; Danny about Stephanie… Stephanie
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Danny about Stephanie… Stephanie


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									                                             Graduation Day... Dr. Danny Vera!

                                                                 Stephanie        is    a

                                                                    wonderful person. Her


                                                                     sincere compassion for
                                                                     people never ceases to


                                                                                                y ab
                                                                     amaze me. Her positive
                                                                     outlook      on    life   and

                         Danny                                       charismatic personality make
                      is a very                                      people      naturally   gravitate

                    caring                                           towards her. Stephanie likes to

                  and     loyal                                      read, hike, and go jogging with our


                person. I am                                        dog Frazier. She looks forward to taking
             the luckiest woman                                   the baby in a jogging stroller. Stephanie is


           in the world to have a                                also very creative when it comes to art and
         husband like Danny; he is                               craft projects. Photography is one of her favorite
       playful, loving and committed to                          past times. Our child will have tons of pictures of
     our partnership. He enjoys spending time with family        their childhood to enjoy when they’re older. Her love
   and friends. He is great with children. At family             and understanding of children will make her the ideal
 gatherings you are sure to find Danny with the children         mommy. She is the favorite Tia (auntie) of many of our
playing games. Our nieces and nephews think of Danny             nieces and nephew. Stephanie plans to be a stay-at-
as a human jungle gym. His loves are playing golf, table         home mom once the baby is here. I can see her
tennis, watching movies and lifting weights. Danny will be       planning activities, such as trips to the zoo, park, and
a very active dad. He can’t wait to support any athletic         play dates. I know she looks forward to shopping at the
endeavors our child is interested in. Danny is a pharmacist      mall for cute baby outfits and toys. Stephanie is a child
at a local hospital. His schedule will allow him the             therapist and runs an outpatient program for a non-profit
opportunity to spend a great deal of time with our family.       children’s agency.

                                               Hobbies...          Families...
Our Home... California which is located in Ourtake long walks Ourlove spending
We live in Turlock,                        We                 We                                             time with our
the Central Valley about an hour and a half away        every night after dinner    families; they come to visit often.
from San Francisco. Our home is located directly        with our friends. On the    Stephanie’s      parents    are    proud
behind the California State University Stanislaus       weekends we often           grandparents of two. Danny’s mom is
where we both received our undergraduate                spend time shopping,        a proud granny of one. Both have
degrees. Our block is filled with families and          camping, and spending       expressed their joy at becoming
children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The        time with our families.     grandparents again and look forward
park down the street is usually filled with children    We are exited about         to participating in all of the child’s
playing and families walking their dogs. Our dog,       taking our child on our     activities. Whether it’s the child’s first
Frazier, loves playing and taking walks with his        weekend trips to the        sporting event or school function we
friends Jack the Labrador and Cloe the                  coast, and playing at       know       they    will   be    proudest
All–American dog. Frazier is a boxer; he is very        the beach. We usually       grandparents who take the most
friendly and loves children. Our niece Kyli calls       take a long vacation        pictures. The holidays will be especially
Frazier her cousin and comes to play with him           every summer. On our        exciting for our family. We look forward
   almost every day. Often the neighborhood kids        last vacation we went       to introducing our child to our family
     come over to ask if Frazier can come out and       to Cancun Mexico. We        tradition of making tamales
      play. Kyli and our friend’s daughter Macey        can’t wait to take our      on Christmas Eve at granny’s
         love to spend time dressing Frazier in silly   child on our vacations.     house and opening presents
           costumes and having slumber parties at                                   on Christmas morning at
             our house.                                                             grandma and grandpa’s

   Kyli an
daughte d our friend’s                                                                                           exic
        r Macey                                                                                              in M
slumber         cuddle a                                                                                   g
        party w           ta                                                                           akin
                ith Fraz                      Uncle Danny loves to play with Kyli                   Kay

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