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   SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT                                    PRESENTER
                                                            LUIS BUSTAMANTE
                                                         CHIEF ASSISTANT STATE
                                                         239 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE
                                                        DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA

                  State of Florida                            State of Florida
• District Attorney System                       • Some District are 1 county circuits
• In Florida prosecutors are “State Attorneys”     – Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough and
• 20 Elected State Attorneys in the State of
  Florida                                        • Most Circuits have multiple counties
                                                   – 3rd Circuit has seven counties
• 1 Statewide Prosecutor: appointed by
  Attorney General                                 – 2nd, 14th and 20th Circuits have six counties

OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY                       27.01 State attorneys; number,
  SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT                                election, terms.

• Seventh Circuit Comprises of Four              • There shall be a state attorney for each of
  Counties:                                        the judicial circuits, who shall be elected at
  –   Volusia                                      the general election by the qualified electors
  –   Flagler                                      of their respective judicial circuits as other
  –   St. Johns                                    state officials are elected, and who shall
  –   Putnam                                       serve for a term of 4 years.

     27.02 Duties before court                            27.03 Duties before grand jury
                                                          • Whenever required by the grand jury, the
• (1) The state attorney shall appear in the                state attorney shall attend them for the
  circuit and county courts within his or her               purpose of examining witnesses in their
  judicial circuit and prosecute or defend on               presence, or of giving legal advice in any
  behalf of the state all suits, applications, or           matter before them; and he or she shall
  motions, civil or criminal, in which the state            prepare bills of indictment.
  is a party …

 27.181 Assistant state attorneys;
                                                                Staff of the Seventh Circuit
 appointment; powers and duties;
• (1) Each assistant state attorney appointed by a        •   80 attorneys
  state attorney shall serve during the pleasure of the   •   15 investigators
  state attorney appointing him or her…                   •   10 victim advocates
• (2) Each assistant state attorney appointed by a
                                                          •   103 support staff
  state attorney shall have all of the powers and
  discharge all of the duties of the state attorney       •   7 offices
  appointing him or her, under the direction of that
  state attorney …

                Budget Issues                                 How to Deal with Budget cuts
• Budget went from 2008 from $13.6 Million                • Increase workload for attorneys & staff
  to $12.4 million in 2009-2010 budget year               • Expand internship/volunteer programs
• Cut $1 million dollar in annual salaries                • Talk to the Staff and keep them informed
• We are budgeted for 242 FTE                             • Drastic cuts in non essential spending
   – Full Time Employees                                    (traveling, deposition transcriptions, etc)
   – Currently we are operating with 208 employees        • Increase Cost of Prosecution efforts

     New Programs and Policies                                            Green Issues
• Repeat Offender / Violent Career Criminal Program        • We encourage everybody in the Office to
   – Identify these offenders in the system
   – Enhanced Penalties provide
   – Provide training to our staff                           – Multiple recycling bins at all offices
                                                           • Upgraded computer system
• Increase the cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
   – Education programs offered free of charge               – Working towards a paperless office
   – Liaison program                                         – Visited other SAO offices in handling this issue
   – Talk to the Attorneys and Staff
                                                             – Access to some Law Enforcement data bases in
• Continue Education for attorneys and staff                   order to get reports

            ANY QUESTIONS?

        –No questions too small                                      THE END