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					           Turning Point Clinics                                 How to Find Us                     TURNING POINT CLINICS
The phrase Turning point is often used when          The Bath Practice is situated in Monmouth
change occurs for the better.                        Street, round the corner from Queen’s
                                                     Square, and a few hundred yards from the
It is also the title of a book by Fritjof Capra— a   Ustinov Theatre.
scientist who believes that we are in a time of
change in which our world view is becoming           There is on-road metered parking in
more holistic.                                       Monmouth Street and Monmouth Place, or in
                                                     Kingsmead Square. There are car parks in
The practitioners at The Bath Practice believe
that, in order to get the best from their
                                                     Charlotte Street and Green Park.               THE BATH PRACTICE
                                                                                                               (Established 1973)
therapies, they must treat the patient               Bath bus station and railway station are ten
                                                                                                    Therapies, Training courses, Workshops
holistically. This means that not only must          minutes walk away, or there are taxis
they understand the problem which their              available. Park and Ride buses also stop
patient brings to them, but also how that            nearby.
problem came about, and how it may relate                                                                   OSTEOPATHY
to other aspects of that person’s health.
                                                                                                        CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY
All the practitioners follow the code of                                                                 HOMOTOXICOLOGY
conduct of their respective professions. They                                                              ACUPUNCTURE
meet regularly to discuss all aspects of the                                                            (children and adults)
running of The Bath Practice. They keep up to
date with the requirements of their                                                                      HOLISTIC THERAPIES
professions, and attend courses to update
and further their training.
                                                         For appointments and further information        26 Monmouth Street,
Some of the fees that are charged are                                                                       Bath BA1 2AP
redeemable through health insurance                            TURNING POINT CLINICS
schemes.                                                             The Bath Practice
                                                                   26 Monmouth Street,
                                                                                                          Appointments & Enquiries
                                                                       Bath. BA1 2AP                    Tel. No: 01225 427835/448993
Contact the clinic for further information.
                                                               Tel.No: 01225 427835/448993               Mon-Fri: 8.45 am—6.00 pm

                 Directors:                                                Also                                  Also in Devon
                                                                The North Devon Practice:                  The North Devon Practice
            Jonathan Lawrence                                                                                Tel.No: 01769 574833
                                                                  Tel.No: 01769 574833
               BA DO Cert Ed
            Rosemary Lawrence                             Email:     Email:
       Dip BFD.Cert.Clin Hom. Cert.Ed                  
            Homotoxicology                                Acupuncture (Paediatric and Adults)                      Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy
       (Progressive Homœopathy)                         Julian Scott MA,PhD,Cert Ac.(China) MBAcC                    Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed
              Rosemary Lawrence                         Stephen Gascoigne MB, ChB, CAc,Dip.CHM                              Satyen P Gadher DO
         Dip BFD.Cert.Clin Hom. Cert.Ed                 Acupuncture is a wonderful medicine. It has a                  Julian Berriman BSc(Hons) Ost
                                                        long and venerable history in China, and is
A Biodiagnostic machine is used to test reflex          growing in popularity in the West. It can help with
points on the hands and feet that relate to organs                                                             Osteopathy is a system of treatment based on the
                                                        a wide range of conditions and illnesses, even         simple idea that if the structure of the body is not
in the body. Abnormal readings mean that the            some which cannot be helped by orthodox
target organ is disturbed. A test kit is then used to                                                          right, then the body will not work properly.
                                                        medicine. It is especially helpful for children’s      Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques in
identify which of the hundreds of remedies would        problems, as it is safe and non-invasive compared
be helpful to correct the disturbance. Each                                                                    order to correct structural imbalances that can
                                                        to surgery and other techniques, and is free from      occur in joints, soft tissues or organs.
prescription is tailored to the individual.             the weakening side effects of drugs.                   Although well known for its effectiveness in the
Homotoxicology has helped people with ailments          Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of such      treatment of back problems, many other
such as irritable bowel syndrome, ME, depression,       conditions as respiratory problems, infections,        problems can benefit from Osteopathy, such as
acute infections, and chronic illnesses like            digestive disorders, skin diseases and urinary         asthma, sinusitis, adhesions, migraines, irritable
Parkinson’s disease.                                    problems.                                              bowel syndrome and painful periods.
Rosemary is a trained teacher, who took up a            Julian has been treating children with
                                                                                                               Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, effective
career in complementary health, qualifying in           acupuncture since 1976. In 1984 he opened the
                                                                                                               treatment for babies and children, and also
homotoxicology and bio-diagnostics. She is also         Children’s Clinic for Natural Therapies in Brighton.
                                                                                                               patients who are nervous of manipulation. It can
a qualified massage therapist. Rosemary has             He has treated children and taught in the USA
                                                                                                               successfully treat sleep problems, colic, glue ear,
established thriving practices in both South            and in France, before moving to Bath in 2002 to
                                                                                                               and chronic effects of traumas such as whiplash.
Molton, Devon and Bath.                                 join The Bath Practice.
                                                                                                               Jonathan is an experienced Osteopath who has
                                                        Stephen qualified in medicine in 1976 and
                                                        specialised in Chinese medicine following over 6       treated a wide variety of patients, including
                                                                                                               babies, pregnant mothers, athletes and the
                    Massage                             years of work in the NHS in the UK. He originally
                                                                                                               elderly. He is a trained teacher and has lectured
                                                        trained in acupuncture in China and subsequently
 ‘No Hands’, Sports, Therapeutic, Workplace,                                                                   at the European School of Osteopaths, running
                                                        trained in London in Chinese herbal medicine. He
        Indian Head, Aromatherapy.                      joined the Bath Practice in 2006, and also has a       seminars and courses in the UK and abroad for
              Kate Cornish FICHT                        practice in Ireland.                                   fellow professionals.
                                                                                                               Satyen came from Kenya to study Osteopathy
                                                          Precision Reflexology; Hopi Ear Candling;            and joined The Bath Practice in 1994. His special
Massage can help correct structural imbalances,
                                                               Hand, Foot and Face massage;                    interest is in the treatment of babies and children,
as well as releasing tensions, leaving the body
                                                                  Baby Massage Instruction                     and children and adults with special needs. As a
feeling rejuvenated.
                                                                    Libby Birts RGN MICHT                      Yoga student, he is interested in encouraging
Kate joined The Bath Practice in 2006, offering a                                                              patients to try yoga as part of a preventative
wide range of massage. She also works at Gene-          ibby's career background is in nursing, most
sis Gym with clients of various ages with wide          recently as a neo-natal intensive care nurse. She
ranging conditions, and at Widcombe Surgery,            came to holistic therapy after witnessing the          Julian has had links with The Bath Practice having
                                                        positive effects of touch and massage on very sick     worked alongside Jonathan Lawrence during his
offering massage/reflexology to patients, as sug-
                                                        and chronically ill babies and children. She has a     training. His areas of expertise include sports
gested by the doctors.
                                                        long-standing interest in complementary                therapy, which will be a valuable addition to the
She also offers 'workplace' massage and Indian
                                                        healthcare, and has used homoeopathy and               therapies already on offer. He has also been
Head massage to companies in Bath.
                                                        herbs for herself and her family for many years.       involved in organising and running training
                                                        Libby has been with The Bath Practice since 2002.      courses.

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