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         Sista 100% Natural Pepper Sauce Wins Top Honors at the Hot Pepper Awards 2009

       Dated: Dec 11, 2009

       Panama based company, ALISINA, S.A’s Signature Product: Sista 100% Natural Pepper Sauce recently
       won 1ST Place in the “Exotic Pepper Blend” division at The Hot Pepper Awards Competition.

       The third annual Hot Pepper Awards competition was held in the fall and the contestants represented the
       best in the industry. "The sauces and other condiments that won are far superior to your supermarket fare”
       says an organizer. The event was hosted by The Hot Pepper forum -

        "We are excited with the honor of winning this award", says Litha Wilson of ALISINA, S.A..

        Sista100% Natural Pepper Sauce is an authentic Panamanian-Caribbean style pepper sauce with the right
       amount of heat and plenty of flavors to enhance the taste of all food. The Pepper Sauce is a traditional
       family recipe, handcrafted in small batches using high quality fresh ingredients.

       If you love an all natural gourmet pepper sauce with an exquisite flavor, then you will love Sista 100%
       Natural Pepper Sauce. This pepper sauce is the perfect addition to any fiery food enthusiasts’ collection.

        The list of winners can be found here:

        Phone: 507-265-2033/ 507-6781-7905/ USA: 718-701-1593
        Address: Calle 64, Via Porras
        Country: Panama, Republic of Panama


       ALISINA, S.A. is a family owned and operated micro- agroindustrial enterprise dedicated to the
       manufacturing and distributing natural gourmet pepper sauces and seasonings.Our Signature Product: Sista
       100% Natural Pepper Sauce is an Authentic, Natural, hand crafted in small batches, Gourmet Pepper Sauce.

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