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					b) Assessing the impact of policies
Under the duty, schools must assess the impact of
                                                              can issue a "compliance" notice. This is a legal
                                                              document that orders a school to meet the specific              The Race Relations
policies, including its race equality policy, on pupils,      duties within a certain time scale. If schools do not
staff and parents from different racial groups. Schools
are not expected to assess the impact of all policies all
at once. The assessment of impact on different racial
                                                              obey any part of the notice, the CRE can apply to the
                                                              High Court for a court order to enforce this. The
                                                              general duty can also be enforced through a judicial
                                                                                                                                   (Amendment) Act 2000
groups can be part of school’s normal cycle for               review. This means that the High Court will consider
                                                                                                                                                           A Duty to promote race equality                                       Education Service
reviewing policies. To support the assessment of              whether a school took appropriate action to meet the
policies, schools should:                                     duty. If the court finds that the school did not take
    build key assessment questions into policy                appropriate action, it will not have met the general duty       The implications for schools
    development and review processes                          and can be ordered to do so.
    carry out assessments drawing on monitoring data,
                                                                                                                              1. What is the general duty?
    surveys and consultation                                  Anyone who has an interest, including the CRE, can
    ensure that the information gathered is used              apply for a judicial review. Although schools do not have
    to inform and influence planning and decision making.     to follow the Code of Practice, they do have to show            The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 came into force on 2 April 2001 and
                                                              they are meeting the duties. The Code of Practice can           places a general statutory duty on schools to promote race equality. This general
c) Monitoring the impact of policies                          be used as evidence in any legal action under the Act.          duty means that schools must aim to:
Under the duty, schools must monitor the impact of                                                                                eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
their policies on pupils, staff and parents from different    5. Specific Duties: Employment                                      promote equality of opportunity and
racial groups. In particular, schools should monitor the                                                                          promote good race relations between people of different racial groups.
impact of policies on pupils' attainment levels.              Schools are not directly bound by the specific
    the Draft Framework for Inspecting Schools in             employment duties. However they do need to take                 The general duty must be met. This obligation relates not just to pupils but all adults
    England from September 2002 includes a strong             account of these to meet the general duty.                      in the school community. Schools cannot claim that they do not have the resources to
    emphasis on social inclusion, especially race equality.                                                                   meet their responsibilities. These responsibilities should be built into the work that
                                                              The main responsibility for meeting the employment              schools already do. The weight given to race equality should be in proportion to its
Monitoring will involve:                                      duty will rest with the LEA. To fulfil the employment           relevance. Race equality is important, even if there is no one from a minority ethnic
   collecting and analysing data to measure a                 duty the LEA will need to collect ethnic monitoring data,       population in a school. Race equality is important, even if there is no one from a
   school's performance and effectiveness                     analyse the data to establish any patterns of inequality        minority ethnic group in the school or local community. Education plays a vital role in
   monitoring attainment and progress by racial               and take the necessary steps to remove the barriers.            influencing young people and developing positive attitudes to diversity. The general
   group, analysing it and using it to examine trends         The results will be publicised annually.                        duty is particularly relevant to functions such as admissions, assessments, raising
   monitoring other areas that could have an adverse                                                                          pupils' attainment, curriculum development and delivery, behaviour and discipline
   impact on pupils' attainment such as exclusions,           6. What help can schools get?                                   (including exclusions), staff selection and recruitment.
   rewards and sanctions, attendance, racial                                                                                  In practice, this means that schools need to:
   harassment and bullying, parental involvement,             The LEA has produced a specimen policy, consistent                   have a pro-active approach
   membership of the governing body.                          with the national requirements. We have sent a copy                  "mainstream" race equality by building it into existing policies and procedures
                                                              of the policy to all schools. We anticipate that this will           meet all three parts of the general duty.
In particular, monitoring data will help schools to:          provide a secure basis for effective development and
    highlight any differences between pupils of               implementation in all schools.
    different racial groups                                                                                                   2. What are the specific duties?
    ask why these differences exist and test the              As a result of previous and comprehensive guidance
    explanations given                                                                                                        The specific duties help schools to meet the general duty. The specific duties for
                                                              issued by the LEA relating to these issues, we are
    decide what further action needs to be taken to                                                                           schools are to:
                                                              confident that many of our schools will already be
    improve the performance of pupils from different          largely compliant with the expectations of the Race
    ethnic groups                                                                                                             a) Prepare and maintain a race equality policy
                                                              Relations Amendment Act 2000.
    review and set targets in relevant strategic plans.                                                                       This policy should:
                                                                                                                                   deal with race equality explicitly and transparently
                                                              Please refer to the following documents sent to all
3. When does all this have to be done?                                                                                             address tackling racial discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and
                                                              schools in 2000/2001:
                                                                                                                                   good race relations
                                                                 Managing Cultural Diversity: A Good Practice
Schools are required to have prepared a race equality                                                                              take account of the school's character and circumstances
                                                                 Guide - Derby City Council                                                                                                                                    For further advice and
policy by 31 May 2002. After this date they will have to                                                                           lead to action resulting in positive outcomes
                                                                 Index for Inclusion: developing learning and                                                                                                                  support contact:
show that they are maintaining a policy, that is they are                                                                          link to strategic planning and decision making
                                                                 participation in schools - CSIE 2000                                                                                                                          Rajesh Lall on
improving the policy and implementing it. If meeting the                                                                           link to other policies
                                                                 The CRE handbook "Learning for All: Standards for                                                                                                             01332 716796
deadline means schools are not able to actively consult                                                                            explain how it will be monitored and evaluated
                                                                 Racial Equality in Schools" provides a framework                                                                                                    
and involve pupils, parents and others in the process,           of race equality standards which schools can use                  explain roles and responsibilities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Graham Falgate on
then a school's action plan should give priority to              to assess the effectiveness in promoting race                The race equality policy can be combined or be part of another policy such as an equal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               01332 716897
improving the policy which should include consultation           equality. This handbook has been distributed to              opportunities policy or inclusion policy. However to meet the duty, the race equality
and the involvement of others.                                   schools by the CRE and provides a useful starting            policy should be easily identifiable. It is important that the policy is put into practice. It
                                                                 point in helping schools to address the new duties           may be advisable for the school policy to be linked to an action plan with clearly
4. How will the duties be enforced?                              of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act. This                  defined roles and responsibilities and giving details of how the school will monitor the
                                                                 guidance is available on the CRE website                     effectiveness of the policy. This should be part of the school's existing planning
Under the Act, the Comission for Racial Equality - CRE                                                                        processes. The policy should be approved by the governing body because it is
- has the power to enforce the specific duties. If it is                                                                      ultimately responsible for ensuring that the school meets the duty. Schools will need to
felt that a school is not meeting these duties, the CRE       Acknowledgements - CRE, Cambridgeshire LEA, Staffordshire LEA   communicate the policy to all staff, pupils and parents.
                  Policy, Leadership and Management                                    Pupils - personal development attainment and progress                          Admission, Attendance, Discipline and Exclusion

Policy Development - The school has a written racial equality policy (either a          Attainment and Progress - Pupils' attainment and                  Admission - Active steps are taken to ensure that the admission process is fair
separate policy or a distinct section within a broader equal opportunities policy).     progress in individual subjects are monitored by ethnic           and equitable to pupils from all ethnic groups.
Racial equality is included as an explicit aim in all the school's policies. The        group (and by gender, language and disability).                   Steps are taken to ensure that all selection methods are fair and equitable to
school has a policy for dealing with racial harassment which clearly sets out the       The school develops strategies for tackling unjustified           pupils from all ethnic groups.
procedures for handling complaints and incidents.                                       disparities in the attainment and progress of particular          Attendance - The school monitors pupils' attendance by ethnic group and uses
Leadership and Management - The racial equality and racial harassment                   ethnic groups.                                                    the data to develop strategies to address poor attendance.
policies have been endorsed and adopted by the school’s governing body and              The school values the achievements and progress of                Provision is made for pupils to take time off for religious observance.
implemented by the school's management team.                                            pupils from all ethnic groups.                                    Discipline and Exclusion - The school identifies and adopts good practice
A racial equality action plan, which is linked to the school development plan,          Support and Personal Development - All pupils have                strategies to reduce any difference in rates of exclusion between ethnic groups.
sets clear targets for addressing race issues.                                          equal access to extra-curricular activities.                      The school's procedures for disciplining pupils and managing behaviour are fair
Steps are taken to ensure that everyone associated with the school is kept              Every pupil is offered the support and guidance they need.        and applied equally to all pupils, irrespective of ethnicity.
informed about the school's racial equality and racial harassment policies and          Guidance and Careers Education - Staff challenge                  The process of excluding a pupil is fair and equitable to pupils from all ethnic groups.
procedures, and abides by them.                                                         racism and stereotyping and promote racial equality in            Strategies to reintegrate long term truants and excluded pupils address the
Monitoring, Review and Evaluation - Racial equality policies and procedures             education, employment, training and career choice.                needs of pupils from all ethnic groups.
are regularly reviewed and their effectiveness evaluated.                               Steps are taken to ensure that pupils on work experience
Reviews and evaluations of racial equality and racial harassment policies and           are not subjected to racism or racial harassment.
procedures take account of the views of all sections of the school community.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Attitudes and Environment

                                                                                                                                                          Ethos - A 'whole school' approach is used to promote racial equality and
                                                                                                                                                          eliminate racial discrimination.
                                                                                                                                                          Diversity is recognised as having a positive role to play with the school.
                                                                                                                                                          The school recognises the importance of language to a person's sense of
                                                                                                                                                          identity and belonging.

                                                                                             Learning for all
                                                                                                                                                          Racism, Racial Discrimination and Racial Harassment - Clear procedures
                 Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment                                                                                                      are in place to ensure that racist incidents, racial discrimination and racial
                                                                                                                                                          harassment are dealt with promptly, firmly and consistently.
                                                                                                                                                          Immediate action is taken to remove racist graffiti from all school property.
Planning and Organisation - Curriculum planning takes account of the
ethnicity, background and language needs of all pupils.                                         Standards for Racial                                      All staff are trained to deal effectively with racist incidents, racism, racial
                                                                                                                                                          harassment, prejudice and stereotyping.
The school monitors and evaluates its effectiveness in providing an appropriate
curriculum for pupils from all ethnic groups.
                                                                                                 Equality In Schools                                      A sensitive and structured system of support is available to victims of racism,
                                                                                                                                                          racial discrimination, racist incidents and racial harassment.
The criteria used for allocating pupils to optional subjects are fair and equitable
                                                                                                                                                          The school has clear procedures for dealing with perpetrators of racist incidents.
to pupils from all ethnic groups.
                                                                                                                                                          Active links are established with external organisations dealing with racist
Assessment and Allocation to Teaching Groups - Assessment methods are
                                                                                                                                                          incidents and racial harassment.
checked for cultural bias and action is taken to remove any bias that is identified.
The allocation of pupils to teaching groups is fair and equitable to pupils from all
ethnic groups.
Assessment outcomes are used to:                                                                                                                             Staffing - recruitment, training and professional development
a) identify the specific needs of ethnic minority pupils
b) inform policies, planning and the allocation of resources.                                                                                             Recruitment and Selection - Recruitment and selection procedures are
                                                                                         Parents, Governors and Community Partnership                     consistent with the statutory Race Relations Code of Practice in Employment.
Teaching Methods - Teaching methods and styles take account of the needs of
pupils from different ethnic groups.                                                                                                                      Everyone involved in recruitment and selection adheres to the school's
Teaching methods encourage positive attitudes to ethnic difference, cultural             Parents - All parents are regularly informed of their            recruitment and selection procedures.
diversity and racial equality.                                                           child's progress.                                                Steps are taken to encourage people from under-represented ethnic minority
Curriculum Content - Steps are taken to ensure that the curriculum draws on              Proactive steps are taken to involve ethnic minority             groups to apply for positions at all levels in the school.
areas of interest to pupils from all ethnic groups.                                      parents in the school.                                           The recruitment and selection process is monitored and reviewed to ensure that
Racial equality and ethnic diversity are promoted and racism and discrimination          Governors - People from ethnic minority communities              discrimination is not taking place and to identify examples of good practice.
challenged in all areas of the curriculum.                                               are encouraged to become school governors.                       Development, Retention and Promotion - The school monitors the
Resources - The school takes active steps to ensure that resources in all areas          The school ensures that governor support is appropriate          employment and professional development of staff by ethnic group.
of the curriculum are inclusive.                                                         for all ethnic groups.                                           Staff and Governors go through regular and systematic training programmes on
Resources that promote a greater understanding of cultural diversity, racial             Community Partnership - The school's premises and                racial equality issues.
equality and the importance of challenging racism and racial discrimination are          facilities are equally available for use by all ethnic groups.   Proactive steps are taken to identify, support and provide opportunities for the
used in all areas of the curriculum.                                                     The school has active links with ethnic minority                 professional development of staff from all ethnic groups.
Resources are available to meet the specific needs of pupils from ethnic                 community groups.                                                A person's effectiveness in dealing with racial equality issues is addressed
minority groups and are used as necessary.                                               The school encourages community groups to use its                through various line management mechanisms.
                                                                                         facilities for after-school activities and for holiday
The school makes full use of the resources available within its local ethnic                                                                              The school takes active steps to ensure that selection for redundancy
minority communities.                                                                    schemes.
                                                                                                                                                          avoids racial discrimination.

                                                           These criteria are incorporated within the Education Service MCSI guidance for school self-review.

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