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Surrey Community Action joins the campaign to “save a little but


Surrey Community Action joins the campaign to “save a little but

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									Surrey                        The problem
Community                     Surrey Community Action decided it wanted to do its bit to
                              keep the county green and beautiful. However, there was some
Action joins                  confusion over where to begin the process and whether the
the campaign                  cost would be prohibitive.

to “save a
little but                    To the RRRescue
                              The first step was a call by staff to widen knowledge of the 3Rs
often”                        and encourage adoption of a green ethos by demonstrating the
                              resulting cost and environmental benefits. A raft of measures
Charitable company            were implemented including encouraging printing on both sides;
is now helping the            reusing scrap paper; handing out mini personal recycling bins;
environment as well           always considering a green alternative in purchasing decisions
                              and disposal choices; building shelves out of scrap wood; and
voluntary groups,
                              making sure local charities benefit from redundant computer
community groups and
                              equipment and office furniture. SCA gave all employees an
individuals in the county     opportunity to express their view through a staff survey and to
                              do an annual green office audit.
For more information, visit
                              Surrey Community Action also provides a shining example of
                              a local venture providing a lasting benefit: as a result of the
                              green stance taken by SCA, a volunteer on the social enterprise
                              course is baking biscuits using organic local produce. She
                              sells them locally and gives a proportion of the proceeds to
                              the Cinnamon Trust. Keeping the operation local has the dual
                              benefit of less packaging and reduced transport.


There are 3Rs in Surrey: Reduce Reuse Recycle
Surrey                         The Bottom Line
Community                      • As an organisation supporting charitable organisations

Action joins                      every penny counts, so environmental measures also make
                                  financial sense
the campaign                   • Surrey Community Action preach what they practice and

to “save a                        spread the message on the 3Rs to organisations they are
                                  involved with
little but                     • There is good staff buy-in from board level to volunteers in

often”                            everything from purchasing policies and staff composting to
                                  designing material to promote the 3Rs and emptying your
                                  own recycling bin
Charitable company
is now helping the
environment as well
voluntary groups,
community groups and
individuals in the county

For more information, visit

                                     I believe Surrey Community Action
                                     has had real success and continues
                              to have real success making everyone’s lives
                              here greener. However, we want to go further
                              by finding ways to cut down on our electricity
                              consumption and spreading the 3Rs message
                              to the wider community. We want
                              everyone to ‘save a little but often’.
                              Bob Ferrier, Surrey Community Action Resource
                              Centre Manager

There are 3Rs in Surrey: Reduce Reuse Recycle

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