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Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Exercise Science courses at Kingston University provide you   Sports Science
with the opportunity to study stimulating, topical degree programmes
that provide excellent career prospects. Staff members are actively     Sports Science is the study of the scientific processes and principles
involved in research that underpins the content of our courses. Many    that underpin sports participation and performance. Key disciplines
of the staff are accredited by the British Association of Sport and     within the subject are anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and
Exercise Sciences and are involved in sports science support            psychology; practical application of these disciplines can improve top-
programmes with performers at the highest levels.                       level sports performance and promote more effective coaching and
                                                                        training techniques. At Kingston University we interpret sports science
                                                                        in the widest sense. Our course covers both the theory and practical
Why study Sport and Exercise Science                                    aspects of sports science, giving you the opportunity to study a range
at Kingston?                                                            of sport-related subjects, from exercise physiology and sports
                                                                        psychology to marketing and sponsorship.
• The Quality Assurance Agency awarded our courses an ‘Excellent’
  rating for teaching quality
• We offer an integrated programme of academic study and practical      Exercise, Nutrition & Health
  sports instruction
• Our staff and laboratories are accredited by BASES*                   This course examines the role of exercise and nutrition in the
• We run a Talented Athlete Scheme for students competing at            prevention and control of disease and the maintenance of good health.
  national and international levels                                     It comprises all the key strands of sport and exercise science
• You will have the opportunity to study in the United States           (anatomy, physiology, psychology and biomechanics) together with
• Our graduates have an excellent employment record                     nutrition and multidisciplinary topics related to the promotion of health
• Kingston has a vibrant social scene and is situated 25 minutes from   and the prevention of disease. The course will equip you with an
  the centre of London.                                                 understanding of the complex functioning of the human body in health
                                                                        and disease, together with an appreciation of public health policy.
* British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences

We currently offer BSc(Hons) degrees in Sports Science, and Exercise,
Nutrition & Health. Sports Science may be studied with another
subject as a joint honours degree (see back page for full listings).
Course programme

Course content                                    Course structure                                 And afterwards?
SPORTS SCIENCE                                    SPORTS SCIENCE                                   Our aim is to produce graduates with
Level 1 introduces you to human anatomy           Level 1                                          specific skills and knowledge related to sport
and physiology, key concepts in leisure           • Sports Practical 1 - Science and Practice of   and exercise. However, our sport and
management and sport and exercise                   Coaching                                       exercise science courses are also designed
psychology. You examine theories and              • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1                 to equip you with useful interpersonal and
practice of effective coaching and you will       • Human Anatomy and Physiology 2                 transferable skills.
have the opportunity to develop your own          • Sport and Exercise Psychology 1
coaching and leadership skills. A practical       • Mathematics and ICT                            Employment opportunities for Sports Science
module looks at the theories that underpin        • Sport and Leisure Organisations                graduates include sport, recreation and
coaching and leadership roles in sport and        • Methods of Enquiry                             health-related fitness roles in the private and
exercise. This module is designed to help you     • Mathematics and ICT                            public sectors, along with sports
understand sport as an academic subject, by                                                        management and development. There are
enabling you to put the theories to use in a      Level 2                                          increasing opportunities for sport and
practical context. Two modules are provided       • Exercise Physiology and Nutrition 1            exercise scientists to work with athletes or
to teach you the basic principles of scientific   • Exercise Physiology and Nutrition 2            conduct research. Many of our graduates
investigation and key numeric and ICT skills.     • Sport and Exercise Biomechanics                pursue careers in education.
                                                  • Sport and Exercise Psychology 2
Level 2 extends your knowledge of human           • Sports Practical 2 - Sports Analysis           Potential careers for graduates in Exercise,
anatomy and physiology and examines the           • Operations Management in Sport and             Nutrition & Health include roles in health
effects of exercise on a range of physiological     Leisure                                        promotion, lifestyle management, exercise
systems. You further your understanding of        • Socio-Cultural Analysis of Sport               and health-related research, the sport and
sports psychology and leisure management          • Research Methods in Physical Activity          leisure industries, and teaching. We also aim
and are introduced to biomechanics, nutrition                                                      to provide you with a range of analytical and
and wider socio-cultural issues of sport and      Level 3                                          communication skills that are in demand in
exercise.                                         • Dissertation / Project (double module)         many other sectors such as management,
                                                  • Sports Injuries                                sales and administration.
Level 3 introduces some choice into your
studies and enables you to focus your             Options of:
degree. A core module in sports injuries will     • Fitness Assessment and Training
give you a good understanding of injury             Programmes
assessment and rehabilitation. All final-year     • Exercise Prescription
students undertake a project / dissertation on    • Applied Sports Biomechanics
a selected topic that counts for two of the       • Applied Sports Psychology
final-year modules.                               • Notional Analysis in Sport
                                                  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
                                                  • Sport, Politics and Society
Level 1 introduces you to the fundamental
concepts of nutrition, human anatomy and          EXERCISE, NUTRITION & HEALTH
physiology, together with sport and exercise      Level 1
psychology. Two modules are provided to           • Foundation Studies in Human Nutrition 1
teach you the basic principles of scientific        and 2
investigation and key numeric and ICT skills.     • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2
                                                  • Methods of Enquiry
Level 2 extends your knowledge of the             • Mathematics and ICT
effects of nutrition and exercise on human        • Sport and Leisure Organisations
physiology. You examine the principles of         • Sport and Exercise Psychology 1
energy metabolism and develop your
understanding of exercise physiology,             Level 2
exercise psychology and biomechanics. You         • Exercise Physiology and Nutrition 1 and 2
also examine the benefits and determinants        • Sport and Exercise Psychology 2
of physical activity and evaluate health          • Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
promotion strategies. A module in research        • Nutrition Across the Lifespan
methods prepares you for your final-year          • Nutritional Assessment 1
research project.                                 • Physical Activity and Health Promotion
                                                  • Research Methods in Physical Activity
Level 3 applies the knowledge of exercise
and nutrition gained at previous levels to        Level 3
examine topics including health promotion         • Dissertation / Project (double module)
through food and nutrition policies and           • Heath Promotion, Food and Nutrition
exercise prescription. You also study               Policies
psychological issues relating to health and       • Growth, Development and Ageing
exercise and examine the effects of growth,       • Exercise Prescription
development and ageing on health. All final-      • Exercise and Health Psychology
year students undertake a project /               • Sports Injuries
dissertation that counts for two modules.
                                                  Option of:
                                                  • Applied Sports Psychology
                                                  • Applied Sports Biomechanics
Further information                                                                                                                         S(1056)L

Entry requirements                               Contact details                                   UCAS codes
Typical requirements are 180 points, including   University website:            BSc(Hons) Sports Science
two 6-unit awards; 60 points from Biology or     Sport and Exercise Science website:               C600 - 3 years full-time
Sports Science-related subjects are                            C608 - 4 years full-time extended degree
preferable. General Studies not accepted.
                                                 Admissions Tutor                                  BSc(Hons) Exercise, Nutrition & Health
Or BTEC ND/NC: Science or Sports Science,        Sport and Exercise Science                        BB49 - 3 years full-time
distinction profile.                             School of Life Sciences                           BB4X - 4 years sandwich
                                                 Kingston University
Plus GCSE (A-C): five subjects including         Penrhyn Road                                      BSc(Hons) Sports Science & Nutrition
English Language, Mathematics and Science.       Kingston upon Thames                              BC46 - 3 years full-time / 4 years sandwich
                                                 Surrey KT1 2EE
Applications from students studying an           T: 020 8547 7331                                  BSc(Hons) Human Biology & Sports Science
appropriate Access programme, mature             E:                         CC1P - 3 years full-time
students and international students are                                                            CC1Q - 4 years sandwich
encouraged.                                      OPEN DAYS
                                                 Several open days are held each year.             BSc(Hons) Biology & Sports Science
                                                 Please contact the admissions office or visit     CC16 - 3 years full-time
                                                 the University website for more details.          CCC6 - 4 years sandwich
                                                              CCD6 - 4 years full-time extended degree

                                                                                                   BSc(Hons) Sports Science with Business
                                                                                                   C6NC - 3 years full-time
                                                                                                   C6N1 - 4 years sandwich
                                                                                                   C6ND - 4 years full-time extended degree

                                                                                                   BSc(Hons) Geology & Sports Science
                                                                                                   FCP6 - 3 years full–time
                                                                                                   FC66 - 4 years sandwich
                                                                                                   FCQ6 - 4 years full–time extended degree

                                                                     T: 020 8547 7053    E:

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