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									                       Waltz Steps For Beginners

Waltz is one of the most beautiful and elegant dances there is. It's not just
perfect for weddings, but for almost any social occasion. If you want to learn
to waltz, I have some good news for you. It's not as difficult as many people

Waltz has been around for centuries and clearly stood the test of time. When
you see a couple moving gracefully across the dance floor, you understand
why. If you're new to ballroom dancing, waltz is definitely a good place to

So, let's get started...

                                 Waltz Steps

The basic waltz step is called a box-step. It consists of six steps and is called
a box-step because, if you would connect the sequence of these six steps on
the floor, you would get something that resembles a box or a square. This
forms the foundation of the dance.

When learning, a box-step is usually divided into two parts - a forward half
box and a backward half box. Each half box occupies three steps. A forward
half box is a step forward, a step to the side, and a step to close the feet
together. A backward half box is the same only that the first step is

The leader always begins with his left foot and the follower always begins
with her right foot. Typically the gentleman leads and the lady follows. Waltz
is danced in a closed position.

                            Waltz Steps For Beginners
                           Basic Waltz Steps - Gentleman

Here are the basic waltz steps for men:

  1.   Left foot forward
  2.   Right foot side
  3.   Left foot close
  4.   Right foot back
  5.   Left foot side
  6.   Right foot close

                               Waltz Steps For Beginners
                           Basic Waltz Steps – Lady

And here are the basic steps for the lady:

  1.   Right foot back
  2.   Left foot side
  3.   Right foot close
  4.   Left foot forward
  5.   Right foot side
  6.   Left foot close

                            Waltz Steps For Beginners

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