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									The object is…                                                                                           Year 1
                                                                        Finding Things Out

Learning objective:      I can………..
                                                                      Lesson 2 of 5                   PoS 1a

        select information to describe objects                        QCA Unit: 1D

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     For this lesson it is preferable to provide a selection of resources of different sizes, shapes and textures,
     however if this is not possible use or print out the support file fruits.ppt. or objects.ppt
     Several print outs of support file information cards.pdf
     Software you could use:

     Support files:

     information cards.pdf
     My object is.pdf

Setting the scene: (5 mins)
     Share the learning objective with the class. Explain that in this lesson they are going to look at some objects
     and then choose which information words from the cards could be used to describe the object. They are then
     going to use the cards to create a sentence about the object.

Main Input (20-30 mins)

     Away from the computer

     Show the class the words on the information cards.pdf. Some of the cards have been left blank to provide the
     opportunity for other words to be added when necessary. Give out the cards to the class – either one each or
     one between two.
     Next show the class the selection of objects/ power point images and ask them to think if their word could be
     used to give information about how the object looks, feels, smells and tastes
     Once the appropriate words have been decided upon put these into a sentence.
     The sentences could be recorded in a variety of ways:
         •     Place objects on a table and display the cards around them.
         •     Use the Power Point support file with a Smart board and ask record the sentence with the around the
         •     Take digital photos of the objects and either:
         a) stick in the centre of a piece of large paper and record the sentence with it.
         b) insert as an image into Power Point then add the sentence in a text boxes.
     Finally ask the children to look at the sentence and find the words that give information about the object.
     Emphasise these in one of the following ways: underlining, changing text to another colour, using the
     highlighter from the floating tools of the Smart board.

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The object is..,                                                                                       Year 1
                                                                      Finding Things Out


Activity – short focussed task (5-10 mins)
      Divide the children into pairs or small groups. Give each group a set of the information cards and an object.
      Ask the children to draw the object/ or take a digital photograph then write the information words around it.
      Finally they then put these words into a sentence. Work can be recorded on ‘my object is.pdf’

Review and recall (10 mins)
     Bring the class together and review the learning objective. Ask the children to share some of the sentences
     they have written today. Ask other members of the class to identify to information words in the sentences.
     Finally ask similar questions to those below.

     Key questions to ask and to display:

     What sort of things to information words tell us about an object?


     Information words listed on information cards.pdf.

Teaching Points:
      It is recommended that if possible the class have an opportunity to pick up and feel the objects they are
      describing. However if this is not possible the images given in the ‘object.ppt’ or ‘fruit.ppt’ can be used

Extension Activity:
      The activity can be differentiated by varying the complexity of the sentence required from the children. Some
      children will include 1 information word in their sentence while other will include as many as relevant to the

Assessment Opportunities:
     Can the children select appropriate information words to describe an object?
What comes next:
     Sorting objects using a criterion. Lesson 3 “What goes where?”

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