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									                                     Camping Checklist

Kitchen                                                     Mayo - Small jar or squeeze bottle
Food Preparation
   Spatula                                             Breakfast
   Cutting Knife                                          Pancake Mix - Krusteaze, 1/2 cup per person
   Large Serving Spoon                                       per day (need large skillet)
   Tongs                                                  Frozen hashbrowns in the bag
   Strainer                                               Eggs - 1-2 per person per day, fresh or
   Can opener/bottle opener                                  powdered
   Pots and frying pans with lids                         Syrup - About 2 oz per person per day
   Griddle                                                Malt-o-meal, or Cream of Wheat
   Potholders/oven mitts                                  Oatmeal - Instant single serving packs
   Plastic Utensils (forks, spoons, knives)               Bacon - 2 slices per person per day
   Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls                    Ham
   Mugs/paper cups                                        Cereal
   Mixing bowl
   Measuring cups                                      Lunch/Dinner
   Cutting board                                          Hot dogs & buns
   Soup Ladle                                             Hamburger meat (pre seasoned and ready to
   Coffee Pot                                                cook)
   Cooking oil/Pam spray                                  Hamburger Buns
   Cork Screw                                             Vienna Sausages
   Skewers/grill forks                                    Peanut Butter & Jelly
   Pie irons                                              Deli meat slices (Turkey, Ham, Salami)
   Potato peeler                                          Noodles (Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Ramen, or
Cooking                                                   Spaghetti Sauce (In jars or dehydrated)
   Stove                                                  Soup/Chili (mix or cans)
   Propane/Fuel                                           Tuna
   Matches/lighter                                        Corn on Cob
   Charcoal/firewood/buddy burner                         Taco Stuff        (Meat, seasoning package,
   Dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven/etc                     olives, lettuce, tortillas, buns)
   Campfire grill/BBQ grill                               Lil Smokies
   Folding table                                          Steak
                                                          Chicken Breasts
Cleaning                                                  Fixin's for stew
    Sponge/Scrubber                                       Beans
    Dish Pan
    Dish Soap                                          Staples
    Dish Rags/Towels                                       Butter (1/2 stick per person per day)
    Rubber Gloves                                          Potatoes (1-2 per person per day -- freeze
                                                             dried if packing)
Storage/Miscellaneous                                      Bouillon cubes (Chicken & Vegetable)
    Large water jug & water bucket                         Rice packages
    Containers for food storage                            Onions
    Cooler(s)                                              Lemons
    Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips                           Mushrooms
    Heavy-duty aluminum foil                               Tomatoes
    Ziplock bags                                           Bread (One or two loaves per day if camping
    Plastic grocery bags                                     with a small group)
    Paper towels                                           Cheese (String, Cheddar, Swiss, American)
    Trash bags                                         Snacks
    Thermos                                               Fruit - Small fruit cups or fresh fruit
                                                          Veggies - carrot/celery sticks daily
                                                          Nutri Grain Bars/Granola Bars
Food & Drink                                              Trail Mix
Condiments                                                Yogurt
   Catsup                                                 Jiffy Pop or Regular Popcorn

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                                   Camping Checklist

Beverages                                                Watch
   Tea Bags                                              Cell Phone/Charger & 2-way radios/walkie
   Coffee                                                   talkies
   Milk                                                  Camera/Battery/Film/Video
   Juice                                                 Fire Extinguisher
   Water                                                 Canteen/Water Bottle
   Hot Chocolate
   Drinks (soft drinks, Iced Tea, Lemonade,         Tools/Utilities
     Kool-Aid)                                         Small shovel
   Beer                                                Compass
Miscellaneous                                          Misc. tools
   Cooking Oil (About 1 oz per person per day)         Work gloves
   Ice                                                 Bungi cords/straps
   Salt/Pepper                                      Informational Items
   Sugar                                                List of important phone numbers
   Marshmallows, Graham Crackers & Hershey              Maps/directions
      Bars (S'mores)                                    Reservations info./confirmation
   Parmesan cheese                                      Park map/guidebooks/trail maps
                                                        Money/ID/Credit Card/Quarters
Personal                                                Spare car/truck/boat/rv keys

   First Aid Kit (see section below)                    Cards/Games/Toys
   Sewing kit                                           Books/Magazines
   Soap                                                 Musical instruments/song books
   Deodorant                                            Bikes/Scooters/Helmets
   Comb/Brush/Hair products                             Radio
   Razor                                                Sports gear (baseball, football)
   Tissues                                              Fishing gear/license/bait
   Toilet paper
   Toothbrush/Toothpaste                            Miscellaneous
   Wet wipes                                           Torches
   Shower shoes/Flip Flops                             Binoculars
   Towels/Washcloth                                    Water filters/purification/treatment
   Chapstick/Lip Balm                                  Travel alarm clock
   Insect Repellent                                    Hammock
   Sunglasses                                          Umbrella
   Sunscreen                                           Collapsible drying rack
   Feminine products                                   Life jackets
   Shower bag or 5 gallon bucket                       Toothpicks
   Camping shower/shower pump
   Personal medications
Necessities                                              Sleeping Mats/Air Mattress (air pump)
   Flashlight/bulbs                                      Repair kit for air mattress
   Batteries                                             Pillow
   Clothes pins                                          Poles/stakes
   Lantern with fuel/mantles                             Rain Fly/Tent Topper
   Lantern Pole/Hanger                                   Sleeping bag
   Pocket Knife                                          Tarp
   Citronella candles                                    Tent
   Rope/Clothes Line                                     Whisk Broom
   Camp Chairs                                           Mat for tent entrance
   Backpack/Fanny Pack                                   Utility bags for storage
   Duct Tape/Electrical Tape                             Shade Tarp (with poles/rope/stakes)

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                                 Camping Checklist

Fire                                             Camping with Children

    Axe                                               Current photos of the children in case they
    Bucket                                              get lost
    Kindling                                          Diapers
    Matches                                           Swim Diapers
    Newspaper                                         Wipes
    Shovel                                            Bottles/Sippy Cups
    Wood                                              Playyards
                                                      Jogging strollers
                                                      Backpack carriers
                                                      MANY sets of clothing
Basic First Aid                                       Extra pair(s) of shoes
Basics                                                Jar foods
   Misc. Band Aides/bandages                          Gerber toddler foods
   Triangular bandages                                Hats
   Ace bandages                                       Toys,
   Roll bandages                                      Favorite blanket or stuffed toy (very
   Adhesive tape                                        important!)
   Antiseptic wipes                                   Powdered milk (for children that have
   Antibiotic cream                                     outgrown formula)
   Sterile gauze pads                                 Snacks
   Cotton swabs                                       Storybooks
   Heat/cold packs                                    Baby Hammock
   Tweezers                                           Baby Swing
   Safety pins                                        Kid-safe Bug spray
   Scissors                                           Sunblock
   Burn ointment                                      Portapotty with grocery bag liner (easy
   Hydrogen Peroxide                                    cleanup)
   First aid manual
   Anti-acids (Tums, Rolaides)
   Personal medications

    Bee Sting Kit
    Snake Bite Kit
    Eye Drops
    Sinus medications
    Poison Ivy cream/cleansers
    Latex gloves
    Sterile compresses
    Antibacterial soap
    Splinting materials
    Coins for emergency phone calls
    Antibiotic soap
    Butterfly bandages
    Razor blades
    Plastic bags
    Mole skin for blisters
    Small bottle of water
    Sunburn lotion
    Road flares
    Other personal needs
    Nail Clippers
    Small Mirror

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