Successful Cookie Booth Sale by axu10828


									                                                                     Tips for a

                                                   Successful Cookie
                                                      Booth Sale

Booth sales give girls the opportunity to learn new skills, to promote Girl Scouting, live the Girl Scout
Promise and Law, and to sell more cookies. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to follow
safety, public relations and business guidelines.

Please keep in mind that selling Girl Scout Cookies at booth sales is a privilege granted to us by local
businesses. This privilege, if abused even unintentionally, could cause all Girl Scouts to lose the
opportunity for additional sales at these places of business. Please be considerate of the business’
customers and property. If complaints arise you may be asked to leave.

   ♦Be prepared!
   ♦ Make sure that everyone knows exactly which store your booth sale will be
   held at and how to get there.
   ♦ Make sure you know ahead of time if the store will provide a table or if you
   need to bring your own.
   ♦ Make an attractive table display to invite customer interest.
   ♦ Girl Scout tablecloths are available for purchase in the Girl Scout Shop in St.
   Paul for $12.
   ♦ Balloons add excitement.
   ♦ See if you can reserve cookie costumes from the St. Paul Service Center office.
   ♦ Hand out GS Cookie recipes when customers make a purchase.
   ♦ Prepare a troop goal poster and display it at your booth. Customers love to
   help girls reach their goals! Update the poster as boxes are sold.

    Troop number
    Package goal
    What you plan to do

                                          Help us reach our troop goal of 1700 boxes.
                                          We plan to go on an overnight trip to Camp
                                          Lakamaga this fall.
♦ Display a sign with information about your Cookie Care or Cookie Share
               Ask us about our

                          Cookie Share
                           Community Service Project

♦ Display a sign that tells customers about your “Cookies 4 a Change” project.

                                                         Our troop is doing a recycling
                                                       awareness project at our school.

♦ Suggest that customers buy cookies as gifts for others. You can even display a
few boxes wrapped with nice ribbon.
♦ If one variety is not selling as well as the others, open a box, break the
cookies into bite-size pieces and let customers take a small sample. This may
spark interest among customers and increase your sales. Make sure to note it
on your Inventory Control Report so that the troop Cookie Mom knows to
“charge” the troop for it.
♦ Present a box of cookies to the store manager/staff as a thank you for letting
your troop use their store or ask your troop to make a thank you card.

Additional recommendations:
♦ Please do not ask stores for change
♦ Cookie booths may be the only time some people see Girl Scouts in action —
remember to be ambassadors for all Girl Scouts.
♦ Only approach customers as they leave a store.
♦ Girls should do the selling, and adults should help girls handle the money.
♦ Keep cookies out of the sun, rain or snow.

♦ Cookie booths are a privilege granted by businesses. We should demonstrate
how grateful we are for their generosity by keeping and leaving the area clean
and being polite at all times.
♦ If more than one troop shows up at the same cookie booth, the troops should
work together to find a solution that is satisfactory with both troops.
♦ Only be at a cookie booth during your scheduled time.

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