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									The GS1 UK Data Pool

                       The GS1 UK Data Pool lets you
                       enter, store and maintain all your
                       product information in a single
                       location using the latest global
                       industry standards. You can then
                       easily share this information with
                       the trading partners you work
                       with in the formats they require.

                       The GS1 UK Data Pool
                       strengthens the relationship with
                       your trading partners through
                       increased trading efficiencies and
                       reduced supply chain costs.

                       The GS1 UK Data Pool is industry
                       standard compliant and is
                       operated by GS1 UK, a member-
                       owned association, on behalf of
                       its members.
The value of accurate product information

Up to £21 billion, or 3.5 per cent of           However, by ensuring the same,
total sales, is lost each year due to           accurate product information is
supply chain inefficiencies. 30 per             used by you and your trading
cent of the product information                 partners, product information
residing in retail catalogues is                administrative costs can be
incorrect. These errors cause                   reduced by at least 40 per
many problems; inefficient                      cent. This adds significant
transportation, mismatched                      value for all organisations in
invoices, lack of in-store shelf                today’s increasingly competitive
availability and many more.                     environment.

On average, errors cost an
organisation £40 to £60 each to
rectify and take 25 minutes to
be manually corrected, per stock
keeping unit, per year.

The GS1 UK Data Pool

The GS1 UK Data Pool ensures                    By bringing together the previously       What is a data pool?
that all trading partners can                   separate services offered by              A data pool is simply an electronic
access the same, accurate product               GS1 UK and GXS, retailers,                catalogue of standardised product
information. It provides a GDSN-                foodservice operators and suppliers       information that manages the
certified data pool with the latest             can now trade with an expanded            movement of this information
GXS Product Data Quality (PDQ)                  global trading community through          between trading partners.
services, enabling trading partners,            a single service.
such as suppliers, retailers and                                                          A GDSN-certified data pool adheres
foodservice operators, to share                 The GS1 UK Data Pool is                   to the latest GS1 global standards
product information with each                   continually being developed to            and communicates with other
other using globally accepted                   meet the requirements of industry         GDSN-certified data pools in a
standard data and messages.                     and is operated by GS1 UK, for the        defined manner. This guarantees the
                                                benefit of its members.                   performance, reliability and security
                                                                                          of the entire network and all the
                                                                                          product information stored in the

                                                                                          Using a GDSN-certified data pool
  “The GS1 UK Data Pool is critical to our supply chain strategy. It will ensure that     means a supplier enters its product
  changes made by our UK suppliers are automatically replicated within our own            information once only, allowing all
  systems, improving catalogue maintenance, order management and fulfilment,              its chosen trading partners to access
  and ultimately speeding up the time it takes to bring goods to market.”                 accurate, consistent and secure
                                                                       Philip Steedman,   information, ensuring greater supply
                                                         E-commerce Manager, Makro        chain efficiencies for all.
The only way to ensure accurate product information in
the supply chain

The GS1 UK Data Pool ensures              4 Share: Once successfully          5 Maintain: When you update
accurate product information in             validated, your product             your product information, for
the supply chain through a simple           information can be shared with      example, when the product’s
five-step process.                          the trading partners of your        ingredients or packaging
                                            choice using the methods they       changes, the GS1 UK Data Pool
1 Input: The GS1 UK Data Pool               specify:                            easily ensures your trading
  lets you enter your product               • GDS allows you to share           partners receive the same,
  information quickly and                     your product information          updated information. This
  simply through a user-friendly              automatically with other data     means you are never working
  interface.                                  pools used by your trading        with different, out-dated and
                                              partners, such as 1SYNC and       inaccurate product information.
2 Validate: This information is               Sinfos
  then validated using GXS PDQ,             • GXS New Lines Form (NLF)
  an automated product data                   enables an automated
  quality assurance service that              approach to sharing product
  checks data using GDSN rules                information with trading
  and UK industry agreed code                 partners who are not yet
  lists and values.                           using GDS
                                            • The GS1 UK Data Pool
3 Store: The GS1 UK Data Pool                 Communicator tool enables
  provides a single, secure                   automated emails or faxes to
  environment where all your                  be sent to trading partners
  product information is stored               of your choice in the formats
  and strictly protected.                     they require

                                             In simple terms, the GS1 UK
  “By improving the consistency of           Data Pool lets you easily use
  our data used in supply chains, we         the method required by your
  will be able to increase the accuracy      trading partner, minimising
  of our orders and invoicing,               the time you have to spend
  thus saving administrative time,           preparing your product
  eliminating errors and helping us          information and maximising
  to improve our relationships with          the number of trading
  customers.”                                partners you can share this
                   Parminder Basran,         information with.
      The Authentic Food Company
Global Data Synchronisation:
Ensuring greater supply chain efficiencies for all

Global Data Synchronisation (GDS)    Trading partners exchange this
enables product information from     information through the Global              “Bar codes have transformed the
one trading partner, such as a       Data Synchronisation Network             way we do business; GDS is now set
supplier, to be made available       (GDSN) via a data pool, such as the                        to do the same.”
to any other chosen trading          GS1 UK Data Pool.                                          Richard Brasher,
partner, such as a retailer, using                                              Commercial & Trading Director,
a standardised process. The          GDS is used today by thousands of                                Tesco plc
information is defined using         trading partners worldwide who
agreed standards which all parties   are already enjoying its benefits.
can understand and can include,      To learn more about GDS and its
for example, product description,    benefits please visit
price, size, pack, name, address
and the quantity of items in a
purchase order.

GS1 UK Data Pool Communicator                                               Product Data

GS1 UK Data Pool Communicator        Communicator allows you to
is a new tool that enables you to    send trading partner-specific
share your accurate and validated    New Line Forms by email or fax.        GXS Product Data Quality (PDQ) is
product information with any         Any trading partner who has not        a comprehensive and automated
trading partners who are not yet     yet progressed to GDS can be           solution to the problem of flawed
using GDS.                           communicated with in this way.         product information. Your product
                                     This means you can now enter           information is validated using
                                     your product information once          industry standard GDSN rules and
                                     into a single data pool, validate it   UK industry agreed code lists and
                                     and ensure its accuracy, and then      values. This ensures the product
                                     share it with any trading partner.     information you share with your
                                                                            trading partners is accurate,
                                                                            ensuring greater supply chain
                                                                            efficiencies for all.
Helping suppliers every step of the way

GS1 UK helps you to gain                 An expert support team provides
maximum benefit from the GS1             help every step of the way,
UK Data Pool by ensuring your            ensuring you maximise your
product information is entered           investment in the GS1 UK Data
efficiently, allowing you to share       Pool and successfully share
your information with your trading       product information with your
partners as quickly as possible.         trading partners

                                                                             “Global Data Synchronisation
                                                                             is key for the efficient running
                                                                             of UK industry. At Kraft we have
                                                                             an active data synchronisation
                                                                             programme, linked to a major
                                                                             drive to improve data accuracy
                                                                             and customer service. We see this
                                                                             activity as a basic building block for
                                                                             collaborative processes, this being
                                                                             key to achieving higher levels of
                                                                             consumer satisfaction.”
                                                                                                     Peter Jordan,
                                                                                   Director of International B2B
                                                                                            Strategy, Kraft Foods

About GS1 UK                                                                 For more information

GS1 UK adds value to members’ businesses by delivering and                   For more information about the
supporting the adoption of cross sector, global supply chain standards.      GS1 UK Data Pool please visit
Using GS1 standards for bar coding, electronic business messaging, , email
data synchronisation and through the EPCglobal Network, radio      
frequency identification technology, members can enhance product             or call the GS1 UK Data Pool
visibility, reduce costs, increase stock availability and improve customer   Helpdesk on 0870 850 5788.
The GS1 UK Data Pool is powered by GXS technology

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