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Marketing, Visibility, and Communication Strategies for SWPBS


									     Marketing, Visibility, and Communication Ideas for SWPBS
1. Create and maintain a SWPBS faculty bulletin board with meeting minutes, strategies,
   graphed data, and student pictures

2. Make SWPBS a permanent faculty meeting agenda item

3. Create a SWPBS lesson plan book for teaching behavioral expectations

4. Create an implementation video that shows SWPBS in action across systems

5. Schedule special weeks and provide linkages to SWPBS (Disability Awareness, Kindness Week,
   Earth Day/ Week)

6. Paint the SWPBS motto in the gym and throughout the school

7. Create and hang posters with SWPBS motto around the school and community

8. Create and hang banners with SWPBS motto on athletic fields

9. Create and distribute shirts and hats with SWPBS motto

10. Create and distribute key holders with SWPBS motto

11. Create and distribute book covers with SWPBS motto

12. Create and distribute agendas and student calendars with SWPBS motto

13. Create and distribute book bags with SWPBS motto

14. Create and distribute coffee mugs with SWPBS motto

15. Create and distribute pencils with SWPBS motto

16. Create and distribute bumper stickers with SWPBS motto

17. Create and distribute mouse pads with SWPBS motto

18. Create and distribute water bottles with SWPBS motto

19. Create and distribute colored bracelets with SWPBS motto

20. Create and distribute lapel pens with SWPBS motto

21. Add a SWPBS column to school’s newsletter

22. Publish a SWPBS newsletter each semester

23. Make presentations to school board, community groups, and site-council about SWPBS

24. Announce special awards linked to SWPBS achievement in newspapers/ newsletters

25. Invite community members, politicians, and media SWPBS celebrations

26. Add a SWPBS page to school’s website

27. Write or be interviewed for an article in local paper about SWPBS

28. Be interviewed on local TV or radio about SWPBS

29. Have a Fun Run or bike ride to raise funds for SWPBS

30. Solicit donations from community partners and nearby businesses for reinforcers (money,
    tangibles, gift certificates) and materials/ labor (shirts, poster printing, logo design)

31. Partner with a local bank to create a checking account systems for students to manage

32. Create and give out positive office referrals and send home to parents

33. Link service learning activities to SWPBS initiative

34. Have high school speech classes give presentations about SWPBS to local civic groups

35. Create a handbook for school substitutes and volunteers that describe SWPBS system and
    behavioral expectations

36. Print SWPBS motto on visitor badges for school substitutes and volunteers

37. Print SWPBS motto on administrator’s business cards

38. Change school letterhead to reflect SWPBS initiative

39. Use SWPBS as operating principle for other behavior initiatives (bully proofing, character
    education, peer mentoring)

40. Write a grant to support and evaluate school’s efforts

41. Purchase resources that provide professional development and support and make available to
    all faculty and staff

42. Translate PBS manual so that families and students that are English language learners can
    read it in their primary language

43. Provide behavior support classes for parents and community members

44. Create a SWPBS listserv to share ideas via e-mail

45. Give high school students the opportunity to earn a SWPBS varsity letter


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