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					The Wisconsin Health Security Act
                                                                                         The Coalition for Wisconsin
(WHSA) will provide quality health care
to all Wisconsin residents - regardless of                                                             Health
their age, health condition, medical          Wisconsin Health Security Act
history or employment status.                                                                  Putting People First
 The WHSA is a single-payer publicly                    Co-sponsored by
financed plan that will replace more than
700 different health plans and eliminate          Senator Mark Miller, SB 51
costly red tape. The savings will help fund
coverage for the uninsured. A newly-              Rep. Chuck Benedict, AB 94
established Department of Health
Planning and Finance will negotiate fair         For More Information
fees for service with all providers.

Out-of-state providers will be paid                         Contact
reasonable rates for emergency care to WI          Coalition for Wisconsin Health
residents traveling outside our state.                  Social Justice Center
                                                      1202 Williamson Street
Annual hospital budgets set by the                       Madison, WI 53703               We believe health care is a right.
Department of Health Planning and                          (608) 663-8322
Finance for capital budgets and purchases                                                Our goal is a health plan that:
of major equipment will be kept separate
from their budgets for the delivery of                     Meetings                      ►Guarantees comprehensive quality
medical services.                             The Coalition for Wisconsin Health meets    care for everyone
                                                 the third Thursday of every month
Doctors and other health care providers                       l to 3 PM
will remain in the private sector. The                  Social Justice Center
                                                                                         ►Lets you choose your own doctor
WHSA is not “socialized medicine,”                     1202 Williamson Street
where providers are employed by the                      Madison, WI 53703               ►Gives you a voice in your own
government. Physicians will practice on                    (608) 663-8322                 health care decisions
fee-for-service basis or receive salaries         Email:
from group practices.                                                                    ►Eliminates the need for costly
                                                                                          private insurance policies
Providers will not be allowed to bill            When you are sick, your major
patients for any covered services.
Regional quality and oversight                concern should be your recovery, not       ►Provides cost-effective prevention
committees will help assure quality care,     how you will avoid a financial crises       and early intervention
access to medical services and address          while paying your medical bills.
consumer complaints.                                                                     Why do we need health care reform
            NOW?                              You can be a part of the solution!                     •   Shift federal, state and local health care
47 million Americans are uninsured.                                                                      funds into the WHSA plan.
                                            The Coalition for Wisconsin Health is promoting          •   Progressive income tax.
In Wisconsin during 2004-2005               a single-payer plan known as the Wisconsin
                                                                                                     •   Fair-share assessments from employers
• We had 548,000 uninsured residents        Health Security Act. (Senate Bill 51 and Assembly
                                            Bill 94). It is the only plan under consideration that       based on the size of their payroll.
• 11 % were uninsured women                                                                          •   Negotiations with pharmaceutical
                                            provides the cost savings of single-payer plan
• 16 % were uninsured men                                                                                companies to reduce drug costs.
                                            and the fairness of universal coverage. WE NEED
• 17 % were children under 18               YOUR SUPPORT. Contact your state senator and             •   Uniform benefits to eliminate the high
                                            assembly member now and ask them to actively                 administrative costs of having to deal
                                            support SB 51 and AB 94.                                     with hundreds of different insurance
Wisconsin employers now cover 68% of                                                                     plans and endless red tape.
workers but that percent is decreasing.     The Wisconsin Health Security Plan                       •   Evidence-based standards to ensure high
What will happen if . . .
                                            will provide:                                                quality clinical practices.
• You lose your job?
                                                •    High quality, comprehensive health
• Your employer drops your health                                                                            Benefits to the consumer
                                                     care for all Wisconsin residents
                                                •    Health promotion, disease prevention,
• You can't afford to retire?                                                                        •   No co-payments or deductibles
                                                     and screening programs
                                                                                                     •   No premiums
How will you pay for the high costs of          •    Hospital care and surgical procedures
                                                                                                     •   No medical bills
health care?                                    •    Rehabilitative services for injury,
                                                                                                     •   Patient choice of primary care doctor
• 1 in 6 citizens lack health insurance              disability or disease
                                                                                                     •   Coverage of all necessary medical and
   80% of which come from working               •    Treatment at health care facilities,                related services.
   families.                                         offices and clinics
                                                                                                     •   Coverage of pre-existing conditions
• Health care costs continue to escalate        •    Outreach and health education                   •   No out-of-pocket expense for medications
   well beyond the inflation rate.                   programs                                        •   Built-in efficiencies without denying
• Medical costs have become the                 •    Comprehensive mental health care                    necessary care
   leading cause of bankruptcy for U.S.         •    Drug and alcohol rehabilitation                 •   Improved delivery of services
   families and individuals.                    •    Surgical supplies                               •   Doctors, not administrators, will control
                                                •    Durable medical equipment                           patient care through best, experienced
The United States spends more on                •    Valves, pacemakers, prostheses etc.                 based medical practices.
health care than any other country,             •    Eye glasses & hearing aids                      •   Freedom to change jobs, be a full-time
yet the number of uninsured                     •    Prescription drugs                                  parent or start your own business without
continues to climb.                             •    Short and long term care                            worrying about health care coverage.
                                                •    Home health care and home-based                 •   Consumers and employers can buy
                                                     community services                                  insurance for non-essential, elective
The impact of the uninsured and
                                                •    Hospice care                                        services covered by the health plan.
underinsured affects the well-being             •    Dental care and more
of our citizens, society and economy.                                                                •   As a qualified Wisconsin resident, you
                                                •    State of the art technology                         cannot be dropped from the plan.
                                                    How is the program funded?