Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations

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					                    Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations
1. The pool will normally be open from the beginning of May to the end of September, weather
2. The pool will be open daily from 10.00am to 7.00pm.
    Bathers will not be admitted until 10.00am and no later than 6.30pm. Bathers will be
    requested to leave the pool at 7.00pm.
    Members on an “Off Peak” membership must leave the pool at 4.00pm and will not be admitted
    at weekends.
3. Persons wishing to take advantage of our complimentary tickets may only do so if accompanying
    a member who has a valid membership card. The complimentary tickets will be retained by the
    Pool Attendant.
4. Please note that under Health and Safety Regulations, children (14 and under) cannot use the
    pool unless accompanied by a parent or suitable guardian (which is not an older child). Our pool
    attendant cannot take responsibility for the safety and care of children of any age.
5. All persons admitted to the pool are expected to refrain from any form of objectionable behaviour
    or rowdyism, or the use of bad language whilst on the premises and shall not deface any part of
    the premises in any way whatsoever. This includes spitting or throwing into the pool any objects
    likely to be harmful or a nuisance to other bathers. Any persons not conforming to this
    pattern of behaviour will be required to leave. Subsequent admission will be refused and
    the membership (including family tickets) revoked without reimbursement. Please note
    that all parents, whether present or not, will be held responsible for the behaviour of their
6. Ball games are not permitted in the surrounding areas.
7. The attendant may refuse to admit to the pool as a bather any person suffering an open wound or
    from any other cause which, in the opinion of the attendant may render it undesirable that such a
    person should enter the water.
8. Lilos and inflatables are not permitted in the pool.
9. Diving is not permitted from the board.
10. Bathers are requested to use the pre-cleanse shower and foot-bath before entering the water.
11. Persons admitted to the pool shall not at any time bring any animal on the premises.
12. Persons admitted to the pool shall not deposit litter in the pool, the changing cubicles or
    anywhere on the premises, but must place rubbish in the bins provided.
13. Persons using the swimming pool are requested not to park in the front circle of the Hotel.
14. Persons using the swimming pool are requested not to walk through the Hotel gardens in
    unsuitable attire.
15. Children are not allowed to play in the Hotel gardens.
16. Only food purchased from the Hotel may be consumed on the tables, chairs and loungers.
17. The management, through its pool attendants reserves the right to refuse admission to or
    require any person to leave the premises.
18. The management will not accept responsibility of liability for money, clothing or any other
    article that may be alleged to have been stolen or lost on the premises.
19. The management must emphasise that all guests using the pool, whether resident at the
    hotel or otherwise do so at their own risk.

      NOTE: Any person needing first aid assistance should contact
                   the Pool Attendant immediately

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