland trails. so successful that we
                                                                                          nancy grant
run the risk of taking the achievements for granted.
                                                                                          todd griset
instead, the accomplishments of the last twenty-four
                                                               Brent Bridges              Janice hutchings
months have happened because –
                                                                                          tom Jewell, Co-Founder
  n we have an engaged Board of trustees that knows we are a working board of
                                                                                          Jayne leiner
individuals who agree to roll up our sleeves and dig in,
                                                                                          susan McClain
  n we have an incredibly talented staff in nan, isabel, Jaime, Charlie, laura, and
                                                                                          rob whitten
Caitlyn, committed and energized and up for any challenge,
                                                                                          Clarkson woodward
  n we have outstanding leadership of the events Committee in Jayne leiner;
                                                                                          Janet Yancy-wrona
Volunteer Committee in Jeanie Campbell; 10k in Mark goettel; outreach
Committee in andy abrams and aurelia scott; development Committee in rob                  advIsory trustees

levin and roger Berle; trails Committee in John osborn, and Marketing Committee           dick anderson

task Force in andy abrams, and                                                            Colin Baker

  n i have had the perspective and wisdom of the Board’s executive Committee,
                                                                                          david Buchanan

aurelia scott, John osborn, rob levin, and roger Berle, which has helped me feel          Jim Cohen

capable as your president of doing what is right for portland trails.                     Bruce hyman
                                                                                          susy kist
   during my two years as president, i have seen my responsibilities as continuing        Bob krug
the tradition set by previous presidents of improving our leverage in the community       wendell large
and ensuring that portland trails continues to be worthy of the praise, time, and         david littell
financial support provided by you – our members, donors, and volunteers.                  Burnham Martin
the commitment that each of you has to making us great is a ray of sunshine               J. peter Monro
assuring a bright future. thank you for continuing to make this a fun and influential     phil poirier
organization. it has been an honor and a privilege. see you on the trails.                eliza Cope nolan
                                                                                          nathan smith, Co-Founder
                                                           Brent Bridges                  richard spencer, Co-Founder
                                                           President, Board of Trustees   phil thompson
                                                                                          lois winter

                 our adopt-a-trail members 2009                                           staff
                                                                                          nan Cumming, Executive Director
    n■   Bangor savings Bank,                   n■   oceanview at falmouth,               isabel aley, Outreach and
         Capisic Pond Trail                          Fore River Sanctuary                    Programming Manager
    n■   eco-story, Evergreen Cemetery          n■   whole foods market portland,
                                                                                          Jaime parker, Trails Manager
    n■   gorham savings Bank, Jewell                 Stroudwater Trail, section two
                                                     woodard & Curran,                    Charlie Baldwin, Volunteer
         Falls in the Fore River Sanctuary      n■

                                                     Fore River Trail                       Coordinator, Trails
    n■   l.l. Bean, Presumpscot Falls
         in the Presumpscot River Preserve      n■   wright express,                      laura newman, Schoolground
    n■   Northeast delta dental,                     Stroudwater Trail, section one         Greening Coordinator
         Riverton Rail Trail                                                              Caitlyn horose, Development Assistant

    news from mile 0.0
    we won!                                                           natural resources, etc. – and to analyze opportunities for
    Portland Trails was voted the                                     future land protection projects and potential new trail
    “Environmental Hero” at the                                       systems.
    2nd annual “Portland Indie Biz”                                      Service Learning student Kaitlyn Cunningham from
    Awards on May 20th. The awards                                    St. Joseph’s College set up the system for us. Three local
    ceremony is produced by the                                       consultants, all GIS experts and teachers, have volunteered
    Portland Independent Business &                                   their time and expertise and we’ve just received a $5,000
    Community Alliance – the folks                                    gift from the Davis Conservation Foundation in support of
    behind the “Portland Buy Local”                                   the project.
    campaign. Many other great                                           Portland Trails is dedicating 2009 to upgrading both
    businesses and organizations were Isabel aley accepts             our existing trail network and our internal systems.
    nominated for the environmental award on behalf of pt.            By improving our data management, we will be better
    award, we are honored that the voters thought of us!              prepared to embark upon professional accreditation –
    To learn more about the Buy Local movement – and the              ensuring our sustainability as a land trust.
    other winners – visit
                                                                      school ground greening grant
    geographic Information system                                     The East End Community School’s PTO was awarded
    Portland Trails has protected over 200 acres of open space        a Community Development Block Grant of $79,000 to
    and built over 30 miles of trails, but as our holdings continue   continue the school ground greening project that includes
    to grow we needed to find a way to better manage all of the       trees, raised bed gardens, paths, grasses and perennials, a
    information on our properties. Meanwhile, Portland Trails         shade structure, and many other natural features as well
    is preparing for national Land Trust Alliance accreditation       as a slide and swings. This funding, in addition to other
    and a better record keeping system will be required.              grants, makes possible a design developed by students, staff
       GIS to the rescue. Last December, Portland Trails acquired     and community members. PT’s School Ground Greening
    ArcView GIS software through a donation from ESRI.                Coalition has been collaborating with the school and
    We can use GIS technology to link our land and trail              Mitchell & Associates on the project. Do stop by this
    information with maps to help us track the status of our          community space to see and use the many beautiful features
    current holdings – acquisition records, boundary information,     or help PT’s Jaime Parker with the ongoing installations!                                                                               are you on
     want to volunteer? we have volunteer opportunities
     for people interested in helping with trail work,
     outreach, and special events. now you can sign up at
                                                                                                 Join the group
     are you a current member? not sure? You can
     see a full list of current portland trails’ members at                                     “portland trails”                                                                  and we’ll see
     relive the party! Check out Big Bash photos posted                                            you online!
     to our Facebook page. access it through

                    happy trails auction
                                                                                                                                                     e took happY trails
                                                                                                                                                   to the portland Club

                    Most successful ever!
                                                                                                                                                   this year and had a
                                                                                                                                                   grand old time in our
                                                                                                                                                   new spot! we brought
                                                                                                                                      a full crowd this year, and we all
                                                                                                                                      enjoyed the delicious food, live
                                                                                                                                      music, and eclectic auction offer-
                                                                                                                                      ings. thanks to all of you who
                                                                                                                                      helped make this year’s auction our
                                                                                                                                      most successful one yet.
                                                                                                                                        we would like to thank our gener-
                                                                                                                                      ous event sponsor, l.l. Bean, and also
                                                                                                                                      izzy’s Cheesecake for providing a
                                                                                                   Clockwise from upper left:         sumptuous array of desserts. we also
                                                                                                   a happy Bunch:                     thank tugboat Creative, o’Brien
                                                                                                   tom and darla farmer,
                                                                                                   Brent Bridges, and                 design, and dale rand printing
                                                                                                   Nan Cumming.                       for donating their services for the
                                                                                                   dancers swing to the
                                                                                                   music of Big Chief!                event logo and invitation – and 98.9
                                                                                                   Caitlyn horose and                 wClZ, portland press herald, and
                                                                                                   susan doran wear big
                                                                                                                             for promoting the
Photos: Susy Kist

                                                                                                   smiles. auction-goers
                                                                                                   enjoy the pleasant                 event. and our host wClZ’s ethan
                                                                                                   evening outside the
                                                                                                   portland Club                      Minton for keeping the party rolling!

                      these are the wonderful businesses and individuals who donated items.. why not thank them with your business?

                    Businesses                   Domain                           Knit Wit Yarn Shop                  Portland Lobster Co.           Washboard Eco-Laundry
                    Absolute Health              Down East Magazine               L.L. Bean, Inc.                     Portland Mattress Makers       Whitewater Woolies
                      Chiropractic Clinic        Eastern Mountain Sports          Laceypots                           Portland Monthly Magazine      Wild Apple Tree Guide Service
                    Aikido of Maine              Eastland Park Hotel              Life is Good                        Portland Museum of Art         Wild Iris Inn
                    Akari Hair & Day Spa         El Rayo                          Local Sprouts Cooperative           Portland Pirates               The Works Bakery & Cafe
                    Allagash Brewing Co.         Eli Phant                        Longfellow Books                    Portland Police Department
                    Allen, Sterling & Lothrup    F.W. Horch Sustainable           Lovell Designs                      Portland Power Yoga            Individuals
                    Allspeed Bicycle and Ski        Goods & Supplies              LT’s Inc.                           Portland Stage Company
                                                                                                                                                     Andy Abrams
                    Amtrak Downeaster            Fetch                            MacVane Photography                 Portland Yoga Studio
                                                                                                                                                     Rep. Herbert C. Adams
                    Angela Adams                            Mad Horse Theatre                   Pure Movement Portland
                                                                                                                                                     Jack Aley and Lorel Nazzaro
                    Anonymous                    Flatbread Company                Maine Audubon Society               Ribollita
                                                                                                                                                     Justin Alfond and
                    Appalachian Mountain Club    Focus Photography                Maine Huts and Trails               Rosemont Market & Bakery
                                                                                                                                                        Rachael Weinstein
                    AudioFile Magazine           Fogg Lighting                    Maine Island Trail Association      RSVP Discount
                                                                                                                                                     Roger K. Berle
                    Aurora Provisions            Folly 101                        Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad            Beverage Center
                                                                                                                                                     Erno and Victoria Bonebakker
                    B&M Baked Beans              Fore Street                         Co. and Museum                   SailMaine
                                                                                                                                                     Thomas C. Bradley
                    Back Bay Bicycle             The Front Room                   Maine Rock Gym                      Salt Institute for
                                                                                                                                                     Brent Bridges
                    Back Bay Grill               Funky Pretty Jewelry             Maine Root Handcrafted                 Documentary Studies
                                                                                                                                                     Jeanie Campbell
                    Bangkok Thai Restaurant      Good Theater                        Beverages                        Saltwater Grille
                                                                                                                                                     Diane Davison LMT
                    Bicycle Coalition of Maine   Grandy Oats                      Maine Running Company               Scratch Baking Company
                                                                                  Maine State Music Theatre           Seaspray Kayaking              Michael Diemond
                    Bintliff’s American Cafe     Grapheteria
                    The Birches Resort           Great Lost Bear                  Map Adventures                         Tours and Rentals           Dorothy Diggs LMT
                    Blue Spoon                   Greater Portland YMCA            Margaritas                          Shipyard Brewing Company       Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
                    Bogey’s Bar and Grill        Green Clean Maine                Market Street Eats                  Silly’s                        John Elmen and Robin Neely
                    Borealis Breads              Gritty McDuff’s                  Martha Sullivan Jewelry             Simply Scandinavian Foods      Tom and Darla Farmer
                    Bresca                       The Grill Room                   Material Objects                    Skillin’s Greenhouses          Wendy and Stephen Gaal
                    Casco Bay Frames             Habitat For Humanity of          METRO                               Soma                           Russel Hartley
                    Celadon Salon For Hair          Greater Portland ReStore      New England Outdoor Center          Southern Maine                 Robert E. Krug and
                    Central Yarn Shop            Hannaford Supermarkets           Nomads                                 Acupuncture, LLC               Aurelia C. Scott
                    Century Tire Co. &           Happy Tails                      Nourishing Health                   SPACE Gallery                  Dennis and Jayne Leiner
                      Auto Service Center        Harbor Fish Market, Inc.            Nutrition Therapy                Springboard Pilates            Rob Levin and Sarah Cushman
                    Charlotte Maloney            Head Games Salon                 Ohno! Cafe                          St. Lawrence Arts &            Paul Marks, L.Ac
                      Landscape Architecture     Hilltop Coffee Shop              Old Port Sea Grill                     Community Center            Susan McClain
                    Children’s Museum            Horny Toad Activewear            O’Naturals                          Standard Baking Company        Bill McClaran
                      & Theater of Maine         Hugo’s                           Others! Fair Trade Coffee           Starbucks                      Tim McLain, LMT
                    City of Portland -           Independence BioFuel                Roasting Company                 Strings Attached               Elizabeth Newman, Architect
                      Parking Division           Inn on Peaks Island              The Patagonia Outlet                Sunday River Skiway Corp.      Laura Newman and Jeff Norris
                    Coffee By Design             Isabella’s Sticky Buns           Peak Performance Multisport         The SunriseGuide               Christiane Northrup, MD
                    Core3 Massage                   Cafe and Bakery               Pepperclub                          Swiss Time                     Flemming Overgaard
                    Cumberland Avenue Garage     J’Accents                        Pilates Baxter Place                TD Banknorth                   Barbara Sturgeon
                    Cumberland County Jail       The Jade Trade                   Planet Dog                             Beach To Beacon 10k, Inc.   John Wardwell
                    CycleMania                   Jayne Redman Jewelry             Port City Life                      The Theater At Monmouth        Marshall Woodward,
                         Jen Burrall Designs              Portland Fruit & Nut Co.            Victoria Mansion                  Classical Acupuncture
                    Dean’s Sweets                John Lane’s Ogunquit Playhouse   Portland Home Performance           Videoport                      David Wulbrecht

staff profile:                                                        a more sophisticated membership database, one of the many
                                                                      successful projects isabel facilitated.

isabel aley
                                                                         nan Cumming, executive director of portland trails, says:
                                                                      “isabel has been so committed to getting portland trails’ work
                                                                      recognized—she’s always coming up with creative new ideas
                                                                      to do that—and she pairs that creativity with the ability to
By   C at h e r I N e   g e N t I le
                                                                      follow through and accomplish those ideas.” For isabel,

          ortland t r a i l s ’ o u t r e a Ch and programming        portland trails is multifaceted and inspiring. when asked what
            Manager, isabel aley, will soon be leaving us,            she liked best about working at pt, she is quick to say, “i loved
            moving cross country to the “other portland.” as                                         being part of an organization
            she prepares to say farewell to her friends and                                          that has such an impact on
colleagues at portland trails, we wanted to tell you about the                                       people’s lives, one that blends
young woman we’re going to miss.                                                                     with so many aspects of the
   isabel is a study in the serenity that comes with the gift of                                     community, from conservation
living your passion. For isabel that passion springs from a                                          to alternative transportation to
childhood desire to expand the dream her father realized                                             health and beautification.”
when he founded the Brunswick-topsham land trust. since                                                 the passion isabel brings for
then the choices isabel has made along her life’s path have                                          pt’s mission appears in every

                                                                                                     Focus Photography
advanced her goal of honoring and preserving the wonders                                             aspect of her work from
of natural spaces.                                                                                   integrating new software into
   at Bates, isabel majored in english with a concentration in                                       everyday operations to attending
                                                                      Isabel aley
environmental studies. For her senior english research                                               committee meetings where she
project, she integrated her love of environmental studies into        is a thoughtful listener who absorbs the give and take of
a thesis about rachel Carson’s silent spring.                         discussions, often offering suggestions that bring the
   after graduation, isabel volunteered for the Maine Coast           discussion to the next level.
heritage trust, hoping it would bring her a step closer to a             For folks at portland trails, isabel herself is multifaceted
paying position with a land conservation group. Fortunately           and inspiring. and adventurous. within a few weeks, isabel
for portland trails, her career plan worked out. isabel applied       and her husband will be leaving for oregon, where she’ll look
to portland trails and was hired as a development and                 for like-minded land conservationists with whom to share her
Communications assistant. her part-time work led to full              passion. portland trails’ loss will be oregon’s gain. nan
time for a total of five dynamic years at portland trails.            Cumming says it best: “isabel has made a lot of friends in the
during that time, isabel assumed responsibility for outreach          portland trails community. we’ll all miss her.” our thanks go
activities and later expanded her role into media relations,          to isabel, along with our very best wishes and yes, a bit of
that all-important vehicle that supports pt’s growing                 envy, as she will soon be sharing her special gifts of serenity
membership. You may recall reading about pt’s transition to           and passion with new friends in new places.         n

                                                Portland Trails 10th Annual
                                                “Trail to Ale” 10K Race/Walk
                                                sunday, september 20th, 2009 at 9:00 am
                                                Due to the growing popularity of our race, we’ve altered the course for a wider,
                                                safer start line! The race will start on Fore Street right outside of The Portland
                                                Company, where you will find the race-day registration and the post-race party.
                                                Refreshments will be provided by shipyard Brewing Company, portland
                                                pie Company, and whole foods market. Proceeds from the event benefit
                                                Portland Trails. The first 375 registrants receive a free long-sleeve technical fabric
                                                race teeshirt from Mizuno. Register early to get yours!

                                                to register, visit

planned giving profile:
                                                                                       portland trails
rob levin, sarah Cushman
(and Cedar Cushman levin)
                                                                                       discovery treks
                                                                                         series 2009
                                                                                      portland trails discovery treks are free to portland trails
                                                                                      members, $5 suggested donation for non-members (your
                                                                                        $5 can go toward your new or renewed membership!)
                                                                                       please register for any trek by emailing
                                                                                       or calling 775-2411. If you are in doubt about a weather
                                                                                       cancellation, please call 775-2411 after 1:00pm on that
                                                                                             friday or check our website,

                                                                                     friday, June 26rd at 5:30 pm: “YardScaping at Back Cove”
                                                                                     with Gary Fish, Manager of Pesticide Programs, Maine Board of
                                                                                     Pesticides Control. Discover Maine’s first public YardScape – a
                                                                                     demonstration project at Back Cove, showcasing ecological
                                                                                     landscaping with low-maintenance plants. Meet at the Preble Street
                                                                                     Ext. parking lot, close to the I-295 end.
By    roB w hIt t e N

        ortland tr a i l s i s t hr i l l e d t o announce the                       friday, July 10th at 5:30 pm: “The Remains of the Cumberland
        launch of its new planned giving program! as part of                         and Oxford Canal” with Bud Quinn, Portland Trails’ Volunteer Trail
                                                                                     Steward. Learn about the fascinating history of the C&O Canal
        the rollout, we’d like to introduce you to one of our                        while enjoying a magnificent trail. Meet at the entrance to the Fore
supporters who recently decided to honor us with a bequest                           River Trail at the end of Hobart Street, off of Congress Street.
in his will.
                                                                                     friday, July 24th at 5:30 pm: “Walk the Portland Freedom Trail”
   portland trails trustee rob levin and his wife sarah                              with Wells Staley-Mays from Maine Freedom Trails. This trail marks
Cushman walked from Baltimore to Maine on their honeymoon                            significant sites connected to the Underground Railroad and anti-
in the Fall of 2002. today they live on Munjoy hill with their                       slavery movement with permanent granite pedestals throughout
                                                                                     the Portland peninsula. Meet at the iron globe on the corner of
2 1/2 year old daughter, Cedar, and consider the eastern prom                        Commercial Street and Franklin Arterial.
as their back yard. as we reported in a ‘pt inspires’ newsletter
article last summer, rob and sarah get together with friends                         friday, august 7th at 5:30 pm: “First Friday Trail Walk on the
                                                                                     East End.” Explore the new system of East End trails, neighborhood
each autumn to hike 30 kilometers along the portland trails                          connections, parks, and galleries with Portland Trails Executive
network, taking a different route every time. Cedar rides along                      Director (and Munjoy Hill resident!) Nan Cumming. The tour
in her jogging stroller, soaking up the scenes.                                      takes place on Munjoy Hill, so be prepared to walk uphill in some
                                                                                     sections. Meet at Fort Allen Park, on the Eastern Promenade.
   rob is an attorney who specializes in nonprofit
organizations and land conservation. sarah has combined her                          friday, august 14th at 5:30 pm: “Explore the Riverton Rail Trail”
background as a community organizer and her skills as a                              with Portland Trails member/volunteer and Trails Committee member,
                                                                                     Steve Aylward. Join Steve as you discover this new 1.5 mile trail
Master Certified auto Mechanic to become a transportation                            along the rail bed in the Riverton neighborhood of Portland. Meet at
consultant. she is currently working with the Bicycle                                the end of Wall Street, off of outer Forest Ave (past Morrills Corner).
Coalition of Maine and the “safe routes to schools” program,
                                                                                     friday, september 11th at 5:30 pm: “Casco Bay’s Lobster
which promotes walking, bicycling, and carpooling.                                   Fishery” with Susan Olcott from Ocean Conservancy. Learn about
   when he became a father a few years ago, rob executed                             the local lobster fishery, past and present, as you stroll along the
his first will. But that was before portland trails had become                       waterfront on the Eastern Prom Trail. Susan worked in the lobster
                                                                                     fishery as a biologist and lived on Chebeague Island for a year. She
such an important part of his life. so, he recently signed a                         will discuss how lobsters are fished in Casco Bay and the culture
simple amendment to his will in order to make a bequest to                           of the fishing communities on the nearby islands. Meet at the iron
portland trails. “this organization contributes so much to                           globe on the corner of Commercial Street and Franklin Arterial.
my everyday life here,” rob says. “i’d like contribute back                          friday, september 25th at 5:30 pm: “Preview of the Bayside
when my time is done.”           n                                                   Trail” with Nan Cumming from Portland Trails and Jim Gooch from
                                                                                     The Trust for Public Land. Wondering what all the Bayside buzz
If Portland Trails gives meaning to your life, please consider whether a             is about? Join Nan and Jim for a stroll along the future Bayside
                                                                                     Corridor Trail. Meet at the Planet Dog Company Store parking lot,
bequest would provide a fitting legacy. For more information, including a            211 Marginal Way.
copy of our new Planned Giving brochure, contact the office at 775-2411.
             portland trails                                                                                      non profit org.
                                                                                                                   u.s. postage
             305 Commercial street
                                                                                                                         pa I d
             portland, Me 04101                                                                                    portland, Me
             207.775.2411                                                                                         permit no. 675

visit our website at

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       Join us in Building portland trails!
       name ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������

       street ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������

       City ������������������������������������� state�������� Zip ���������������������������

       phone ����������������������������������� e-mail��������������������������������������

       MC /Visa #������������������������������������������������������� �������������

       Name as written on card, if different from above: �������������������������������������������������������������

                                                                         Make checks payable to:
            membership levels:
                                                                         portland trails
            q Family................................. $50
                                                                         305 Commercial street
            q individual ........................... $35
            q student/senior ................... $10                     portland, Me 04101

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